Journey to the magical dorm – Part 1

This is the story of a group of friends and their journey to the Paradise dorm. This happened in the Coimbatore city of Tamil Nadu. They were studying in the final year of their college. The college was on the border of Palakkad and Coimbatore, a chilly area in the ranges of Western Ghats. The four friends Kavin, Sibi, Harini and Deepa were very close, and usually, they spent the day together.

Main characters:

Kavin:- An ambitious young man who has short black hair, dark eyes, and a lean build. He is adventurous, open-minded, and willing to explore new experiences.

Jasmine:- Kavin’s fuck buddy. She is beautiful, intelligent, and very open-minded. She has long brown hair, big blue eyes, and a slender figure. She enjoys pushing boundaries and exploring new sexual experiences with Kavin.

Harini:- Kavin’s close friend, who is known for her flirtatious nature. She has long curly hair, deep brown eyes, and a voluptuous body. She is always up for trying something new in bed.

Deepa:- Another close friend of Kavin. She is known for her shyness, but once you get to know her, she becomes more outgoing. She has long wavy hair, almond-shaped eyes, and a petite frame. Despite being quiet, she harbors a secret desire to experiment sexually.

Sibi:- One of the nerdy friends Kavin wants to invite to the sex party. He has thick glasses, short black hair, and a thin build. Though he may seem unassuming at first glance, he has hidden desires and fantasies waiting to be discovered.

Sibi was a nerdy person and an introvert. Sibi never shared his sexual desires openly with girls. Many had a crush on him, but he cared about no one. The only girl Sibi was attracted to was Deepa. Deepa was busty and short. One can easily get lost at the sight of Deepa’s boobs. Uff, stiff and fresh! She was white and had a fresh body. Sibi and Deepa were friends from the second year of their college.

Sibi and Kavin were roommates. Sibi also wondered about Kavin and used to question him about his sexual lifestyle.

One day Kavin, who was tall, white, and athletic went to Jasmine’s room. Jasmine was a little dusky girl. She and her friends were staying in a rented home. Kavin going there to fuck happened once or twice a week. Mostly Friday night was their action time. Jasmine also had many fuckboys, so Kavin was one of her bulls. She even had paid call boys in her contact.

This time, she expressed her desire to try something new as she was so bored with the usual missionary and doggy position. Kavin told her about standing position and getting pounded from the back. Both got undressed and walked around the home, looking for something to eat. Both liked to eat naked.

That day, it rained in the morning and was chilly outside. As everyone went to their home for holidays, it offered a good opportunity to try something new.

After the food, she pulled him toward her and started dominating him. “I am going to drink milk,” Jasmine said in slutty tone. Jasmine grabbed Kavin’s penis and started giving him a blowjob, “Fluck, fluck, fluuck..” Her blows sounded like a duck. Her juicy saliva made the hard dick so wet. She was sliding the lips from the bottom of the dick to its head with occasional kisses on the balls. She continuously blew him.

Slowing the blows gradually, Jasmine kissed the head of the cock and sucked the wet juice.

“Feel me baby,” Jasmine said.

“Hmm…Hmm…Hmmm…” he moaned like a slut getting horse dick. Jasmine went on to give Kavin a titty fuck. Her mid-sized boobs weren’t giving the hard 6-inch dick enough grip. Kavin then pushed her toward the wall and fixed the dick between her butt cheeks. The wall was cold and the dick behind was warm. She felt the sandwich of warm and cold. Putting three fingers inside the pussy, Kavin shook the pussy juice.

“Ahaa….Ahaa…Ahaaaa…” Jasmine screamed in joy.

Her entire body was shaking. As she tried to get free from his grip, Kavin intensified the shake and added an occasional fist. The fisting made her jump in joy and aroused her extremely. “Ough”, Jasmine sighed. He pulled his un-erected cock. He made Jasmine grab the cock from behind. She giggled feeling the soft cock. Her warm hand’s stroke made the cock hard. Then he put it inside Jasmine’s pussy in a quick move. That surprise insertion of cock made her feel like an iron rod entering her wet pussy.

“Heyyy, Ahaaaa..” she moaned.

Kavin grabbed Jasmine’s hands and pinned them to the wall.

“Come on baby, drill” she shouted. Kavin fucked her from behind, chuck, chuck, chuck, chuck. He fucked her like a hungry bull. She had no control. She was fully vulnerable, with an extremely aroused body.

“Umm, umm, ummmm..” she moaned like losing her virginity.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck” she murmured while twisting her lips.

The hard rod banged the butt cheeks with chalak, chalak, chalak sounds from the wet pussy that filled the room. Kavin kissed her back and slowly grabbed the tender boobs. Kissing around the neck, hands grabbing the boobs made Jasmine fully aroused. “Take my rod, baby” he gasped.

The hard jabs from behind continued for a few minutes. Then he asked her to go down as he reached the climax. They switched to mouth. He was still standing and stroking inside her mouth. Her warm mouth felt different.

“Cum on my face,” Jasmine said. A load of cum splashed on her face, moaning, “Haan, Haan, Haaaa…”

Again, Kavin went to Jasmine’s pussy with his fingers. His grind was so hard and shook the juicy pussy. “Hum, Humm, Hummmm..” Kavin spanked the cheeks and again grinded the hell out of the pussy till she climaxed with a squirt.

As both climaxed, Kavin pulled on his boxer. Jasmine expressed her desire to host a sex party one day here. She asked him to gather members for the party. Though the idea made him joyful, he wondered about the members to invite. She also asked him to invite his friends Harini, Deepa and Sibi. Jasmine was bicurious and had a huge fantasy for nerdy boys like Sibi.

Then she told Kavin about the magic dorm room in an old hostel building, which fulfilled all the sexual desires of the person who entered the room. She added one of her friends went there and spent 6 days without food in that room to fulfill all her desires from her childhood crushes to incest fantasies.

Jasmine requested Kavin to arrange a tour of that room. And she added about sexual tasks they had to complete along the way to reach the magic dormitory.

She told him about the monster that fucked her friend in one of the dark rooms in that hostel and that the monster’s eyes projected her dad’s image on the dark wall. It made her feel like her dad was watching her getting fucked by the monster! She said that the magic dorm only allowed people with enough sexual cravings and desire to reach the destination.

“Hey, I know what you are thinking,” Jasmine began softly, reaching out to caress Kavin’s cheek. “And I promise you, we won’t do anything that makes us uncomfortable.”

Journey to be continued.

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