The day my Aunt Mamta was seduced

Hi Friends, I am posting a story of a chat friend who wanted his real-life experience to be published. You can mail to him directly at . Most of the story was written by him, and I made a few changes.

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Here goes the story from Gautam’s point of view.

Hi, I am a 27-year-old single well, built good, looking guy from Hyderabad. I’m here to tell you about something that happened with my Aunt, who’s my elder Aunt’s sister. I’ve been lusting after her ever since her elder sister married my Uncle.

Let me tell you about her. Any man would go crazy on seeing her. You can think of any mature woman with 36D boobs and 36 ass. Basically, a busty and curvy sexy woman. But her belly area is slim, and she is white in complexion.

Whenever she goes out with my Uncle, college students and even sometimes women look at her seductively.  But she’s a very friendly lady. Her name is Mamta, and she is hyperactive, like a ball of energy. She was very close to me compared to my other cousins.

I never understood why, and so that confusion turned into perversion. Many times, I’ve thought of opening up to her to see how she’d react. But I resisted myself.

Around March, my Uncle and Aunt built a new home in Mysore. It’s a 3-story building. My Aunt and Uncle built a home for themselves on the first floor. Mamta and her hubby built a home on the third floor. The second floor is where their in-laws/my grandparents stay.

This incident happened during the housewarming ceremony. My family and I left for Mysore for the ceremony. The ceremony turned into a family reunion. So the ladies decided to stay there for a couple of days. The ceremony went well. After that, all the men left the ladies behind.

Mamta Aunt’s husband worked in some other city, and he too left that evening itself. I wanted to stay so I could make some move or at least have a conversation with her. Mamta Aunty’s 14-year-old son Shrikant and I stayed in the upper portion of the building. All the ladies stayed on the first floor.

Everybody was tired that day and went to sleep early. The next day, all the ladies decided to go shopping. Mamta and her cousins from her family were left out. So Mamta insisted that I drive her husband’s car. I always wanted to be around her.

When she gave me the key, I asked in a hesitating voice, “So I can use everything uncle has?” She was taken back a bit but played along well. She laughed it off. Mamta sat in the front seat and her cousins took the back. To get her attraction, I thought I’d look sad.

She kept asking me what happened, and I kept silent and said nothing. We went to the temple, to the palace, and went shopping. By the time we returned, it was around 7 pm. So, all the ladies sat down on the first floor. I started walking upstairs to change my clothes.

Mamta came to keep her bags and car keys. I had just taken off my shirt, and she saw me half-naked. I maintained my body well. She started looking at my abs and froze for a brief moment. I could see the lust in her eyes. And immediately, she pretended to be normal.

Mamta: What happened in the morning? You looked so sad the entire day.

I knew that was my chance and the right opportunity. So I went close and gently touched her arm right above her elbow.

Me: I like you, Aunty. I swear to God. You look so beautiful, and I couldn’t resist looking at you this way, and I need you.

She was shocked.

Mamta: Do you know what you’re saying? I’m your Aunt Gautam, so stop all this.

I closed the door and went close to her.

Me: We’re not a blood relation.

She genuinely didn’t know what to say and kept saying stop. But I felt it was a very mild pushback. She didn’t want it to stop. I touched her arm again, and this time, I put some pressure. She looked down, and I slowly moved my hand to her hip. She was wearing a kurti and leggings.

I pulled her close, and she put her hands on my chest to push me away. But she couldn’t overpower me. I pulled her even closer, and I started kissing her right ear. She fought for a few seconds but never made a sound, and that gave me more confidence.

So I pressed her back against the wardrobe and began to kiss her lips. She tried all she could to push me away but could not. I could feel her heavy breathing on my nose. She kept grunting and pounding my chest to stop. And she finally stopped resisting.

I kissed her crazily using my tongue, and my body was pressed against hers. She must have felt my erection. I wanted to make sure she liked it. So I stopped kissing. She looked at me with a sign of helplessness, which turned me on more, and I turned her around. I wanted to feel her big ass.

Me: I whispered in her ears, I want you, Aunty.

Mamta: Leave me, Gautam, this is wrong.

But I kept licking her earlobes. I whispered, “This is nothing compared to what I want to make you feel, my lovely Aunty.” That’s when I realised it’s been a while since she came into the room. I don’t want us getting caught and freed my grip. She looked at me, wiped her ears, mouth and her dress and left the room.

That’s when reality hit me. What if she goes and tells everybody?  I was scared. After 30mins is when I realised she didn’t say anything. I didn’t get a chance to touch her again that night as she didn’t come upstairs after that.

That night, I couldn’t sleep at all. I jerked off twice, thinking of her ass and the boobs which I was able to press with my chest. I finally got to do what I wanted for so long. I wanted more, of course.

The next morning, around 6 am, I was going down the stairs. She was coming up the stairs to take a shower in her house. She looked at me and froze again. I was only in my shorts, bare body on top, sweating. I had done my morning routine exercise just before that.

She avoided eye contact and went inside. Her son was still sleeping in his room. I followed her to her room quietly and locked the door.

Mamta: Please Gautam. This is wrong. Open the door.

If she didn’t like what I was doing, she would’ve shouted or even exposed me by now. I held her close to me. She was also breathing heavily, and I said, “I love you, Aunty” and started kissing her again. She tried to resist but stopped eventually.

I was sucking her lips while my left hand was holding her ass and gently pressing it. My right hand was squeezing her left boobs, and it felt like a soft pillow. She made silent grunts and was breathing heavily. I broke the kiss and seductively looked at her. She looked genuinely confused.

I started kissing again, but this time, I wanted to do more. I started rubbing her ass hardly. She kept murmuring to leave her, but I was in no mood to listen to her. I stood behind her and was playing with her big boobs and dry humping her. Her hands were fighting mine to peel them away from her tits.

I took her right arm and made her grab my cock over my shorts. I lowered my shorts along with my boxer to my thigh level, and my cock just popped out. I used her right arm to grip my cock and made her stroke me with a tight grip. She started grunting again, but slowly, I increased the pace.

She said, “Oh God! Just leave me please,” but I wasn’t ready. I wanted to shove it in her mouth somehow. I slowly moved her towards the bed, and she knew what I was up to. She saw an opening and just pushed me, saying, “I hate you, Gautam,” in a helpless tone and ran out of the room.

I was blown away. Just laid down there wondering what had happened. Then I pulled my shorts back up. I just left the room for her son’s room to take a shower.

That was my last day there. And we had to leave after breakfast. Everything looked normal because she didn’t tell anybody. That made me more confident in taking things further. Unfortunately, that was the last day. But luck was on my side that day. The ladies pushed the stay till noon.

I knew I somehow wanted to feel her one final time. This time, I so badly wanted to do more and was thinking of ways to bring her somehow upstairs. But I didn’t know how so I made a play. The ladies were in the hall downstairs in my elder Aunt’s house.

I signalled Mamta an apology by holding my ears. Further, I signalled that I wanted to say sorry and I’ll be upstairs. I was waiting in the living room. Right after 10 minutes, she came on top with an angry face and closed the door. I was sitting on the couch.

She just stood in front of me with her hands crossed and was frowning. I gave her a sympathetic look and said sorry. She came to slap me with an angry face. But she didn’t slap me. She exhaled a deep breath and sat next to me. For the next few minutes, she rampaged, saying, “How dare you do all that to me?”

She was speaking angrily. I maintained an apologetic demeanour, looking very sad. After a while, she lifted my chin and said, “I understand, Gautam. This happens at your age.” She came close to me in hopes of making me feel better. I held her hand.

Me: I really find you attractive, and you look amazing. What I did to you was years of bottled-up emotions.

She didn’t know what to say. She kept looking at me. I gently touched her left cheek and held eye contact. I flattered her with compliments on how amazing she looked. How deeply I admired and fantasised about her. She seemed to like it very much. I didn’t say anything vulgar or dirty.

I gave very sweet compliments about how my Uncle is so lucky to have a wife like her. I slowly moved closer to her and kept caressing her cheek and ear. I slowly went closer and kissed her right cheek. She responded in a very subtle way by touching my chest.

I started kissing her lips passionately. But she didn’t open her lips to me right away. I slowly picked her up and made her sit on my lap. That seemed to surprise her. She seemed to enjoy how daringly I was approaching her. She let out a moan and continued with a disrupted breathing.

Then I started kissing her again with my hands, grabbing her boobs. This time, she didn’t resist. I knew Im going to enjoy her. I was on cloud 9, so I spread her legs and started rubbing her pussy over her leggings. She kept closing her thighs. I forcefully kept spreading them and playing with them.

I was talking to her the whole time.

I kept trying to get her to play with each other’s tongues, and finally, she was obliging a little. I knew I was running out of time, and I wanted to make the big move ASAP. So I made her lay down on the couch and I knelt on the floor. I put her right leg over my shoulder, and her left leg was folded on the couch.

She kept covering her pussy area with her hands, saying, “Don’t, Gautam, please don’t.” I removed her hands and took a big sniff with my face and nose pressed against her pussy. She let out a huge moan. She closed her eyes and looked away. I was in heaven.

The smell of her pussy, her big boobs and her shyness on the face, I couldn’t have asked for more. I pinched her pussy with my index and thumb finger. She started covering her mouth because she didn’t want to be heard. I started licking her over her leggings. She was soaked down there.

I could feel the moisture over the leggings itself. I could tell she was craving for this. My Uncle stays out of town, and she feels lonely without a man’s touch. I guess that’s why she didn’t create a scene. I wanted to see her pussy. So I told her, “Take off your pants.” She said no.

But I applied some force and took off her pants. She immediately covered her pussy which had a little bit of hair. She was wearing brown underwear. My God, what a view that was. I could smell her juices heavily. She tried to push my head away, but I pinned both her hands on her tummy.

I do prefer a little bit of pubes. It only tingles the dirty side of me. There was a trail of fluid from her clit region to her hole, and she was soaking down there. I immediately started kissing and licking her pussy. She couldn’t take it anymore. She was cumming already.

She left out a grasping breath, which she held until she cum. I knew she was mine now, and she was never going to resist. I repositioned her over the couch and took off my pants and boxers. My cock was already standing tall, and I didn’t need a blowjob.

So I put her left leg on my shoulder, grabbed her right leg and entered my sweet Aunt. She was so tight. She arched her back in pain and said, “Wait, Gautam ahh.” I was turned on like never before. I put my tip first and teased for a second while squeezing her left boob tight.

Slowly, I started in and out of movement. She just fell back and started blitzing again. I entered halfway, and she was so tight. But all her cum was helping me with the lubrication I needed, and I started fucking my Aunt with pace. She kept her mouth open and held her breathing with her eyes closed.

I knew she was about to cum again. I pulled out in a swift motion which pushed her to cum. She closed her legs and let out a big breath she was holding with a loud moan. I immediately put it in and ploughed her in that position for about 15 minutes. I didn’t want to cum unless I made her bounce on my cock.

I wanted to look at her pretty face and cum for her. So I held her hand and made her sit on my cock. But this time, she had already submitted herself to me, so she was following my lead and sat on my cock. She said oh god in a soft voice. And grabbed the collar of my shirt and buried her face.

I started grinding her in a circular motion while removing her kurti. She was wearing a white bra. I planted my face in between her goodies. She wrapped her hands around my head and started moaning passionately. She couldn’t take the grinding. She just said, “I cumming again.”

She was already tired and sweating out of all the actions we had so far. I was also about to cum. But I thought of seeing her big boobs bounce up and down and cum to that visual. So, I put her back in the same missionary position as before.

Like a goddess, she lay down there and her big boobies out of her bra bouncing, with clean shaved armpits. I had goosebumps all over my body. I asked, “Do you want my cum, baby?” She said in a whispering voice, said, “Yes, Gautam. I need it now.”

I fucked her hard for a few more minutes and gave forceful thrusts. I was moaning like crazy, looking at her big boobs bounce like that. I said, “Aah, I’m going to cum, Mamta.” I kept thrusting her as I came every drop of me in her. The way she was moaning in the final seconds is still in my ears to date.

I didn’t pull out until she looked at me. She took heavy, deep breaths, looking away with her eyes closed. Her body was just covered in sweat and shining. What a visual it was. Then she finally looked at me with exhausted eyes, and then I pulled out.

She left another moan as I saw my semen just dripping out from her glory hole. I took my cock towards her face. She stared at it and slowly pushed it into her mouth. My erect veiny cock, fully wet, was inside her mouth. It was an itchy sensation, especially in the head area.

Then I laid behind her and spooned her sideways. She wrapped her arms around me. We touched each other for a bit. Then, after a minute or so, she came to her senses. She was so shy she couldn’t even look at me. It felt amazing. It had been roughly 20-25 minutes.

Then I told her, “I love you, Mamta, and kissed her cheek. She responded with a kiss of her own on my lips. Then she was like, “I didn’t know you wanted me so badly. I never knew what it felt like to cum. I don’t know what to say to you, Gautam.”

After a few more kisses, she said, “Wear your clothes and go down. I’ll clean myself and come after you.” Then, as I was getting down, I felt like I was reborn again for some reason. It felt so fucking good.

I came down, and I sat. Nobody suspected anything. Later, she came. She looked at me and smiled. After lunch, I was upstairs packing my stuff. She just came and secretly gave me a piece of paper. She had written her number.  After an hour or so, I came back to my native happily.

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