Kiss Of Love And Sex – The Beginning

Hello to all the fans of ISS. I have been a fan of ISS for more than a decade and have read thousands of stories and pleasured myself. After a long thought, I have decided to come out with the incidents that occurred in my life. Series of stories are about to come and this is the beginning of my sexcapades.

I request the readers to go through it patiently. It would be a long story but will guarantee you complete pleasure. So let’s begin with the story. This is a 100% true story. Many parts of this story are to come. So the story would be detailed. I have described every small detail I remember.

I am Harish (name changed) from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Age 24. Fair complexion. I go to the gym regularly. So I have a strong, firm and athletic body. I have a 7 inch brownish dick with a good width. I am 6 feet in height.

Coming to the Heroine of this story. Her name is Ayesha (name changed). She is a Muslim girl. Age 23. To describe her she is a typical Muslim beauty. Very fair, 5.4 feet tall. Her stats are 36-29-38. A perfect hourglass figure. She never wears any makeup or powders.

She would be glowing always due to her fair skin color. She has a very cute and homely face, lips that resemble rose petals and sharp eyes. She mostly wears tight chudi which perfectly gives out her figure. She also has a dark and long hair growth which sways above her ass every time she walks.

This happened 6 years back (2013). We both were 19 years old during our +2 exam vacations (i.e. from completing our +2 exam till college joining leave). I first met her through Instagram. She didn’t have her pic as profile pic. So I didn’t get to know how she looked for a long time.

Through Instagram, we started to chat and got to know each other. I found she also lives in Coimbatore. As the days passed we developed a good friendship and exchanged numbers. Only after I became her trustworthy friend she shared with me her pic. OMG, I was dumbstruck seeing her pic for the first time.

She really looked like an angel from heaven. I just fell in love at that moment with her honey lips. Guys, trust me I have masturbated a lot of time just by seeing her lips in the pics alone. She has such lovely lips. Also whenever she send me her pics (every pic she wears a hijab, traditional Muslim head cover) I would admire her flawless beauty.

Soon our friendship turned into love. We both proposed each other and began getting real close. All this happened only through phone calls and messages. She didn’t agree with meeting me in person due to her family restrictions. Also, she was a very shy girl. I really developed a desire to taste her body.

I was craving in lust. As days passed we started getting intimate in chats. Small level sex chats began (only hugs, kisses. No nudes or other touching messages involved). After a few months of relationships, I convinced her to meet up in person. Also, I really wanna feel her in my arms and taste her lips.

So I planned to meet up in a place where I can feel her. After a lot of discussions, I made her agree to meet up in her home. Her parents are working people. So she would be alone during day time (as it was our public exam vacation). The day of our meeting arrived and we both were very excited.

We very nervous too as it was the first time for both of us. Once I reached her home she let me in and locked the door immediately so her neighbors don’t see me. Once I was in we both exchanged a smile. It was the first time I was seeing her in person. She absolutely looked more beautiful than her photos.

She was in a pink chudi, which was my favorite and left a loose hair. I love watching girls in their loose hair and particularly watching my Ayesha. She was very fair and covered with her beautiful long black fair was so stunning. I just kept looking at her forgetting about everything else. I came back to my senses by her voice.

Ayesha: Harish. Stop staring at me. I feel shy.
Me: How can I, Ayesha? You look like a Princess. I feel like I may even die by the look you throw at me. I feel like it’s a dream. I really am trembling just by your presence itself Ayesha.

Hearing me she started to blush. Even though she was a few feet away from me I could smell her fragrance. She doesn’t use any perfume. She has a natural body fragrance and a very strong hair fragrance naturally. These are just making me go weird on her. But still, I controlled myself.

We sat in the hall close to each other and were holding hands. Her skin was like butter. It was very silky smooth. Her mere presence beside me gave a huge boner above my jeans. But still, I controlled. I don’t want to make things uncomfortable for her as she is a shy girl.

Each time I looked at her, I felt like I just want to pounce on her and suck those honey of her lips. She was talking something but nothing entered my brain. I was fully lost in the sight of her lips.

Ayesha: Harish. What are you looking at? Are you listening to what I am saying?
Me: Ayesha. I am sorry. I am really lost in your lips. (staggering) I mean I am lost in your beauty.

She smiled at my staggering and turned away in shy. I couldn’t control myself anymore.
Me: Ayesha. I really tried to control. But I can’t. Can I kiss you?
Ayesha: You can. But not on lips.

I know that I force myself to her lips she may disagree. So I had another plan. I took her hands and started kissing her fingers. From her fingers, I moved my lips to her palms. Gradually I moved towards her hands and made sure to not miss even an inch of her skin. I slowly went to her shoulders.

Looking deeply into her eyes I kissed her forehead. She now closed her eyes. Moved down and kissed both her eyes. Moved on to her cheeks and started to kiss and sip both her cheeks. She remained still closing her eyes. I made sure to give her the pleasure of getting the ears kissed.

I know she was enjoying it. I made my way to her neck. Once I reached there she held my face to her neck. I started showing her the power of my lips. I created the magic in her neck. She started giving out small moans. I know she is losing control. After finishing her neck I moved on to her face again.

I kissed her nose and bit her nose a little. She smiled. I made my way down. I was now in the place between her lips and nose. She closed her lips tight. Still, I didn’t want to miss an inch of her skin. So I kept kissing her there. Now slowly I placed my hands in her waist above her chudi.

She didn’t expect this move of mine. She gave a sudden jerk. She opened her eyes. I knew that she would ask me to remove my hands. Before she could utter a word I dived to her neck and started licking her neck.

Ayesha: Harish, please stop.

These were the only words she was able to utter. My tongue in her neck was making her go weak. I used this opportunity and started to press her hips a little. With each press of mine, she started to curve her body front. Her boobs were clearly bulging. She lost control and started to moan.

I now put my lips close to her and brushed mine against hers. She was still closing her eyes and lost in the pleasure just my lips gave. Involuntarily she parted her lips for me. I couldn’t wait for more. I caught her upper lip between my lips. I slowly started sucking the honey from her lips. She reciprocated.

Now I moved on to her lower lips and did the same there. She really had a honey factory within her I guess. Her saliva was so very tasty I let my tongue in her mouth and scrubbed for her juice. She understood what I was looking for. She lost all her shyness.

She started to give me her saliva in her mouth. I started to taste each drop of it. I kept kissing and licking her lips for almost 30 minutes. Now even she started to lick my lips and suck it. Just her lips had made my pre-cum flow drops in my panties. Later she said she too was dripping wet in her panties by the kiss itself.

When we were lost in our heaven of lip kiss suddenly her mobile rang. It was her father. He said he would be coming home to lunch in 20 minutes. I was in her home for nearly an hour. But all this felt like just 5 minutes with her. As her father was coming home it was time for me to leave.

So we adjusted our dresses and she made her hair. We were in no mood to part away. When I was about to leave the front door. She caught my hand pulled me back, gave me a very tight hug and a deep kiss for 5 minutes.

Ayesha: Harish. I Love You. You just made me feel so heavenly. This was the best day of my life. You said I am looking like a princess. But you really are a prince of romance. I never thought just a kiss would do such magic within me. I love you, Harish.

Hearing those words made my day even better. But she still doesn’t know what this beast is fully capable of and its full potential. The next meeting will be the day she finds the true level of my kiss of love.

I know there isn’t much sex in this part. But I assure you guys the best is yet to come. The best way to read stories is to imagine ourselves in the place. That’s why so much of detailed briefing. I would very much like your feedback and suggestions from guys and girls about this story.

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