Kusum’s Love and Sex – Part 2

I am Kusum back with the second part of the story. I enjoyed sex training by Navin inside the car on the roadside. I returned home and watched the entire content of the pendrive that Navin had given.

Soon after, I shouted in my room, “Navin fuck me, fuck me daily.”

I slept and woke up after hearing a loud knock on the door. I opened the door. It was my Mother. Seeing me nude, she pushed me inside. She asked whom she should send in to fuck me, father or brother?

I replied, “Send the young boy who fucks you and Sunita aunty together.”

Mother could not counter me. Leaving her shocked, I entered into bathroom. After getting ready for college, I came out of the bathroom.  After we Mother and daughter only remained in the house, I forced her to watch the entire content of the pendrive. I did not ask, but Mother said herself.

“Navin’s father took all these photos and videos. Like you and Navin, his father was my childhood love. We were keen to marry, but our families did not agree. I got married first. Soon Navin’s father also got married, but we couldn’t keep ourselves away. We remained actively engaged in sex.”

“Somehow, he persuaded my husband and his wife for wife swapping and orgies. We had orgies regularly. Our husbands convinced us to have sex with a third person about a year ago. Though this third person was very young, he took Navin’s Mother and me together on a free heaven ride. We both are having him at a regular interval.”

“Your Vandana teacher and your class friend Rubina are like the keeps of Navin’s father. Both are eager to do anything for him. We have watched them both in action. Kusum, both are not women. They are sex hungry lionesses. I doubt whether any number of men can satisfy the lust of those bitches.”

“Your father also fucked them both. After fucking them once, your father declared that he may opt to remain without any woman than to fuck either of them again.”

I recalled that classmate Rubina. Though we are not friends, we talked sometimes. I was unable to accept the fact that she is a fucking bitch. I thought of charging her but then decided against it. If I disclose that I know about her sluttiness she will not hesitate to defame our family.

I enquired. Mother swore that other than Navin’s father and that young man, she had no other man between her thighs. I wondered how Navin got hold of these videos and photos. My mother said that Navin must have copied it from his father’s laptop.

Mother – But why he has given these to you? I am sure both of you are fucking around.

Me – He has given that pendrive to arouse my interest in sex, and he has succeeded. I had no interest in sex before watching the content of this pendrive. But now I am ready to take not only Navin but anyone inside my cunt.

Mother looked at me in disbelief.

Me – Maa, tell uncle (Navin’s father) first to take my nude photoshoot. After that, make a video of us two, me and Navin fucking. I don’t mind if his father fucks me instead of Navin and makes a video. I like him more than Navin.

Mother – Sometime back, Surendra (Navin’s father) said that Kusum was the most beautiful lady he had seen. But, at the same time, he also said that no man would like you because you are very cold. As per him, you cannot raise sexual feelings and desire for yourself in any man.

Me – Does he want to fuck me?

Mother – I don’t know, maybe, but be careful. Your brother Kundan badly wants to fuck his sister. Last night also he expressed his feelings for you.

I got excited hearing mother and felt the wetness between my thighs.

Me – What did he say?

Mother – He said that Kusum is certainly a very beautiful girl, but tonight she looks like a sex goddess.

Undoubtedly, Navin’s 15 minutes of sex training has changed me. Before that, I had never thought of sex. But after what Navin did, I am thinking of nothing other than sex.

Me – Maa, I badly want sex. If not Navin, I am ready to fuck anyone, even my brother and father.

I don’t know how words came out of my mouth that I had never thought of before.

Me – Last night I saw a new policeman at the gate. I liked him, and very soon, I will fuck with him.

After I said those words, I recalled what he commented last night,

“Madam, you are very beautiful.”

And I decided to seduce him to fuck me. But mom’s words disturbed me.

“Beti, do you know Rohit?”

Me – Which Rohit? Commissioner’s son! I know him. We have talked also, but he is not my friend.

I got a doubt. I asked, “Are you planning to get me married to him?”

Maa – Last night, you expressed a desire to get married early. A few days back, Ravindra (commissioner) himself expressed a desire to make you marry his son Rohit.

Me – But I want to marry Navin. Though we did not fuck yet, his nice-looking tight cock rubbed my cunt last night.

I gave minute details of last night’s happenings on the road.

Maa – History repeats itself. Navin’s father also used to do the same thing with me. I often begged him to fuck me, but he told me that my husband must find me a virgin.

Mother gave me practical advice.

Maa – Now the time has changed a lot. Many men are now accepting wives having premarital sex affairs. But I don’t know whether your husband would be like that. None of our family would give consent to your marriage with Navin. So, you better find another man to marry.

Maa – Some time back, you expressed a desire to fuck with Navin’s father, your brother, and our common lover. Besides, you also want that stranger policeman to fuck you. So my darling daughter, if you desire to do sluttiness then get married soon.

Maa – Take your husband’s cock in your virgin cunt, and after that fuck with as many men you desire. Do you want a nude photoshoot by your lover’s father? He certainly would not fuck you before your marriage. Should I tell Surendra to arrange for your nude photoshoot?

I thought a bit and told my mother to hold my photoshoot for some time. I consented to marry Rohit, son of the senior commissioner, the local boss of mine and Navin’s father.

After that, I spent time studying and also slept. When I woke up, it was past 5 in the evening. I washed and came out wearing the same dress I had worn to go to college in the morning. After the previous night’s events, I decided to show my youthfulness to everyone in the college.

I wanted to make girls and lady staff jealous of my beauty, features and silky smooth skin. I wore a normal skirt and a sleeveless blouse. The skirt’s bottom was up to one inch above the knees.

The outlines of bra cups and straps were visible through the blouse. A good portion of my waist and belly was exposed. The blouse’s bottom was 3 inches above the belly button. The skirt top was 3 inches below.

I came out. I was expecting to see Navin. When he would have seen that I was not in the college, I thought he would have come home to inquire. But he did not come.

I saw brother Kundan seated on the sofa and our full-time maid, a nice-looking widow in her early 30s, seated beside my mother.

Maid – Chhoti maalkin, I am making tea for bhaiyaji. Should I make it for you?

I nodded, and she moved to the kitchen. Though she was with us for 4-5 years, I did not give any attention to her before. But that time I watched. She was looking sexy from the backside. I liked the way her hips swayed while walking. I developed a strong sexual desire for this lady, at least ten years older than me.

Kundan was seated on one corner of a three-seater sofa. He was seated with the support of the backrest. I took place on the other corner. But I did not sit like him. I took the support of the sidearm and lifted both of my legs. I parted my legs wide but kept those like that hardly for 20 seconds.

Kundan would have got a glimpse of my micro panty and thighs. I put my legs on his thighs. He looked blankly at me. I did not remember when I sat with him like that. While I sat, my skirt got pulled up, and my mid-thighs got exposed. I could see that his eyes were gazing at the bare skin of my legs and thighs.

Me – Are you fucking Renu? Because of you, she is moving with us from one place to another. Is not it? Since when are you fucking her?

That was the first time I, two years younger than my brother, talked fucking words with him. Hearing me, his face became expressionless. He stared at me and then said in a low voice. “We both love each other. We had our first love just on her third day in our house. Kusum, please don’t throw her out.”

Unknowingly or knowingly, both his hands pressed to my lower thighs.

Me – Don’t worry, I will not throw her out. I am very happy that she is capable of making my brother happy. Is she your only slut, or there are others also?

Last night’s happening and contents of the pendrive had aroused me a lot. I continued talking shamelessly with my brother. As my mother indicated that this brother wanted to have sex with me, I was ready for his action and his lusty words.

He behaved more decently than I expected. But his decency was short-lived.

Kundan – She is not the only one. Before her, I had two school friends, and I have had one of our lecturers for the last year.

Me – Are you tucking Vandana madam?

Kundan – No, never, she is a slut. Everyone knows about her. She sleeps freely with many students, but she certainly has a big influence. Because of her influence, that slut is continuing in our college. Your lover’s father fucks her a lot. Please don’t defame her. My woman is Anamika Ma’m. She loves you very much.

I kept staring at my brother. This 23-year boy is fucking most attractive lecturer in our college. She is the only one with whom I talked frequently.

Me – Among your women, who is best?

Kundan – Anamika is also good but Renu is best. Kusum, you should see her in bed. She is simply fantastic. Many nights she keeps me awake the whole night. Still, in the morning, I feel so fresh and happy. As everyone in college says, are you a cold woman not having any interest in sex?

I thought of teasing him.

Me – I love my men to suck me between my thighs for hours. I equally love to suck cocks for hours. But, yes, so far, I am a virgin. No cock has entered your sister’s vagina.

Till then, except Navin, no one had seen my cunt. He also did not do much. But I said that I enjoy men sucking my cunt, and love to give blowjobs.

I smiled. My words had desired effect on him. Kundan’s both hands pushed my skirt up. I did not stop him. I could feel clearly that his cock had tightened. I pressed cock with my feet.

Kundan – Sister, everyone knows that you are the most beautiful female. Since I see you every day, I did not give you much attention. But my darling, your skin is the smoothest skin anyone can have. I am scared that blood would ooze out if I give a little more pressure. Ufff it is so delicious to touch this.

I did not push his hands away.

Me – Brother’s hand should not move on sister’s skin.

He ignored me. He pushed my skirt up and up as much as he could. He boldly exposed my entire thighs. I myself was able to see my panty clearly. That panty was micro. Besides straps, it has only one triangular shape clothes covering my pubic area.

But then we heard footsteps. He pulled his hands away and pulled the skirt down where it was before. Renu kept the tray on the center table. She made tea and served one cup to us each. Kundan boldly held one of her hands and kissed her palm.

Kundan – Renu dear, no need to get scared of your chhoti maalkin. She knows everything about us.

Me – Renu didi, I am very happy to know that both of you like each other, but you are also making each other very happy. But please don’t get pregnant.

She shyly looked at me and suddenly put her head on my feet, still on my brother’s lap.

“Chhee, why are you putting me into sin. Don’t worry. None of us will ever try to break your relationship. But what will you do when Kundan gets married?”

I pulled her up.

Kundan – I will not marry. I want to spend my entire life with Renu only. Renu, please make your special ‘pudina pakoda.’ Your chhoti maalkin will certainly like that. Bring another round of tea with pakoda.

Renu went back to the kitchen. I smiled and laughed within. He wanted more quality time with his sister. It would certainly take 20-30 minutes to make pakoda. I turned my head and got assured that the kitchen door was visible from where we were seated. Kundan can see Renu coming out.

I kept quiet. Kundan kissed, not kissed, sucked my both toes. I did not stop him. I wanted to see how far he can go. Besides, I decided that what may happen, I would not let my brother’s cock travel in my vagina tunnel, at least before my husband fucks me.

I was drinking tea, but he had not yet touched the cup. After kissing my toes for 3-4 minutes, he held my both knees and suddenly pulled both legs. I was flat on the sofa, and instead of feet, my knees were on his lap. Somehow I did not let tea fall off the cup. I kept drinking.

He pushed my one leg behind him, and his other leg he pushed down. He made the distance between my two knees as far as he could. His both hands moved on my thighs, and he got hold of the panty’s elastic. He pulled panty down my legs.

I saw my panty going out of my leg. I did not stop him. Then he moved my skirt Up and up, and I could see my hairy vagina. All these happened within 3-4 minutes of Renu going back into the kitchen.

Kundan – All those people are wrong, very wrong. They say that my sister is the most attractive female around. They are wrong. Kusum, you are simply incomparable. No one can be so beautiful and sexy as you.

All along, he talked. His palm kept caressing my vagina.

“Push your top above your breast.”

He said, but I remained quiet and unmoved. What my brother did/doing was beyond my imagination. What Navin did last night had a purpose, but my brother doing a similar act was most shocking for me. He was fondling my vagina, and now he dared to tell me to show my breast to him.

Thanks, he did not push a finger inside my vagina. I did not move. He waited for a minute. But as I did not move he changed his position. He placed his knees between my lower thighs. He bent over me. His hands moved from my vagina to my body, and he began pushing my t-shirt up.

Not only t-shirt, but he also pushed bra cups up and grabbed both breasts and kissed my lips thrice. I was getting excited, and suddenly I felt that something was pricking at my vagina. As a reflex action, my one hand moved down, and I had his throbbing tight cock in my fist.

I did not see when he unzipped his trousers and pulled cock out. The Brothers cock has started knocking at the door of his sister’s vagina. I held cock so that cock tip remained pressed on entry of the vagina. But it was unable to go any deep. He was continuously kneading breasts and, one by one, sucking nipples also.

Kundan – Sister, so far, I have fucked 22 females of age 18 to 40. But believe me, no one has skin as smooth as yours. Your man would never be able to keep his cock tight inside your cunt for more than 5 minutes. Your buttery, silky smooth skin will excite him so much that he would discharge instantly. I also would not be able to keep my cock tight in this sweetest cunt for more than 5-6 minutes. Let me fuck you, sister.

Like I was hypnotized by Navin last night, my brother has also mesmerized me with his sudden bold action. This certainly has aroused me a lot. That’s why my fingers loosened on his cock, and he gave a hard thrust, and I felt pain. I again held his cock tightly.

I did not allow it to move down further. But more than an inch of cock had gone in. I felt such a pleasing experience that I did not feel last night. But good sense prevailed in me. I used my full power and pushed him away. I got up.

He cherished my nudity, and I was amazed to see his throbbing cock. It was 7 inches plus and quite thick also. It certainly was thicker and longer than cock of Navin. I arranged my dress, but I did not take the panty he held and sniffed.

Kundan – Sister, please keep the door of your room open. We would love it tonight. Our mother also wants me to fuck you. Though I am fucking her often, I never enjoyed with her. Your lover’s mother, Sunita aunty, gives much more sexual pleasure than our mother.

And I believed him. I will get confirmation from Mother and Sunita aunty also. I walked to the kitchen. I watched Renu frying pakoda. Boldly I caressed her hips.

Kusum – Didi, don’t feel ashamed, I never saw you keenly before, but you certainly have a beautiful figure. How solid are your these hips!

Neither did she look back at me nor stop me from caressing her tight, round hips.

Kusum – Are you aware that your Kundan fucks with many other women. Still, you love him?

Renu certainly had a lot of experience with sex.

Renu – Chhoti maalin, since you are talking about sex, let me tell you. There would be few men like your brother. He is not a man. He is simply a sex God. I have slept with a few others also. Your father and your friend, Navin’s father, have also fucked me a couple of times.

Renu – But none of the two was unable to arouse me. Your brother succeeds in exhausting me every time. He fucks badi maalkin and Sunita madam in the presence of their husbands. They both had said that no one could fuck and satisfy any woman like Kundan. Both men permitted their wives to have sex with Kundan as much as they wanted.

Renu’s revelations overpowered the interest that Kundan was able to develop in me. But it excited me more. After caressing and pressing her hips for a few minutes, I moved my hands towards her breasts. I pushed anchal down. I grabbed both breasts.

“Uff didi, like your hips, these mounds are also very tight. I don’t want Kundan to fuck me, but I want you to love and fuck. I want you to give me sex training.”

Like I did not stop Kundan, Renu also did not stop me.

Starting from Navin’s action last night till now, a matter of sex was unfolding shockingly to me. First Kundan said, and now his kept Renu also confirmed that my brother is fucking his mother and my best friend’s Mother Sunita aunty.

Renu – Please forgive me, but Kundan wants to fuck you also. Both your mother and father have permitted him to seduce and fuck you. Your parents and friend, Navin’s parents, also want to watch Kundan fucking his sister.

Kusum – And they want to make a video of brother-sister fucking?

Renu – Yes, like they have made videos of mother-son fucking and Kundan fucking we three women on the same bed.

Brother’s bold action and these revelations made me shameless.

Kusum – You praise Kundan so much that I feel like getting fucked by my brother. But, before I open my vagina for your lover’s cock I want to assure you that what you are telling me is true. Don’t tell Kundan anything, but tonight I want to see a video of Kundan fucking you three ladies and those two cuckolds watching.

Kusum – If I like your lover’s performance, I certainly will take his cock in my vagina in your presence. I want that video tonight itself. Bring that video to me on my bed tonight. We will also have some fun together. Give me real sex training.

I don’t know why so suddenly I developed a strong sexual feeling for this widow of 32-33 years. I squeezed her breasts tightly. She did not stop me. I came out of the kitchen and again stood in front of Kundan.

Undoubtedly, I wanted my brother to fuck me but not the way he wanted.

“Since when are you fucking both those bitches, our Mother and Sunita aunty?”

I saw my brother looking towards the kitchen. Making sure that Renu was not coming out, he took his cock out of the covering. It was still throbbing. I felt like holding it.