Rutu and Hari’s Wetness Guide – Part 2

Disclaimer: This is a semi-fictional story based on certain real-life incidents. Any similarity to anyone alive or dead is purely coincidental.

But besides the story, read through the lines. This is a guide to having good sexual pleasure with your partner/partners. I will explain how each sexual activity is done, and then you will be able to satisfy your partner with the same.

“I am from the moment I saw you.” His sheepish answer gave her a tingling sensation.

Quickly Rutu unzipped Hari entirely and pulled down the elastic of his underwear. Her fingers went as far as his balls and exposed them to the warm air inside the car. Hari stopped her before she could do anything else.

“You don’t get to play with this unless I get to play with yours.”

Rutu knew he had a point. She kissed his cheeks and arched back.

“Help me with the car seat,” she said, putting back her right tit dripping with his saliva, doing it as she asked even when her hand was still on his groin. She arched back and unbuttoned her blue pants.

“Rest is your duty,” She hissed, holding his dick perfectly in her right palm.

Hari was more than happy. He unzipped her blue pants and separated the zipper. He noticed the inner blue panties and smiled.

“Let me get comfortable, too,” He adjusted his seat backwards and smiled at her. They were now slightly below the seat level of the car in a semi-resting posting in the adjacent seats of the car.

Now he had the full freedom to explore the cave. He slid his left hand through the warm panties to find an even warm wet region. She was waxed recently, soft but warm and juicy.

Meanwhile, her hand gripped his dick and jerked downwards, pulling the foreskin. She exposed his perfect mushroom-shaped head but sticky with loaded precum.

His forefinger rubbed across her labia. She had thick wide lips, and they were very wet. She moaned gently, and Hari was cautious enough to lift all the car’s windows. With his forefinger and ring finger, he separated the lips and felt the oozing warmth of her pussy that was burning with pleasure.

“No stopping till you get the juice,” She moaned.

His middle finger dove into her wet pleasure hole, making Rutu moan in her sweet, mild voice. Her lips formed a perfect round shape and glistened. It’s been a long time since someone went this far. She grasped his dick very tightly and stroked for a couple of times.

She pulled down his foreskin as far as possible. Then repeatedly jerked him. Hari’s fingers explored her wet sticky but very hot and warm insides even when restricted in the closed space of the car. His palm pressed against her clit while his fingers rubbed her insides.

Hari’s dick leaked plenty of precum onto her palm, it kept dropping droplets of very sticky precum onto the edges of her fingers, but she didn’t stop. She stroked him faster and harder, causing his dick head to spurt out more. She moaned as his fingers ensured her pussy was treated as wildly as possible.

His fingers spread her labia as wide as possible. She complied by spreading her legs. Her blue panties were moist. Rutu covered her mouth with her free hand and rocked her body with the rhythm of his fingers, shopping for juice inside her. She was leaking heavily, and so was he.

While moaning, she opened her eyes and looked at Hari. He was in another world with his eyes tight shut and enjoying her heavy strokes. His dick was very hard and pretty huge now that he is fully erect. She leaned a little, looked at him, and then jerked him faster. He moaned and pinched her clit.

“You cum first,” She ordered like a proud worker.

She jerked him vigorously, looking at his lust-filled wild face. She watched as he took deep breaths and groaned.

“It’s coming,” He said, finally opening his eyes.

“Aww, so cute” She mocked him and squeezed his dick like a cucumber in her hand.

Few more jerks, and he gasped and then groaned. Then it came out like fresh milk. Rutu watched it spurt out of the tiny hole in his cock. It was thick and milky and had a weird but arousing smell to her.

He spurted and shot a huge load out. It splashed across his pants and her hand. But even then, she didn’t let go. She kept jerking, and a few more drops leaked out and dropped over her thumb.

“Is there more?” She asked, grabbing his balls. Suddenly she squeezed both his balls so tightly that he moaned in pain. Then, when she jerked him a few more times, the last two drops finally dropped onto her thumb and forefinger, emptying his balls.

Withdrawing her hand, she said, “Now it’s your turn.”

Rutu spread her legs wider and sucked her thumb, tasting his fresh semen on her finger. She neatly cleaned her palm, licking and sucking.

“You do taste good. Maybe next time, I won’t let it go waste.”

Before she could complete the sentence, Hari pushed his forefinger and mid-finger right into her hot cunt. He slithered his hand into her open jeans and the panties inside. She moaned loudly and gripped the handle on the door side.

“At least warn me before doing something,” She said, feeling his fingers against her insides. Meanwhile, he pulled the cups off her left breast and kissed the nipple. While sucking her left tit like an animal thirsty for milk, he pounded her cunt with his fingers.

Rutu moaned louder and louder within the car, making even him giggle. He knew it was coming when her pussy tightened around his two fingers.

“Mine will burst anytime now,” She moaned and gasped.

Hari knew exactly what he was doing. He curved his finger and rubbed against the tight inner pussy walls while his fingers pounded her wildly. She grabbed his wrist suddenly. ” Don’t stop, please,” she said with puppy eyes and moaned louder.

Then her gasp came. Hari felt his fingers were now very moist, even more than before. She felt juices flowing very slowly and smiled at her. Her right grip on him loosened, and her pussy relaxed.

“I have not had such an orgasm in a long time,” she said with a tired but happy face.

Slowly he pulled his fingers out, which were soaking wet. He licked them and sucked them, facing her.

“You taste pretty nice too,” He smiled.

He helped her pull up the wet panties and then helped her zip her pants back.

“You might need to wash and dry them soon.”

“Yeah, very true.”

He wiped his saliva off her nipples and helped her adjust her bra as it was before. The cups were back where they should be now, and he helped her button her shirt.

After pushing his now limp cock within the underwear, he, too, buckled up. Then he smiled at her, “Are we going to do this again?”

“Maybe,” She said, walking out of the car. “You can have the pleasure of pleasing me,” She said with an evil smile.

To be continued.

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