Kusum’s Love And Sex – Part 3

I am Kusum.

You read that first, my childhood friend Navin succeeded in arousing the feeling of sex in me. The next evening my elder brother fondled my breast. He caressed cunt and also successfully pushed the tip of his cock into my cunt.

I don’t know why I liked the figure of Renu and thought of starting lesbian pleasure with her. After chatting with Renu, I returned to my brother.

Me – Brother, since when are you fucking both bitch, our mother and Navin’s mother. Who is better slut?

He saw that Renu was still busy making pakoda. On hearing my question, he took out cock. It was still throbbing. He held his cock at the root.

Kundan – Dear, every woman gives their men a different type of pleasure. But between our mother Ratna and Navin’s mother Sunita, Sunita aunty is much better. But no one can be better than you. Suck my cock, you bitch.

Before I could react or oppose, he pulled my hand. I kept looking at him. In one jerk, he pulled my skirt down. I was nude below the waist. He pushed my head down towards his cock. Soon my lips touched the tip of his cock. He kept my head pressed.

With the other hand, he unbuttoned my blouse. And somehow, he pulled the blouse off my body. He already had pushed bra cups up. So I was almost nude. Cock tip pressed my lips. I wanted to move my head and mouth away from cock. But his hold was very tight. He kept my head pressed.

And what he wanted happened. His rock-hard cock opened my lips. Once the tip entered my mouth, he kept my head pressed. Soon tip of his cock touched the opening of my throat. Then, for about 15 minutes, he kept moving my head up and down on his cock.

I will not lie. I did not like his actions for the first couple of minutes. But I also started to enjoy my first blowjob after that. His cock was thick, but it seemed that thickness had increased in my mouth. He held me in such a position that I could not protest, but then I did not want to protest.

I was enjoying the feel of my brother’s cock in my mouth. After 6-7 minutes, he loosened his grip. But he kept one hand on my head. He held a bunch of hair and kept moving my head up and down. He pushed his other hand under me. He fondled my breasts for a few minutes.

Then he pushed his hand further down. His hand reached my vagina. He began to explore my pubic area. He pinched clit. He pressed cunt lips, moved the middle finger inside, and began exploring the vagina. Along with moving my head on his cock in a rhythm, he began finger fucking me vigorously.

This has doubled my pleasure. I enjoyed his actions, but I did not like his dominating nature. I enjoyed what he did first. He had caressed thighs, fondled cunt and breast. He kissed my lips. I loved those actions.

I enjoyed his actions now, but I did not want him to know that I enjoyed them. Time passed, and suddenly his grip over my head tightened. He began moving faster and faster. Then I heard Renu.

“Bastard, what are you doing! Our chhoti maalkin is not a slut like your mother. Leave her. How did you dare to do this? I never knew that you were such a dirty man. I will leave you.”

But Kundan was not in a position to stop now. His cock has started spraying cum. Many drops went down the throat. Rest remained inside my mouth. After the spraying of cum stopped, he pulled cock out of my mouth.

Without looking at them, I ran inside my bedroom. I cleaned my mouth. I wrapped a towel around my waist. I arranged bra cups on both breasts. I took my phone diary and came out.

Kundan – Kusum, I should not have done that. Please forgive me.

I whispered to myself, “Sisterfucker, I enjoyed that a lot, but I did not like the way you did.”

I did not look at them. I surfed through my diary and lifted the phone receiver. I called a number.

Me – Good evening, Madam. I am Kusum Sinha, 3rd-year English Hons.

The other side — ….

Me –  Madam, I have decided to stay in the hostel. Please keep a room for me.

I heard.

Me – No problem, Madam, I will share a room with another girl. I will come there in the morning.

I heard.

Me – Thanks, Madam, thanks a lot.

I cut off that phone and dialed another number.

Me – I am the daughter of city SP. I would like to talk to Rohit sahab urgently.

After a minute,

Me – Hello Rohit, I am Kusum. Do you know me, or should I give my introduction?

Rohit – No Kusum, how can anyone forget the most charming girl of the universe.

Me — Thanks, don’t ask me anything now. This charming girl wants to spend one night with her would-be husband and in-laws. I am waiting for you. Come as fast as possible. I love you, dear.

I kept the phone on the cradle and returned to my bedroom. I kept the bedroom door shut. I packed my clothes and essentials in two big suitcases. I changed to a decent Punjabi suit. Carrying those suitcases and my handbag I came out.

Renu came to me. I told her to carry my things to the house’s main gate. I smiled at two policemen standing at the gate. As Renu was with me, I did not talk with that young policeman I liked.

I did not have to wait long. Rohit came in his car. Renu and the policemen loaded my luggage into the car. I sat beside Rohit. Showing Renu, I pressed his upper thighs.

Me – Renu didi, please arrange to send those videos to me at Rohit’s house in the morning.

Renu – Chhoti maalkin, please don’t leave the house.

I smiled at her but signaled Rohit to drive. It took about 20 minutes to reach Rohit’s house. I got embarrassed to see his parents standing to receive me. I got out of the car. I touched their feet and did pranam. Aunty hugged me tightly.

Aunty (Manjula) – Kusum, welcome to your house. But I had planned to receive you grandly.

Me – Aunty, be assured, I will not deprive you of any of your pleasure. You will get opportunities to fulfill all your desires. I am sorry to come here like this. But, today I have not come to my sasural. I needed shelter for the night, so I came to the safest place for me.

Manjula – Why only tonight?

Me – Aunty, you know that before marriage I can’t stay in my sasural. Aunty, I want to come to this house as a ‘bride’ soon as possible. Tomorrow morning I will shift in a girl’s hostel at our college.

Rohit — But why left the house in a hurry?

Uncle – Stop interrogating her at the door. Bring Kusum inside. Kusum, you can’t imagine how happy I am to see you at our house. When I saw you first a few years back, I kept praying to God to make you our daughter in law.

I hugged Uncle. Intentionally I pressed my breasts on his chest. We came inside. Aunty took me to the room where my luggage had already been kept. Aunty suggested I get fresh and come out for some snacks.

After about ten minutes, I was with them in the living room. I sat beside Uncle. Aunty smiled at me. Hot snacks with coffee were served. After the maid moved back to the kitchen, I looked at his parents and then at Rohit.

Me – My brother did something that forced me to leave the house. It is not what you think. I am still a chaste and virgin girl. My parents were not at home when Kundan did something very indecent.

My good luck. Exactly at that time phone rang. Maid lifted the phone and said that the phone was for me. I took the receiver from her. It was my mother.

Mother – Beti, he is very sorry. Please return. We will sort it out.

Me – Give the phone to father.

Father – Beta, you should have waited for us.

I cut him short.

Me – Tell Renu to pack all my books and get them delivered to Rohit’s house first thing in the morning with my car. I will keep my car. Secondly, deposit eleven lakh in my bank account tomorrow itself.

Father – We would do what you say. But it does not look good that the daughter left the house.

Me – Babuji, please finalize the date of my marriage as early as possible. I want to marry Rohit early. And remember that marriage is to be held somewhere other than your house. In no case I will put my feet in your house ever again. Do what I said.

I hung the receiver and returned to my place. This time I sat close to Uncle. Aunty winked at me. I just smiled. Certainly, those three persons were very mature. Neither at that time nor during dinner time did anyone ask me why I left the house.

During dinner time,

Me – If anyone asks, I will tell him that I decided to stay in the hostel because of my study. I request you all to take the same stand.

All three nodded. After dinner, we chatted. Finally, aunty came with me to my allotted room.

Manjula – Kusum, would you like to sleep alone, or should I send Rohit to give you company?

I did not know that Manjula aunty was so pleasant. I don’t know why. I put my thighs on her thighs and pushed myself towards her.

Me – Aunty, everyone who knows me has branded me as a very cold woman having no interest in sex. So I want some one very experienced to give me sex training to keep Rohit happy.

Aunty pushed my thighs away and got down from the bed.

Manjula – Who says that you are a cold-blooded girl? Bitch, you are a real hot woman. I was watching how you were trying to seduce my husband. But sadly, he is not at all fit for you. Instead of cooling you off, he will leave you extremely unsatisfied.

She moved out of the room and pulled the door shut. Aunty’s words made me believe that she is a sexually unsatisfied woman. Aunty’s words aroused my sexual desires. The man who came into my mind, again and again, was neither Kundan nor Navin.

He was the young policeman who had said that I am very beautiful. Since I left the house, it was very difficult to see or meet him again. I did not know his name also. Then I started analyzing whether leaving the house was a good step.

But, I could not conclude. I tried to focus on Kundan’s actions and behavior. I thought and concluded that it was me only who was responsible for what happened there.

Had I stopped him at first instance when he started moving his hand on my thighs, nothing else would have happened. Instead, I let him undress me. I did not stop him from caressing my vagina.

I held his cock. I did not tell him even once to keep cock away from me. Instead, I held it for around ten minutes. Then what was the need for me to go back to him?

And then Renu came into my mind. I liked the tightness of her hips and breasts. Had I been at the house, then certainly I would have enjoyed the full nudity of Renu. Maybe I would have allowed my brother to fuck me in the presence of Renu.

I kept on thinking about all these. I did not know how much time had passed. I heard aunty, “Your new lover, your Uncle, has suggested that I should give you company.”

I became very happy to hear her. More than fuck with Kundan or Navin, I wanted woman’s company that night.

Me: Yes, aunty, please come. I want your company tonight.

She bolted the door from inside and came onto the bed. She was wearing a maxi which was quite loose on her. So I could not make the shape and size of her breasts and hips. I was still in a Punjabi suit.

Manjula – Why don’t you change to some loose dress? Should I bring a maxi for you?

I shook my head. I got down from the bed. I pulled off my kurta. She kept staring at me. I untied salwar, and it fell. I was wearing a black panty with a black colored bra. Both were of the latest design having the least possible clothes. Except for nipples and areola, almost all breast mounds were exposed.

I remained like that. I picked up both salwar and kurta. I folded them properly and kept them in my suitcase. I looked at aunty. She was staring at my semi-nudity. Her face was expressionless. I opened the suitcase and picked out a nightgown.

Aunty – Please remove those two pieces of clothes.

She wanted me to be nude. Earlier, I had thought of becoming nude for Renu and enjoying her nudity. But now, instead of 32 years old, Renu, a woman in her mid-40s, wanted me to become nude. I heard her but remained motionless.

She walked towards me and stood behind me. Without speaking a word, she unhooked my bra. She pulled it off my arms and threw it on the floor. I was standing topless in front of her.

She did not put a hand on my breasts. Instead, she came in front of me and sat on the floor. She put both her hands on my panty’s elastic and pulled it off my legs. I was nude in front of her. She moved her both hands back. She grabbed my hips.

For about a couple of minutes, she sucked the lips of my cunt. For me, it was the first such experience. Though Kundan had kissed and caressed cunt a few hours back, the pleasure I had when aunty sucked cunt was much more.

I bent and pulled aunty up. We faced each other, and suddenly we took each other strongly in our arms and kissed each other passionately.

Me – Aunty, please go out. Otherwise, I will keep you fucking the whole night. Go and get fucked by Uncle.

Aunty squeezed my breasts and cunt mercilessly.

Aunty – Bitch, rest for some time. Let me first feed that dog. Don’t close the door. I will come back soon.

Aunty dropped her maxi. She had only a petticoat under her maxi. My God, what an attractive pair of breasts she had. Kusum saw very well-shaped big and round breasts. Her nipples were thick and long, areola around the nipples was not more than an inch. This indicated that those breasts were not sucked much.

She dropped her petticoat also. Like Kusum, this lady Manjula was also nude. Undoubtedly Kusum was much better in all respect, but Manjula also had a very attractive and sexy figure.

She had thunder thighs and a neatly shaven pubic area. The pubic area was swollen, and there was a very slight gap between two cunt lips. Clit was long and protruded out.

Kusum – Aunty, though I don’t have any experience of sex, I can see that you are also not fucked much. Sadly, Uncle is not capable of satisfying your lust and heat. Come back soon, aunty. I am dying to suck those lovely mounds and nicely baked bread puff.

Aunty walked out nude. She pulled door panes behind her. Kusum laid flat on the bed. She recalled what had happened since last evening. She concluded that instead of leaving the house, she should have abused and slapped Kundan in front of Renu. Then she should have waited for her parents.

Instead, she left home and now it would not look good if she returned home soon. So finally, she decided to let herself on fate and experience whatever came in her life.

She had planned to have a lesbian masti with her brother’s kept Renu. Instead, she will fuck the commissioner’s wife, a lady of the same age as her mother. She waited, and after not even an hour passed, Manjula was back in the room.

Kusum – How come he let you go so early?

Manjula – It takes about 20 minutes to make his cock tight. He fondles me for a maximum of 5 minutes. He never remained tight in my hot cunt for more than 12 minutes. Presently actual pumping of cock in my cunt is hardly for 6 minutes.

Manjula – And after that, I cool myself by fingering. At least twice a week, I take a bath at midnight to cool down. After he was discharged in my cunt, he suggested that I give you company. So your bitch is here. Let me see how you fuck and cool me off.

I pulled her onto the bed. I took her in my arms. I pulled her both thunder thighs between my thighs, and we got glued. I took a deep and long kiss on the lips of that sexy lady.

Me – Why are you depriving yourself of the pleasure of real manly sex? Had you given a signal, my brother Kundan must have given you pleasure which your body requires. Besides Kundan, there are certainly many men who would happily fuck and satisfy you.

Manjula — If Kundan is so good, why did you leave the house?

Me – Had he acted patiently, considering my pleasure then instead of spending the night with a charming sexy lady, I would have enjoyed with brother’s cock. But I felt very much offended and insulted by his actions.

Then I narrated everything that Kundan did, and I did with Renu. I did not hide anything. She became quiet on hearing me.

Me —I felt very much insulted by his dominating nature. Instead of love, it looks like forced sex. So I left home, and I came here. Yesterday morning itself, my mother told me about Uncle’s desire to make me his daughter in law. I thought it best to spend the night with you all.

But now, if you think that I am not suitable for Rohit or I am a bad girl, you can tell me so. I will never come in contact with Rohit ever. Manjula’s hand began to caress my thighs and hips.

Manjula – I was of your age only. I was also in the final year of graduation. One night I was sleeping on my bed. Then suddenly, I felt a tight, thick rod entering my body. I woke up after having a jolt. I opened my mouth to shout, but another rod entered my mouth. I could not make out a sound.

Manjula – Then till morning, both those cocks kept my mouth filled. I don’t know how they did, but they fucked me four times each. The person who took my virginity was my father, and the other person with him was my elder brother. I enjoyed sex by them.

Manjula – Like you, I also felt very insulted and offended. In the morning, I thought of complaining to my mother. But she gave me a shrewd smile when I went to her. That bitch was aware that her husband and elder son had fucked me.

Manjula – Without telling anyone, I left the house and came to the office of Rohit’s father. We have loved each other since our school days. Earlier I had told my parents that I would marry Somnath. But my parents were not agreeable to my marriage to Somnath.

Manjula – My intimacy with my lover was the reason for such ill-treatment by my father and brother. I told Somnath that I was abused and fucked by my father and brother last night. I told him that now I hated myself and wanted to suicide.

Manjula – Instead of getting angry, he consoled me. That evening itself, he brought me to a temple. We got married in the presence of his entire family and a few friends. I am now married to him for over 25 years.

Manjula – I don’t remember a single occasion when he had given me sexual pleasure, which any woman wants. But now, Kusum, you say how I can cheat such a nice person! I still love him, but I also want a real cock inside me. My bad luck, what can I do? Though I need good sex, I don’t want to cheat on the man who supported me when I needed it most.

There was frustration in her with every word.

Me – But Uncle might be fucking someone else. I heard that my father, Superintendent of police and District magistrate have kept and fuck other women. Likewise, Uncle also might be fucking around.

She began palming my hairy cunt. I did not stop her.

Manjula – I also heard about them, but I never heard any rumor about Somnath that he is sleeping with other women. But darling, who would like to have sex with a man with such a weak cock. Though my father and brother fucked me the whole night, I did not touch their cocks. But their cocks were certainly good.

Manjula – Both had over 7 inch long cock.Both had good thickness also, and both were strong. That’s why both could fuck me four times each.

Manjula pushed two fingers inside my cunt.

Manjula – Darling, you are very, very tight. I am having such a nice feeling.

I don’t know why I felt pity for this lady, my would-be mother in law. But I wanted her assurances that she would accept me as her daughter in law. I also started caressing her pubic area.

Me – Aunty, now I told you what happened with me. I also told you that had he tried to seduce me nicely. I would have allowed my brother to fuck me. After knowing all this, will you accept me as your daughter in law?

She hugged me tightly and kissed my lips. She kissed me for so long that I felt like getting choked.

Manjula — I will not accept you? Bitch, I can’t think of any other girl as my daughter in law. You can’t even imagine Rohit’s happiness when you hear that you desire to spend the night here. He likes you most, but I have one apprehension.

Me – What?

Manjula – What if, like his father, he also would not be able to satisfy you, fuck you nicely?

Me – Don’t worry at all, my darling. If Rohit would not be able to fuck me nicely, other men can. We both will enjoy with real men. I badly need a nice, long, thick and strong cock like cocks of your father and brother. Where are they now?

Manjula – A few days after our marriage, those two fuckers died in a car accident. Before you get any cock in your cunt let me drink the juice of your honey well.

She turned me flat and came over to me in a 69 position.