Kusum’s Love And Sex – Part 5

I am Kusum back with the 5th part of my story.

You read that I left home and stayed overnight at Rohit’s house. Besides having hardcore lesbian fun with Rohit’s mother, I let his father enjoy my nudity. Not only did he discharge on my cunt, but he also slept nude with me. Rohit’s mother saw us sleeping nude on the same bed.

In the morning, I shifted to the hostel and attended college. For the first time in 3 years, I attended college wearing a skirt and sleeveless blouse. In college, I did not give any chance to Navin to talk with me. I also met my new man, our police guard, near the hostel.

We attended college. At around 4 in the afternoon, we returned to the hostel.  Exactly at 5.30 evening, I entered the ‘Rani Restaurant’. I looked around and smiled to see my man. I walked to him. I shook hands with him. I took a seat in the corner and signalled him to sit beside me.

I looked around. The restaurant was almost full, but I did not see any students there. I questioned him about what he was doing near a girl’s hostel.

Me – Whether your girlfriend stays in the hostel? What were you doing there? What’s your name.


“Nice to meet you. I am Kusum.”

Vinod – I like a girl. Today morning she has shifted to this hostel. I had come here with the hope of meeting her.

I smiled within. Not only me, but he also seems to be eager for my company.

Me – Could you see her?

Vinod looked in my eyes. Boldly he took my one hand between his two hands.

Vinod – Chhoti maalkin, will you be my friend? I don’t know any other girl. I had come to see and talk with you only.

I looked around. Many eyes were on us, but I did not pull my hand away. I let my hand between his two manly, strong-looking hands.

Me – Maalkin and servant can not be friends. But Kusum and Vinod can be good friends. Always call me by my name.

Vinod  – Kusum madam…

I put my free hand on his lips.

Me – If you again address me as madam or maalkin, I will never talk with you. I am only Kusum for you. Call me Kusum.

Vinod – As my dearest friend Kusum stays here, this hostel is now a temple for me. Besides, my uncle is a guard at this hostel. He is working here for over 20 years. I stay with him.

He informed me that his parents died when he was a small kid. After that, he is staying with his uncle and aunty. He also said that their uncle and aunty are still childless. I asked, and he gave his address. He also gave directions to his home.

Vinod – If you or your friends have any problems in the hostel, please tell my uncle, Pramod. He will take care of everything. I had already told him about you. He knows you very well.

I listened to his talk and kept thinking about whether I should tell him to punish Kundan. I did not want any harm to my brother. But I certainly wanted him to have a lesson about how to respect a female.

The waiter came and asked for our orders. I winked at Vinod. Vinod ordered, and the waiter went away.

Vinod – Kusum, if you don’t want to tell, don’t say a word. But I am 100 % certain that you left the house because of your brother Kundan. Is not it? Should I punish him? I will punish him so that he will never ever dare to come near any woman again. He considers all women a commodity.

I looked into his eyes. I could easily read his eyes. Those were filled with love and affection for me.

Me — And what I would have to pay you back for doing my work? What are your preconditions? Do you want to fuck me?

He looked around. He pushed his left hand down. He boldly put his hand on my lower thighs. He also pushed the skirt upward. Soon his hand began moving on my mid-thighs. He kept pushing the skirt further up.

I wanted his hand to move on my panty and inside the panty. I wanted him to take me to some isolated place and fuck me.

Vinod – Kusum, you might know many people. Do you know anyone who had seen you but doesn’t want to fuck you? Everyone who has seen you wants to hold you nude, desires to push his cock in your cunt. I also want to love you. I also want to hold your lovely body in my arms and remain nude with you.

Vinod – But believe me, Kusum, there is no precondition for doing your work. Even if you don’t talk to me from now, I will still do your work. But the fact remains that I love you more than anything in this world. I am not only saying this. You can test me. I never knew that women’s skin is so smooth.

His actions and words aroused me a lot. I parted my legs. Skirts got tightened over my thighs. I cursed myself for wearing panty underneath. I wanted his hand on my cunt. But he pulled out his hand. I liked when he pulled skirt clothes to cover my thighs.

I put my left hand on his mid-thighs and pressed that in response. I liked the tightness of his thighs.

Me – I meet many males, but you are the first one who talked of fuck with me. Even that sister fucker did not tell me he wanted to fuck me. (I was lying very comfortably). But like other females, I knew very well that someone would certainly fuck me. God had made me beautiful and attractive so many people would like to buy my sexual favor. But the fact remains that Vinod, I like you, I like you very much.

He certainly became very happy to hear me. He again pressed, but this time he straightway pressed my upper thighs. We saw a waiter coming with our orders. He removed his hand.

While eating cutlets, I suddenly asked whether he does exercise. He nodded and said that he and his uncle exercise every day. He told me that his uncle was a state-level wrestler. He has won many prizes in athletic activities. I liked his personality. I badly wanted to see and fondle his cock.

Nothing happened after that. He only reminded me that I must return to the hostel by 6 in the evening. We finished tea. I wanted to pay but he insisted. I let him pay. He escorted me to the hostel gate.

While entering the gate, I whispered, “I will again see you soon.”

I saw Navin seated in the waiting hall. But I ignored him. I walked back to my room. The moment I entered room no 111, Sangita charged me, “Bitch, with whom you were fucking, that handsome man who talked with you in the morning! He is handsome. I also want his cock in my cunt.”

I bolted the door from inside. I undressed fully and laid flat on the bed without speaking a word. I parted my legs wide. She kept looking at me with amazement.

Me — Sangita, I wanted him to fuck me, I wanted to suck his cock in the restaurant itself, but he did not like me. He is one of the night guard at SP’s house. You have been in this hostel for a long. Do you know any guard here by the name of Pramod?

Sangita — Kusum, please don’t test my patience. My God, how beautiful you are. And look at your skin. I have not touched it but it certainly is the smoothest skin. Anyone can see blood moving up and down in arteries. Please wear something. For my sake, don’t remain nude like this. After seeing you, I never liked my features, but I started getting an inferiority complex. I will suicide.

Me — Do you know guard Pramod?

Sangita put a sheet over my body.

Sangita – Kusum, you and your figure are priceless. Don’t show your nudity to anyone, even a female, for free. Yes, not only me each and every girl staying here knows that handsome, strong and tall guard Pramod. Our Kumud warden and a few girls fuck with him regularly. But how do you know him?

I doubted that.

Me – He is the uncle of my that policeman friend. He stays with Pramod. Are you also fucking with Pramod or any other guards?

Sangita countered me.

Sangita – Do you think any man would like even to touch me. Everyone wants a woman having nice, swollen breasts, thick thighs and big hips. Who will fuck me, yaar? Whenever I go near him, that daughter fucker addresses me as beti. He is a very handsome man. I heard that his wife is also very beautiful.

I remained quiet for a while.

Kusum – But you said that you are fucking with six men!

Sangita – I lied. I am 21 years of age, but no male has touched me.

I kept staring at her. I felt pity for this thin and lean, and unattractive girl.

Me – If I get you fucked by Pramod, what will you give me?

Sangita heard and looked at me as if she had seen a ghost. She did not reply at that time. But while we walked towards the canteen, she replied.

Sangita – If Pramod fucks me, I will remain your slave for life. You can get me fucked by anyone you desire. If you say I will fuck with those special cocks also.

I parted her back and assured her that Pramod would fuck her soon. Unlike breakfast time canteen was crowded. There was a big line for dinner. Along with Sangita I also stood in the queue. Canteen in charge, a middle-aged lady came to me and told me to sit.

Lady – Madam, please take a seat. I will get dinner for you two.

I shook my head and thanked her for the offer.

Me – Madam, I am also like other students, so no favoritism, please.

We took our plates when our number came. Not only Rubina but many others also talked with me. I replied to whatever they asked. I told them that I had shifted to the hostel to give more attention to my studies.

After dinner, not only Sangita, many others, including Rubina, accompanied us to our room. Altogether, we were 10-11 girls in the room. We chatted, talked, joked, and teased. Many teased me by taking the names of both Navin and Rohit. I replied calmly.

Me – Navin is my childhood friend. I treat him as my bodyguard more than a friend, but we are not on talking terms presently. I am going to marry Rohit immediately after the final exams get over. Please don’t think otherwise. Like all of you, I am still a virgin.

One girl – I will not name them, but a few of the girls seated in this room are not virgins.

Me – So what? Had Navin or Rohit or anyone else seduced me nicely, I might have fucked with him. I am not against premarital or post-marital sex. But in such cases, it is solely our responsibility to manage our husbands.

Another girl – Kusum, like your skin, your thoughts are also crystal clear. But our society does not accept such premarital or post-marital sex.

Kusum – If you are scared of society, then you should have control of yourself, don’t fuck around. Keep yourself inside a room.

One girl — But girls are not safe at home also. There are many daughter fuckers and sister fuckers around.

Kusum — I am certain of one thing. Unless I want, no one can dare to undress and fuck me. In over 90 % of cases, incestuous sex happens only when the girl herself is eager to have sex.

No one countered me. At that time, Kumud madam came inside our room. She ordered us to disperse immediately. Soon all went out of our room. While the closing door of the room, Sangita said, “Kumud madam has come. That means your Pramod is on night duty. Both are certainly going to fuck tonight.”

Me – Let them fuck and enjoy. We should study.

Both of us studied for about two hours. At 11 night, when Sangita switched off the main light, I became nude. Sangita objected a lot, but I undressed her also. We did not have hardcore lesbian pleasure as I had with Rohit’s mother. But we both slept nude hugging each other tightly.

Like aunty, Sangita whispered that she enjoyed my company a lot in the morning. That day was Saturday. It was a normal day in the college. We came from college early. We rested in the room till 5 evenings. After that, I took Sangita out with me.

I did not tell her about the destination. After ten minutes, I knocked at a door. I became happy to see Vinod who opened the door. He looked surprised to see us. He invited us in. We went in, and a middle-aged man stood up. He addressed me as chhoti maalkin and Sangita as beti. Vinod formally introduced us.

As Sangita had said, Pramod was a handsome man. But for me my man Vinod was more handsome and strong. Pramod’s wife Maya was certainly a beautiful lady. She was hard 25 years of age, whereas her husband was around 45 years. But Pramod was looking much younger than his age.

After a few minutes, Vinod took an excuse from us and went out. Maya took Sangita inside the kitchen. It seems to me that she was not feeling comfortable with me, the daughter of an SP.

I was alone with Pramod. I thought a bit.

Me –  Pramod, should I tell SP, DM or commissioner that you are forcibly fucking girls of the hostel?

He looked at me in disbelief. He remained quiet for a while and stammered.

Pramod — You see, my wife Maya! My first wife, Mala, was even more beautiful. She was her elder sister. Except you, none of the girls there are as beautiful as my wife.

He said that he never desired to fuck any of the hostel girls. But about 15 years ago, the warden threatened him that if he didn’t obey what she said, she would file a police complaint that he raped her.

Pramod — You only tell me, chhoti maalkin, what else should I have done! I fucked that warden, and after that, I became their sex-machine. Last night, Kumud madam also came with another, a new girl in her first year. I fucked them both.

Me — Was that new girl was virgin?

He nodded and said that he fucked both of them twice each.

Me — Tonight, you will spend a full night in my room no 111. We will wait for you at 11 night. If you don’t come, I will certainly complain to the commissioner.

He looked at me in disbelief.

Pramod— Maalkin, if you want, kill me, but I will put my hand on you in no case.

I got up.

Me – If you even try to touch me anytime, even if I am nude, I will cut your cock. I want you to love my room partner, your beti, Sangita. She is dying to mother your child. You must come.

I was confident that he would come. I walked into the kitchen. I chatted with Maya, and we returned to the hostel. Navin blocked my way. Warden saw, but she could not dare to stop the son of the DM. I told Navin to sit. I signaled the warden, and she went inside her office. I did not give it any chance to Navin.

Me – I never knew that you are such a spineless man. One of your friends is fucking your mother, and you enjoy that. One of your father’s junior is fucking our Mother day and night. Instead of killing him, you and your father make videos of their sex and sell them on the market. What type of man are you and your father? Any weak person like you can’t be my friend. Never try to meet me again. I hate you.

Leaving him alone, I walked to my room. I did not have any feeling left for Navin now. I did not tell Sangita that I had called Pramod to fuck her. We studied. We had dinner like the previous night. Again after dinner, many girls assembled in our room but by ten, all dispersed.

We both were studying. At about 11.10, we heard a soft knock on our door. Sangita frowned at me. I opened the door. Pramod came in. Sangita jumped down from the bed.

Sangita – He will lose his job. We both would be rusticated.

I patted her.

Me – Don’t worry, darling, nothing will happen. Your dream man is here. Enjoy with him fearlessly.

I addressed Pramod.

Me – Pramod, remember this girl is not an ordinary girl. She is very precious to me. Love her like you fuck your wife, Maya.

Leaving both in the room, I came out. I pulled the door shut and knocked at the door of room number 124. Rubina opened the door

Me — Rubi, I am not getting sleep. Can I come to your bed?

She nodded. We came in. She bolted the door from inside. I smiled to see around the room. Her room partner Pallavi was sleeping nude. Her pubic area was hairless.

Rubina – The day I don’t get any man, she only fucks me. She satisfies me in a better way than Navin’s father. He is a very dirty man, but he has helped my family, so I can’t ditch him. But I don’t bother now. I am worst than a bitch now. He (Navin’s father) had me first on my 18th birthday.

Rubina – In less than 3 years, over 2000 males have fucked me. No one would believe it, many times I handled more than twenty men in one go. My record is of 52 men in one day. My cunt and asshole have become very loose. Still, I don’t know why anyone pays me so much. I demand ten thousand for one shot and people pay it happily.

I did not know what she meant by one shot. I asked her.

Rubi – Kusum, one-shot means one penetration of cock in a cunt. If a man discharges within a minute or after fucking me long, he has to pay me the full amount.

Me – My father, Navin and Commissioner also fucks you?

She shook her head.

Rubina – Navin or Rohit’s father hasn’t come to me yet. Your father fucked me once. It seems that he did not like us. Neither he came to me again nor he ever again approached Vandna madam. What do you want from me?

Me – I told you. I want to learn techniques to tame men. I know very well that whatever I may try, men will not leave me to stay in peace. So please tell me how to tame men like both of you have tamed our DM or my father.

Rubina smiled and pulled me onto her bed. He lectured me for over an hour. She gave me tips on ‘to do and not to do.’ I came out of her room. Then she asked what I did not want to hear.

Rubina – You left the house because Kundan fucked you, is not it? Though both your mother and Sunita say that he is a sex God, neither I nor Vandna like him. We both made him discharged within 5 minutes. He will never come to fuck us again.

I took her hand.

Me – Rubi, he had a plan to fuck me in the night. Immediately after knowing about his plan I left the house in the evening itself. Believe me, so far, I am a virgin.

Rubina – Kusum, men need the training to satisfy a woman, but we women don’t need any. With experience, you will learn everything yourself. But, remember my one tip, never be generous in the matter of sex. Do not expose yourself or your body for free. You have the best figure. Even Sangita’s figure is priceless. Don’t let men enjoy with you for free.

And I have allowed not one but four men to enjoy me for free. I walked back to my room. I got surprised to see that the door was not locked from the inside. I pushed the door, and it got opened. I entered the room and swiftly bolted the room from inside.

Pramod saw me. He was on top of Sangita and banging her hard and fast.

Pramod – Thank you maalkin. I will remain indebted to you for letting me love your friend. I thought that only a healthy lady like you could give real sexual pleasure. But no, I want wrong. I must have fucked over 200 girls of this hostel during the last twenty years.

Pramod – But no one else gave me pleasure as your friend gave me now. No girl, not even wardens, could tolerate me for more than 20-25 minutes. But this my daughter is enjoying now for over an hour. I think my cock has got hooked somewhere inside her juicy and tight cunt. Uff what a tight cunt it is.

Sangita -Year, don’t waste energy talking. Bang me hard, let cock go deeper, thanks Kusum for allowing me to have this unimaginable pleasure.

It was not allowed to keep light on after 11 nights in the hostel. There was no light in the room, but the window was open. The moonlight was coming inside the room. In that moonlight, everything was visible.

I positioned myself at the place from where I could see cock of Pramod going in and coming out of cunt. Undoubtedly it was the best cock I had seen so far. It was almost thick like my wrist and around 9 inches long. I wondered how this bitch had taken that monster cock at first instance.

Me – Sangita, are you both enjoying it or making me happy? Both of you are saying so.

Sangita – Kusum, I can’t even imagine anything better than this. Pramod, I want you inside me daily.

Pramod – Yes, my darling, more than you, I want to love you day and night. Tomorrow is Sunday, why don’t you stay at my house the whole day. We both will enjoy the whole day. Ufff, my God, I never knew you were so good, my darling.

Telling that, he hugged her tightly. He stopped banging. I saw thick white fluid oozing out of cunt and falling on the bed. After a few minutes, Pramod stood up and faced me.

What a great personality he had!