Kusum’s Love And Sex – Part 6

I am Kusum, back with the 6th part of my story.

On Wednesday night, my childhood friend Navin gave me a short course of sex training. We both became nude and caressed each other. On Thursday evening, I sucked my brother’s cock and swallowed cum. I left the house and stayed overnight at the commissioner’s house.

That night I had my first hardcore lesbian masti with the commissioner’s wife, Manjula. After that, the commissioner and I engaged in a fantastic sexual act. His wife saw him holding and sleeping nude with me.

On Friday morning, I shifted to the hostel. There I met our new police guard Vinod whom I started loving. That night I undressed my roommate Sangita, and we slept nude. At my invitation, Pramod, Vinod’s uncle and the night guard of our hostel, came to our room. I watched him fucking my roommate Sangita.

Now read what happened next.

After satisfying sex for over one hour, Pramod discharged cum in Sangita’s cunt. When they cooled down, he stood up and faced me.

Uff, what a fantastic personality he had! Pramod was almost 6 ft tall. He was not fair but had a very charming skin color and face. Though he was 45 years of age, he was not looking more than 35 years of age. He has a wide and muscular chest.

One could have said that he was a wrestler by one look at him. His thick and muscular arms and solid-looking thighs were very tempting. And his cock was very attractive to look at. Though it was in semi-limped condition then, also it was over 6 inches long.

I had to say, “Pramod, yours is the fourth cock I am seeing, but it is best. Had you not fucked my sister Sangita I certainly would have taken it in my mouth and cunt. I can’t blame wardens or any girl. Your mother, sister, and daughters would also be dying to get fucked by your cock.”

He walked toward me and boldly put his both hands on my shoulder.

Pramod – I may fuck your mother or anyone else. But even if you are nude, even if you sleep with me the whole night, I will not fuck you. Forget pushing my cock in your unseen sweetest cunt. I will not even put a hand on your breast. I want more of your sister. Can I stay longer with her?

I looked at Sangita, who was looking at us. She was lying flat with both legs parted wide. I walked near her. I put my fingers on the big patch of dark spot between her thighs. It was still wet. I exclaimed, “My God, how much blood came out. Bitch, how could you take that monster cock in this tiny cunt?”

I caressed her cunt. Pubic hairs were very small. Sangita had told me that she regularly trimmed those hairs. Till then, I never trimmed my pubic hair.

Sangita – I can’t express my pain initially, but soon after, I started getting the pleasure I had never imagined. Sister, please let him be with me for atleast one more round. I enjoyed his heaviness, and this tiny cunt loved his hard and fast banging.

I looked at my wristwatch. It was 12.35 at night. I nodded.

Me – Ok, Pramod, love my sister as much as she wants. But now I can’t go to anyone’s room. You will have to love her in my presence only.

Pramod smiled.

Pramod – Madam, now what is there to hide from you. You already watched us loving. And I am used to such situations. Most of the time, I have to satisfy two girls together. Once I had fucked six girls in the presence of each other in the waiting hall. Tonight also, that new girl whose virginity I took last night would be waiting for me in that hall.

Me – Forget her and love my this sister, your new wife. And Pramod, please forgive me. I can’t sleep with clothes on.

Sangita – Kusum, no don’t undress. Seeing you nude, he will not love me.

Pramod acted swiftly. He lifted Sangita on his arms and kissed her lips and nipples.

Pramod – My darling, let your friend be nude. Be assured. Whatever she may do, I am not going to touch this Angel.

He put her down and positioned himself between her not-so-thick thighs. Pramod’s statement that he would not touch me gave me a challenge. I thought of seducing him. I had decided that I would not fuck anyone before I fuck with Vinod

But I thought of giving a blowjob to him that night itself. Let me see how long he can control it. I undressed fully and remained stood facing him.

Pramod – Madam, everyone knows that you are the most beautiful girl around, but your beauty will not tempt me. See, my cock did not even jerk seeing you nude.

Me – Forget and ignore me. Love her. Her cunt is dying to take your cock inside.

I was not ashamed of being nude in front of another man. I lay on the bed and turned towards them. I watched. For about half an hour, both caressed each other. They kissed passionately. Sangita held the cock and positioned it on her cunt hole.

I looked at the table click. It was exactly 1.15.

“Ouch… Pramod… so nice.”

Sangita moaned on his first stroke. I watched how hard and fast he was banging. He was banging her hard. I wondered how a girl weighing 42 kgs absorbs the hard and fast thrust of a man weighing over 90 kgs. Later on, he told me that he weighed 93 kgs.

There was no sign of any pain on Sangita’s face. Her face was glowing with pleasure and satisfaction. I watched for about fifteen minutes. Then I pretended to sleep. A few more minutes passed, and I turned to the other side. Both of them had a good look at my hip and entire back. I opened my eyes.

Except for their soft moans and thumping sound, no other sound was coming. Time passed.

Pramod – Sangita, though my wife Maya is very beautiful, she takes good care of me. But she doesn’t enjoy sex with me. Whenever I fuck her, she complains of heaviness on her body. She also complains about the size of my cock. She always says that my mother have given me birth after getting fucked by a horse. Do you also think that?

Sangita – No Pramod. Your lovely cock and you both are perfect for me. Leave your wife and marry me. I promise to give birth to your two lovely sons and a beautiful daughter like Kusum. You don’t want to fuck Kusum. She has undressed only to get fucked by you. Fuck her tonight.

Pramod – No and never. Not because she is the daughter of the police superintendent, somehow I did not like her. She may be a virgin now, but I tell you, she will be the greatest slut around. She will fuck with more men than Rubina had fucked with. I don’t like beautiful girls. And now, I don’t want anyone else. I want you only.

I felt jealous of Sangita. But I wondered how this Sangita or other virgin girls enjoy fucking with such monster cock.  But Pramod lied. He liked Sangita not only because she absorbed his hard and fast thrust comfortably. He liked Sangita because she was his first virgin girl.

None of his two wives was a virgin. He certainly has fucked many hostel girls, but none of them was a virgin. On a few occasions, wardens succeeded in bringing virgin girls for him. But all of them refused to fuck with such a heavy man. Last night he fucked two females, Kumud madam and Indu.

Secondly, though Pramod said he would not fuck me, he found it very difficult to control. He was much more excited while fucking Sangita the second time than he was the first time. His cock had tightened more, and Sangita observed.

Sangita – This second round is much better than the first round. It seems that cock has become longer, thicker, and has more tightness than in the first round. You are making me very happy. I love you, Pramod. I love you more than anything in this world.

I was listening. I kept hearing the thumping sound. Finally, both climaxed together. I could hear their grunts and the sound of deep breathing. Now Sangita became conscious and also got concerned.

Sangita – Pramod, you have filled me twice. I may get pregnant.

Pramod – Don’t worry, darling. Come to my house tomorrow. Maya will give you medicine to prevent you from conceiving.

Sangita – Will she not be angry that I fucked you?

Pramod — Never. Instead, she would be happy that I got a girl to take care of my cock.

He paused for a minute.

Pramod – I think Maya has a lover with whom she fucks. But I am not sure. Even if she fucks with someone, I cannot stop her because I fuck with others. But Sangita, no one is like you. Now you seem exhausted. Let us sleep together for some time. Then I will go out.

After that, there was pin-drop silence in the room. I looked around and was surprised to see that they also fucked for over an hour in the second round. It was 2.35.

Rubina had told me that no one could fuck her for 15 minutes except for a few. No one fucked her for more than 30 minutes. And here, this man fucked an ordinary girl for one hour, that also twice.

I don’t know how much time has passed. I started hearing soft snoring of the girl but not of the man. And then a broad smile came on my lips and face. A manly hand has started caressing my hips. I turned flat and looked into his eyes. Pramod was bold.

He held my cheeks between his two hands without speaking a word and began kissing me. I also responded. We took a deep kiss a few times. Then I pushed him away but held his cock in one hand. My God, it was throbbing again. I tightened my grip on cock.

Me — You said that you don’t like me. You said that even if I sleep nude, you will not fuck me. Did you enjoy with Sangita or remain in this room just to get an opportunity to fuck me.

His both hands got busy with my breasts.

Pramod – Malkin, I will not lie. When you told me to come to this room and fuck Sangita, I did not like it. Then I came here hoping that I would get the opportunity to seduce and fuck you.

He was not squeezing breasts as Kundan or the commissioner did. He was caressing it tenderly. In between, he was putting pressure on the mound.

Pramod – Leaving us, you went away. She was not agreeing, but I tore her clothes. I undressed. Then maalkin I saw her nude. I don’t know what happened to her or me. We both instantly liked each other. I enjoyed fucking your roommate like I never enjoyed with anyone.

Me – I know. I can see Sangita also liked you and her first sex with you.

Pramod – Maalkin, I love Sangita. I want to marry her. I want her to become the mother of my child, but please let me love you. Let my cock explore your inner beauty.

I increased my fisting speed.

Me – I liked your personality, and I liked your cock also. Though no one has fucked me so far, I liked how you fucked Sangita. I would be happy to take your cock inside my body but not tonight. You keep coming to love your wife. I will always remain nude for you. But no fuck tonight.

I knew it very well that he couldn’t dare force himself upon me. He did not say anything. But I could see how gloomy he became. He freed my breasts. His cock limped.

Me – Pramod, I will not fuck you tonight. But I will give you a pleasure that I am sure you have not experienced before.

He kept looking at me. I pushed him down beside Sangita. I thought of using one of the many tips on this man, which Rubina told me that night. I parted his legs wide. I began licking his one toe with my tongue tip and moved upward on his left leg.

It took me 15 minutes to reach up to his pubic area. Without touching the cock with my hands, I took the limp cock between my lips. I sucked it for a few minutes, and cock started tightening. Then I moved my tongue tip downward from the pubic area to the toe of the right leg. I licked the inner thighs.

I became pleased to see that cock regained full form. After that, I rubbed his entire front with my breasts, starting from his feet. I pressed my breasts down as much as I could. I rubbed his legs, thighs, cock, chest even his face. While pressings cock with my breast, he could not control it.

After about five minutes of breast pressing, Pramod began to moan. I continued to press my breast on his cock, and soon cock began spraying cum. I smiled but kept moving my breasts on the cock. I rubbed breasts on his belly and chest. Then I pressed breasts on his lips and both cheeks.

I turned on him in 69 position. While rubbing cunt on his lips, I began to pull his cock inside my mouth. Till then, I had taken only Kundan’s cock in my mouth. Pramod’s cock was not only longer. It was thicker. But I pushed over 6 inches of cock inside my mouth. I began to give a passionate blowjob.

Undoubtedly he was enjoying this a lot. I found it difficult to hold a thick and long cock inside my mouth. But I managed to press cock up to the opening of my throat. I held cock near its root with both hands and moved my head over it in rhythm.

“Kusum, this is much better than pushing cock inside a cunt. Ahh, so nice, so pleasing.”

He kept moaning like this. When I found it difficult to hold it, I was pushing cock out of my mouth. But I kept about 2-3 inches continuously in my mouth. Then suddenly, with force, I pushed it inside. I felt choking. I loosened the hold on cock but again pushed it inside.

Like Kundan, Pramod started spraying cum inside my mouth. I tightened my lips around cock. He tried to pull cock out. But I shook my head. After cock stopped spraying cum I pulled cock out of my mouth. I opened my mouth fully. He was looking at me as if he had seen a ghost. He looked shockingly surprised.

Though he had cum thrice before, I felt that my mouth was full of sticky fluid. I began to chew and swallow. He kept looking at me in disbelief. It took me about 6-7 minutes to swallow all cum. I felt an emptiness in my mouth. I smiled at him. He held my feet. He put his head on my feet. I pulled his head up.

Pramod – Kusum, you can not be a girl.  Many girls also sucked my cock, but no one ever sucked it for more than five minutes. But I looked at the time. You kept cock inside your mouth for one hour and ten minutes, and you drank all cum. Neither I ever heard of this, nor anyone told me about this.

Pramod – You are simply a Goddess. You are Venus, Goddess of Sex. Madam, please keep blessing me. I enjoyed fucking this girl. But the pleasure you gave me, first by licking, then massaging with your breasts and then your blowjob, has surpassed all pleasures. I would have given you all my properties if I had been a king. No one can be like you.

I became very happy to hear him. I got down from the bed.

Me –  Pramod, if you promise that you will not try to push your cock inside me, I will give you pleasure every time you come to love your wife. I don’t know when but I someday pull your cock inside my cunt

As it was past four on Saturday night, I told him to dress up and go out. He put on his clothes. I came out nude with him. He cautioned me that someone might see me nude.

Me – Don’t worry, no girl will wake up at this wee hour. Come, I will walk with you to the gate.

Our room was on the first floor. He suddenly lifted me in his arms. He walked down. On the way, he kept kissing my lips, cheeks and nipples.

We came down. He dropped me down at the gate of the waiting hall. I looked inside and smiled. One girl was sleeping nude on a bedspread on the floor.

Me – Pramod, my God, what you did to this girl. She waited a full night for your cock. It is only 4. You can fuck her twice.

He nodded. He went near her. He parted her legs. He positioned himself on her. I saw. He gave a hard thrust.

“Ouch, Pramod, where were you? I have been waiting for you since midnight. Love me. Darling, love me like you did last night.”

I watched another live fuck for about ten minutes. After that, I walked up through stairs to my room. I bolted the door and hugged Sangita tightly. I closed my eyes and slept. I woke up by hearing a loud knock on the door and a girl’s loud voice,

“Kusum, get up. Your husband is waiting downstairs.”

Rohit had come to pick me up. We had a plan to spend Sunday together. I woke up Sangita. When I said that I would drop her at Pramod’s house, she readily agreed. Without taking a bath, we put on a fresh set of clothes and came out.

I gave directions to Rohit. He took us to Pramod’s house. Vinod was also there. I smiled at him, but I took Maya and pulled her inside a room. I told her that Pramod had fucked Sangita last night, and now also, she has come to fuck with Pramod. Maya did not get angry.

Maya – Madam, this is no news for me. That daughter fucker is fucking everyone except me. Don’t worry. Your friend will get for what she has come here. If you say I can arrange another cock for him.

I understood that this beautiful lady was a sex-loving lady.

Me – Maya, if she doesn’t object, get her fucked by as many cock you arrange. I want this thin, flat-chested girl to have a personality like you and me. I will come to pick her up at around 5 in the evening. Please keep some nice hot snacks ready for me.

I left their house, and Rohit brought me to his house. Again his parents were standing at the entrance. We got down. Like on previous occasions, I touched their feet. Then Rohit’s presence, I hugged his father tightly. I rubbed my breast on his chest. Then I hugged Manjula aunty. We kissed each other’s cheeks.

They enquired, and I assured them that I was very comfortable at the hostel.

Me — Uncle, warden and other students are very friendly to me. It is such a nice experience to stay in a hostel. I regret that I did not opt to stay in the hostel from the beginning.

They informed me that my parents did not contact them again. I did not bother. Besides, after spending two nights in the hostel, I was not keen to get married soon. After breakfast, aunty took me to her room.

Manjula – Kusum, what you did do that night? I missed you badly.

Me – Aunty, I missed you both. After you told me that uncle had slept nude with me, he held my nude body. I am dying to fondle and suck his cock. Are you ready to fuck with my lover?

Manjula— I want to fuck with a nice cock, but I don’t want to cheat.

I nodded. Then our talk came to hostel life. I talked about Sangita. Like I told Maya, I told Manjula aunty about my desire to change Sangita from a lean thin woman to a healthy woman.

She told me a story about transforming a skinny and flat-chested girl like Sangita into a sexy, healthy woman. After Manjula confessed that during her first sex, both her men forced her to swallow cum. I also told her about my experience with brother Kundan.

However, I did not tell her that I also had a large scoop of cum last night. She was confident that swallowing men’s cum would certainly add charm to any lady.

I wondered whether Sangita would agree to swallow cum. In four days, I had two scoops of cum. I must say, I liked both scoops. I wanted more.