Life After The Cruise – Part 1

Hello everyone. Your shhanky is back with another story. Firstly, thanks to all readers for making me the ‘Writer of the Year 2023.’

All my readers wanted Anju to have sex with other guys. So, I am going for this fictional story, fulfilling all your fantasies. Yes, all the characters are real, and the descriptions are real. Just the story is fictional. But I am sure you all will have the same love which you all showed to

If you don’t know Anju, then do read my series of Anju on cruise. Anju is my wife, who works as a Cabin Crew for a renowned airline. She is 5’7″ tall with thick black long hairs till halfway to her back. She has an awesome boobs of 36C and very soft and fluffy.

She has a white glow body with thickness at the right places. Her nipples are brown, and pussy is of wheatish colour. She can bring hard-on for boys just by standing in front in a tight dress.

Coming to the story.

This story is 5 months after the cruise. Anju was travelling to Maldives on an on-the-job flight. She was one of the 4 Cabin Crews onboard. With light makeup up, she looked stunning in her uniform. She was at the airport, where she met all the other 3 crews, and they all left for the flight.

She was carrying a small trolley bag with the least luggage, just like others. They boarded the flight and they landed in the Male airport. They all got down after the closure of the aircraft and left for the hotel. The Airlines had booked hotels for all the crews, including the support staff and the pilots.

They all were in the same hotel with different categories of rooms. Anju was sharing with another crew named Ruhi. Ruhi was a newly inducted cabin crew and this was her first outing.

Ruhi was 24 years old and was a lookalike of Kriti Sanon. She was tall and beautiful. She had long, thick hairs till her bums. Her short one-piece used to look very short on her. It looked as if she bent down then anyone could view her panty. Her stats were also ravishing 36C-30-34.

Anju and Ruhi were together in a room. Anju received a call from the flight manager that the flight would leave at 5:30 pm, and they had to be there by 4:30 pm.

Anju: We have to leave at 4. The cab will be here by then. I am tired. I will sleep. What will you do?

Ruhi: I will also sleep. But first I will go for a shower.

Anju opened her bag and took out her nightgown. Ruhi also went to the washroom to check what was there. By the time Ruhi came out, Anju had removed her uniform and was standing there in her bra and panty. It was new for Ruhi.

Anju then, without looking here and just opened her bra and her boobs bounced. Ruhi looked on the other side out of the window. Anju looked at her.

Anju: Dear, it is fine. We are used to it now. You also don’t hesitate. In this job, you don’t usually get a lot of time that you can spare so much time for personal privacy. So change and sleep and then wake up change and go to job. That’s our life.

Ruhi looks at her and then opens her bag. Anju gets totally naked and changes into her night dress. She was wearing a translucent dress which ended just above her knees. She was not wearing anything inside, thus revealing her nipples and pussy

The dress was so tight that it was squeezing Anju’s boobs. Anju jumps on her bed and starts to sleep. Ruhi starts to take out her shorts and t-shirt and goes to the bathroom for a shower. She takes off her dress and then places herself inside the bathtub. She ties her hair as they have to go on the flight again.

She then relaxes inside the tub and falls asleep. The bell of the room rings, which wakes her up. She, in a hurry comes out of the tub and wipes herself. Then she realises that she has no bra and panty. She left it on the bed. She wears the T-shirt and Shorts without undergarments and comes out of the bathroom.

Anju was still sleeping. She, with her hard nipples poking out of her t-shirt, goes and answers the door. It was the other 2 girls, Niharika and Rashmi. They were all dressed in beach wear, with a translucent dress covering their bikinis. They both enter the room.

Girls: What are you guys doing? Anju, wake up, dude.

Anju: What the fuck? What is the time? Are we late? Ruhi, why the fuck you didn’t wake me up.

Girl 1: Abe, listen. The captain called to say that the flight is facing a technical issue and thus can’t fly back today. So we are all free today. So we are going to the beach. The captain and flying officer are also coming. Chalo, you guys also join.

Saying this, they both went out on the beach. Anju woke up and went to freshen up and came back. Ruhi had worn an orange colour loose top and denim shorts. Anju opened her bag and took out her pink floral bikini.

She again strips naked and wears the bikini with a loose shirt of Rahul. She always carries it with her as a mark of love. Ruhi looks at her and smiles.

They both rushed to the beach. Both then join their girl gang. They all start to drink when the flying officer and the captain join. The flying officer was a slim, a bit dark, tall guy with short hair. His name was Ashish. He would be 5 ft 9 inches.

He was in his beach wear shorts and a shirt with top 2 bottoms open. It revealed some of his body. Ashish was recently married 4 months back to a Cabin Crew. Her name was Mansi.

On the other hand, the captain was a bit elder guy. His name was Satish. Approx age would be 40 or so. He was married and had a son. He was dressed in a normal shirt and shorts. He was average built and was 5 ft 6 inches tall.

It was 4:30 pm. They all were wet while playing in the water at the beach. All had stripped to their bikinis. Ruhi was still in her denim. Her shorts and T-shirt were all wet. Her bra line was clearly visible to all. After they got tired of playing in the water, everyone headed to the shack.

Anju was looking damn sexy. Her floral bikini was shining in the sun. She was dripping water while she walked in front of others. From behind, her ass shape was killer. Her booty was shaking, and Ashish’s dick was responding to it in the same way.

They didn’t realise it was late evening now. They all were so high on drinks and snacks that no one remembered that they needed to have dinner, too. Ashish looked at Anju lying on the easy chair with her sunglasses. He could see the shape of Anju’s pussy over her panty.

Her navel was deep, and her 34B boobs shape was clearly visible over her bikini. He had forgotten how sexy his wife was and was fully engrossed in the beauty of Anju.

Rashmi: Niharika, yaar lets go around in the club na.

Niharika: I too want t0 dance yaar. But what to tell the guys?

Rashmi: You want guys to join?

Niharika: No yaar. If we go alone, we can find new guys to play at night with. In front of sir, we won’t be free.

Rashmi: Exactly. I am already high. I want to dance in my bikinis as it is normal over here in Maldives.

Niharika: You want to join us, Ruhi?

Ruhi: I am not sure. I am new to this. Aren’t we not supposed to go anywhere outside the hotel.

Rashmi: If you want to join, then say. Don’t teach.

Ruhi: Ok, but what about Anju?

Niharika: She is high. She will be a burden for now. And she is half sleepy. Let’s leave her in her room and then we all go. And also she is very one man woman actually. Hume gyan deti rahegi ki ye mat karo (She will keep teaching us not to do these things).

Rashmi: I have a better idea.

Rashmi then walked towards Satish and Ashish, who were sitting on chairs.

Rashmi: Sir, actually, we girls were thinking of spending some time in my room, with your permission.

Satish: Oh, relax, dear. You all are free. Just be ready for tomorrow.

Rashmi: Thank you, sir. But I think Anju is not in a state to come to the room. May request you, sir, to please drop her to her room? We all wish to buy some drinks and then join her in the room.

Satish: Oh, sure. Ashish, do you mind carrying her? Actually, I am also feeling a bit dizzy.

Ashish: No problem, sir. I will hold her.

Listening to this, all the girls jumped in joy and moved out of sight in no time. Satish also finished his drink and stood up.

Satish: Chalo Ashish, Let’s head to our rooms.

Ashish: Very well, sir. Let me pick Anju up.

Ashish tried to wake Anju up, but she was blabbering something. Ashish held her by one arm around him. As soon as he goes near her, he gets the smell of Anju’s body. It was making him hard.

He intentionally held her by her boobs and picked her up, and looked at Satish. Satish did not notice the way he picked Anju up. All three then started to walk.

Satish: You must be feeling good, na?

Ashish: Why, sir?

Satish: A sexy girl like Anju, in her bikinis, with her whole body on you.

Ashish: Oh no, sir, I am married, sir. I am not thinking anything like this. I will leave her in the room and will go to my room and sleep.

Satish: Yeah, I saw how you picked her up by her boobs. And even now, I can see your dick is bulging out, feeling her body.

Ashish kept silent.

Satish: By the way, have you ever had sex with a girl other than your wife?

Ashish: Sir, I just got married. She has just become my wife. Before marrying, I had girlfriends. So, I have had sex, but not after marriage yet. And you, sir?

Satish: Yeah I had when I used to be of your age.

Anju was semi-conscious. She was hearing all the things. But she was not aware of what she was blabbering and with whom. Suddenly, she broke in between.

Anju: Aye, listen me sir. I, too, am very loyal. But you all know on our honeymoon what we did?

Satish was shocked. Ashish was stunned. Anju was listening to them all the time. She was listening when they were talking about her body. She was awake when Ashish picked her up by her boobs. Ashish was interested in Anju’s honeymoon story.

Ashish: What happened with you, Anju?

Anju: We enjoyed it a lot. Fucked a lot.

Satish: What do you mean by a lot?

Anju: A lot means, alot sir. Rahul stripped me and fucked me in front of four guys. And also we had sex with another couple. There, I had a threesome with two guys. I just loved it.

Anju was very high and was speaking in broken words. But it was understood by both Satish and Ashish. They both were stunned listening to this. By this time, they reached Anju’s room. They opened the room with the key card given to them by Ruhi. They entered the room and kept her on the bed.

Ashish opened his shoes, jumped on the bed and pulled her up to the pillow. Anju’s body was dragged on the bed, which led to her panty being rolled. Now Satish was near her legs, and Ashish was holding her hand after pulling. Anju’s panty was rolled down, exposing her clean-shaven pussy to both of them.

Now even Satish was hard seeing Anju in that position. Satish then came up and pulled panty up and, side by side, felt her pussy too. He felt her bums, which were soft like cotton and big like a melon. Ashish came down by then and now they both were looking at each other.

Ashish: Sir, we need to get her to drink some salt water. She is totally out.

Satish: Yes, you are right.

They both start to look around. Ashish and Satish were now mesmerised to see the bad of both the girls. They could see bras and panties all over the room. Satish found Anju’s night dress which she wore while sleeping. Ashish, by then had made a drink of salt water.

Satish picked Anju up, and they made her drink it. Anju immediately wanted to vomit. She stood up and ran to the washroom. She did her vomit, washed her face, and came out. She was a bit fine now and in her senses. As soon as she saw both Ashish and Satish sitting on the sofa, she became shy.

Anju: I am sorry, sir. I think I drank a lot.

Satish: Yes, you did.

Anju: I hope I was not abusive to anyone.

Satish: Oh no, no, you were not.

Anju: Oh, thank god.

Ashish was in full mood to fuck Anju now. He was in his mind making some plans. Anju was sitting with her shiny black hair open, which ended just below her boobs. Her navel was deep and clean. Fair, thick thighs were catching his attention. He couldn’t stop himself and came and sat near Anju on the bed.

Ashish: By the way, Anju, You were saying something about your honeymoon, in fact.

Anju: Hmmm. What sir?

Satish: Oh yeah. You were telling me something interesting.

He also stood up and came and sat on the other side of Anju.

Anju: Oh, sir. Actually nothing. We went on a cruise, and we enjoyed it.

Satish: No. Something about being fucked in front of four guys.

Anju got very shy. She stood up and turned behind. She, with a smile, noticed a bulge in the shorts of both. She understood where they wanted to take the conversation. With no words to say, Anju got down to her knees and came near them. Ashish and Satish were looking at each other now.

Anju: I know, sir. You both want to fuck me, right? Then why be shy? You both now know that I have already fuck guys on my honeymoon. I had thought of not doing such a thing anymore. But truthfully, I am damn horny right now.

Anju took out both the dicks and started to suck them. Anju was on her knees. She was sucking one dick while stroking the other. Both the guys stood up and dropped their shorts to become naked. They removed their t-shirt and stood nude in front of Anju.

Satish, being a bit old, had a bulky body. But his dick was 5 inches long with good enough thickness. Ashish had a longer dick of maybe 6 inches but was a bit slim like his body. Anju continued to suck both of them equally. Both the guys could see themselves in the large mirror near the bed.

Ashish started to feel Anju’s body and pulled her bikini’s thread. Her bikini bra dropped down, exposing her sexy boobs. They both were seeing Anju’s dark brown nipples for the first time. She was looking so damn hot with her open long hair sucking two dicks.

Her boobs were shaking a bit. And to add the flavour was her Mangalsutra. It was giving both the guys immense pleasure that they were being sucked by a newly married girl with her mangalsutra on. Satish picked Anju up and pushed her to the bed. She bounced on the spring mattress, and so did her boobs.

It was a view to be captured. A married cabin crew was lying on the bed naked in only her panty with her mangalsutra hanging around her neck. Her open long hair was on the bed, waiting for two pilots to fuck her. Both the guys then climbed the bed with Anju in the centre.

Both then start to suck her boobs. Both took control of her brown nipple and started to suck it and bite it. They both were holding her boobs with one hand while sucking. Anju was enjoying being sucked by two guys and thus held both the guys’ hair with her hands.

She was in full feel and now was on cloud 9. Ashish put his other hand over her panty and started to rub her pussy while they both bit her nipples. It was a different feeling for Anju again. She could feel both her nipples being licked and sucked by different guys.

And now her pussy was also being touched. Ashish moved forward and put his fingers inside the panty, and touched her pussy lips. Anju moaned, “Ahh, It’s so good. I like your touch.” Satish also goes down and pulls the string of her panty and pulls it down.

Anju moved her hands down to dicks of both the guys and started to stroke them. Now, it was all three of them fully naked, with each one enjoying the other’s body. Anju was dripping wet. Satish was the first to leave Anju’s nipples after a good 10 minutes sucking to move down to her pussy.

He had sucked her nipples and boobs so hard that the right boob was red and with sucking marks. Satish then started to lick her pussy and sucked her clit. Anju was dripping her love juice continuously.

Ashish also left his marks on her nipples and boob and moved a bit up. He placed his dick inside her mouth. Anju started to suck Ashish’s dick and, with the other hand, pressed Satish’s head inside her pussy. Satish bit her clit.

Anju: Ah, Sir, oh fuck. You bit me.

Ashish: Bite her again, Satish sir.

Satish again bit her clit. Anju screamed again and, this time, bit Ashish’s dick. Ashish also screamed and pinched Anju’s nipples. They both now started to hit Anju’s private part playfully.

Anju: Satish sir. If you don’t mind, I want to feel Ashish sir’s dick inside me first. I want to see how he fucked Mansi on their honeymoon.

Ashish came down in full aggression.

Ashish: You want to feel my dick slut. So here you are. Satish sir, make a video of us. We will share it and enjoy it alone. Anju also will know how good Mansi’s honeymoon was.

Ashish placed his dick on Anju’s pussy edge and, with a thrust, pushed it inside. Anju shouted a loud “Fuck!” and clinched the bedsheets with her fingers. Ashish placed her on the edge of the bed with both her legs wide open. He kept on fucking her pussy.

Satish was making their video of a good hard fucking. Anju kept on shouting, “Keep on fucking me hard, sir!” Ashish then turned her around on the bed and now started to fuck her from behind in her pussy. Anju then came to a standing position while being fucked.

Satish was seeing it live as well as in the video. Anju’s boobs were now bouncing in mid-air. Ashish held her both hands and kept on fucking her, making her moans go louder and louder. Her hair was also bouncing along with her boobs with each thrust.

You could see her watermelon bums shaking. And then, with a loud moan, Anju got her orgasm and flushed down the water on the ground with a shiver. Ashish left as soon as she was about to have her orgasm. They both see Anju shaking on the edge of the bed while she squirted water.

Now Satish came near Anju and gave her his dick to suck. She got on her knees again and started to suck him. After 10 minutes, Satish picked her up and took her to the sofa. He starts to fuck Anju on the sofa with the balcony wide open. In the fresh breeze flowing, it was Anju’s boobs bouncing again.

Her pussy was ripped by a second dick which was thicker than the previous one. In the next 20 minutes, fucked in different positions, Anju got her second orgasm. Ashish and Satish then took her to bed and made her lie down in the centre. Both of them lay down on two sides, tired.

Satish: We made you cum, Anju. I hope you enjoyed it.

Anju: I enjoyed it a lot, sir. What a session it was with you two.

Ashish: Now it is time for you to make us cum. We didn’t want to cum inside you as you have your husband to meet. But make us cum now.

Anju: As you say. You both are my sir and obeying you is my duty.

Ashish kept lying, and Anju started to suck his nipple and kept on talking dirty about herself, making him imagine stuff. Satish, from the other side, started to suck her boobs. Ashish kept his eyes closed, listening to dirty stuff and masturbated.

Satish kept sucking and listening to stuff and masturbated. Satish was the first to explode. He held it and stood up and made Anju lie straight and put all his cum on her pussy. Just then, Ashish also cum, and he did it all over her boobs.

All three of them lie down naked on the bed, tired. Anju slept in the same manner, with sperm all over her.

At 2 am, Ruhi came fully drunk. As soon as she entered the room, she found the lights were still on. In her half-dizzy state, she could see my clothes lying on the floor. She came near the bed, and with her eyes wide open, she saw Anju lying naked with both the guys. All in deep sleep.

For Ruhi her first international flight has taken a new turn in the adventure. She was, for the first time in her life, witnessing a real threesome. And that too a girl whom she knows and has been married recently. She looked at those dicks and went near them.

She also forgets all her shyness and kisses both dicks of Ashish and Satish. She sucked them, but no one woke up. Ruhi also stripped naked with her pink nipples out and clean-shaven pink pussy. She also finds someplace in between all three. She held Satish sir’s dick and slept.

To be continued.

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