Life is not straight line – Part 2

Hello all, continuing from Part -1.

I was disappointed with my hubby as he was talking more about Divya in the bed. I feel bad about it. We both had a serious argument about this topic the next day. I cried, and my hubby told me that he wouldn’t talk about her in bed.
Later that week, Divya rejoined the company after 3 weeks of holiday.

She moved to her in-law’s place, which is less than 2 km from my place. Now, we have become a cab partner along with my tenant. Madhan is a tenant, and he sits in the front seat of the cab. Divya Mehta, Priya Solanki, and I sit in the back seat of the cab.

We three used to have a chitchat on Sarees, dresses, ornaments, and other stuff while we were going to the office. We 3 girls became very close in two weeks. Priya and Divya are relatives. Priya is a cousin of Divya’s husband.

One day, while returning from the office, Divya told me that she would upload the marriage pictures in Picasa and share the link with me. I reached home and had a bath. My hubby hugged me and dropped my towel. It’s usual between us as we both sleep naked.

My son is in the hostel as he was admitted to BIT-Pilani. So we both have privacy. While we were busy in sex, suddenly, I received a mobile beep.

I was about to check the mobile, but my hubby held me tightly. His hands were around my waist, and his legs were in between my legs.

Me: Let me check the mobile.

Hubby: Prachi! Bitch, leave the mobile (Randi, mobile ko chodo.)

Me: Hmm! You fucker! I will hold your dick, then. (Lund ko pakadu, madarchod.)

Hubby: It’s for you. Do your Whore job. (Randi wala kaam karo aur lund ko chusso.)

We both use desi words between us. He started the kiss on my forehead. I felt happy and said, “You asked me to do whore job, and you are loving Prachi whore.”

Hubby: You are my loving whore.

And then he kissed my lips. My hands were moved to his head hair, and as usual, our tongue got twisted. It was a passionate lip kiss for a few minutes, and then he kissed my neck and bit my nipples. Then he put his hand on my pussy. He was sucking my boob and rubbing my pussy. I was moaning slowly.

Soon my pussy got wet, and he said, “Now, your turn.” Then I bit his nipple and held his dick in my hand. I started to move his dick and lick his nipple. My hubby was groaning, “Whore! You are the whore! Never miss raising my dick.”

Me: I love to be a whore for you, darling! Time to spread your legs, you son of bitch.

Then my hubby pushed me down and put his dick inside my mouth. I was sucking his dick like a lollipop, and he was pushing my head hard. I gave a blow for a few minutes and then we both moved in missionary position.

Without wasting any time, I spread my legs wider, and he pushed his dick into my pussy. We looked into each other’s eyes while he was pushing his dick. We continued for a few minutes and then stopped.

We both used to have sex at least 4 days a week in the same manner. We had one round of sex, and we cleaned and got to sleep by cuddling with each other. But that night, before we went to sleep, my hubby checked my mobile as it was beeping before we started the sex.

My hubby’s face was enlightened after seeing my phone. He moved to another bedroom and turned on the computer. I checked the mobile, and Divya advised me to check my email about her marriage pics. I moved to the other bedroom, and my husband was sitting in a chair without any clothes.

I did not wear the clothes, but I could see the joy on my hubby’s face. He clicked the Picasa link, and it showed her marriage pics. She uploaded 250+ pics in the Picasa link. My hubby took a pause and looked at me. He knew my reaction, and he controlled the joy on his face.

His dick was slightly raised but not hard. He pulled me towards him and asked to watch pics together.

Me: Wear the dress. At least short. (Kapada pehenlo, madarchod).

He: I don’t watch pics for hours. I don’t see the saree and jewellery detail. Just run through the pics.

Me: You dog! Son of bitch! It’s my thing to watch the album, and you are interested in it.

He: Stop arguing, bitch. Let’s run through the album quickly.

Then we sat on the bed and started to watch her marriage album. Starting 10-15 pics were single pics. Divya is in full suit, and the picture quality was good. Then, later on, pics were exposed. Her cleavage is open, and he sees the gap between her boobs. Her navel is exposed in that pic.

My hubby’s dick was raised and hard after seeing that pic. She looks hot in a complex nature. The next picture is a more exposed one. Fuck! Her boobs are milky white, surrounded with turmeric. In the next pic, her boobs were looking awesome. She posed with a horny face while biting her lip.

Her boobs were more exposed. Just a millimetre away from her nipple. Her waist was more exposed with her navel. Her boobs were covered with turmeric and pink colour just inches from her nipples. I felt awesome with the pic.

All of a sudden, my hubby pushed me down and put his dick inside my mouth.

His dick was hard, and he was pushing my head hard and shouting, “Bitch! Take my dick! Take my dick, you bitch of mothers, bitch of bitches.” He was pulling my hair hard, and his dick was inside my mouth. He was doing fast for some time and cum inside my mouth.

Then he pushed me on the bed and spread my legs wider. His eyes spoke a lot of lust, and pushed his dick inside my pussy in one go. Then he put my legs on either side of his shoulder and started his to-and-fro shots. Later he started mauling my boobs hard.

I was moaning louder and was trying to take out his hand from my boobs, but he held it tightly. He started with bad words like, “Bitch! Ass bitch! Fuck like a bitch.” He fucked me around 5-7 minutes and finally stopped it. We both were breathing heavily for some time, and then we started lip kissing again.

We did not stop with a lip kiss. Further, I took his dick inside my mouth and made him horny. He fucked me for around 5-7 again and cuddled each other. After some time, we both started to watch her pic again. I asked hubby to zoom in on her boob pic. I was desperate to see her boobs at that time.

Then, we move forward to the next picture. We passed around 20 pics, and then we took a pause and started to kiss each other. We both were smiling, and I sat on his lap and held his dick. We both were watching the pic. Divya and Priya clicked together in that pic.

They both were wet and exposed her body except with boobs and pussy. They both were hugging each other in the pic. Both were bras and panties. Both were looking hot, and I started to suck my hubby’s nipples. My hubby’s dick has started to rise. As I sat on his lap, he placed me for women on top.

My legs were around his waist, and his dick was in my pussy. I can’t share my happiness with you all, but it was an awesome feeling. We both fucked for 2-3 minutes, then we slept at morning 4.

The next day, we woke up by 6:30 and had a session in the washroom. I was equally desperate with my hubby to see them nude. On the following weekend, Priya asked me to visit her home for a small function.

Divya will be there for Priya’s function. Initially, I denied it due to a personal issue with my hubby, but later, I said yes for half an hour. I wore a saree and covered my pallu around my neck. I reached Priya’s place a bit early, like 4 pm, and the function was at 5:00 pm.

Priya and Divya both were in transparent sarees in blue and orange. Since I reached early, we all started to have conversations. Priya and Divya were at home, and they took me to the bedroom.

Priya said, “ Hmm! Divya, you are married, but our beautiful Prachi is enjoying the night.”

Divya: Oh! How can you say that, Pri?

Priya: Look out the Magic. Here you go

Then Priya removed my pallu around my neck and they spotted my love bites on my neck. I felt shy, and Divya hugged me from the back. Priya hugged me from the front. Priya’s boobs rubbed my boobs, and Divya’s hands were around my waist.

Divya started to smell my neck and Priya was looking into my eyes. Then, slowly, Divya’s hand moved below and touched my navel. Priya started to unbutton my blouse hooks.

Priya: Prachi! There were many bites. How wild are you?

Divya: Prachi’s shape is awesome and fair to behave. Love bites.

Priya: Divya! Look inside her chest!

Divya: Pri! Remove her blouse and bra. We can see them closely.

Me: Leave me, girls. You are making me shy. You both were married, too.

Priya: Prachi! Let us see your wild bites. You have sleepless nights.

Divya: Prachi! Let’s sit on the bed.

Then they sat me on the bed and removed my blouse and bra. It was the first time I was standing semi-nude with the girls. They both touched my boobs and softly tickled my nipples. It was a different feeling, and my pussy was becoming wet.

They both were massaging my boobs, and Divya brought her lips to near my face. All of a sudden, a calling bell rang. I quickly adjusted my dress and left that place. I reached home, but I was very horny. I hugged my husband and kissed his chest.

He started to remove my Saree and started our sex again. We did it on crouch, and I sucked his dick like a lollipop. I asked him to lick and bite my nipples hard. He fucked me, but I was not satisfied. My mind is with them only. That night, my hubby took the sex pills and had sex for more than twice.

But I wasn’t satisfied. Priya and Divya’s warm touch on my boobs left me alone on the bed. As they both are my cab mates, I started to sit between them in the cab and started to expose my chest line with them. I started to wear Western for them. They both touch my lap in the cab.

They used to touch my bare waist in the pantry when no one was around.

My behaviour has changed and I was watching her picture along with my hubby. I understand my hubby’s dick became hard after seeing Divya’s picture. But I wanted to see her nude.

On the following weekend, my hubby reached home from the market and came to me hurry.

He said, “Divya! She is a whore and fucking with our tenant.”

Me: What’s wrong with you?

He: No! I saw her going inside his flat. Come, I will prove you.

Me: No. It’s not fair to go inside his flat.

He: You innocent bitch! Come with me. I will show you in webcam.

Me: Webcam! You son of bitch! Are you mad?

He: Don’t worry, I installed a webcam in the bed light connection. There is no chance of knowing him.

Me: Why did you install the webcam? How did you install it? It’s not fair, Patidev.

He: I am an engineer, so I know how to install it. I put the camera at the bedlight connection, which is at the bottom of the wall.

“The tenant knows that the bed light is not working, and he doesn’t check it either. Mostly, Madhan doesn’t have a bed, and he sleeps on a mattress floor. So, I find it’s a safe and perfect angle to capture.”

Then he switched on the computer, and it took close to 5 minutes to open the webcam from the computer. Initially, the video was blurry, and we were not able to see anything from the webcam. My hubby got frustrated and was checking wires and other things.

Me: I think you’ve become mad! Divya won’t come here. It might be your imagination.

He: I found the issue. Now I will prove, you bitch!

He connected a few wires, but the webcam did not come. My hubby was more frustrated and shouting at me. I restarted the system and said, “If you prove Divya is slut then I will do whatever you say.”

He: Remember your promise!

Me: Ha! I will. What will you ask me?

He: I will ask you to become whore! (with a smiling face)

Me: I am your Whore only. Son of bitches. Madarchod!

Meanwhile, the system was up and running, and hubby started the webcam. All of a sudden, we both started to hear “Ah, aah,” horny sounds. I was shocked by the sounds, and I saw the doggy position visuals for both of them.

The tenant was pulling her hair and fucking her from the back. Divya’s facial expressions were lecherous. Her moans were high and horny. I was surprised, and I loved her horny expression. Fuck! Her moans and expressions make me wet.

I looked at my hubby’s eyes, and he removed my dress. We both were naked in a second. He was rubbing my pussy, and I was holding his dick. It was the first time we both were watching the live sex secretly. And it was a thrilling experience for both of us.

Madhan fucked her for close to 7 minutes and removed his thick dick from pussy. It’s the first time I saw another person’s dick.

Hubby: He has a thick dick like me.

Me: Yes. Your dick was thick when we were married.

Hubby: I am getting old, so my dick is not that thick and long.

Me: Divya bitch is enjoying the rod. I want to see her nude.

Hubby: Yes! We can view it now.

We both were waiting to see her nude, but she was resting backwards, and the tenant covered her assets. We waited for close to half an hour and heard their bad chat. Finally, the tenant moved from the mattresses. She turned toward the camera’s direction, and we both saw her boobs and pussy.

Fuck! She is complex with a 36b Bra size. Her nipples were pink. Her waist is 26. She cleaned her pussy hair, and I asked hubby to zoom her pussy. Unfortunately, it can’t zoom much, but it’s a dark pussy.

Her figure is awesome. She moved out of bed, and we both saw her ass. Her ass cups were awesome, like two mountains. She is beautiful, and I can see her nudeness for hours, days, and years too. Meanwhile, my hubby’s dick became hard from the past half an hour, and he moved me on the bed.

I was shocked with his dick because his dick hardness stays for less than 15 minutes only. Post seeing her nude, his dick stayed for a long time and fucked me for 10 minutes. We recorded her sex episode. Me and hubby watch the recording session daily and the live session when they meet.

We both changed a lot. Slowly, I turned toward Madhan and Divya. I got the feelings on Madhan’s dick and Divya’s nude body. I am getting a feeling of licking her boobs. Divya’s facial expression and moans were so sexy. Her moans became louder in ass fuck, and my hubby couldn’t fuck my ass.

I requested him multiple times, but he did not fuck my ass. After a month, I started to feel low in sex, as my sexual desires were high. I feel my hubby’s energy on the bed is not adding the sparkle. I was looking for hard sex with Madhan.

I controlled myself, but life was not going well because we were both addicted to live sex and other kinky stuff in bed. My hubby changed jobs because he was below average, and he was forced to change jobs. I, too spoil my work, but not like my hubby.

Finally, we both decided to delete the recording session and uninstall the webcam from the tenant room. After that, our brain started to think about life, not on the pussy and ass of Divya. Things started to fall in a straight line.

But my engineering hubby does not like straight lines. One night, he told me that he wanted spices in life at least once.

He: Prachi! Whore girl. Life has become boring.

Me: What happened?

He: No sex! No nude. It’s black and white.

Me: Luckily, you got a new job. Don’t think too much about Divya.

He: Yes! Divya needs an energetic guy like a tenant. I can’t have sex like a Tenant.

Me: Hmm! Let’s stop it. We watched her live sex, and mostly, we both are becoming old.

He: Prachi! You still look hot in old age.

Me: I am getting the feeling of old age.

He: Let me take you young age.

Me: Haha! How?

He: Fuck with Madhan! I love to see your expressions through the webcam.

I slapped him on his cheeks and said don’t think dirty about me

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