Seduced by My Daughters – Part 4

After coming out of the bathroom, my mind was killing me. I had done things a father shouldn’t have done. That made me feel so guilty. I was sad I couldn’t face my daughter’s eyes. But they acted normal, like nothing happened.

I told them we shouldn’t bath together and stop everything like kissing also.

Khushi: Why, Papa?

Me: No, it’s not right.

They understood I was feeling guilty. They stopped being naughty girls who give blowjobs at night and kiss me on the lips. They stopped it completely everything went back to normal.

My guilt was also gone. We became a normal family again. It has been 1 week since I couldn’t sleep. Nowadays, my body is expecting a blowjob from my daughter. They completely stopped everything. My mind is totally confused. I need my daughter’s attention.

I was totally frustrated, so I got up from bed and went to the bathroom. I started to stroke myself but doesn’t feel the same. When my daughter gave me a handjob, it was heaven. But when I stroke, I feel nothing. So I went back to bed. I saw Janvi and Khushi sleeping.

I couldn’t control myself, so I went near Janvi. I tried to open her mouth slowly, then pushed my dick inside her and started fucking her mouth very slowly with just the tip of my dick. After a few more times pushing my dick inside her mouth, I took it out, stroked it vigorously and cum all over Janvi’s face.

Then I cleaned up my cum from Janvi’s face and slept. The next day, when I woke up, my mind was clear. I wanted my sexy daughters to behave naughty. I didn’t want to fuck them. I just needed those little things like kissing.

I was thinking about how to make my good girls go back to naughty girls. But I got the chance by, For the past week, I was sending them by bus, that evening when they came back, both of them were crying.

Me: What happened? Why are you girls crying?

Khushi: Do you hate us, Papa?

Me: No, my sweety.

Khushi: Esther told us that your father till now always drops and picks you up from college. Now he is sending you on the college bus, then he must be mad at both of you.

Me: No, no, I am mad or hate you, sweety.

Both continued crying. I hugged both of them. I got a crazy idea.

Me: Don’t cry my girls.

I gave a kiss on Khushi’s lip and then on Janvi’s.

Me: See, I love you girls. I will not scold you both anymore. You can do anything you want.

Khushi: Then we want a proper kiss on the lips.

That is what I was waiting to hear from them. I grabbed Khushi’s ass, lifted her a little, gave her a hard smooch. She also responded, our lips intertwined. After 5 minutes of deep liplock, I let her down.

Me: Do you like it, Khushi?

Khushi: Yes, Papa, I love you.

Janvi: What about me?

I went near and grabbed her ass Janvi immediately jumped and wrapped her legs around me. I also gave her a hard liplock which they never expected. I squeezed her soft and firm ass. After 5 minutes, I let her go. She was fully satisfied.

Me: OK, girls, we can do whatever you want for the weekend.

Janvi: Then today, movie night with our choice.

I ordered pizza from Domino’s and set up the projector in our movie room. We all sat on the sofa, Janvi on the right and Khushi on the left. They watched an English ghost movie. It was scary due to the sound effects. They both were clinging to me, during scary scenes.

I leaned backwards and placed my arm over their shoulder. My hand was on their boobs. To my surprise, there was a hot sex scene In which the lady was giving a blowjob to the man on the sofa. Seeing that hot scene, I unknowingly started squeezing Janvi’s and Khushi’s boobs.

They didn’t mind it at all. Suddenly, Khushi stopped the movie.

Me: Why did you stop?

Khushi: Papa, why is that lady doing that to the man?

In my mind, “Wow, you two don’t know, right, they are trying something. Let’s play along.”

Me: When boys and girls love each other, they do that.

Khushi: I love you, Papa. Then can I do it for you

Me: No, I am your father; you can’t do it to me.

Khushi: No way, Papa, I love you. I will do it.

Saying that Khushi came between my legs and moved my lungi aside. My dick was already rock hard.  She slowly licked the tip of my dick. Then she licked from trunk to tip again. She slowly took my dick inside her mouth.

It was amazing. Her head was going up and down, and my dick was going inside her mouth in and out. While Khushi was giving me a blowjob, Janvi came up and kissed my lips. I grabbed Janvi’s ass and squeezed them hard.

After a few minutes, we stopped kissing. Khushi continued sucking my dick.

Khushi: Papa, it feels like a lollipop.

Janvi: I, too, love Papa. Khushi, move aside. I will continue.

Khushi: No, I will not let go till I finish.

Janvi: Papa.

Me: Wait, sweety, you can do it after she finishes. Let’s watch the movie.

We continued the movie while Khushi was sucking me dry. After 15 minutes of continuous sucking, she didn’t stop for once. I was about to cum.

Me: Khushi, I am going to cum.

Khushi: What is that, Papa?

Me: It’s white stuff coming out of my dick. Take my dick out of your mouth, or I will cum inside your mouth.

Khushi: It’s OK, Papa, do it.

Khushi increased her speed of blowjob.

Me: I am cumming, Khushi.

I grabbed her head, pushed my dick deep inside, and cum. Khushi drank it all.

Khushi: It was tasty, Papa. You cum a lot, Papa, I liked it.

We continued the movie and enjoyed eating pizza. After we all went to bed, Janvi said, “Papa, my turn.” She came above me and kissed me on the lips rubbing her pussy over my dick. I grabbed her boobs and started squeezing them.

Janvi: Ah, Papa.

She moaned. I felt like pushing her down and fucking her at that moment. But I controlled myself and started enjoying the moment. Then Janvi slowly came downward, kissing my body toward my dick. Then she took my whole dick in her mouth and started sucking it.

Janvi was sucking my dick. Khushi got up and went to her room. I don’t know why did she go. But when she returned, she shocked us both. Janvi was sucking me dry. Her mouth on my dick is a wonderful, amazing feeling I missed for the last one week. At the same time, Janvi was sucking my dick.

Janvi: Papa, do you like it?

Me: Yes, sweety, I like it very much.

Janvi: Then I will do it for you daily.

Saying that, she continued sucking on my dick. Khushi came back wearing a baby doll. She changed clothes, and her nipple area was not covered at all. She came to bed, showing off her body in that thin dress. Khushi came near my face. I thought she was going to kiss me.

Khushi: Papa, close your eyes.

Me: Why?

Khushi: Just do it, Papa.

I closed my eyes.

Khushi: Now open your mouth.

I opened my mouth. I don’t know what is happening. Khushi stuffed her nipple in my mouth. I opened my eyes to see my daughter’s nipple in my mouth. I was shocked by her actions, but that didn’t stop me. I started sucking her nipple slowly. She started to moan.

Khushi: Aah, aah.

Janvi seeing that, increased her speed of blowjob. After 15 minutes, I felt like cumming.

Me: I am going to cum, sweety.

Janvi: Cum, Papa, cum inside my mouth. I want to drink your cum like Khushi.

After a few more minutes, I cum inside her mouth with full force. She drank It all. I switched to Khushi’s other nipple. I was sucking them simultaneously. Khushi was moaning a hell.

Khushi: Ah, Papa, suck my nipples.

I sucked her to my satisfaction and left her. After that, we all slept hugging. The next day, I woke up with a warm kiss from both of my daughters.

Me: It is a weekend. What shall we do today?

Janvi: Let go to DJ, Papa.

I thought for a while.

Me: It is in the evening. What about now?

Janvi: We chill for the day and party at night, Papa.

We didn’t do much in the morning. In the evening they made me wear a party wear dress. We went to the DJ and danced to the songs. There was a bar. I didn’t drink for the past 10 years. Janvi came to me.

Janvi: Why don’t you have a drink?

After a lot of consideration, I took two glasses of whisky. We enjoyed ourselves till 10.30 and came back home. After reaching home, Khushi switched on the home theatre and played some random song.

Khushi: Let’s dance, Papa.

We all started to dance together, and after a while, I was a little tired. I sat on the chair. Janvi came to in a sexy walk, slowly undressing herself. She was standing in a bra and panty. She removed my shirt and pants. I was sitting only with my innerwear.

She sat on my lap and started giving me a lap dance. I stopped seeing her as my daughter. My dick raised. I grabbed Janvi’s butt, lifted her and pinned her down on the bed. I started rubbing my crotch on her pussy. The only thing separating our private parts is our innerwear. I lifted her bra and sucked it for the first time.

She was moaning in pleasure. I was pushing my dick as hard as I could on her.

Janvi: Papa, aah.

Within a few minutes, Janvi reached an orgasm. Khushi was watching us curiously. Janvi was in a trance. She was half-conscious after the orgasm. Khushi also wanted it. She removed all her clothes and lay beside Janvi.

Khushi: Papa, come to me.

I was half drunk seeing Khushi lying fully naked. I jumped over Khushi, I lowered my underwear started rubbing my dick directly on Khushi’s pussy. It was more intense. I grabbed her boobs while rubbing my dick.

Skin-to-skin with Khushi was making me go crazy. After 5 minutes, Khushi also reached an orgasm. It was huge. She screamed out loud. I came back to my senses, hearing her moan. I stopped rubbing my dick and got up. My dick was throbbing. Janvi got up, seeing Khushi trembling in pleasure.

Me: Janvi, are you OK?

Janvi: Yes, Papa.

Me: Then, can you suck my dick?

This is the first time I asked her for sucking my dick. She smiled and immediately came down on her knee and started giving me a blowjob. After almost 10 minutes of non-stop blowjob, I cum inside her. She couldn’t drink all of it. Some of it was dripping from her mouth.

I was fully exhausted, and we all slept immediately. The next day, I got up early. I had a severe headache because of the drinks. I drank lemon juice, but the pain didn’t go away. Girls woke up and saw me sitting with my hands on my head.

Khushi: What happened, Papa?

Me: Headache, sweety.

Janvi came behind me and started giving me a head massage. Khushi came between my legs and started sucking my limp dick. In my mind, I was so happy. I am living a beautiful life with my daughters. My dick raised inside her mouth.

After 15 minutes of continuous sucking, I cum inside her mouth. My headache got better. My daughters have become my cum bucket. That day went normally.

The next day, they went to college. After college, I picked them up and came back home.

Janvi: Papa, there’s an outdoor camping trip with parents from college. They told if anyone was interested, please give your name.

Me: Camping with parents?

Khushi: I don’t like the outdoors.

Me: Then you have to stay with Grandma. Are you OK with that?

Khushi: Anything is better than camping. I hate the outdoors.

Me: OK then, it’s settled. Me and Janvi are going camping, you are staying at grandma’s house.

Janvi: Thanks, Papa.

Me: OK, when is the trip?

Janvi: Day after tomorrow.

Me: What? You are saying this today.

Janvi: I thought you wouldn’t accept, that’s why I gave my name and yours, then waited till the end.

I was angry a little bit, but she only wanted to spend some time with me in camp. So, I let her go off the hook. Janvi was so happy that I agreed to go with her on the camping trip, and I was not angry with her.

She even paid for the trip money with her savings, I was so proud of her. I bought a few dresses suitable for camping.

Here, I stop the story. Big things are going to happen in the next part of the camp, so stay tuned for the next part. The next part will be posted only if you guys comment.