Life of Elena – Part 1 (An Incident with Brother)

Hey guys, my name is Aditi Elena Yadav. I’m a white Caucasian woman with blonde hair. Ethnically, I’m not Indian, but I was born and raised in India. My mother is an Italian-American woman.

When she was pregnant with me and my twin sister, my biological father abandoned her. She had no money and no job. She became too depressed by the betrayal from her husband.

One day, along with my two older brothers, she tried to jump off a bridge in an attempt to end her life of misery. An Indian man, working in the US, was passing by. He stopped her in time. He brought my pregnant mother and my 2 older brothers to his apartment.

He let mom stay with him and took care of her. As days passed, they grew closer and eventually got married. The man became my stepfather. After their wedding, he moved back to India (where his home was), and my mom accompanied him.

That’s how my mom and my 2 older brothers lived in India. My twin sister and I were born here a couple of months after relocating to this country. I may not have the Indian gene in me, but I’m proud to call it my home.

My stepfather named me Aditi, honored me with his surname, and gave me the right to call him dad. I wish I could tell you all how great a dad he was. But this is a sex story site. My relationship with my stepfather was one of pure love and admiration that is supposed to be between a father and a daughter.

I am a single woman. No, it’s not because I’m ugly or something. I just don’t want to get married. I am 3rd amongst my siblings. My mother has 4 kids (including me) with my actual father and 6 kids with my stepfather. In total, she has 10 kids.

My age is 42 when writing this story, and I have already surpassed my mother regarding the number of kids I have given birth to. Yes, I’m an unmarried mother, and I’m proud of it. Yes, I have more than 10 kids of my own. And today, I’ll share the story of how it all began. So, let’s get to it.

I was young, very young when that incident took place. It was just me and my older brother Liam in the house. The rest of our family had gone out of town for two weeks. The daughter of dad’s childhood friend was getting married, and he had planned a destination wedding for her.

I had recovered from a long illness just 2 days before the day they left. I wasn’t feeling like going anywhere. So, they left Liam to look after me and keep me company. Liam is 3 years older than me. He is tall and white like me. He has blue eyes.

It was peak summer, and the day was hot. The heat was truly unbearable. I had nothing to do at home and was getting bored. So, I went into the drawing-room, threw myself on the sofa, picked up the remote, and turned the TV on.

I had taken the rest of my clothes off and was just in my bra and panties. Don’t judge me. It was 42 degrees outside, and the house had turned into a furnace.

Just as I turned the TV on, Liam came out of his room. He slumped into the sofa, right next to me, and snatched the remote from my hand. He was in his tank top and boxer shorts. Yes, I was in my bra and panties in front of my brother, but we were used to that.

We had roamed in our undergarments all around the house many times before. It was more like a thing during the summer to combat the heat.

He changed the channel and put on the game’s highlights that were played a couple of years prior. It pissed me off. I wanted to watch a movie, not dumb highlights of a game played years ago. I jumped on him to get the remote. He pushed me away.

I pulled his hair, and he pulled mine. We had officially started fighting over the remote. In our fight, I caught his tank top. I pulled it to pull him closer, but the fabric snapped, and it was torn into pieces. He dropped the remote to mourn the loss of his top. I seized the moment and picked up the remote.

He was enraged. It was a big insult to him. His younger sister tore off his shirt. He chased me to the bedroom. He clipped my leg, and I fell to the bed. I put my hands behind me and tucked the remote underneath. He climbed over me and tried to pull my arms from under my back.

I tried to slither to make his task as difficult as possible. I knew he was stronger than me, but I wasn’t ready to surrender my acquired property. The age-old fight that had taken place between every brother and sister on this planet, over the bragging rights over the TV, was underway in full glory.

“Bhaiya, get off of me,” I grunted. I continued to struggle.

“Give me the remote, Elena,” he yelled. He used all his strength to pull my arms from under my back.

“No,” I snapped. I gave him a stern look.

“Ok, fine. Plan B then,” he muttered under his breath.

He was no longer trying to pull my arms out. He switched tactics and began tickling me on my belly. My lower belly is the most sensitive part of my body. I can’t hold back my giggles if someone tickles me there. I was laughing like crazy as Liam tickled me.

I flapped on the bed like a fish out of water. My whole body was shaking. The grip around the remote was loosening. Finally, I let go of it to free my hands so that I could stop him from tickling me.

He saw the opening, grabbed the remote, and ran out of the room. My giggles stopped, and I got off the bed and chased after him. But there was one thing I was unaware of. During my struggle, my bra got unhooked. And as soon as I got up, it slid off my body. I was topless.

My boobs were showing, but I had no awareness of it. The adrenaline was rushing through my veins. My body was all warmed up. I didn’t realize it, nor did I ever look down to see that my tits were hanging out.

His shoes were lying in the drawing-room by the flower vase. I kicked one in his path. He tripped over it and slid across the room. His boxer shorts were loose on him. They slipped off his waist and came off as he slid along the floor.

He wasn’t wearing anything underneath. Again, I failed to notice that in the heat of the moment, and so did he. The remote had flown out of his grasp when he hit the floor. It flew over the divan and landed atop the dresser behind it.

I saw him trying to get back to his feet. I immediately jumped on him and pinned him down. I lay on his back. My boobs rubbed against his spine. I don’t think he realized that, and neither did I.

I had him pinned down. Flat on his chest. He tried to crawl towards the divan with the help of his big arms. I got hold of his wrists and pulled his arms back. He started throwing kicks to get me off of him. He was facing down so he could aim his kicks properly.

He flapped his legs like a rookie swimmer flapping his legs in the water. I laid still on his back to avoid his kicks. I waited for him to exhaust himself. His kicks kept missing me, but his toes caught the elastic strap of my panties. He jerked his legs fiercely to free them from the bounds of my underpants.

The motion of his legs took my panties off along with them like a strong ocean wave washing away the swimmers. As he stopped to catch his breath, I got to my feet and advanced toward the remote. Neither of us had realized that we were both naked now, from head to toe.

Liam caught my ankle and pulled my leg. I tripped and fell forward. My knees hit the floor, and my face smacked against the arm of the divan. Bhaiya got up. He stood behind me and lunged for the remote. I flipped myself around and kicked his ankles.

He lost his balance and fell on top of me. I wrapped my legs around his back. Like a vice, my legs held a tight grip around him. I grabbed his biceps with my hands as he stretched his arms out to reach the remote. He tried to get to his feet, but I did not give him any room to move.

As he struggled to escape from my clutches, the tip of his dick brushed against my pussy lips. I felt it tickle me down there, but I brushed it away. I was too focused on stopping him from reaching the remote. So, I tightened the vice of my legs around him and pulled him even closer.

After failing to break my grip, he attempted to reach the remote. He arched his back and gave his body a good thrust. This was the moment that changed everything for us, the whole dynamic of our relationship. With that thrust, he didn’t manage to get to the remote.

But his penis was able to penetrate my vagina. A chill went down my spine. My eyes were wide open with the shock, and my jaw dropped. I was dumbfounded. I was completely paralyzed by the shock. I couldn’t move, nor could I utter a word from my mouth.

I wanted to tell him to get off, but nothing but air escaped my mouth. My tongue was frozen. He continued to throw his body forward over and over again. He hadn’t realized the situation yet. His dick kept moving in and out of my pussy. My breaths got deeper and quicker.

He was fucking me, and he hadn’t realized it yet. I knew that because I could feel his dick growing in size while it was inside my pussy. My heart felt it was wrong. But by the time I came out of my trance state, the adrenaline rush had turned into arousal. My body was now responding to his cock.

As I placed my hands on his chest to push him away, a voice in my head stopped me. Like some invisible force had grabbed my hands. The sister in me was telling me to push him away. It was screaming that whatever was happening was wrong.

But the woman in me wanted it to go one. The woman was desperate for a dick, and now she was getting it. Ultimately, it was the woman who won the tussle of my mind rather than pushing him away. I moved my hands down his chest and onto his waist.

Suddenly, Liam Bhaiya realized what was happening. His thrusts were getting slower. He looked down and saw his dick inside my cunt. Our eyes finally met, and he was stunned. He had no words. I could see in his eyes that he had the same conflict going in his head as I had a few moments ago.

But for him, it was the brother who was winning.

I needed to do something. I needed to stop him from getting up. I knew that if I made him fuck me just for a minute or two more, he would give in to his sexual desires just as I had. It was then that woman in me spoke again. “Kiss him,” she said.

I tightened the vice of my legs, grabbed his face, and pulled it closer. Our lips were locked together. I kissed him with all the passion I could. He tried to get away initially, but I held on to him. But just as I had thought, his lust for a girl’s body took over.

The man in him had defeated the brother screaming to go away. The pace of his thrusts began to increase. I finally released him from the vice and let my legs drop to the floor on either side of the divan.

We were still locked in that kiss. He moved his body back and forth in rhythm like a boy was meeting his girlfriend after a long while.

“Ahh, ahh, ahh,” I moaned as I buried my nails into his back.

My eyes were closed, and my head flung back. I had spread my legs as wide as possible to give the space to move freely. My moans got him more excited. He picked up the pace and pumped my pussy harder.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,” I moaned louder.

His cock began to get tighter. One, two, three, it exploded and shot all the cum in me. He fell over me, and we kissed again. This time, they were out of joy and happiness. We both smiled, and I slowly pushed him back. He fell backwards on the other side of the divan.

His head hung in mid-air. I sat up and held his limp dick in my hands. I stroked it for a good few seconds before taking it in my mouth. He gave a long grunt of satisfaction when my tongue rolled around his cock.

“Yes, that’s it, that’s it,” bhaiya moaned.

His dick was stiffening up inside my mouth. He was getting aroused again. I took it out of my mouth. I offered him my hand. He kissed my boob as he took it. I led him to the sofa and made him sit on it. I got on top of him and guided his cock into my pussy.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah,” I moaned.

His hands grabbed my butt cheeks. My fingers combed my long blonde hair. My boobs bounced up and down like basketballs. I was riding his dick like crazy. He kissed my tits and licked my nipples.

“Oh yes, fuck, oh yes.. oh yes, oh fuck, ahhh, fuck, fuck me,” I cried.

“This is so good, so good,” Liam bhaiya murmured.

After riding him for 20 minutes, he asked me to get off and get into the doggy position. I moved to the side of the sofa and bent over its arm. My one leg was on the seat of the sofa and the other on the floor. He licked my cunt to make it wetter than it was already.

He kissed my back and pushed his dick inside. I gasped as it went in.

“Fuck,” a long sigh escaped my mouth.

“You like it. You like it, Elena?” Liam bhaiya muttered.

“Oh yes, I like it, I like it,” I cried in pleasure.

“You want me to go harder?”

“Yes, please, yes, Do me harder, please, do me hard,” I said immediately. He drilled my pussy harder. His pelvis was hitting my ass cheeks with loud thumps. “Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck your sister, bhaiya, fuck this cunt,  fuck me hard.”

“You like my dick, Elena?”

“Yes, you got the best dick, oh yeah, the best dick.”

“You’re awesome, Elena, oh yeah.”

“You like it, bhaiya, you like fucking your sister, you like your sister’s pussy,” I said through my teeth.

“I love your pussy, Elena. I love your juicy pussy, fuck it’s the best cunt I have had in my life.”

“Oh yeah, bhaiya, you are the best brother, ahhh, fuck me, ahhh, fuck.”

“Oh Elena, I want your pussy every time now. I want this pussy.”

“My cunt is yours to take now, bhaiya. You can fuck it whenever you want, ahhh, yes, yes, yes, you can drill me anytime, ahhh, I’m yours to fuck,” I said with grunts.

We fucked like crazy for 1 hour. We switched positions now and then. Finally, he cum in me. Like a log, he fell to the floor. I, too, was exhausted and fell on top of him. My head rested on his chest. He caressed my hair as I kissed his chest.

“That was fun,” I said at last.

“It was,” he replied.

“Let’s not make it our first and last,” I suggested.

“You want us to do it again?” he asked curiously.

“Don’t you?” I quizzed.

“I mean -” he hesitated.

“Please, I loved our session, and I know you loved it too. Now that we have already fucked, doing it another time will be no different. So, why not just keep doing it.”

“How will we manage to do it when everyone gets back?”

“We’ll find a way,” I said confidently and smiled.

“Then, I want you to do something.”

“What?” I asked.

“For the next two weeks, until everyone comes back, I want you to stay naked in the house all the time.”

“Are you saying you wish to fuck me whenever you want!”

“Wouldn’t that be fun?”

“You dog,” I said playfully. “You got yourself a deal,” I said, kissing.

For the next two weeks, we fucked all the time and like crazy. In our lust, we never even thought about using a condom. He would cum in me all the time. And, as you guessed, It got me pregnant.

My mom was pissed off with it, but my stepdad was cool about it. He was chill after. Of course, I never told them that the baby was from Liam. They thought it was from some boy in my class. My family was religious. Abortion was never an option for us. So, I gave birth to my child.

That’s my story, guys. I hope you all liked it. Please send me your feedback at /cdn-cgi/l/email-protection” class=”__cf_email__” data-cfemail=”28494c415c41064d444d46490651494c495e684f45494144064b4745″>[email protected]. I’ll see you in the next part. Bye and take care.