Hot Bhabhi fucks couple competing with her business

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Savita bhabhi had just renovated her restaurant after a fire had destroyed it. The business was good again. Although, it seemed that it wasn’t as good as it once was. Not as many people were coming in as usual, and it had her and her partner, Alex, worried.

Alex: I think a new restaurant opened right down the street. Maybe that’s where all the people are.

Savita: I’m going to go check it out. They don’t know who I am, so I’ll look around.

While Savita headed over, a woman walked into the restaurant and talked to Alex.

Kalpana: (seductively) Hello, there.

Alex: (picking up on the vibe) Table for one?

Kalpana: I am all alone, actually. I’m looking for something that will nourish me.

Alex: It would be my pleasure to nourish you…and your body.

Kalpana: That sounds perfect!

Meanwhile, Savita sat at the new restaurant going through their amazing menu and staring at their awesome decor. She tried calling Alex, but he didn’t pick up. She ordered food, and it came out quick.

Savita bhabhi could not believe how good the food was. She began to worry about her business when a man walked over. It was the owner, Hardik. He recognized her immediately.

Hardik: Waiter, bring us two mango lassi, and put her food on the house.

Savita: So you’re stealing our business.

Hardik: No, not at all. My wife and I are just trying to run a business. There’s no need to compete with you, especially if we join hands and become business partners.

Savita: Yeah, I don’t think so. We’re doing just fine on our own.

She walked out and headed back. When she got to the office, it was locked. She used her key to open it. Alex sat in his chair with his cock inside a woman.

Savita gasped as she eyed the woman. She was sexy. Her body was well-toned and glistening. Her tits were big and perky. Her short hair added a bit of lustful charm to her sex appeal. She got off Alex’s cock and looked at her.

Alex introduced her as Kalpana. She was one of the restaurant owners next door, Hardik’s wife. The realization was shocking. They were truly trying to fuck with her business. She kicked Kalpana out, and Kalpana left with a satisfied smirk on her face. Savita was furious, but she now had a plan.

The next day, Savita headed over to the restaurant wearing a provocative red saree that showed all her best features to the fullest. Kalpana tried to stop her, but she convinced Hardik to talk to her in private.

Savita: I’m interested in your partnership idea. But I have one condition. Kalpana will not be part of this deal.

Hardik thought about it for a while, but he eventually folded and agreed.

Hardik: I’ll get the contract prepared, and you can come by my house tomorrow night to get it signed.

Savita: Fine, as long as Kalpana is out of the deal.

Hardik: Wear this saree tomorrow night as well. I like it.

Savita: I just might (chuckles).

Savita eyed him from top to bottom. She wished that he wasn’t a competition because she couldn’t keep her eyes off his sturdy frame.

She showed up at Hardik’s place and rang the doorbell. Hardik opened it wearing a robe that showed a peek of his well-toned abs. Savita had a hard time keeping her focus.

Savita: I brought champagne to celebrate the deal. You have completely cut out Kalpana from the deal, right?

Hardik: She doesn’t get a penny. Especially since I’ve completely fallen for you, I can’t help myself.

Savita: I want to read through this contract fully before I…

Savita bhabhi didn’t get a chance to finish her sentence. Hardik cut her off with a kiss on her plump lips, and she melted. She kissed him back as his hands roamed all over her body and pulled her red saree off.

She bit her lip as he kissed her body. She moaned as he licked her stomach and breasts with his drooling mouth. Her body tightened with pleasure as his breath washed over her sensitive body.

Hardik: Come with me. I have something to show you.

Hardik laid her down and licked her pussy. Her juices dripped down his beard as he sucked on her clit. He kissed her entire body, making it glisten with his saliva. She moaned as she pulled his pants off. Hardik kissed her hard as he put his cock inside her.

He opened her legs wide as he thrust his huge cock inside her. He turned her around as she moaned louder. She bit her lip and gasped with pleasure as he fucked her from behind and grabbed her juicy breasts from behind. She dripped wet down his throbbing cock.

The two of them were so lost in their lustful thrusts, and they didn’t notice Kalpana had come home early. Savita was taking his dick from behind on all fours when Kalpana walked in the room.

Savita: If you permanently block Kalpana from all dealings in the future, you can have me any way you like.

Kalpana: Oh, so that’s how it is?!

They stopped fucking, but Hardik didn’t pull out. They stared at her, and Hardik slowly thrust into Savita’s tight pussy as he watched his wife closely.

Kalpana: Don’t stop on my account. (Starts pulling off her tight clothes) I don’t have an issue with fucking the enemy. You do have a gorgeous body there.

Savita: Whatever, skank.

Kalpana: Call me whatever you want. Both Alex and my husband agree that my pussy makes them cum hard.

Savita: We’ll see about that.

Kalpana stuck her pussy in Savita’s sweaty face and smiled naughtily. Savita looked defiantly into Kalpana’s hot face and drooled. She licked Kalpana’s wet pussy with her salivating tongue and made her moan. Hardik moved Savita aside and thrust his cock inside his wife.

Savita and Kalpana moaned as they tongued each other.  Savita played with her pussy as she made out with Kalpana. She breathed on Kalpana’s face, and she locked lips with Savita, hard. She thrust her hips into Hardik’s cock. Savita sat on Kalpana’s face and ground her pussy against Kalpana’s tongue.

Savita bhabi moaned hard and loud as she got her pussy licked by the horny bitch. She kissed Kalpana deeply as their breasts squeezed against each other. Hardik licked Savita’s pussy as he fucked Kalpana harder. Hardik and Savita moaned with passion as Kalpana breathed harder.

Kalpana: Both of you shut the fuck up and make me cum!

Savita kissed her deeper as Kalpana rocked her hips harder into her husband’s thrusting cock and came hard. She got off Hardik’s cock, and Savita sat on it. She moaned and bit her lip as Kalpana licked her tits and played with them.

Savita: Oh, fuck! Don’t stop!

Savita rode on Hardik’s cock, and Kalpana played with Savita’s sweaty body. She teased Savita’s pussy and licked it. She touched Savita’s squirming body from top to bottom and squeezed and licked all the right places.

Savita’s pussy tightened around Hardik’s throbbing cock. Her eyes shut tight as she cum hard. Hardik pulled out his cock and grunted loudly. Savita and Kalpana got between his legs and made out as Hardik stroked his cock hard and fast.

They opened their mouths, and Hardik came down their throats. Cum dripped out of Savita’s lusty lips and onto Kalpana’s chins as they made out sloppily. They threesome caressed one another, satisfied with their sexual adventure. Hardik laid back with Kalpana in his arms.

Savita got up and got dressed in her sexy, red saree. Hardik sat up abruptly.

Hardik: Hey! What about the contract?

Savita: I’ll let myself out. I’ve changed my mind. You two were made for each other.

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