London Dreams – Roy, Diya and AK – Part 3

The silence was broken when AK said, “Bro, don’t listen to her, she is a bitch. She shouldn’t cum tonight until we both decide.”

I couldn’t help to agree, as I wanted to make the slut out of her. I squeezed her melons hard to leave a palm impression on her boobs and stopped, so did AK.

He instantly removed his fingers from her pussy, making her hole empty, wanting for more. The frustration in her eyes spoke volumes when we deprived her of her milliseconds-away orgasm.

It was almost 3 a.m. Diya couldn’t accept what just happened. She was about to reach her first orgasm of the night, but we two denied her of that. The frustration was evident. The kink, the horny eyes, and her frustration fueled the fire.

“You bastards, son of bitches, mother fuckers, what the fuck are you both thinking?” shouted Diya. “Please, Roy, please, AK, don’t do this to me. My pussy needs more love. Let me cum for you both,” she pleaded the next minute.

The jolted feeling between anger and sex made her look like an 18-year-old girl who had just tasted sex for the first time. AK sat comfortably beside me in his boxers as we watched Diya stand and curse us. We both started to mock, which only angered her more.

She felt like her sensuality had been challenged, given that we didn’t continue and ravage her. “Ok, this is what you both wanted. I play your whore, so be it.” Diya declared swiftly, removing her night suit over her head.

“I will show you both what a slut I can be,” said Diya kneeling in front of us. She crawled over to our legs with her lusty cum angry look.

Meanwhile, AK and I had our glasses and enjoyed the show Diya had put up. We were sitting adjacent, he on my right and I on his left. Diya crawled over right up to our thighs. Her left boob rubbed AK’s left knee, and her right boob was over my right knee.

She rubbed her palm over both of our crotches to feel the stiffness. She was happy to feel how hard we both were. Her expression changed, and spread a smile on her face. While deliberately rubbing her boobs over our knees, she pulled AK’s boxers and removed them off his legs.

AK’s dick sprang out proudly over Diya’s face hitting. This brought an instant smile to her face. She couldn’t help but open her mouth and take the whole thing up her throat until she gagged. She was happy. Then she moved over to my side, held my belt and unbuckled it.

Her expressions were priceless as if a sex demon possessed her. Sometimes enlarging her eyebrows, smiling, giggling. Once she unbuckled the belt, she unzipped my trouser and held it by my waist to pull it down completely. The look said it all.

She hadn’t been disappointed since our last escapades years back. She put her right palm around my shaft to feel the skin she always loved and then took it up her throat. Her chin digs deeper into my balls as if her teeth are reaching for the roots of my dick.

I was in heaven, already leaking from the events of the night. I couldn’t help but close my eyes and grow. Once my dick was out of her slutty mouth, she held both our dicks stroking it slowly. But from tip to root, as if hammering the base, making our dick head stretch.

“Are you enjoying boys the hammer? I learnt it from my colleague’s wife when I was with them for a night out. She showed me how she punished her husband,” smirked Diya.

AK loved to know her slutty wife is enjoying herself with others as well. He took her head and placed her mouth over her dick. While holding the sides of her scalp, he made her swallow his dick again, making her bob over his dick.

The intensity of him making her blow his dick was crazy. After 10-12 times, he let her head go for Diya to catch her breath. She was simultaneously continued hammering my dick, quite an expert on hand-job. She ensured I didn’t miss any action while she was engaged with AK.

It was 3:30 a.m., and the devil was unleashed. Without warning, I lifted her and asked AK, “Where do we nail her tonight, terrace, bedroom or the street?”

With our dicks dangling, we reached their bedroom, as suggested by AK. I threw Diya on the bed and pulled her legs to the edge.

“I missed your pussy so much, baby. It’s been ages, but I am sure it tastes the same.” With that, I folded her knees and gave a deep suck to her pussy. She moaned aloud with that action, arching her back with an open mouth.

AK didn’t require any invitation before he shoved his big dick down her throat. As I continued to eat the juicy pussy, AK ravaged her mouth, making her tears roll in passion. I ate her, chewed her pussy lips. Even bit her clit to my heart’s content.

I rose to see AK had put his leg across her face and was holding her head and fucking her mouth passionately. I asked AK for condoms. He said he kept it in the drawer next to the bed. I rushed to open the drawer.

I found a stash of condoms, lubes and some Polaroid pics of how different men in different pictures were destroying Diya. For now, I decided to focus on Diya rather than her pics. I put up a condom and set myself between her thighs.

As I entered her pussy, Diya pleaded with AK to leave her for a second as she wanted to see my dick entering her pussy. AK moved aside to give her the line of sight. I was in her now, she arched as my dick dug deep in her.AK passed a smile of affirmation and encouraged me to ravage her pussy.

He continued his assault on her boobs, neck and face, biting and scratching. I continued to fuck for another 5 when AK winked at me to change places. We overturned Diya, who was still recovering from the dual assault and made her into a doggy position.

We shifted our positions as I captured her head, and Roy held her ass. With a swift move, Roy pushed his dick to the roots inside Diya, making her moan. On the other hand, I held her head and pushed my dick in her mouth. We both fucked her good for another 10 minutes.

I asked Diya, “Bitch, having enough fun? We are both going to rip you apart tonight.” She just nodded as her mouth was stuffed with my shaft.

We were drunk, tired, and horny as we lay beside each other. Diya had her first orgasm when I first sucked her pussy and simultaneously when we both tormented her. However, AK and I had yet to reach our first.

AK pulled Diya over himself, inserting his hard dick in her pussy. He started thrusting from the bottom. The urge to release was evident on his face. I was mesmerised seeing Diya being manhandled by her husband next to me.

The next thing that happened was AK holding her ass, stretching her ass hole while I stood watching their fuck. I slowly crawled over AK’s leg to lick her ass hole.

I put my tongue in her hole and gave a swirl. This sent shivers to Diya, making her shout, “Yes, yes, yes, lick that hole, love that hole. It needs attention, too.”
I raised my face after lubricating her ass hole enough and started rubbing my dick.

“Please, Roy, please, not in my ass. I am a virgin in my ass,” said Diya. I position myself behind her ass while she rides her husband.

“Bro, go for it, man. Let me hold her tight in my arms. Just push your damn dick up her ass. She’s ours tonight,” prompted AK, Diya’s husband.

His words were enough for me to give her asshole a good wet lick. I slowly entered her inch by inch. For the next 60 seconds, we three were in heaven. I was fully inside our bitch up her ass while AK continued to thrust from the bottom.

Slowly we both found our rhythm and fucked the hell out of her. After another 5 minutes of non-stop assault, AK was the first to declare he was cumming. With a loud groan, he started shooting deep in her pussy. Me being still inside her ass, could feel his dick’s vibration while he released jet after jet of his cum.

This sent shivers down the spine. The cum building inside my balls from 11 p.m. till 4:00 a.m. wanted to come out of the sac. Diya quickly realised the same and asked me to cum in her mouth. She missed the taste of my cum. In seconds I was out of her ass and now in her throat.

I came shivering, holding her head. I released my load down her throat. The orgasm lasted for 20 seconds till I was fully drained in her throat and mouth. Once done, she gagged to catch a breath.

“Oh my god, Roy, it felt like I drank a whole glass of milk. Your spurts just never stopped,” said Diya. Me and AK shared a smile and lay together.

Diya was cuddling on AK as I held her waist, resting my dick between her ass crack. There was a smile of satisfaction on everyone’s face while we called it a night at 4:30 a.m.

The city of dreams is not the same any more for me. Even though we met socially on many occasions, we couldn’t reconcile the night we lived together. AK is as warm as he was on that night. He keeps suggesting we hang out again. But it is difficult due to our career demands.

We both tend to travel all the time. Me and Diya never intended to cheat on such an amazing guy. Even though we sometimes catch up over coffee/Mocha, we discuss more of life. We respected each other as much as we lusted for each other!

Hope you enjoyed reading as much as I did pen this down during my vacation. This incident was special to my heart, hence the length. It might be boring for many of you who don’t like the details, but these are the memories that I thought to capture.

Signing off until my next! Stay safe, stay healthy!

Myself Roy, a successful investment banker in one of the top 3 IB giants. I stand 5″7′, a little nerdy with glasses, trying to hit the gym. I’m not bulky, but I have scope to improve. I love eating out any cunt.

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