Virgin girl’s unexpected lesbian sex with family

Hello, my name is Varsha and I am a 19 years old female with a fair complexion. I am a B.Tech student.

Let me introduce you to the members of my house. I have an older sister named Divya Vani. We call her ‘Vani’. My mom is 40 years old, and she has a perfect body shape. My father died when I was 10. After his death, my mom always stayed off mood. But we tried a lot to make mom feel good.

Now. let’s begin the story.

It was in summer when my elder sister and I were staying at home. We were getting bored of staying at home. So we started to help our mother with cooking, washing clothes, etc.

One day at midnight, I didn’t get sleep and so I started roaming in the house. Suddenly, I heard a moaning sound from my mom’s room! I peeked through the window and what I saw was amazing. My mom was naked except for the bra that she was wearing and she was playing with a dildo!! Looking at this, I was shocked.

After a minute, she started calling my name and moaning.

Mom: Ahhh Varshu, eat my pussy. Come on, eat my pussy like a beast.

I was shocked that mom was calling my name while masturbating! Then I quickly went back to bed and thought about my mother. I was attracted to her, but I didn’t know what to do because she was my mom. But I was turned on by my mom’s moans, so I masturbated in my room.

The next morning when I woke up, I went to the kitchen. There I saw my mom and my sister. My sister came to me and pinched my ass and said, “Good morning”. I realized that I was naked!

My sister Divya went to her room, and now I and mom were there in the kitchen. It was complete silence. And then my mom suddenly asked me to wear clothes and asked me why I was naked.

I never said any lies to my mom. So I said that I saw her naked in her room and masturbated, but this was my mistake. She said that she had a crush on me. She also said that she had placed a camera in my bathroom to see me naked while bathing! I was angry at my mom and asked her, “Why mom, why?!” And I started crying. Then mom replied with some tears.

Mom: Sorry Varshu, I always get turned on by seeing your body. But I know this is not fair as a mom.

Me: How can you do this with your own daughter?

Mom: I am really sorry for that, beti.

And she started crying. I had never seen my mom crying.

Me: Mom, it’s okay. It was my mistake to make you feel sad. You did take care of me till now. I am thankful for that. It is ok if that is repaid with my body.

Then mom started smiling.

Mom: You and your sister are like my two eyes.

Me: What do you mean, mom?

Mom: I have been having sex with your elder sister for a year.

I was shocked after hearing this. Then mom said that my sister Divya wanted to add me to her lesbian adventures.

I didn’t know what to do. My mom was slowly squeezing my ass. I didn’t react to that because I was in shock. After I sensed another finger in my ass, I moaned and looked back. I saw my elder sister Vani who was fingering my ass.

Before I said something, she covered my mouth with her hands and mom started fingering my pussy. I was moaning even though it was painful which made me cry. My sister Vani replied –

Vani: You have a perfect hole, my dear. Let us play with it.

She slowly moved her hands on my boobs and squeezed them hard. I couldn’t control myself because of the double stimulation. My mother started licking my pussy slowly and my elder sister Vani started sucking my boobs.

I replied: Ahhhh fuck, keep doing this to me. Yeahhh, I’m enjoying it

I suddenly sensed that I was going to squirt. I told my mom about it and asked her to stop licking my pussy.

Mom: No dear, let me taste your cum.

Then I squirted in my mom’s mouth.

Mom: Your cum is so tasty, my little slut.

Then my sister asked to feed my cum to her and then she started licking my pussy.

Vani: Your juices are so tasty, my dear. I can lick them all night.

Me (moaning): No, aaahhh, I can’t do it again. Ahhhh, please leave me.

My mom (with slight anger): You should feed your elder sister, you slut.

Me: Mom, please don’t call me slut.

I felt sad about this.

My mom: Yes dear, you will be our bitch now. We will taste your juices daily.

And my mom started biting my nipples.

Me: Mom, ahhh.. it’s hurting.. please stop, I can’t.

Vani: Come on, it’s your first sex, you slut.

After some time, I was about to cum.

Me: Mom! Sister! I feel like I’m going to explode.. Ahhh stop ahhh ummm..Something is mixing inside.. ahhh..

Vani: Come on slut, cum in my mouth.

Mom: Go on Varshu, cum in your sister’s mouth.

After a few seconds, I cummed in my sister’s mouth.

Vani: Your juices really taste good. You will feed us every day, understand? Now, let us feed our juices to you.

Me: No, it’s the place where you pee. I don’t, I can’t, It will smell bad.

Vani: Come on, you slut.

My mom and my elder sister started pulling me to her vagina. I directly fell on her pink pussy. My hot lips were on her pussy lips. My sister Vani moaned and she pushed my head towards her pussy. At first, I was feeling embarrassed, but after a few minutes, I started enjoying my mom fingered my pussy from behind.

We all enjoyed it. Suddenly, she pulled me back and turned on the doggy pose. I saw her beautiful clean pink pussy. I started licking her pussy from behind.

Then I sensed something in my pussy. I was shocked that my mom inserted a huge vibrator in my pussy which stimulated me a lot and we all were in ultimate pleasure.

Me: Oh yes.. yesss.. yesssss.. I need more.. aahhh.. yessss.. come on mom, finger my asshole.

Vani: Ahhh Varshu, you lick well than me. It’s hotter. I will cum in your mouth. You should eat all my cum.

Me: Ahhh..ok sister, I will eat all your cum. Feed me your special juices. I will drink it as water daily.

Mom: Varshu, you will drink mine also, ok?

Me: Ok mom, I will drink both of your juices daily..Ahhh yes.. cum in my mouth Vani, cum in my mouth.

Vani finally cummed.

Vani: Eat all my cum dear. You have special food today.. Ahhhh..

From that day, we used to have family lesbian sex thrice a week and we enjoy it a lot!

Thanks for reading my story guys. It was my first story.