Maids Play The Game Better – Part 2

Here she was. Maids are the best. They know what their Saab wants. The game was changing now.

I turned to the other side. I could see her from the mirror. She knew this very well. She turned to the other side and removed her blouse. I could see her bra from the backside. She wore the other blouse and tried to hook it from the back, but she could not. Neither could she tie the strings from the backside.

She looked at me and called me, “Saab, help me, please.”

She had not covered her boobs with the pallu. It was lying down. She stood there with her half-open blouse. I looked at her, and I could see the horniness in her eyes. I had a sizable erection by now. I did not want to hide it from her.

I moved closer to her and made her stand in front of the mirror again. I kept my hands on her waist, feeling her hot soft skin. I moved my fingers slowly up to her lower blouse strap. I pulled it up from both sides, and I kept looking into her eyes as I poked my hard dick into her ass.

I tried to pin the blouse, but I could not. It was very tight. I moved my fingers to her bra straps and pulled them up to lit her boobs a little. I unhooked her bra, pulled it tightly, and hooked it back on the next pin. Her lovely boobs were tightly caged in her bra.

She pushed her boobs up and held them in her hands as I pined her blouse and tied the strings with great difficulty. I held her by her shoulders to turn her around. She looked at me and smiled.

I looked at her boobs and said, “This is also tight.”

She placed her hands on her boobs and said, “It’s tight from here, Saab.”

I told her, “It may fit if you wear it with a different bra.”

Sona kept moving ahead as she said seductively, “Shall I remove my bra and try?”

I kept poking my dick at her and said, “Ok, I think that would be better. Will you need my help to do that?”

She smiled and said, “I will call you Saab.”

I turned to the other side and sat in the same position. She came near me and said, “Saab, remove the blouse’s hook, please.”

I unhooked her blouse and pulled the string. She sat there doing nothing as I pushed the blouse from her shoulder. She removed her blouse and covered her boobs with the blouse. Before she could move from the bed, I moved my fingers to her bra straps and unhooked them.

She removed her bra from her body. I could see the soft, delicate lumps of flesh from the sides. Sona was making me mad now. It was a matter of when now.
I kept feeling her back as I told her, “Your boobs are not 34C. They should be at least 36, I think.”

Seductively, she said, “Without measuring them, how do you know?”

I moved my fingers to the soft lumps of boob flesh and said, “Should I measure them?”

She held my hands on her lumps and said, “Yes, Saab, I also think they have grown now. Maybe you are right.”

Sona had pushed the blouse to her shoulders. I stopped her. I picked a sexy black bra of my wife and told her, “This is a 36-bra check this if this fits you.”

She removed the blouse from her shoulders and quickly pulled the bra on her shoulders and onto her boobs. She did not hook the bra. She pushed the straps back and pulled her hair aside. I held her bra straps and pulled them together. She took a step back closer to me.

I helped her hook it easily. This black bra was a perfect fit for her. I rolled my hands on her boobs on the pretext of checking the fit. She went and stood in front of the mirror, looking at herself. She stood in her bra and petticoat and half draped saree.

I picked a panty and made my way toward her. I stood beside her, staring at her boobs directly. She turned towards me and looked in my eyes. I kept touching her waist as I told her, “Sona, it would be better if your exact measurements were known. You wear this panty so it will be clear.”

She mischievously looked in my eyes and asked me, “What else you will make me wear and remove, sir.”

I smiled and handed over the panty to her. It was the same matching set of the sexy bra. It was a semi-transparent panty. She took the panty in her hand and brushed her fingers on my massive erection. She looked at me and said, “Sir, you will help me.”

I pulled out her half-draped saree from her body and placed my fingers on the knot of her petticoat. She held my hand and took one step closer to me, almost touching her boobs on my chest.

She gave the panty in my hand and said in a low shy tone told, “There is nothing beneath to remove Saab. Just make me wear this.”

A wicked smile ran across my lips. I held the panty’s elastic and sat on my knees. She raised her petticoat to push her legs in the panties. I pushed it up above her knees and slipped my hands on her thighs as she pulled it up.
I tried to push her petticoat up, but she stopped me after a point.

I caressed her soft things pushing her panty up along to adjust it on her waist. I rolled my fingers in 2 circles on the inner side elastic of her panty. I kept my hands inside her petticoat. Sona held my hands and pulled them out from her petticoat. I kept feeling her hot long legs.

I sat in the same position on my knees. I kept my hand on the knot of her petticoat. Sona looked in my eyes. She was getting aroused. She kept her hands on my hands, stopping me, and asked, “Now, what do you want to see, Saab?”

I said, “I want to see everything, Sona. You have such a lovely body.”

She said, “Madam, will come, Saab, please enough for now.”

She said this, but she relaxed her grip on my hand on the other side. I was standing closer to her now. I replied, “Madam will come only after 6.30, Sona.”
Sona started to show her bitchy side now, “What will we do till 6.30, Saab? We have a lot of time.”

I moved my fingers again to the knot of her petticoat and said, “I don’t want you to waste time trying these dresses and keep changing them.” Before she could reply or speak, I pulled the knot. Her petticoat fell, exposing her lovely, beautiful legs.

I looked at her panty. It sat beautifully on her ass and pussy. Her tiny pussy hairs stuck out from the transparent net of the panty. She stood there in that sexy lingerie, looking so delicious and tempting. Sona kept her hand on her waist and said, “How is the fitting Saab?”

On the pretext of looking at the fit, I rolled my fingers on her panty lines near her deepest thighs, following the panty’s flow back to her ass. I looked at her and said, “This looks perfect and beautiful on you.” She was a little excited as she said, “Really, do you like it, Saab.”
I rolled my hands on her pussy area near the transparent material and said, “Yes, I like this.” I moved my hands to her boobs. She was looking at me. I told her, “I like this also, your look so hot and sexy.” She turned red and horny as I rolled my hands on her boobs and pussy.

I could feel her body heat up as I touched her legs with my fingers rolling my fingers smoothly up to her thighs. Sona said in a low tone, “Saab, anything else to be tried.” I kept rolling my fingers on her pussy and said, “Yes, Sona, many things to be tried.”

She stood there, allowing me to play with her body. I had a massive erection by now. I stood up to give her a glimpse of my huge bulge. She kept looking at my erection as I felt her body using my fingers. I moved my fingers on her bra lines, circling her boobs.

I gently closed my palms on her boobs, squeezing them softly. I felt her hot soft, lovely boobs for the first time. Sona kept staring at my bulge. She moaned, “Ah, Saab, you want me to be like this till 6.30?”

I looked into her eyes and said, “No, I don’t want you to be like this, Sona.”

She stuttered and said, “Then how Saab?”

I moved my hands to her bra hook and unhooked it. I slowly pulled out her bra as she spread her arms, making it easy for me to pull it out from her body. I kept looking at her huge, heaving boobs. In her eyes, as she stood there only in her black panty.

I held her hand and pulled her closer to me. I kept her hand on my erection and said, “It wants you to be here till 6.30, Sona.” She held my dick gently in her hand as she looked at me. She moved her hands to the back of my head, slowly leaning in to kiss my lips.

Our lips met. She firmed her grip on my dick. She pushed my T-shirt up. I raised my hands as she removed them. I kissed her lips one after the other, licking, sucking and chewing them softly. Sona moaned as my hands squeezed her boobs with intensity.

She could not control herself and tried to hug me tightly. I hugged her feeling the full feeling of her hot soft boobs on my chest. I moved my hands to the back of her panties and inserted my hands in her panties, squeezing her big soft boobs. I pushed her ass closer, pressing my hard dick on her panty.

Sona moaned. I pushed her panty down a little and slapped her ass a few times. She closed her eyes as my slap was a little harder. Sona took back my lips in her mouth and sucked them intensely, gently biting my upper lips. She sat on the floor in the position I was sitting in earlier.

Sona pulled down my shorts to allow my dick to breathe in the fresh air. She pulled it down to remove it from my legs. She kissed my legs, moving her lovely tender lips, brushing her lips and fingers on my dick.

Sona reached for my dick cautiously, encircling my shaft with her buttery soft fingers, sliding them along the hot silken skin. Her touch made me shiver, my body responding eagerly to the gentle caress. I sensed that there were things that she wanted to show me, do it her way.

I stood quiet and let her explore me as she liked it. She moved down to the pouch between my legs, testing the pendulous weight. She slid her fingers up the shaft to the smooth, broad tip. She moved up slightly, looking in my eyes, caressing her fingers on my sensual areas.

I groaned and lowered my mouth to her throat, kissing her, telling her how much I wanted her in guttural murmurs. She pulled my dick down and kept kissing and gently licking my pink dick knob. I closed my eyes in the intense pleasure I derived from her actions. Her fingers softly rolled over my meatballs.

Sona broke the horny silence of the room. She gently tapped my dick on her lips as she said, “This is so big, Saab.”

I could not hold back my moaning as she sucked my dick knob a little firmly by gripping it between her lips. Sona moved up, kissing my belly and stomach. She moved to my nipples, licking them in soft licks. She rolled her tongue on them in circular motions triggering all my sexual desires.

I licked her ears and told her, “Sona, you are so hot, let me fuck you, please.”

She said, “Have patience, Saab.”

I placed my mouth on her boobs and took a huge lump of her boob in my mouth. I exerted little pressure with my teeth on her boobs. My teeth pierced the soft skin, and it hurt her. She held my head tightly and moaned, “Ah, Saab, slowly.”

Her horny painful moaning made me mad. I moved to her other boob and bit her boob again.

She again moaned, “Saab, you are leaving love marks on my body, slowly, please.”

I squeezed her one boob and kissed her nipples gently a few times. I looked at her face. Oh boy, those bloody horny expressions on her face made me mad. She pushed back my head on her boob. I again kissed her other boob and sucked her lovely soft nipples a few times.

Sona moaned. Both her boobs turned red due to my intense squeezing. Her boobs were soft, creamy and delicious. I grabbed them in my hands, I squeezed her boobs softly a few times, and then a firm hard squeeze made her mad.
She looked at the red marks of my biting on her boobs.

She said, “Aah, look here already. You have left these love bites here.”

I sat down and slowly peeled her panty from her hot throbbing body. She tried to cover her pussy with her hands. Sona whimpered in protest as my fingers withdrew her hand from her pussy. I slid my hands to her bare bottom and lifted her off her feet, carrying her into the room.

Sona caressed my hair as she wrapped her legs around my waist. A few soft sucking kisses were exchanged. We came back in front of the floor-length mirror in a thick gilded frame propped against the wall.

I turned Sona to face the mirror, positioning myself behind her. I sat on the bed, making her almost sit on my lap. Our gazes locked in the mirrored reflection. Her eyes were horny, excited and inviting.

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To be continued.