Naughty Indian Wife’s Birthday Trip to Resort

Hello friends, today I will be sharing my experience of how my birthday trip to a resort turned out to be the most memorable one. This is the first story that I am sharing in ISS, all the events are true and there is no fiction. Kindly ignore grammatical and typo errors.

My name is Divya, 26 years old living in Bangalore – the garden city of India. I am healthy with a height of 5.3″ and 36B boobs. I like to wear western outfits as I look hot and sexy wherein any guy would love to spend time with me. I love to see the hunger in guys’ faces whenever I tease them!

I got married at the age of 23, it was an arranged cum love marriage. I am from a traditional Indian family background wherein all this was a new world to me. I and my husband use to have sex almost every day in the beginning. As days passed-by, the routine was reduced due to the work schedule. The spark between us was reducing slowly.

My birthday was during the weekend, hence my lovely husband planned a trip to a resort for 3 days. We wanted to bring some spark to our sex life and adventure during this trip. Now I will narrate the story by dividing it into 3 days;

Day 1:

I was excited about the outing as we had not travelled for a long time. So we started out journey and we reached the resort. I was surprised as the room consisted of a private pool. I wanted to get naked and jump into the pool immediately but we were very hungry and hence, we left for lunch after freshening up.

I wore a sleeveless crop top with shorts. During having our lunch, many people sitting around were ogling at me and I just ignored them.

After having lunch, I stripped all my clothes and wore a sexy backless bikini. Almost half of my boobs was visible in that sexy backless bikini. Then I jumped into the pool and started enjoying the view. Then I asked my husband to order tequila as I wanted to get drunk and enjoy the day.

After some time, the room service guy arrived with the tequila. My husband opened the door and asked him to keep the drinks on the table. At that time, the evil in me was awake and I thought of teasing the room service in front of my husband! I thought it would be a kinky thing to try and make our tour more interesting.

So I knocked on the glass door and asked the young room service guy to pass the tequila drink to me. He was completely shocked to see me in a bikini and I noticed an instant hard-on inside his pants! I wantedly came slowly toward the door and let him watch me. I was thrilled and was very horny.

After a few minutes, I also ordered white rum which is my favorite. This time, my husband was having a shower in the pool and I thought of teasing the room service boy more. So I stripped completely and wore the bath towel in which my boobs were waiting to pop out.

I opened the door slowly when the same room service boy came and invited him inside. He was at top of the world. I could see the hunger in the room service boy’s eyes to fuck me even with my husband around!

While signing the bill, I wantedly dropped my bath towel! He was completely in shock and was staring at my boobs. I immediately picked up my towel after ensuring that the guy got a good view of my assets.

Once he left, I could feel my pussy dripping and I was super horny for a fuck. I went and pulled my husband to the pool and started sucking his dick. I am very good at giving blowjobs. My hubby’s dick was fully erect and was enjoying the moment.

Later, I started licking his balls which made him go crazy. He pulled me and kissed me passionately. He then made me lie on the shore and started fondling my boobs harder. I was jumping with both pleasure and pain simultaneously. I was enjoying every bit of the action.

My husband then started licking my pussy (he knows that I like it a lot). Initially, my husband started licking my wet pussy slowly, and then he increased the speed. He found my g-spot and I was not able to control it and moaned loudly which made him more horny and started licking my pussy wildly.

I could feel his tongue entering in and out. He drank complete juice out of me and I was moaning continuously. It was a heavenly feeling. Then he lifted me and took me inside the pool. I was giving a tight hug and my husband started fucking me inside the pool.

Our lips were locked with tongues fighting with each other. I loved this position a lot as I had my boobs crushing his chest and my crossed leg holding his bum from behind. I could feel his complete dick entering my pussy. After about 5 minutes, we switched the position and entered his favorite doggy position.

Within 10 minutes, we came together and I felt his complete cum inside my pussy. His cum was very much hot as we were in the pool of cold water. I came thrice within no time. It was an amazing experience inside the pool and would suggest you all try it once.

We were completely tired, hence slept naked in bed for 2 hours and later, we had food and slept off for the day.

In the next part of the story, I will be sharing the adventures we did on my birthday. I would love to hear from all of you about this experience first which will encourage me to write further.

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