Maids Play The Game Better – Part 3

I spread her legs and demanded, “Show me, Sona.”

I kept my hand on her waist, slowly pushing them gently to her thighs. I pushed her legs apart with little effort, exposing her pussy completely. Sona looked back at my face as I held her legs apart, looking at her delicious pussy from the mirror.

She tried to close my eyes with her hands. I moved my fingers to her pussy. Sona’s heartbeat stalled. The gently stroking of my fingers on her pussy both scandalized and excited her. My massive erection rubbed against her ass crack.
I whispered in her ear to spread her pussy lips.

The woman in the mirror did as she was told. She moved her fingers down to part the pink, swollen folds of her sexy pussy. I held her single fingertip and settled over the sensitive bud at the crest, circling gently. I kept rubbing her finger gently.

She did not look into the mirror; I moved my hand to her chin, asking her to look into the mirror. She stared into the mirror. A bolder, naughtier version of herself gazed back. She placed her hand on my neck. Her breathing turned heavier as I used 2 fingers to play with her hot pussy.

I moved one hand to her boobs, squeezing them, and the other kept exploring her hot hole. In no time, my fingertips started to disappear into her love hole. Sona’s expression changed. She started to hold her breath as my 2 fingers were on the job on her pussy.

Sona moaned, “Ah, Saab, slow Saab, please, oh god.” Sona’s expression turned better with every stroke on her pussy. Her body shook as my fingers disappeared deeper and deeper into her pussy. My fingers were getting wetter and wetter as they moved deeper.

Sona was on fire, her moaning intense and her eyes fiery. Sona offered her lips as she drenched in her sexual desires. I kissed her lips, just touching them with my lips. She wanted more. She was uncontrollable now as I started to punch my fingers harder in her pussy.

She moved closer to suck my lips. This time, the kiss was deeper, harder and tastier. She took both my lips in her mouth to suck them wildly. Sona raised her free arm above her head, clasping my neck for balance and resting her head against my chest.

I wrapped my arm, holding her tight and pinning her to my chest. Her moaning increased as I removed my fingers and slapped her pussy with my fingers. I rolled my fingers on her pussy edge furiously. Sona moaned louder and hornier under the onslaught of my fingers on her pussy.

Her thighs fell slightly apart as she moved closer to her release. I squeezed her boobs and licked her ears. I nudged her to look into the mirror. I told her, “Sona, look in the mirror, look at yourself for me. See how hot you are.”

As she furiously opened her eyes, I rubbed my fingers on her pussy and inserted my 2 fingers again in her hot hole. The fierce insertion of my fingers broke her. Her resistance folded as she left herself to my mercy.

Her ragged breath warmed my ear. She screamed in delight, “Saab, you’re so good, don’t stop, please. Oh god, Saab, fuck me now, please, don’t tease me.”
She stared at the reflection, transfixed by the eroticism of the image within.

She looked like a woman in a painting, flushed with desire and unashamed of her body’s curves and shadows. Aware of her sexual desires and sexual power, she held me tighter. Even in her vulnerable, naked state as she approached her impending release.

As her release approached, her excitement mounted, and she strummed faster. She was panting, arching her back on my body as her legs parted wider and boobs struck out. I continued to thrust my fingers in her fleshy pussy.

The movements became jerky and forceful, finishing in a powerful shove that arched her hips. She relaxed her back completely, pushing me back on the bed.
A massive load of juice sprung out from her pussy in no time. To view her release live from the mirror was an unbelievable awesome experience.

She tried to close her legs, but I held them apart, firmly viewing until the last drop of juice trickled down her pussy. She picked up a cloth from the bed to wipe her pussy. I pushed down the clothes lying on the bed. I pushed Sona onto the bed.

I kissed her, fondled and provocatively caressed her fully hot body until she arched. Her body begged, breaking from the kisses. I trailed hot, wet, open-mouthed kisses down the taut line of her throat. I was squeezing and licking her boobs.

My gently biting over the creamy upper swell of her breast gave her the first course of what she’d asked for. I feasted on Sona’s hot juggling boobs. I licked, sucked, and laved as she writhed and gasped under me. Her hands gripped and tightened on my head.

I sucked her lips and drew every last gasp and moan I could from her mouth. I moved on, rising. I rolled her firmly onto her back on the bed and trailed kisses like fire up her belly and breasts. Spreading her thighs wide, I settled between them, looking at her hot pink dripping pussy.

I held her legs apart and kissed her thighs, slowly moving deeper and deeper with every kiss. As I kissed her closer near her pussy, I tasted the desperation on her pussy. I sucked her lovely pink pussy lips.

Sona moaned, “Oh Saab, ahhh, slow please, slow, yes.”

I looked at her and said, “Oh, is Sona baby’s pussy getting wet?”

I put my hands on her knee as I stretched her legs further. She tried to cross her legs as I teased her closer to her pussy. Small, gently tender kisses with a gentle brush on her pussy edges made her crazy. As I moved closed and I could smell the lovely tangy smell of her pussy.

Sona moaned, her eyes closed, head tilted back, “This is so good, Saab, please Saab, don’t stop.”

Then in one single big suck, I tasted her whole pussy. I repeated this action of taking her whole pussy in one go. It made her sit up and moan as she struggled to withstand her desires. She almost screamed. She tried to close her legs as she gasped desperately.

Then she pushed my head on her pussy, burying me deep in her pussy. I could feel her hot pussy lips, the wetness of her pussy, the soft heat emitting from her pussy. Oh, bloody damn, it was so hot, and it was all happening. I sucked her pussy, and licked her pussy.

She moved with me, fluidly meeting my mouth on her pussy as we settled to a rhythm. Suddenly I put my whole mouth and sucked her pussy in a frenzy and squeezed her boobs hard. Bloody hell, it triggered massive sensations in her. She rose as she drenched and drowned in her sexual pleasures.

My fingers pressed her swollen folds open. My tongue touched deep inside the most delicate flesh between them. Her elbows collapsed. Her body kept rising and falling back to the mattress with a groan. Her horny eyes begged for more. I was licking her in long laps, making her body quiver with desperate excitement.

She could not stop the motion of her hips, rising upward in repeated surges. My hands slid beneath her, guiding her rhythm while my tongue strummed, bathed, and flirted in her hot dripping pussy.

I kissed her dripping pussy, loving the damp, satiny insides of her burning lips, the little velvety tongue lapping at her love mold. Every time I drew my tongue partially out, her hands worked frantically to close on my head. She pushed me back inside her thighs.

The delight was so intense. I was half afraid of making her release too early, seeping into that lively, luscious channel. I slipped my tongue deeper between her pussy crack. Found the spot that would drive her over and take her to the edge with my intense licking.

Sona soaked in the intense pleasure. Her head slammed against the pillows and cushions as she cried out. Pleasure crashed over her in a thunderous wave. She could only moan. She was lost in her world. She spread her legs, drawing me deeper, holding me closer.

We were lost in a frantic rhythm. There was no cleaning, no trails, no barriers. Instead, there was Sona, raw and real, the need building up inside her and the ache of longing in her pounding heart. Sona’s body stiffened. She was cumming now, tightening and pulsing more than ever.

I kept licking and milking her hard-swollen flesh while she fought to herself to keep every movement steady and controlled. In a flash, she exploded, and she burst out, moving her body frantically. Sona moaned, “Saab, yes, you are so good.”

Her ass moved up, and her body drew uptight and heavy, primed for full release. I held on, licking her hard and deep, making her pussy leak till the last drop of her juices. Sona collapsed on the bed under her back-to-back releases. Her body lay motionless.

Her lovely huge boobs moved in tandem as she was breathing heavily. I slept beside her laying my hands on her bare boobs again, just feeling their full size in my palms. Her nipples hardened, pussy wet, and her body raging with fire. Sona picked a piece of cloth to clean her pussy again.

Even before her body had settled completely on the bed, I was on her again, kissing her lips deeply, squeezing her boobs, chewing and toying with her nipples. I rubbed my face savagely in her pussy, pushing my mouth on her pussy and rubbing my face and lips all over her thighs and legs.

I set my lips on her boobs and positioned my dick on her pussy. Sona went crazy. That was all she needed. She pressed her clenched fists against my back and cried out repeatedly in ecstasy. My hand slid beneath her body and pulled her back up.

I made her feel my dick on her sweet hole with small gentle strokes on her pussy. Sona pushed her hand down to hold my dick and position it on her lovely hot, burning hole. While I pressed forward in slow nudges, I kept my every movement careful and easy.

I thought that we were so wrapped up in this animal act. I did not care about the work we started, and she did not care about her job. That’s real sex, real passion. We abandon all your morals, ethics and sensible thoughts, and all that other better side of ours.

We enjoy things and acts that make us happy. Deep inside, we know what matters more. Deep in the core, it is our happiness. With each stroke, I began a steady rhythm, driving straight and angling to press against her pussy. She lifted herself to me, cradling me with her hips, her hands gripping my back.

She was soft, delicious, riding her just as she wanted. I covered her body under my weight, plunging deeper into her every moment. The pleasure of it was overwhelming and relishing. Each plunge of my dick deeper into her lubricious pussy drew a moan from her throat.

She bit her lip to hold in her moaning sounds. Suddenly, I was inside her, gliding full and deep, burying every inch of my hard long dick in her fired-up pussy. I withdrew almost to the head of my dick. Looking into her eyes, I submerged my entire length with excruciating slowness.

My fingers were squeezing and teasing her nipples. My stomach was brushing over hers. Sona writhed upward, her hips pushing into my dick, pleasuring thrusts until she begged frantically. Sona held me tighter and moaned, “Saab, push it deeper, please don’t be gentle, don’t stop, do it harder.”

I loved her desperation. I loved her thirst for want of more. I loved her newfound shamelessness. Women look beautiful when they are hot and horny. I again pulled out and teased her by pushing my dick back slowly. This time I bit her nipples between my teeth.

Sona moaned in desperation as I kept increasing the pressure. My mouth covered hers, muffling her cries as I pulled out my dick. This time, brutally pushed back in a hard, fierce insertion. Her body shook with my every hit to her pussy. Gripping my back, she tried to take it to the deepest corners of her pussy.

Sona moaned as I thrust more powerfully and deeply into her. Each inward drive was a sensuous jolt, lifting her ass and back from the bed. She breathed and sweated and pushed back at me. Our feelings rose thickly and quickly to a crescendo as we tried to get the best of each other.

The repeated wet impacts of our flesh on her pussy embarrassed and excited her. The gentle sound kept increasing. There was absolutely nothing she could do about it. She had surrendered and lost control. I pushed one of my hands to the triangle between her thighs, caressing her pulsing flesh.

The other went to her boobs and clamped her nipple gently between my thumb and finger. The pounding on her pussy was getting more intense now. Sona’s horny moans made me mad. I lifted her by the hips to push deeper, claiming her in one powerful motion.

As I took her in pounding thrusts, my flanks met her backside with sharp, rhythmic smacks. Our fleshy smacks echoed through the room, obscene and arousing. Soon these sounds were joined by low, primal grunts of satisfaction.
Sona kept belting out her moans.

She watched my actions in utter disbelief, captivated by the display of raw, unfettered male desire. Sweat broke out. My jaw clenched tightly, tendons on my neck went rigid. I stared at the body, watching her boobs jiggle and sway with each thrust.

Her legs splayed wide, and my body settled between them. She cried out as I slid deeper inside her hole, stretching her whole body, my hardness stretching her pussy lusciously. I began to pump in a slow, steady motion that did not change despite her withering and begging to go harder, faster, deeper.

Sona pleaded, “Saab, faster, faster, please fuck me hard, hard, oh god, fuck yes.” With her helpless little moans, I caught the sides of her head. I wanted to tell her how wonderful she made me feel. But the power of lust overpowered my emotions.

I was lost for words as I lost myself in her deep horny eyes. The pleasure was climbing, rising high and fast, taking us by an unstoppable storm. Unable to hold back, her hands slipped to my shoulders. She clutched at me, sensation gathered there, in the center of her body, where I possessed so fully.

Who had surrendered- me or her? I wondered as we approached our release. Sona closed her eyes; she flung her head back. The release was much closer. I could feel it coming, shivering throughout my body. My pumping was more brutal, my moans louder, and my head dropped low.

I kissed her lips and painfully moaned, “Sona,” I said, my tone almost bare and raw. Her lips but my lips, her nails dug deep in my back. The walls of her pussy contracted around my dick, again and again, sending spasms of release through the channel.

And at last, in the final mind-shattering moment, Sona clung by her fingernails over the sensual void. The veils ripped apart, and she saw that hungry power. With her senses, she knew what it was.

Then that one thrust one last time, and with a cry, Sona shattered. With a loud moan, she lost her grip on reality and fell. Weightless for that moment, that briefest of journeys, falling from heavenly pleasure into the soothing pleasure of releasing her juices.

She cried out at its height—her body filled with a liquid rush of delight, a shudder of satisfaction. It was equally pleasurable to share her fulfillment. To feel her hold me in her arms with sensations we both could no longer control.

I remained inside her for a long time while my mouth covered hers, caressing and tasting her.

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