My Housewife Mother’s Remarriage – Part 1

Hey everyone, I am Manish. I am 6 feet, with a lean build. This is my first time writing a story here, recounting true incidents. The story starts in August 2021 when my dad passed away in an accident. He used to gamble a lot and had a big debt.

We are a middle-class family and didn’t even know he had a debt until the creditors came to collect. My family consists of only me and my mom, who is a housewife. I had just graduated college and worked in an IT company.

My mom, Jyoti is 44 years old, has fair, curly hair till shoulders, 5.5 feet and chubby. Her measurements are 40-34-41. So read on and enjoy the story.

On one Sunday in August, there was a doorbell ring. My mom opened the door and saw uncle Reddy at the door. Everyone called him ‘Reddy Sir’ and we had initially thought he was a friend of my late dad. He had come with two big guys who were covered in tattoos. He himself was about 6 feet and slightly fat with a potbelly. His two friends were bigger and meaner-looking.

My mom invited them in for tea and he said that they needed to talk in private. So they say on the sofa but the bodyguards remained outside the house.

I was in my room and could not hear much of the conversation. After 15 minutes, uncle Reddy left. I entered the hall and asked my mom what it was all about. She was sad and had a file in her hand.

I took the file and read, basically, my dad had put the house on a bet and lost. And Uncle Reddy was his creditor. So basically, Reddy was the new owner of the house. I was shocked completely. My mom said she needed to speak to Reddy urgently and went out. She came back very late that night.

The next day, the doorbell rang again and I opened the door, to see Reddy and his 2 henchmen with suitcases.

“Hey, Manish. Will you just stand there and won’t congratulate me?”

I was confused and said, “What for?”

“Oh boy, she didn’t tell you? I am your stepdad now.”

They left me gaping at the doorway and entered the house. His men set up his suitcase in my mom’s room and left. I was so shocked at the news.

My mom later explained that Reddy was allowing us to stay at our house if she married him for a contract period. My mom probably agreed to this. She told me to stay out of this and go to work as it was with her consent.

I left for work and came back late that night. I went straight to my room and was just about to sleep when I heard some moaning sounds.

I was so tired I thought I was imagining things but then I heard louder moans! I got up and when to check my mom’s room and the sounds grew louder. The door was slightly ajar and I, out of curiosity peeped inside.

The room was dark and I could barely see anything. I could see the silhouette of a man making two and fro moments on someone who was bent over. Reddy was fucking my mom in the ass!

I reacted instinctively and went in and switched on the lights. My mom saw me first and quickly put the bedsheet around her body. I caught a glance of my mother’s huge saggy breasts! Reddy saw me but he didn’t stop fucking my mom. My mom asked him to stop for a minute but he didn’t.

“What do you want, Manish?”

“What are you doing to my mom?”

“This is my wife and you are the one interrupting, Manish.”

Mom said, “Beta leave. This is not your problem.”

He stopped fucking her and pushed me out of the room and locked the door. I saw his 6-inch penis. I could hear him say, “Haven’t you taught your son manners?”

I was so shocked that I barely slept. The next day was Saturday and Reddy and my mom were already at the dining table. I went and sat. Reddy immediately said.

“Manish, what you did last night was wrong and against the new rules of the house. Since you don’t know the rules, I will give a light punishment this time.”

I was still wondering why this guy was acting all bossy when he summoned my mother. My mom was in her nighty and stood next to Reddy with her head bowed. He quickly lifted her nighty in one hand till her waists. He grabbed her ass with his other hand and spanked her!

I was too stunned to speak. He told my mom to hold the nighty half in place. He then bent down and got something from under the table. I could see my mom was wearing white underwear and her pubic hair was growing out of the sides. Her thighs were fat and had stretch marks.

He then started pulling my mom’s underwear right in front of me!

Her panty was dropped to the floor and I saw her vagina. It was covered in hair and I could see the pink slit lips. Reddy pulled out a huge vibrator and inserted it into her pussy. My mom let out a whelp. I was surprised she was not saying anything and allowing him to do that.

Reddy turned to me, “I will switch it on and we will watch her cum. The faster she cums, the better.”

He turned it on to the highest setting and my mom was already shaking. She took full 5 minutes and then came. She squirted all over the dining table.

Reddy laughed and said, “Clean this mess up.” Strangely, I was hard!

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