Manipulated & fucked a college girl

Hello there! I am Mandar from Delhi. I am a freelance designer. I am 26 and fairly successful for a guy my age. I earn enough money to fuck a new whore every day.

The story is a couple of years back when I used to study at Delhi College of Art.

About me, I am an average-built guy with not-so-great features. I am 5.9ft In height and have a 6-inch dick like any normal guy. No girl would notice me in the crowd if I passed by.

But, I was always observant of others, like a high-functioning psychopath. I was very experimental in bed and also an expert in trapping girls into having sex with me. I used to do nasty things to them in both public and private places. And I could hold my cock from ejaculating for a lot of time.

The story I am about to narrate is an absolutely real one that happened in my college. I was in my 3rd year at that time. I had a girlfriend who I just used as a toy to fuck. Whenever my dick would get hard, I would find her and use one of her holes to dump my cum.

I was already bored of her, but it was always better than jerking my cock. So while fucking her, I didn’t even use to look at her. She loves me, so she was okay with that.

Coming to the story:

We had just finished our exams. I desperately wanted to relieve my stress in a girl’s hole. But since my exam went well, I wanted a new whore to satisfy my urges. I waited in college after the exam. I was sitting on the stairs and watching the girls passing by.

I could imagine spanking their busty asses, pinching their nipples, slapping their fleshy thighs. And after a while, my eyes fell on Pratiksha. She was my classmate. She was a busty and fat, lusty body. I don’t care much about how beautiful my whore is. I just wanted someone I can manipulate and fuck.

So, a little bit about Pratiksha. She was the same year as I was but studied Fashion Design. She had huge busty boobs the size of melons. Her ass was humongous and bounced each time she put a step forth. She was cute and fair.

She was very popular in college. A good student and a teacher’s pet. She was also her class representative. She loved flaunting her busty body. That day, she was wearing tight black leggings and a loose shirt. But her boobs were clearly bursting out of the fabric through the cleavage.

My mind started imagining all the things I could do to her right here in college. I could make her my bitch without using much force. She passed down the stairs where I was sitting.

I ran to the college medical store. It was a small shop run by a local guy, Abdul, who was a pervert. I used to befriend such folks since they would do anything for money and pussy.

Me: Abdul bhai, how are you?

Abdul: All good, sir! How can I help you today?

I put my hand in my pocket and pulled out a hundred rupee note. I slid it to him on the counter.

Me: Ye rakh. (Keep this.)

Abdul got the hint that I was planning something.

Abdul: Have you found a new whore this time?

Me: Don’t ask too many questions. I have managed a pussy for both of us. You can have your way with her.

Abdul was overjoyed. I could see the lust flowing in his eyes.

Me: Now go and get me the snack

Abdul sneaked into his store and pulled out a small polythene bag for me. It was a metal butt plug.

Abdul: Here it is! Let me know what else you need.

Me: Be ready with a condom. I will call you in an hour.

I went back to the college building. I knew the fashion design department very well. It was on the fourth floor. I went there and stood in the corridor in front of Pratiksha’s class.

I peeped in. She was there. She was sitting on a chair with her legs on the table.
My god! Her ass could not fit on the chair. Her boobs were going up and down as she was breathing.

She was fiddling on her phone and talking to other girls in there. There were a load of cute and sexy chicks in that class. But I don’t care. I just wanted Pratiksha for no reason.

Being a psychopath, I had a lot of patience to get what I wanted. My mouth was watering by just looking at her. Without wasting any time, I went to her. I had never interacted with her before. But I wasn’t nervous at all.

Me: Hey, Pratiksha, I need some help.

Pratiksha was slightly surprised to see me interact with her with such confidence in our first meeting.

Pratiksha: Yeah, Yeah, sure. I mean

Me: Can you come out a bit? I had written a thesis paper on 19th Century Fashion and its Contemporary effect. Can you review it?

I was good! I was very intellectual when it came to academics. There was no thesis, actually, but I knew what would get her comfortable.

Pratiksha: Wow! Didn’t know you took an interest in Fashion!

Me: Oh, it’s just a hobby. It’s a pretty fascinating area of study.

She was impressed and started walking with me. Now, we both were in the corridor. There were a lot of other students around there.

I gave her the book. She took it and opened it with fascination. It had drawings that engaged her.

Pratiksha: Where is the thesis?

Me: Oh, it’s on the subsequent pages.

She started flipping the pages. This was my chance.

Me: Hey, Pratiksha, there is something on your nose.

And quickly, I put the butt on the book.

Prariksha: Wtf Mandar!

She picked the butt plug in her hand

Me: You don’t like it?

Pratiksha: Why are you carrying this? What do I do with this?

I stepped a bit back. And quickly took a photo of her holding the butt plug.

*click click*

Pratiksha: Hey, what the hell!

Me (with an evil smirk ): SECRET OF PRATIKSHA’S BIG BUBBLY BUTT. How fun would it be to circulate this pic?

Pratiksha: Hey, listen, go fuck yourself.

Me (calmly): Or why don’t I fuck you today?

Pratiksha: Drop dead. Bye

Me: Okay then. Sending the photo

Pratiksha: Hey, dont! I am contesting the council elections this year! The photo will ruin my chances. Don’t send it, please.

I could sense she was panicking. So a little bit I have learnt. Even a small stain on the public image is fearful for a college like mine.

Me: Well, I just want a cum dump for an hour. And we would be okay.

Pratiksha: Why me? But I am sure you can get as many sluts as you want with your charm.

Me: Manipulation gives me a high and gets me hard.

Pratiksha looked at me with awe. I looked back calmly.

Pratiksha: Just one handjob. And we are done.

Me: I make the rules here, Pratiksha. Here is how it’s going to go.
1. I take you to the medical store in the basement.
2. You make me cum with your mouth first.
3. Then I cum in your ass once.
4. Then I fill your face.

Pratiksha was angry. I could clearly see. But she got no reaction from me.

Pratiksha: Let’s get it done with you moron.

Me: Oh, I missed one small detail.

Pratiksha: Now, what is it?

Me: Abdul from the medical store will have a tour of your pussy before we go down.

Pratiksha was dumbstruck.

Pratiksha: What the fuck Mandar. I am not a whore of some kind.

Me: Suit yourself. Be a whore or be the laughingstock of the college.

And I started walking away. Pratiksha became restless and shouted: Hey!

She walked towards me with a calm posture. She came extra close to me and grabbed me by my balls. Her eyes were slutty, and her grip was firm.

Pratiksha: Bring it on, baby.

I walked towards the end of the corridor to the washrooms. But with a slight push, I gently directed her to the men’s washroom.

Me: Everything is going to be alright after a while.

I closed the door of the men’s washroom behind me. I leaned her on the basin counter and took my phone out. I called Abdul.

Me: Abdul, come to the men’s washroom on the fourth floor.

Abdul: Coming in two minutes, sir.

I could feel the excitement in his voice. Meanwhile, I made Pratiksha sit on the floor. Our washrooms were super clean. She was sitting on the floor with her back leaning on the door. I sat exactly opposite her, staring directly into her eyes.

I put my hand on her thigh and started caressing it. I was looking directly into her. In a minute, there was a knock on the door. It was Abdul.

Since the Fashion department had all the girls in it, no one really used the men’s washroom on the fourth floor. It was my personal fuck-room.

I invited Abdul in. Abdul was in his thirties. Well built but dumb. I had my leash on him. He used to be drunk on syrups most of the time.

Me: Abdul, you got 11 minutes to do whatever you want with her. She will have to be my slave after that.

Abdul was mad with joy. Without even responding to me, he directly went on his knees and unzipped his pants. And became completely naked. He pulled Pratiksha towards him and made her lie on the floor on her back.

Pratiksha saw everything but couldn’t move. Abdul pulled down her leggings to her ankles. He spat heavily all over her crotch. Multiple times. He wore the condom. He lubed his fingers with his spit and pushed three fingers in her pussy.

Abdul: Bro, where find you find this whore? She is very wet and loose.

He came on top of her. Then with one hand, he placed his dick on her cunt and pushed it in with one stroke.

Pratiksha smiled: Hey, Mandar, your lapdog has a fine cock. Don’t disappoint me later.

Me: I don’t care about you. I want my dick drained.

He then placed both his hands on her boobs. And started fucking her like a mad dog. Her body was moving to and fro on the ground. Abdul was crushing her tits. Pratiksha was now completely mesmerised. The room was filled with the sound of Abdul’s crotch hitting her thighs. Thap thap thap thap

Abdul was nowhere near to cumming. He still kept fucking Pratiksha continuously without slowing down. Pratiksha uttered, “Oh yeah, just like that.” Abdul pushed his tongue down her mouth. He was completely enjoying her body.

I sat on the basin counter and started watching Abdul fucking the living hell out of Pratiksha’s pussy. I took out my phone and clicked some pictures of Abdul fucking Pratiksha.

Me: Abdul, you got 2 minutes before she wakes up.

Abdul: Almost there, dude. Her cunt is loose and used

Abdul lifted Pratiksha’s legs, took them on his shoulders and started thrusting massive strokes. He increased his speed higher and, with a loud moan, came hard in his condom. He stayed in the same position for a while.

I was getting a hard-on in my pants after this. It was my turn soon. Abdul got dressed up and left. I put her leggings back in their place and made sure Pratiksha was all dressed well.

Pratiksha had a sly smile on her face. Now, we were again standing in the crowd-filled corridor. She was adjusting her shirt and leggings. She looked here and there. There were a lot of people in the corridor.

I was walking behind her. I had a clear view of the ass. I was going to bang in a few minutes. We got out of our building and came to the medical store. We stood near the counter.

Abdul was sitting in the store on his chair.

Abdul: Hello, what can I do for you?

Me: Get out of the shop for an hour. I want to fuck this bitch in your store. Here is a hundred.

Abdul: Of course! I will go for an hour. I have kept the condoms and lubes in the fanny pack on the counter.

Pratiksha: You are insane

Me: Well, Abdul is like my pet. I let him have the taste of the snack

Pratiksha: Let’s get this done with, you asshole.

I grabbed her ass and pushed her inside the store. Abdul closed the shutter. Now, it was just me and Pratiksha in the 10 x 10 room filled with medical supplies. I sat on an old rusty chair. It creaked.

Me: Hey whore! Get down here and suck my cock.

Pratiksha had no other option. She got down on her knees. I could see her busty cleavage from my eye level. She unzipped my pants. My cock sprung up erect. Her eyes widened. She bent towards me and took my cock in her mouth. Her lips were super soft. I could feel her moist tongue on my skin.

Her head was going up and down and up and down. She was definitely an expert. I held her by her hair and pushed her on my cock. I choked her. She was not able to breathe. I was not letting her go. She started trembling. Her hands were clutching my thighs hard.

I caressed her back with my other hand. She was going wild. Her movements became brisk. She was now pushing her head harder on my cock. She started caressing my thighs. I let her head go. She got up and started coughing. She was breathing heavily. Her tits were going up and down. Her eyes were watering.

Me: Come back, bitch! Who told you to stand up?

Pratiksha (with a smirk): Oh! I thought you already came.

She was licking her lips.

Me: Oh, babe! We are just getting started.

I got up and went near her. I grabbed her tits with my bare hands and crushed them with vicious force. She screamed. I kept on crushing them. She started hitting me.

Pratiksha: You asshole, I am hurting. Do it right if we are to bang each other.

Without a warning, I ripped her shirt. The buttons came out on the floor. Her milky boobs were staring right at me. My cock was impatient now. Pratiksha was standing in awe. I went behind her and punched her ass cheeks like a punching bag. I punched very hard.

Pratiksha: What are you doing, you animal?

Me: Don’t move, you bitch. I own you for an hour.

Now punches have changed to spanks. Loud and hard spanks.

Pratiksha: Aah, Mandar!

I pulled her leggings down to her ankles. Now, she was just in her panties and bra. I started spanking her ass again. It was a big ass. My one hand could not cup one ass cheek. I spanked harder. I counted 50 in my mind. I spanked her 50 times.

She was tired. She leaned forward to the counter. Her ass was red with my handprints all over it. She was panting and sobbing. I went behind her and hugged her like a thirsty, crazy person. I started cupping and crushing her boobs from behind. My cock was rubbing on her ass.

I was licking her bare shoulders. I sucked her earlobes. She let out a moan. I knew she had started to love it. But I wanted to see her hurt. I pushed her head. And pulled her ass towards me. I ripped her panties and tore them.

I stuffed the panties in her mouth. I didn’t want her to make noises. I spat on my fingers and stuffed 3 of them in her ass directly. She clutched her butt and was trying to scream really hard. Her ass was tight, and my fingers tore it apart.

She was moaning loudly.

Me: It is just getting started, Pratiksha! Open your asshole for me.

Pratiksha removed the panty from her mouth and let out a pleasurable moan.

Pratiksha: What are you …. not in my ass…

Me: Oh, shut up. Now I want you to beg me to destroy your ass.

Pratiksha: My ass is too dry. Can you atleast get a lube or atleast Vaseline?


I have a tight spank on her ass. The hardest till now.

Pratiksha: Aaah!

Me: Beg, you bitch

Pratiksha: Ah fuck my ass, Mandar. I want you to deflower my tight ass. Tear it apart.

Me: Now, I want you to spread your asshole for me

Pratiksha tried to part her ass hole with her fingers. I spat on her ass and rubbed it all over her ass cheeks. I lubed my cock with the fluid that Abdul had left for me. I bent Pratiksha over the counter and crushed her ass with my two hands, and parted her legs.

And without any warning, I stuffed my whole cock inside her. Pratiksha gave a wild scream. She was in a lot of pain. I started giving massive strokes. I usually count 50 strokes. This helps me last longer.

I thrust harder and harder. I squeezed her boobs from behind. Her ass was tight. She was an anal virgin.

Me: So slut, how are you doing there?

Pratiksha: Aaah, it hurts. I wont be able to walk after this.

Me: So crawl, bitch

I was counting 24, 25, 26, 27…

She was now completely weak and was leaning on the counter for support. She stopped reacting. Her asshole was turning red. It was swollen. I kept fucking it. I held her throat from behind. She collapsed on the counter.

I pulled my dick out. It was oozing fluids. She was now lying on the floor naked with her panties on her heels.

Pratiksha: Aaah, make me sloppy daddy.

I turned her and made her lie on her stomach. I gave her 20 spanks to wake her up.

Me: Time to sow my seed in your hole, babe

I parted her pussy lips. And came on top of her. I placed my cock on her pussy and punched it inside her cunt. I started thrusting hard strokes. One after the other. I kept fucking her for 20 minutes without any break. In the same position.

I was about to cum. I turned her over and rubbed my cock on her face. I let a huge cumshot on her mouth and nose. I filled her nostrils and mouth with my juice. I lay on top of her busty body for warmth.

I called Abdul in.

Me: Abdul, do you have any wishes?

Abdul: Sir, a last blowjob from her would be good.

Pratiksha winked at him slyly. She was in no state to stand up and do the mouthful, but her eyes lit up like a rabid dog.

Me: Of course! Let’s get this bitch up.

We both got her on her knees. I held her hair, and Adbul shoved his cock inside her mouth. I kept fucking her mouth. After 5 minutes, she took a load of juices in her mouth. We let her lie down for 5 minutes.

Me: Pratiksha, get out of here, or I will start your photoshoot again.

Pratiksha looked for her clothes and started wearing them. She was out of undergarments. Her face looked like that of a cheap street whore, with her eyeliner flowing down her cheeks.

Pratiksha: Hey, Mandar, next time, just ask, lol.

She went out of the door and left. I could see her limping. She was barely able to walk. And she forgot to wipe my cum from her leggings.

That’s all for today, guys! Hope you loved the story. Give your comments and feedback to .