Ashok Fucks Mom Again ! – Episode – 3

This story is the sequel to the series ‘Ashok fucks Mom again.’

After Dad and Ashok departed to Qatar, Mom started her job at Rajesh’s House as an assistant. She didn’t have much to do than arrange his files and meetings. Also, Rajesh seemed to be a decent man.

They had a spare room for me where I could watch movies and play video games on the large monitor. The monitor was also linked to the CCTV camera of the office where Rajesh and his Mom used to sit.

Out of curiosity, I used to peek into the screens when Mom and Rajesh were alone. I could see Rajesh making futile attempts to get close to Mom, but she wouldn’t budge. Rajesh was not as cunning as Ashok, and hence, he gave up after some time.

On Ashok’s advice, Rajesh asked me to ask when Mom can be coerced into lovemaking. I told him she was very orthodox and gullible. I shared an incident. Ashok had told her not to wear a bra as it’s bad for women after their thirties. He would suck her tits when he would come home in his office breaks.

The next day, I saw that the office furniture was moved to a different room. A small temple with an idol I could barely recognize. Rajesh’s Mom came hugging my Mom, saying, “You have brought good luck. Rajesh has good clients now, and his success is all because of you joining.”

She said that they believe in a tantrik pooja. The Guru has asked that the woman who is responsible for Rajesh’s success should do a special ritual for ten days.

“You need to do this pooja without clothes in the early morning and evening. You will need to do that alone or with your husband or the man in your life you love. If you two can spend a night in the pooja room for a night, it will bring good luck for both of you. But as Sreedhar is in Qatar, I can understand. I have asked Rajesh if he can join you. Only if you are comfortable.”

Mom was elated about how they appreciated her for bringing good luck. She seemed happy but also confused. I could understand what was conspired. But I was also sure it was difficult to execute as Rajesh and Mom are still not close.

Mom was helping Rajesh’s Mom, Nattiamma, to put brass lamps, lights and white sheets to cover the office walls and corners around the temple. Nattiamma was also trying to persuade Mom to allow Rajesh in the room during the pooja. I saw Nattiamma leave the room, and Rajesh entered.

I knew Rajesh was plotting something. Mom was trying to put decor in the corner of the room where a bed was placed. I left the room to check if I could peek into the CCTV camera screens. To my surprise, there were two cameras set in the room, one near the temple and one near the bed.

Rajesh hugged Mom from behind and tried to plant kisses on her neck. She seemed not comfortable. But something that Nattiamma said had convinced Mom. Rajesh pulled her pallu off her bosom and started removing the buttons of her blouse. She was not wearing a bra as usual.

Rajesh pinned her to the bed and uncased her sweaty tits. Her nipples were not firm yet. They would be when Ashok used to make out with her. But she allowed Rajesh to access each of them. He relished chafing the brown skin of her nipple in his mouth.

Rajesh proceeded towards her lips to kiss. To my shock, I could see a car approaching the other CCTV screen. When I looked at the number plate, it was Ashok. Mom had moved her face away initially when Rajesh was trying to kiss her but gave away after his frequent attempts.

My heart was racing as Ashok was almost at the door. Mom was alerted as Ashok opened the door. Rajesh didn’t notice a third person’s presence. But lost grip of her lips as she started to put her blouse on.

“Rajesh!” Ashok called out his name so he could notice his presence. Somehow, Ashok felt threatened and wanted to show this prowess and control over Mom. He kept his luggage aside and started removing his blazer. He hurriedly dropped his pants and underwear and proceeded towards Rajesh and Mom.

Rajesh was a bit petrified to see Ashok heading half naked. Mom could barely wake up when Ashok pushed her back to the bed. He stood close to her face on the bed as she looked at him upward, to his hanging penis and balls. He was erect, and his balls had assumed the smallest size.

Without thinking a second, he started rubbing his dick head on her lips. She knew she was being punished for making love with Rajesh. I felt a bit degrading of her as she started licking his pee hole and then sucking his shaft. His buttock muscles compressed as he started to gag her with his huge, monstrous gun.

I couldn’t see if he really ejaculated. But he settled down to kiss her lips to calm her down as he could see her crying out of shock. Rajesh was too embarrassed by what he witnessed. He left the room and closed the door behind him. I was not shocked.

Ashok always loved to take control of Mom in another man’s presence. He just couldn’t do that with Dad but have fucked Mom secretly when Dad was home. After a while, Ashok kissed her mouth, making love and chit-chatting. He stood up as Mom lay flat with her eyes closed, her head on the pillow.

He rose and turned around to the other side, his ass facing her face and legs spread wide over her chest. His butt crack settled on her nose, and his balls on her mouth. Mom slowly started to let his hot sack sink into her partly open lips. Ashok swivelled and ground his ass cheeks on her nose and mouth.

He adjusted his anus and shaft in intervals to feed her both equally. Her face was engulfed in his pubic hair. He was obediently using her tongue to wipe his butt and balls clean. I knew she was going to feed his piss. It is something I had seen them doing in the bathroom.

But this time, he went right in her mouth. He started with a huge jet that overflowed from her jaw. He controlled his flow as she gulped down the hot liquid down her throat. I could see them proceed to wash each other in the bathroom. As they exited, I could see Mom in Ashok’s arms butt naked.

He might have returned the favours in the bathroom, and I was curious how. I swapped the CCTV screen channel before Mom entered the room. “Saajan, I am going to do the pooja in the morning. So we will not be going home today.” Curiosity has crowded my mind about what is going to happen tomorrow.

When I woke up in the middle of the night, I could hear Ashok and Rajesh chatting. They were having drinks and laughing.

“You had three months, and all you could do was kiss? You are even worse than Shreedhar,” I heard Ashok breaking into laughter. He said this to Rajesh. “You just watch me tomorrow. Who all are coming for morning pooja?” asked Ashok.

“Morning will be just me, Saajan and my mother,” Rajesh replied

“Is your Mom aware of the plan?”Ashok, lighting up the cigarette, looked at Rajesh. “Yeah. She believed what Pandit said. He said, “Revathi needs to sleep with the man she loves after pooja, and it will bring good luck.” Rajesh was a bit shocked.

“Sounds like a plan. Need to see the expiry of my condoms? It has been a while, haha!” Ashok winked. Rajesh’s face had dropped by then. Someone else was executing his master plan.

The next morning, at 6 a.m., I saw Ashok and Rajesh wearing white dhotis and Rajesh’s mother wearing a saree. Mom was in the pooja room. The door was closed, and I could see the room was lit up with lamps. As I was forced to attend the pooja, I could barely see what was happening.

The pooja song played, and I could see Mom humming inside the office room. This continued for 30 minutes. Rajesh’s Mom moved forward and knocked on the door.

“Revathi, just keep the door open. Only I will come inside to help you wear the saree,” she said from outside.

“Nattiamma, you need good luck for Rajesh? Let me go in.” Ashok stopped her from entering. Rajesh’s Mom was a bit perplexed. But before she could say anything, Ashok pushed the door open.

We could see a beautiful black idol and two big lamps. Mom was fully naked, with just golden ornaments on her ears, hands and waist, and held a pooja thali in her hand. Ashok bowed down to the cult god and then to Mom. She was shocked because she didn’t expect him to come inside in everyone’s presence.

She tried to cover her boobs with a pooja cloth as she kept the thali aside and hid her pussy with her left palm. Ashok took a ladoo from the prasad bowl and offered her to eat. She coyly took and bite, and Ashok interjected her mouth with a kiss.

His tongue darted inside her lips, along with the half-eaten ladoo. His huge mouth started swallowing her tender lips. He grabbed her voluptuous butt as he continued to kiss. He gave soft bites to her nose as he tilted his head to grip her lips again. They devoured the sweet laddu and each other at that moment.

I was right there, watching my Mom getting kissed, naked. The ritual seemed ominous, if not for me but for Rajesh, who wished he could get a chance.

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