Marrying my Ma, Tulsi – Part 1

Hi, I am Jatin. Rajesh and I have been cousins and best friends since childhood. My father is the biggest whole-seller in the town and my mother died when I was 5 years old.

Rajesh’s father, Ramesh, is a government officer. His mother, Tulsi, is a housewife. She was the one who took care of me when my mother passed away. So even I used to call her Ma.

When we turned 19, Ramesh was transferred to a city. Since our village did not have any good colleges, Rajesh’s family took me with them to the city to complete my further studies.

By this time, I had developed horny feelings about Ma, Tulsi. She was the perfect Indian milf with huge breasts and ass. Her cleavage used to be clearly visible whenever she bent to pick things. I used to imagine how she would look if she were fully nude. I masturbated by imagining her naked image countless times.

As we moved to the city, I started spending more time with her. I would get an opportunity to brush my hand on her ass, or even breast, and get an ample view of her cleavage and breast. Whenever she used to go out in the evening, I used to make her ride a pillion on my bike.

I would purposely go through roads that had more potholes or speed bumpers so that her breasts could press on my back. She clenched my chest more tightly. She never mistook my evil intentions and always cared for me more than Rajesh.

In fact, she used to scold Rajesh that even though he was her son, it was Jatin who was fulfilling his duties. She told him to learn how to be a good man like me. If only she knew what my intentions were. But I never dared to take further steps.

I would get a tight slap, and my belongings would be thrown out of the house. Even my father would disown me and throw me out of his house. I was horny but not stupid. But I really needed to flush out my feelings.

So, I used to visit some of the brothels in the city. I especially fucked prostitutes who looked like Milf. I used to imagine them like Ma and even called them Tulsi during our fuck sessions.

So, a year went by. I was satisfied by masturbating and fucking milf bitches in brothels. I was simultaneously taking those chances of touching her, ensuring that she never got to know my intentions.

One day, Ramesh came home, and he was grim. He said that he was suspended from his job, and an inquiry was set upon him. He didn’t know when he would be able to join his job again. During that time, Rajesh’s grade was down, and he failed some subjects in his first year.

Even Tulsi’s niece’s wedding was cancelled. Ma was a very god-fearing person, and she believed that some evil spirits were behind such bad happenings that were happening to her family. Both Ramesh and Tulsi decided they needed to approach any Godmen or spiritual Guruji for a solution towards their problem.

Tulsi said that she will accept any proposal from a good Guruji if it leads to lasting solutions and makes their problems go away. An idea struck me. I thought that this was my chance to make my dreams come to reality. Tulsi would willingly give her pussy to me.

Though the plan was risky, but it was better to take a try.

The next morning, I decided to catch a lowly priest and made him understand my plan. I gave him a hefty amount of money, and he agreed willingly. He gave me a wicked smile and said that the work would be done. As per the plan, the priest arrived sometime later in the day.

Tulsi, by seeing the priest, immediately touched his feet and welcomed him. Now, my plan was being put into motion. The priest said, “I was passing by this house and could clearly see dark clouds hovering over it. So I came to bless this house.”

Tulsi said, “You are absolutely right. We are facing some serious problems.” She narrated her problems, and the priest listened to them patiently. Then the priest said, “I understand, dear. I can clearly see who the real culprit is and what the cure is.”

Both Ramesh and Tulsi became anxious and urged the priest to tell them the reasons and the solutions. The priest replied confidently, ” The real cause of the problem is you, Ramesh.” Ramesh was bewildered. He asked what he had done to bring such problems to his family.

The priest replied, “I will answer. But first, you answer me that when was the last time you had sexually satisfied your wife.” Stunned by this question, the entire family became numb. Tulsi and Ramesh could just stammer.

The priest said, “I know that it was a long time ago that they had sex.” He could clearly see that Tulsi was still in her prime sex life. But Rajesh did not satisfy her for long. Since Tulsi was horny for a long time, she might, in her dreams may, have cursed Ramesh.

It may have led to such consequences for the family. Tulsi started crying and said, “Yes, I still desire a man in my life.” But she couldn’t think of any man other than her husband. She would never curse the family for such a small thing.

The priest said, “I know, dear, that you are a pious woman. But don’t underestimate the power of horny pious women. Sex is the most important thing in the life of such women. Ramesh, by denying it to his wife, had committed the greatest sin, and due to this, the entire family is suffering. ”

Ramesh had now started crying and murmured that it was his fault. He would rectify this from today itself. But the priest countered, “That the time has passed by. You have incurred the curse of a pious horny woman, and you can no longer touch her anymore in this life.”

The entire family was now fully in the grip of the priest’s concocted story and believed every word of it. Meanwhile, Rajesh and I were standing and listening to all this conversation. I was smiling inside but made a very serious face.

Rajesh was in complete disarray, and he should be. I mean, which son would like to hear his parent’s sex life, that too, from a third person? Ramesh now begged to priest to give some solution so that he could correct the wrong that he had done to his wife.

The priest replied, “I cannot do anything. It is Tulsi that can bring happiness back to this family.” Tulsi immediately replied, “I will do anything to save this family.”

The priest said, “Think twice, dear because the solution is not easy. It will change everything, not only for you but for the entire family. It will lead to new relations and new situations. Will you be able to handle it?”

Tulsi replied confidently, “I will do anything as guided by you. You are a god sent us, and your directions will be my command.” Now, the final dice was thrown.

The priest replied, “OK, dear. Now listen, You will have to marry again and start your sex life with your new husband. Once your sex life is satisfied, good emotions will flow from you and will wipe the negativity from the house. The sun will shine again brightly. The curse will be over, and the family will be happy again.”

Everyone was stunned to hear it, especially Tulsi and Ramesh. Tulsi, in a stammered voice, “This cannot be done, Guruji. I am already married with a kid.”

But the priest conned her again by saying, “Dear, the marriage was already over a long time back due to Ramesh’s actions or lack of action in the bed. A husband who does not sexually care, is no longer deserves to be called a husband. The marriage is dissolved automatically.”

But Tulsi kept on repeating that this was not possible. So the priest thundered, “This is the only solution. If you don’t want it, you can think of some other thing. But remember, the more you delay, the more bad news is to come. Then don’t come running to me and ask what to do. The time to implement the solution is very short.”

“I will take your leave now. But the insult you meted to me, its sins will be borne by the entire family now.”

But Tulsi and Ramesh immediately apologized for their behaviour.

Tulsi, “We never insulted you, Guruji. But please give us time to think and accept the solution. And also, if I accept the solution, I can’t marry any random person.”

The priest replied, “You will not marry any guy. You will marry a guy who is born on a particular nakshatra and a particular month and date.” He gave the details of the month and date. Tulsi suddenly became serious.

The priest replied, “By the look of your face, I think you know the guy.

Tulsi replied hesitantly, “Yes, It is Jatin who was born on that date.”

My job was done was done by Tulsi herself. The plan initially was to give my birthday in the above format. Then, I would reluctantly say that I was born on that date. But before I could reply, Tulsi did my job.

Now my turn to jump into the discussion, ” How can I marry Ma? This is un-thinkable. I can never even think of this, even in my wildest dreams.”

The priest replied, “OK, don’t marry. But then you will have only a small period to find another guy who satisfies this criteria.”

Tulsi now replied, “Is there any other solution other than marrying Jatin?”

Priest, “Not only marrying Jatin but even having sex with him repeatedly, so a to be a proper husband- wife.”

Then Tulsi agreed reluctantly, “I will do it then.”

She then turned to me and said, “Son, you have done many things for me. Now I ask only one more thing from you. I know it is very difficult for you and even for me, but please marry me for the sake of the family. I will always be indebted to you.”

This is what I wanted to hear. I said in a sad voice, “OK, Ma. If that is your order, I will fulfil it wholeheartedly. You will never be indebted to me. I will always be your loving son, irrespective of our relationship.

Even Ramesh and Rajesh consented to the relationship. Strangely, Ramesh was thankful that Tulsi would get married to me rather than any random stranger. My plan executed way better than I even thought.

The priest replied that the wedding should happen immediately, within an hour, without wasting any time. I couldn’t believe the words the priest uttered. He went one step ahead of our plan, and I decided that I would pay him handsomely.

Within an hour, all the things required for the marriage were gathered. The priest conducted the rituals. Tulsi was wearing her wedding saree, and I was wearing a kurta pyjama. The icing on the cake was that Kanyadaan was done by Ramesh himself.

Rajesh was throwing flower petals when we were doing the seven pheras. All this was like a dream to me. I was pinching myself to see whether it was a dream or reality. As the rituals were done, we both sought blessings from the priest.

I took the priest to the side and handed him a big bunch of notes, ensuring no one else saw that. We both grinned, and he told me to enjoy her to the fullest. I gave some final instructions to the priest on what to say to Tulsi. I told him that his job was not yet over. I had more plans for him and told him to stay in touch.

The priest called Tulsi, and as instructed, he said, “Remember, from now on, Jatin is your only husband. This is your real marriage. You need to consummate this marriage tonight itself. You have to be his wife mentally and, more importantly, physically.”

“You both need to have sex repeatedly. The more sex you have, the more pleasure emotions release, which helps the curse to get away. Accept Jatin wholeheartedly and be his obedient wife. If you fail to do so, more harm will come to your family.”

“But if you do it wholeheartedly, you will not only save your family but will experience all the happiness you truly desire in your life. More good things will come.”

Tulsi said, “I have mentally accepted Jatin as my husband. And by tonight, I will accept Jatin as her husband physically as well.”

The priest then takes leave and says, ” I will come again. Till then, do as I told you, Tulsi.”

Tulsi now holds my hand and takes me to her room.

Tulsi, “I am grateful that you married me. I know it is difficult, but start imagining me as your wife.”

She then calls Rajesh and gives him money, and whispers something in his ear. I wondered what it was. 10 minutes later, Rajesh knocks and enters. He hands Tulsi a packet and looks at me, “Take care of her,” and goes back.

She then took a glass of water and handed me the packet. “Please take it.” I then take a look at it. It is viagra. I smile to myself, thinking that a mother had sent her son to fetch Viagra so that his cousin to fuck her. What a life!

I already had a raging boner, and I thought some Viagra would definitely help me. I took it immediately.

Tulsi now replies, “It’s time to consummate our marriage.” By saying this, she undresses herself without any shame in front of me. “Come, my dear. Take your wife and fuck me to the fullest. I am yours forever.”

Continued in the next part.