Sanskari Girl To Sex Slave – Part 2

Hello friends, my name is Ritu. This is a fictional story where a well-behaved girl turns into a slave of a loan shark due to her brother’s large debts. So now, without wasting time, let’s get to the story.

2 more days passed. We were having the same things daily. Ramesh was fucking me, Jiya made me lick her, and at the end of the day, we had a threesome. We have become a lot more friendly now.

On the fourth day, it was usual when I woke up. But after breakfast, Jiya asked me to wear some clothes. It was weird because I had not worn any clothes since the first day. I asked her what was going on that day.

She smiled and replied it would be fun, don’t worry, and she left. I was worried, but then I was excited to know that what new is to happen today. I rushed to my room, took a bath and wore a T-shirt and jeans.

We were having lunch at the dining table when Ramesh told me about today’s event. One of their friends was going to visit today, and they were going to introduce me as their niece to him. Jiya told me that he would stay here tonight.

It would be a lot of fun, and they were not going to disclose anything about me being a slave. Jiya continued and said, but I still have to obey their every order. I have to act like I am open to everything and not shy. I agreed with her and was happy to do so.

She told me about the guests that we were having today: Vatsal, His wife Tanu, and their son Ravi. They arrived at 5 PM. Tanu was good-looking but not as good as Jiya. Vatsal was an OK guy same body as Ramesh, but he was having hair problems, I guess. Ravi was good-looking. I was impressed looking at him.

We greeted each other and then sat in the hall and talked. It was fun, all of them were nice. Ramesh told them that I was looking for a job opportunity here. We had dinner until now everything was going normal. But Ravi suggested that we should play something and enjoy the night. Everyone agreed.

Ravi suggested some games, but not everyone knew those games. So, after some time, Tanu suggested that we should play ‘Truth or Dare.’ Ravi replied, “It would be no fun to play it with you guys.” Jiya, hearing Ravi say that, said, “You haven’t even played it with us. How do you know?

After some discussion, everyone agreed to play ‘Truth or Dare’ with little dirty things. We were not going to spin the bottle. Instead, we would pick chits with names on them. The first one will ask, and the second one will do.

There was one special rule. Those who didn’t answer the question or weren’t able to complete the dare would remove one of their clothes. With everything set, the first set of chits was separated.

The first one was Tanu, and the second one was Jiya. Jiya chose the Truth. After some thinking, Tanu asked Jiya how many men she had slept with until now. Jiya laughed a bit and said that she didn’t know. Ravi’s eyes had a different glow to see Jiya in Bra.

Jiya removed her top and put it aside. No one among them four minded it that much. Jiya selected the next set of chit. It was Ravi and Jiya again. Jiya selected Truth. After some thinking, Ravi asked Jiya again, “Is the number of men she had slept with so high that she could not tell anyone?”

Jiya answered, “No darling, it’s just that I don’t remember, but it is definitely in 2 digits.”

Ramesh and Vatsal were drinking along with the game. They didn’t mind it that much. Both of them were okay with everything. The next set was Ramesh and Tanu. Tanu selected dare, and Ramesh asked her to give him the bottle of beer without using her hands or mouth.

Tanu was wearing a salwar suit. She stood up and almost sat off the beer bottle. She was holding the beer between her legs and pussy. She slowly moved towards Ramesh. He took the bottle of beer from Tanu and also rubbed her pussy with his hand.

She smiled and sat down next round was me and Vatsal. Vatsal chose the Truth, So I asked him which was the weirdest place where he had sex. He looked at me and laughed and answered. “Well, there are two – the first one is at the hospital, and the second one is at the public toilet.”

Hearing this, everyone laughed. Tanu commented, “One of them wasn’t with me.” The next round was Ramesh and Ravi. Ravi selected dare. Ramesh asked Ravi to rub his dick on his mother’s armpits. Ravi was shocked after hearing such a dare. But then his mother, Tanu, said that it was okay.

Ravi removed his dick from his pants. It was already erect due to the talk and seeing Jiya in Bra. Tanu raised her hand, and Ravi started to rub his dick on her armpit. He came on Tanu, and she said, “At least you should release your cum on the floor, not on me.”

Tanu was in cum of her son Ravi, But it was not a lot. So we started the next round. It was Jiya and me, and I chose ‘Dare.’ She dared me to continue the rest of the game nude, sitting between Ramesh and Vatsal.

After seeing this much, I thought it was okay. I have to follow them anyway. So I removed all of my clothes and sat between Vatsal and Ramesh. After seeing me nude, Ravi’s dick was hard again. We continued the game.

Next was Tanu and Vatsal, Vatsal selected Dare. Tanu gave him two options first one was to lick all the cum that was on her, and the second one was to sit nude. He chose to sit nude. Now Jiya was in a bra, and Vatsal and I were completely naked. Ravi was with his dick out.

We moved on. Vatsal was staring at me, and I can see his dick slowly becoming hard. Although he was the oldest, he was having the biggest dick. We decided from now on, there will be only dares.

The next pair were Jiya and Tanu. Jiya dared Tanu to get naked and remove all the clothes Ramesh was wearing with his mouth. Tanu stood up and removed her clothes. To my surprise, she had a hairy pussy. She had the biggest boobs between the three of us.

She started unbuttoning the shirt Ramesh was wearing and then his pants. Now, last was his underwear. She licked his underwear where his dick was and then removed it. Watching this, my pussy also got wet. I almost started fingering myself, but then I controlled myself.

Ramesh’s dick was hard as a rock. Tanu naughtly winked at Ramesh and sat down. Ravi was stroking his dick slowly.

Next round was Tanu and Jiya. Jiya said to Tanu It’s my turn bitch she dared Jiya to get naked and fuck Ravi. She told Ravi to get naked and sit in the same position and not to move. Jiya got naked. Unlike Tanu, she had a clean pussy. Her boobs were not as equal to Tanu, but they were good.

She Stood on Ravi and Sat on dick as his dick was already hard seeing his mother and Ramesh. She started slowly moving up and down his dick. She was also increasing the pace. Seeing this, I couldn’t control myself and started fingering myself.

Vatsal stopped me and started rubbing his hand on my pussy. I had a bit of hair on my pussy. Then he fingered me a bit until Ravi was done. Then, all of us sat normally. Ravi was so happy that he got to fuck Jiya. The next pair were Ravi and Tanu.

Ravi was just done, so he cannot fuck her. So he dared her to rub her pussy on Ramesh. She stood up and put her hairy pussy on Ramesh’s mouth, which was between her legs and started rubbing. Vatsal again started to finger me. I was getting horny.

On the other side, Ramesh also started licking Tanu’s hairy pussy. He grabbed her ass and pulled her down on his dick, and started fucking her Tanu was also enjoying as much as Ramesh. Her big boobs were bouncing. I also started stroking Vatsal’s dick while he was fingering me.

All of them were done, and then they took a break of 30 minutes. This is the end of Part 2. In the next part, something more interesting will happen, so stay tuned.

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