Marrying my Ma, Tulsi – Part 3

As Tulsi rested in Jatin’s embrace, he kept on looking at her. He knew that he had achieved his dream of fucking this angel. There will be more to come in the coming days. But one glance at Tulsi’s big ass, and all he wanted was to penetrate her.

He wanted to dig every corner of her round big ass and knew that Tulsi was a virgin down there. I mean, a woman who was not sexually satisfied by her husband would definitely have her cherry locked. Jatin wanted to unlock it with his dick.

Jatin had fucked a number of ass of the prostitute bitches. But fucking Tulsi’s ass was to be different. First, Tulsi was a virgin down there. Second, he hadn’t fucked any virgin ass before. All the prostitutes’ asses that he had fucked were experienced down there. Some even had taken 2 dicks at once in their asshole.

But Tulsi was going to be a different experience. He had to be careful. If the anal sex would not go as planned, Tulsi could suffer injuries and infections. Even his dick could get hurt. So lubrication was very essential. Convincing Tulsi to give her ass was easy.

If he could make her wife and fuck her, then what was the difficulty to get her ass. Jatin just waited for Tulsi to wake up. She woke up after some time. She gave a smile at Jatin, and he proceeded to kiss her on the lips. They kissed for some time, with their tongues exchanging their saliva.

Jatin started pressing and playing with Tulsi’s boobs. She moaned a little, but they continued smooching. Then Jatin took his index finger and inserted straight inside Tulsi’s butthole. Tulsi broke the smooch and, in astonishment, replied, “What are you doing, my Swami?”

Jatin, “Just culminating the final thing that is left to make us as complete husband and wife.”

Tulsi, still in astonishment, “That is… ?”

Jatin, “To fuck your ass.”

Tulsi got up from the bed, and her face was in shock, “What are you saying, dear? No one has touched me down before there. I am a virgin there. I can’t allow anyone to touch me there.”

Jatin, by grabbing Tulsi from behind, “Not even your husband?”

Tulsi, now pleading, “Please, Swami, you tell me anything to do, I will do it whole-heartedly. But not my ass. It is taboo. Anal sex is forbidden for us.”

Jatin now putting his cunning tricks in place, “Not now, dear. See, you took my virginity. Now it’s my turn to take yours. It will be the ultimate culmination of our marriage. It will lead to the happiness of this family. Without you surrender your ass to me, this marriage is incomplete.”

Tulsi, still in denial, “No, Swami, I can’t do it. Please forgive me. You can fuck my pussy and even my mouth as much as you want. But not my ass.”

Jatin now rolled the final dice, “OK Ma. It has to be from your heart. I do not want to force anything on you. But remember, I gifted my virginity to you, but you didn’t. We are still not a complete husband-wife. I believe you still don’t see me as your husband, which I can understand. But Ma, we are doing this for our family. We will not get this time after tomorrow as the auspicious time ends during the sunrise.”

Tulsi does not reply to anything. Jatin now leaves grip on Tulsi, “I promise not to touch you again, Ma. Relationships can’t be forced. I am leaving. Probably, we have to find some other way to get rid of the ills from the family,” and pretends to leave.

Tulsi grabs her hand. He looks at her and finds tears falling from her face. She hugs him and states, “No, Swami, please don’t leave. I don’t want to be a bad wife. I will give my ass to you. It’s my turn to give my virginity to you. I am not selfish. You can take my ass.”

Saying this, she proceeds to kiss Jatin. Jatin reciprocates, and they continue kissing. He grabbed Tulsi’s ass and started pressing them. He whispers in Tulsi’s ears, “I promise to be gentle. Even God is with us.” By this time, Jatin has a raging boner, as if he drilled a hole in the wall.

Tulsi also starts to stroke his dick and, without saying anything, bends down to take his dick in the mouth. She starts giving him a blowjob like a pro.  Jatin never insisted on a blowjob. He felt that Tulsi might not be willing to take his dick in her mouth.

But here she was, licking and slurping his dick that would put even the prostitutes to shame. Tulsi kept on slurping and sucking. A shocked Jatin was thinking whether this was the same woman whom he was trying to convince for anal sex. He couldn’t handle it more and was on the verge of climax.

He grabbed Tulsi’s head and started mouth fucking her. He started giving deep strokes as if fucking her throat and, in seconds, spurted huge loads of cum in her mouth. Jatin was in seventh heaven as it was the best blowjob that he received, that too from Tulsi. He came to his senses and finally looked down on Tulsi.

She had drunk the whole load without any shame. Tulsi got up and proceeded to kiss Jatin. This time the smooch was deep, and Jatin also felt some of his cum in his mouth as well. He wanted to spit it out, but the moment was too sexy, and he kept on kissing his wife.

Then, Jatin asked, “Ma, that was awesome. I didn’t know you could suck my dick so well.”

Tulsi smiled, “Is now my husband sure that her wife is trying very hard to make the marriage successful?”

Jatin, “I am sure now.” They both laughed, and Jatin playfully slapped Tulsi’s buttock. Tulsi moaningly, “Please take my anal virginity, my Swami, I am ready.”

Jatin, “Yes, ma. Please go on all fours on the bed. I will bring some coconut oil from the bathroom.” Then Jatin brings coconut oil and pours a good amount into Tulsi’s rectum, which is in all fours. He also massages some of it on his dick to ensure a proper lubrication.

Jatin now inserts his index finger on Tulsi’s rectum to prepare her for what’s coming next. Tulsi lets out a moan, and Jatin withdraws his finger. “Are you all right, Ma?”

Tulsi, “Yes, dear. Just a different sensation altogether.”

Jatin, “I am now going two fingers at once. If you feel any pain, then make me stop.”

Now, Jatin inserts two fingers at once. Tulsi once again lets out a soft moan. He repeats this till four fingers are inserted all at once. Tulsi now lets out a loud moan and inadvertently shouts, “Fuck.”

Jatin again asks her, “Are you all right, Ma?”

Tulsi, “Yes, but it pained a little. But I can take it.”

Jatin decided to lubricate it more. He stretched her butthole as much as he could and poured more oil to make it more fuck-ready. Jatin is already hard and is ready to penetrate any time soon.

Jatin, “Ma, now its the time for the ultimate gift. Are you ready to give your anal virginity to me?”

Tulsi nods in affirmation. Jatin gets up on the bed and positions his already hard dick over the butthole. He says to himself, “Finally, the ultimate surrender of Tulsi.”

Saying this, he inserts his dick in the butt hole. As it is lubricated well, the dick slides easily inside the hole. Tulsi lets out a moan again, “Keep going, Swami.”
Jatin now states, “Ma, now I am going to penetrate fully. It will hurt a little.”

Tulsi, “I can take it.”

Jatin, with one force, inserts his dick deep inside her butthole, breaking all the resistance. Tulsi’s virginity was finally broken. Tulsi let out a loud shout, “Fuck! Like a dog.” Jatin didn’t take his dick out. Tears were falling from her eyes, and her body was shivering.

Jatin whispered in Tulsi’s ears, “It’s OK, Ma. You have passed the test. If you want, I can take my dick out.”

Tulsi, “No, my Swami, fuck my ass and make me complete. I surrender my ass to you for the rest of my life. You can have it whenever I want, and I will be ready.”

Jatin didn’t require any more invitation and he started giving slow strokes. Each stroke made Tulsi moan more loudly. Probably, Ramesh and Rajesh also heard. Each stroke was more deep and the pace increased subsequently. Tulsi kept on moaning loudly.

But her ass resistance kept on decreasing, indicating it was slowly getting accustomed to anal sex. Jatin started pounding her with more pace and, in order to get more grip, grabbed her boobs. This also allowed him to control his strokes and prevent his dick from slipping out.

He keeps pumping her for some time and then withdraws his dick out. He now rolls over in the bed and instructs Tulsi to squat over him. He knows this is a risky pose, and one mistake from any one of them can break his dick. But he still takes the risk and instructs Tulsi to be careful.

Tulsi carefully positions her asshole over the dick. In one go, the entire dick goes inside. Tulsi’s eyes roll over in bitter-sweet agony. Jatin told Tulsi not to move so as to ensure his dick gets adjusted to Tulsi’s weight. Then he lifts Tulsi’s butt so as to get more control and starts pumping it again.

Jatin penetrates Tulsi’s butt with no mercy. Tulsi, who has already adjusted to this pumping, now enjoys this to the fullest. Jatin nears his exhaustion. So Tulsi takes charge and starts riding the dick like a bitch in hell. This was not the same Tulsi that was crying and was short of confidence some time back.

This was one bitch, who wanted to make her new husband happy. And most importantly, wanted to enjoy the new pleasures of her life. It felt as if anal sex had liberated her from the bondage of family and society. This is one slut who enjoyed sex to the fullest.

It was difficult to say how much time Tulsi had ridden Jatin’s dick. But now both were close towards their climax.

Tulsi, “Swami, I am close.”

Jatin, “Me too.”

“Cum inside me, Swami, and make me the complete wife,” Tulsi moaned.

The words were too much for Jatin. He started giving deep strokes as if to rip the ass completely. This continued for some seconds. Then he ejaculated forcefully inside her. Tulsi also let out a loud moan and climaxed simultaneously.

She collapsed on Jatin’s chest. His dick plucked out of her ass, letting streams of cum flow out her ass into Jatin’s belly. They both were panting heavily, and their breaths echoed in the entire room. Jatin thought to himself that he had finally achieved everything in life. Now, every day and night will be a dream.

Tulsi also smiled, and she looked at Jatin, planting a kiss on his lips.

“Swami, I will be honest to you. In the morning, I thought that this was the worst day of my life. I had to marry and have sex with a boy, who I considered as my son. But as the night is coming to an end, I can now proudly say that this was the best day of my life. I finally found my man, who will keep me happy for the rest of my life.”

Jatin could muster only thank you as he was overwhelmed with everything. He should be, as he had fucked all the holes of his Ma in one night. Tulsi rested on Jatin’s chest, and they both embraced in sleep.

Now Tulsi and Jatin’s sex union continued every night, with Tulsi taking more initiative for their fuck fest. Was it her interest in sex, love for the family, or proof to Jatin that she was trying to be an ideal wife?

Sex was uninterrupted every night. Tulsi started giving blowjobs to Jatin to ease his morning-wood and suck all his cream like a pro.

A month went by and even lady-luck smiled on Jatin. Ramesh’s suspension was lifted, and Rajesh’s grades improved in the consequent exams. The family environment improved. Tulsi thought that Guruji’s advice was spot on. Her decision to marry Jatin and be his wife was correct.

She became a completely obedient wife of Jatin, and their sex-fest continued. After some days, the con Guruji appeared and blessed the couple. He ordered Tulsi to continue to be an obedient wife to Jatin.

Later in the night, Jatin and the Con Guru met.

Guru: So, how has your sex with Tulsi?

Jatin, “It’s going great. It starts with morning blowjob and ends with vigorous anal fuck in the night.”

Guru: Oh, it’s giving me a hard-on.

They both start laughing.

Guru: I want to ask this question. How did you know that this plan will succeed?

Jatin: Tulsi always used to keep a diary quite close to her. I used to think that it was for maintaining and recording the daily expenses. But one day, I got a hold of that diary. It was her personal diary. In that, she had mentioned her frustrations.

Guru: What frustrations?

Jatin: Sexual frustrations. Her sex life was basically empty. She wanted more from Ramesh, but he was least interested in her. You know, she even thought of an affair with someone but was too scared to get into it. That is why, I made this plan, with a chance that this may succeed. Do you know what she wanted more?

Guru, “What?”

Jatin, with a wicked smile, “Another baby.”

Guru, “Oh, you lucky bastard.”

Jatin, “I will call you. Let me enjoy her more. When the time is right, I will call you and tell you exactly what to say.”

Guru, “Anything for money. But remember – one mistake, and you will not only be kicked out but even be sent to jail. So plan your steps carefully.”

Jatin, “I have already planned it. Wait for my call.”

As they part ways, Jatin receives a call from Tulsi. He looks at Guruji and says, “That’s my booty call.” They laugh, and both go to their respective houses.