Cousin sister Apoorva’s slave

This is my story of how I became a slave of my cousin sister for one week as an agreement between me and my sister.

Hi, my name is Aditya. I am 21 years old. This is an Indian sex story. Such kind of stories cannot be from India, but this is a real incident that is true.

My cousin sister (my mother’s elder sister’s daughter) is from Bangalore. She is hot and sexy with medium boobs and tight sexy ass. Her name is Apoorva. When I used to be small, then she used to visit our house in town in Karnataka and stay for at least one month. But I didn’t know much of the dark side of hers.

This is the story of when I grew up at the age of 20. I was there for the next 3-4 years in my town as I was pursuing a BCA degree. So I used to see a lot of porn videos. First, when I got a mobile I didn’t know that such videos would exist. But when I searched simply in Chrome, I came to know that such kinds of videos exist.

From then, I started seeing videos every day and my content was Femdom, scat slave of mistress. So I always wanted to become a slave to my cousin sister. The dream of becoming a slave came true when I had a vacation for a month and my cousin called me to Bangalore for 2 weeks.

I was excited to enjoy Bangalore life. So I boarded from my town and went to Bangalore. There I enjoyed it a lot with my sister. In Bangalore when we used to go to the mall, there the girls used to wear short dresses with a sexy look. I used to think of being a slave with them.

One day, I was not able to control my lust for being a slave to her. Then I told my sister truly all the videos that I watched and I wanted to be her slave. Before telling all this, I told her that I wanted to improve in my life and so once last time, I wanted to quit all these bad habits and start a new life.

After listening to this, she told me that she was going to tell this all to my mother. Hearing this, I became nervous and got scared.

Then I said: Please once understand what I am going through. I am not able to control my lust. Please, please.

After this, she took some time thinking and said ok.

Then she said: I don’t want to do this all to you. But you want to quit all these bad habits and start a new career in life. So I’m going to act as mistress of you.

After listening to this, I got excited as well as got shamed in front of her. Because just thinking about something and the real-life experience is different. She asked me what she needed to do for me.

Then I told her that: When we go outside to the mall or somewhere else, you should book a hotel room for 6-7 hours and there you should do all those things to become my mistress.

And my cousin sister agreed to my future. The first day, we booked a hotel room for around 1.4k for a day. Then we went to the room and she asked what she should do with me. I told her that she should first ballbust me for some time and spit on me. Then she needed to pee and scat on me and then tie me for the whole day and do all kinds of bad things like face sitting, pooping in my mouth, peeing and slapping, etc.

She first ballbusted me slowly and then changed her clothes into shorts. Then my cousin sister peed in my mouth, scat on the floor, and told me to eat it. After that, she tied me to the bed, sat on my chest, and slapped me for around 15 minutes. Then she sat on my face with her shorts on.

I felt the weight of her and I smelled her shorts. The smell of her shorts made my dick hard. This all went on for 3 days. After that, I became sick because I ate her poop and drank her pee for 3 days. She had ballbusted me, so I used to feel the pain in my lower stomach.

After this, I told her that I had tasted her poop. For 2 days, it used to smell bad and on the third day, I felt that poop was tasty.

This might seem like a false story, but this is the true story that my sister became mistress only for my future. And I have experienced all this.

So I always call my cousin sister ‘mistress Apoorva’ when there is no one with us. Then, after a few months, she came to my town and stayed there for 12 days. During those days, she used to pee in my mouth. In the town, we used to sleep in one room and my parents used to sleep in another room.

By then she had become so much in sync with me that she used to think that I was her real slave and she used to make me a desk for keeping her legs and used to spit in my mouth and tell me so rubbish things. She used to tell me that I should do such a position when she is pooping on me.

She had become so good with this role that when she used to poop in my mouth she used to keep her legs on my both hands and used to poop in my mouth, and I was not able to move my hands. I used to enjoy her poop and I had peace that I am a slave of mistress Apoorva.

Then whenever she used to call me alone, she used to command me to do some things like eating my own shit and thinking as her shit. I used to enjoy this.

Another story with mistress Apoorva is when we were traveling by train at night. I used to go to the train washroom and she afterwards used to come to my washroom and used to perform all mistress slave activities.