MBA Sex Diary – Part 1

Hi, Readers. I am Madan. I hope you are fine. This story is a thriller sex story that happened when I was doing my MBA. To know more about my writing skills, you need to read , making you go so crazy. This story is about my college days’ sex story.

I got a seat in a good MBA college. I was new to Bangalore. I found a room and used to stay alone. As it was a new city, I didn’t know anybody here except relatives who never helped me. So every guy whom I met was new. I had high expectations, and all went as per my expectation.

College was too good, and I took a month to settle. I made friends with my classmate, her name was Anita. We both were 22 years old at that time. She was also not from the city. She used to stay as a paying guest nearby college. Over time our friendship turned into love, and we were so happy about that.

I had a background of having sex with many aunties. So obviously, I used to fuck Anita in my room. She was so cool and cooperative. At the same time, we both used to perform well in academics. Our relationship was secret, and none of our classmates or friends knew about it.

Well, Anita was a slim and cute girl. She was not highly interested in sex like me, but she used to cooperate when I needed it actively. Let me enter the thriller sex story part now!

Anita used to stay at PG, and we used to meet near her PG. It was 6 months since we met and almost knew each other. I phone-called her by standing outside of PG.

Me: Hi!

Anita: Hey.

Me: I am near the coffee shop.

Anita: Ok, but shall I take my new roommate with me?

Me: Ya, ok.

I was waiting at the coffee shop. Anita got there with her new friend.

Anita: Hey. Meet my new roommate Suma.

Wow, Suma was so beautiful and sexy.

Me: Hi Suma. I am Madan. Anita’s classmate.

Suma replied to me, ‘Hi’ with a smile.

Me: So your roommate Asha and Preeti left?

Anita: Arey no yaar. There was a big drama that happened last night. As you know, I always sleep at 10.30 PM. But they will be chitchatting and don’t put off the light till 2 AM. So last night I fought with them and changed the room in the morning. I have known Suma for 2 months, and her roommate left the PG. So Suma has two occupancy rooms, so I shifted there.

Me: So now you will torture Suma.

We 3 laughed.

Let me tell you about Suma. She is a final-year MCA student. Her age was 25. She was so beautiful and sexy. But her behavior was saying that she was a reserved and introverted kind of girl.

Anita: Fine, then take these assignments and complete them by tomorrow.

Me: Ok, done.

We had coffee and spent some time. Later we dispersed.

Once I reached my room, I called Anita.

Anita: Yes, dear bolo.

Me: So how is the new room?

Anita: You want to see it? Let me make a video call.

Me: But Suma?

Anita: She went outside to bring some stationery.

She called in a video call, and yes, it was normal PG with 2 beds.

Anita: How it is?

Me: Nice.

Anita: You know what, Suma is so good. She is so silent.

Me: I don’t think so. The girl who is so beautiful and sexy will be smart and open too.

Anita: Arey no dear. I observed her for 2 months, and she never used to talk with anybody in PG. She comes from a very orthodox family. So she is much more traditional.

Me: Oh, ok.

Anita: Aur kya?

Me: As we are in a video call, my cock is becoming rock hard.

Anita (Blushing): That will always become hard, uh.

Me: Thoda shirt upar karo na.

Anita: Acha, 2 minutes.

She was about to raise her shirt when the door knocked.

Anita: Oh, No. Suma might have come. I will call you later.

I was disappointed, but I respect her situation also.

Another 2 months were gone. Now Suma was a close friend to Anita. Anita has told her about our relationship. Once a month, Anita came to my room to have sex. Suma was aware of it too.

Evening 8 PM. Message tone. It was a message from Anita.

Anita: Hey, babies.

Me: Hi Honey.

Anita: So what, my dear, are you doing?

Me: Just watching porn.

Anita: Oh no.

Me: Kya hua?

Anita: I just wanted to pamper you. But in this mood, if I pamper you, you will start fucking me.

I just clicked a few porn pics from my laptop and sent in a chat.

Anita: Aah, babe, please don’t send all this.

Me: Ok, fine. Chalo. But imagine how if I come there in real.

Anita: My horny guy wants to tempt me.

Me: Answer me.

Anita: I will be thrilled if you come in real.

Me: Just imagine. I came into your room and locked your room. I sat on your bed and held your wrist. Slowly kiss your wrist and fingers. Now I started licking your sexy fingers. Wow, they taste so good.

Anita: Ah, Maddu…

Me: You are in your shorts and T-shirt. I just pushed you on the bed and tied your hands to the bed. Yes, now you can’t even move.

Anita: Aah then…

Me: I jumped and sat on your tummy. I started smelling your underarms as they were tied.

Anita: Wow, you are making me crazy.

Me: I need pic now.

Anita: Ok, wait.

I received a selfie of her lying on the bed in the same position we discussed in a minute.

Me: Wow, sexy. I just took scissors and cut your T-shirt.

Anita: Maddu, it’s my favorite one.

Me: So you want me to stop?

Anita: Hey, No. You are my favorite. Please do continue, honey.

Me: Now I made you shirtless. Your sexy armpits are shining. I went near it and took a long breath. Wow, so sexy aroma.

Anita: Ah, Maddu, meri jaan.

Me: Now my tongue came into action and started licking.

Anita: Wow, I am going crazy, Maddu.

Me: Then I shifted to your sexy neck and started eating it. Wow, it is so tasty.

Anita: Yes, baby, I am yours. Do more.

Me: Then I cut your bra now. Let me see those sexy lemons.

Anita had small boobs, but it was not the problem. She sent the picture of nude boobs as per the chat.

Anita: LOL. I have given you the contract to make my lemons into melons before completing our MBA.

Me: I am working on that contract, and I will achieve the target. Don’t worry.

Anita: LOL, ok. But tell me one thing. Do all men like big boobs?

Me: Not exactly. But the size of boobs directly proportions to the temptation of men.

Anita: Chalo, then please work on it and make them big. I expect the boob should grow to the size of Suma’s boobs.

Wait, what? Anita brought the Suma topic in between our sex chat.

Me: What? But I have not seen her boobs.

Anita: Shut up, naughty. You can’t see them. But I am sure that you have measured her boobs over her dress.

Me: I am always frank with you. Yes, I have scanned them, and she has perfect boobs. I think she might have given a contract of boobs to her boyfriend.

Anita: Arey no-no. I told you that she is very orthodox and doesn’t have a boyfriend until now. Her boobs growth is natural.

Me: Is it? How do you know?

Anita: While talking last time, she told me everything. I told her that I enjoy sex with Madan often. She was shocked, but she later said to enjoy life.

Me: Oh ho. Innocent girl.

Anita: Hello, now see this innocent girl who is lying topless.

Me: LOL, sure. Let me hold those sexy small nipples with my 2 fingers and pinch them.

Anita: Aah, Baby.

Me: Let me pull them.

Anita: Shh, it hurts. But mazaa aa raha hai.

Me: Let me kiss the nipples. Muah. I am slowly biting them.

Anita: Babe, my pussy has started releasing so many juices.

Me: I will drink every drop of your pussy juice. Be patient.

Anita had sent her hard nipple photo by that time.

Anita: See how hard they became.

Me: Wow, unable to control, dear.

Anita: This weekend afternoon I will come to your place.

Me: Sure.

Anita: But I want to see your hard black cock now.

Me: Ji mam. 2 seconds.

I held my hard cock and took a picture, and sent her.

Anita: Wow, I want to suck it, babe.

She sent her lips and tongue picture.

Me: Now you are making me crazy, babe.

Anita: Please aur thoda continue karo. Please…

Me: Ok, let me lick your entire upper body and come to your feet. I am holding your palm and licking it.

Anita: Wow, so romantic you are, babe.

Me: I started coming up and kissing your knees and inner thighs.

She used to send selfies as per our conversation. She had sent her bare legs picture to tempt me.

Me: Sexy legs. I pulled your shorts immediately. Now you are just in your sexy panty.

Anita: Aw, love you, darling.

Me: Wait. See here. Your panty is almost wet. How come?
Anita: You naughty. Do you think any girl in the world can resist her from this type of chat?

Me: Hehe, let me lick your panty over it and clean. I started licking now. I am licking, sucking, and biting your pussy over your panty.

Anita: Uffffff, babe. Please fuck me, please.

Me: Let me take down your panty first. I used my teeth to pull down your panty.

Yes now it came down. Wow, I can see this full wet pussy.

Anita: Yes, it’s so wet and waiting for your monster cock’s banging.

She sent a few pics of her sexy wet pussy to tempt me.

Me: Wow, juicy pussy. But recently, you have not shaved? That’s horny. Let me pluck your hairs from my teeth.

Anita: Ahhh. Your thoughts are making me your sex slave. Yes, do it, please.

Me: Hehe, Now I spread your knees, went near your pussy, and took a long breath.

Anita: Wow, then.

Me: Sexy aroma is making me crazy. My tongue tip is making a circle around your pussy now.

Anita: Wow, meri jaan. Eat it please.

Me: Now I am spreading your pussy lips from 2 fingers and tasting it like how a lion tastes the fresh meat.

Anita: I am feeling it, my darling. The best feeling in the world.

Me: I started eating your pussy slowly and drinking all the wetness. Leaving teeth mark on your pussy now.

Anita: Yes, baby.

Me: Tongue almost entered deep inside and showed my tongue skills.

Anita: Babe, please fuck me. Unable to control.

Me: Ok, ok. Now I adjusted myself and held my hard cock tip near your pussy. Slowly rubbing it from the outside.

Anita: Hayeee mar gayi main. Daalo andar.

Me: Let’s play a rapid-fire now.

Anita: Ok, jaanu jaldi.

Me: Will you give this pussy whenever I want?

Anita: Sure, baby. I will be your Randi. Fuck me whenever you want.

Me: Wow. What if I don’t marry you in the future?

Anita: No problem. Still, I will be your secret girlfriend. You can fuck me like whore whenever you want.

Me: Aw, so sweet.

Anita: Please now daalo na, babe.

Me: Ok, let me gather all the power to my waist and start.

Anita: Hey, wait. Suma might have come. She is knocking on the door. Oh shit, she came at the wrong time. She took a minute to dress up and open the door.

Me: All ok?

Anita: Yes, baba. All ok. But as she came, we couldn’t continue. Sorry, dear.

Me: Arre, that’s fine. Your safety is important. First, delete our chat.

Anita: Ya ok, ok. She had brought gobi Manchurian for me. Let me have it now. Love you Bye.

Me: Love you. Bye, dear.

As it was not completed, I ejaculated by thinking about Ankita and returning to my work.

Night 1.30 PM.

As I had slept in the evening, I was checking FB posts. Casually I checked WhatsApp, and Anita was online. As per my knowledge, she sleeps before 10.30 PM every day. I was shocked to see her online. But I thought she might have woken up to pee and checked her WhatsApp. So I didn’t bother.

I checked her WhatsApp after 20 minutes, but still, she was online. So I just sent Hi dear. Though it was seen, she went offline immediately. I thought she might have slept off, and I fell asleep.

The next day in college, we were having lunch in the canteen, and I took her mobile to check my last message of the previous day. But it was not there. I casually asked at what time she slept last night. She said that she left around 10 PM.

Because she had also masturbated, she was tired and did not wake up till morning. I smiled and said ok. I didn’t discuss my message, which I sent at midnight. But I asked her whether anybody knew her phone password.

She replied that nobody knows except you and Suma. So it was confirmed that Suma used to check Anita’s chats. But I didn’t say anything to Anita.

After 4 days, I got WhatsApp messages from an unknown number at 1 PM.
I received Hi message following some pictures. The face was not shown, but a girl showed her bra selfies and topless selfies without her face.

The pictures were taken in the bathroom. I took no time to find out that it was Suma. Because Anita often used to send nudes from her bathroom, I got to know that it was the same bathroom. I just didn’t reply as I felt like this might be a test from my girlfriend.

But even I was pretty sure that Suma was an orthodox girl. She will never do this for somebody’s test purpose. Suma might have taken a new sim, and though she won’t be get caught if she texts from a new number. I felt that she was introverted.

She went through our WhatsApp chat and was aroused. She might be finding a secret way to satisfy herself. I just wanted to wait and proceed after checking all the probabilities.

So this is my first part where we were style=”color: #3366ff;” href=”/couple/spontaneous-romantic/”>spontaneous and romantic. I will complete the story in the next part. All I need is your feedback. Lonely girls and ladies can mail me too. I can make your pussy ooze a lot of love juice and create a damn romantic virtual world over a chat!

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