Me And My Hot Bhabhi, Sarita – Part 2

Hello ISS readers. I hope you all have enjoyed reading the previous of this story. This is continuation how Sarita bhabhi and I continued to explore our sexual world. This story has a twist which you guys will learn as you read this story.

Before I start the story I want to inform you this story is pure fiction. There is no character which is real. The story continues with Sarita and me having sex whenever bhaiya used to go for his business tours. I realized she was quite happy to be with me. Well! I was more than happy.

One day when I came back from college bhabhi was talking to some woman in the living room. She was of her age slim, tall. Almost 34 c. She was as pretty as Sarita bhabhi.

Sarita- Hey Vinay, come here let me introduce to my good college friend Arpita. We both have studied at the same college in Delhi. She is originally from Kolkata. Her husband has now shifted to Pune for his job. We met after 5 years today. I am so happy we have met again after so many years.

Me- Hello Arpita!

Arpita- Hi Vinay!

We three spoke for a while. Then I excused myself as my entrance exams were not too far away and I had to prepare for it. I needed this college admission very badly. At least for the reason that I wanted to stay in Pune with my brother. Moreover, I wanted to spend more time with bhabhi.

One week before my exams I had to go to college for some paperwork. After finishing I returned by mid-noon. I didn’t want to disturb bhabhi of her noon nap so I opened the door with my house keys. As I was going to my bedroom, I could hear bhabhi moaning.

Definitely, the moans sounded of sexual pleasure. I have heard those moans before when she was with me. I was wondering who she was with now

I thought, “Has bhaiya come back from his tour early? Who is bhabhi with right now?”

I tried to hold myself back. But curiosity made me quite eager to know what was happening behind the door. I softly tried to hear voices by keeping my ear on the door. Surprisingly the door was ajar. It opened up slightly. I got a bit scared but I peeped inside the room.

My eyes could not believe what they saw. Bhabhi was sleeping on her bed all naked. Her legs were spread and naked Arpita had her face buried between her legs. She was eating her pussy. They both were so involved in the world of lust that they didn’t realize I was watching them.

Arpita was moving her tongue on bhabhi’s pink juicy pussy. Her one finger was moving in and out of her pussy. Bhabhi was enjoying the whole act with her closed eyes. She was moaning quite loud and her hands were playing with her own boobs. She was kneading them pinching her nipples.

From where I was standing, I could see Arpita’s bald pussy. She was leaking juices too that is when bhabhi started to scream.

Sarita- Fuck Arpita,  I have missed all this so much. Don’t stop baby I am ready to cum.

Arpita started to move her fingers in and out a bit faster. Soon bhabhi shuddered to what I could see an earth-shaking orgasm. The whole act made my boner hard like a bamboo stick. My cock had made a big tent in jeans. I was shocked but excited too by seeing what had just happened.


Hearing me clearing my throat startled both of them. They both got pale seeing me standing at the door. They could do nothing but hurriedly cover their naked bodies with the bedcover. I smiled cunningly.

Me- Wow what are you two beautiful women up to?

Sarita- Oh Vinay! When did you come? Nothing dear. We are just…

Me-Well! I am here from the time you were begging Arpita to go faster.

Bhabhi was pale-faced but Arpita was calm and composed.

Arpita-Hey Vinay! Why don’t you come and sit here? We are old friends and were living together in the same room during our college days. So we were just trying to refresh our old memories.

Me-It’s ok you two can carry on. I will take a nap. I need to freshen up my mind before I start studying.

Arpita caught hold of my hand.

Arpita-What if we refresh your mind here (winks)

Me-What! May I know what is on your mind Arpita?

Arpita pulled me to the bed and I just sat there at the edge.

Arpita-If you will listen with a cool mind then I shall put it across to you. Do you want to hear it?

Me-Ok I am all ears Arpita.

Arpita-Ok here it goes. I and Sarita have been bi-sexual during our college days. We were roommates so things were quite easy for us. We had lots of fun. Then we both got married after college. We started our married lives with our spouses.

Arpita- We did miss our relationship but couldn’t do much about the situation. Now life has brought us together again. Since we were married now we never wanted to initiate all this. Until Sarita told me all about you and her sexual encounter with you.

Arpita-Today early on. This brought out the old devils inside us and rest you know. So please if you can keep this as our secret we will be very obliged.

I looked at bhabhi’s blood-drained face. She was almost in tears begging me not to tell this to bhaiya.

Me- Listen, pretty ladies. I am ok with what you have been doing. Everyone has their secrets. What I just saw will be locked deep in my heart. So just relax and imagine I didn’t see anything. Bhabhi! Relax I promise I will never let this to bhaiya. You two can continue, please.

I started to get up just then I heard bhabhi’s voice.


I looked back.

Sarita-If you wish you can join us. We 3 can have a great time together. Arpita was quite keen after she heard about you.

Arpita-Off course, Vinay! Sarita did tell me about your mota lund I guess we 3 can make good 3sum partners.

Me-Are you two sure?

They both nodded and smiled. Well, deep inside I wanted this myself. But I didn’t want to show any desperation. I climbed the bed. As they were naked already they helped me out of my clothes. soon I was in my birthday suit.

Arpita-Oh my god Sarita! You were correct about his mota lund. He is quite big. He is bigger than Sujoy (her husband) too.

They both had a hearty laugh. Bhabhi was more relaxed now. She moved to me and kissed me softly. Her soft lips felt nice as she climbed on my lap facing me. I caught hold of her 36 d boobs. I could see that she was quite turned on by this whole incident. Her nipples were hard like a button.

I started using my thumb on her erect nipples. She let a muffled moan out in my mouth I kept exploring her tits. I was kneading them softly pinching her nipples between my fingers she kept grinding her hips. Arpita didn’t want to be left out. So she bent on my mota lund.

Her soft warm hands started to stroke my hard cock. Soon I felt her wet tongue and lips on my cock. She was softly sucking the tip. She licked the precum and she gulped half of my cock in her mouth. Bhabhi broke the kiss and looked behind to see Arpita sucking my cock like a lollipop.

I was enjoying the attention of two hot women. Arpita had her fingers between her legs. She was rubbing her clit while her tongue and lips were exploring my hard cock. Bhabhi smiled at me. I understood her gesture. She got off me and made Arpita lie on her back.

Bhabhi got between her legs. I kneeled beside Arpita’s face and pushed my cock back into her mouth. She shivered as she felt Sarita’s wet tongue on her aching bald pink pussy. Bhabhi was doing a good job with Arpita’s pussy. She was sucking her swollen clit hard.

Her one finger was moving in and out of her wet pussy, Arpita was sucking my cock deep. Her fingers were like a ring on my shaft moving them in tandem. Bhabhi now inserted two fingers into her pussy. This made Arpita moan with my cock still in her mouth.

She started to buck her hips higher, indicating bhabhi she is ready with her orgasm. The whole scene was so erotic for me to control my climax. I screamed.

Me-Arpita! I am ready to shoot my cum.

She didn’t bother to move my hard cock out of her mouth. She kept sucking me harder and her hands started to stroke my cock faster. I shot the first load of my juices inside her mouth. Bhabhi fingered her pussy vigorously. Arpita had her first orgasm too. It was a very wild one. My juices were dripping from her lips.

Me-Wow this was awesome Arpita. Bhabhi has never swallowed my juices.

Bhabhi just looked at me and she went to Arpita’s face. She sucked her lips hard she tasted my juices and licked her tongue.

Sarita-You were right, Vinay. I missed this nectar you really taste good.

We three slept flat on our backs facing the ceiling. There was a satisfied smile on our faces. It took us about 10 minutes to come back to our senses when Arpita broke the silence.

Arpita-Wow! That was a hell of a session but I need more. Vinay, I want to ride your mota lund now. My pussy is burning to feel what Sarita has been feeling till now. I have never had a cock as big as yours.

Arpita was a Bengali. I had heard Bengali women have a huge sexual appetite and I had heard it right. Her words were enough for my spent cock to come back to life again. Arpita never waited for me to reply. She just looked at bhabhi and she gave her a nod. As if bhabhi was giving her permission to fuck me first.

Arpita climbed on me as I laid flat on my back. She slowly caught hold of my hard cock and guided into her bald wet pussy. Wow, she was tighter than bhabhi but she was very wet. So my cocks just slid inside like a hot knife in butter.

She gasped as she felt half of my cock’s length inside her pussy. She slowly moving up and down on my cock. It felt amazing to have her tight pussy wrapped around my hard cock. Once my entire length was inside her I started to pump it in deeper and deeper into her tight pussy.

That made her shiver with her second orgasm. Her moans filled the room and bhabhi got thoroughly turned on. She wanted to be a part of this too. She went to kiss Arpita. Her hands looked good on Arpita’s small tits. She was pinching her nipples harder.

Arpita was in ecstasy she felt herself riding her way on to the moon. I held bhabhi’s hand and pulled her to sit with her pussy in my mouth. She obliged by sitting across me facing Arpita. My tongue darted into bhabhi’s cunt. She moaned loudly as she felt my long tongue deep inside her pink pussy.

Arpita was jumping on my cock wild. Her tits were jiggling up and down. Bhabhi was trying to hold her tits. Soon Arpita screamed.

Arpita-Fuck! I am cumming again.

Her juices started to flow on my hard cock. I had climaxed in Arpita’s mouth earlier so I could hold on to my orgasm. Sarita held Arpita’s satisfied face and kissed her hard. Arpita got off my cock which was gleaming with her juices. Sarita pulled her to kiss her lovely pink lips.

They both collapsed beside me kissing like two mad lovers. Sarita again got on to her knees and bent herself between the spread legs of Arpita.

Sarita-Let me taste you, Arpita.

Arpita’s body shivered as she felt bhabhi’s tongue on her sore pussy. A slight touch of bhabhi’s tongue gave her an electric current. I got up behind bhabhi as she was busy licking away Arpita’s juices. I placed my hard cock at the entrance of bhabhi’s pussy.

My cock was wet with Arpita’s cum. So it was not too difficult to enter her. She let out a loud moan as she felt my cock enter her pussy. I caught hold of her waist and started to pump my cock deep into her cunt. The sight of my cock getting vanished in bhabhi’s pussy itself made the cock twitch.

I tried to hold on to my climax because I wanted bhabhi to experience a massive orgasm. Soon I was pumping my cock deep into her pussy. Her body moved back and front. Her tongue was going deeper inside Arpita’s cunt. Bhabhi’s pussy muscles started clamping on my mota lund.

I moved faster now. I was fucking her harder and deeper.

Sarita-Vinay, fuck your bhabhi hard. I am cumming. Fuck me hard.

That got me on the edge. I shot my load inside her with a loud groan.

Me-Yes, Bhabhi, I am cumming. Take your dewar’s cum in your pussy.

We three came at the same time. I kept shooting my load deep into her cunt our mixed juices were dripping on her thighs. I removed my cock from her pussy with a plop sound. Arpita didn’t waste any time. She got behind bhabhi and licked her clean and then she licked my cock.

She tasted our mixed juices. Our naked satisfied tired bodies lay on the same bed. We were very close to each other.

Arpita-Sarita, thanks. This was the best sex I have had until today. You were so correct about Vinay. He is an amazing love maker. I hope Vinay you score well in your entrance exam and get admissions in the college.

Sarita-Yes I am hoping for same Arpita. But that will happen only when we let him study.

We all laughed.

Just for your reader’s information, I did pass the entrance with excellent scores. I got admissions in the college my course was for 3 years. Bhaiya insisted that I should stay with them and not on college campus till I finish my course.

I hope you all enjoyed reading my stories. I may continue or may not. All depends on how you rate this and previous part of this story waiting for your sexy comments. You all can leave a comment here or contact me on .