Mistress Knows He Is Homosexual For A Reason!

Hi readers, this is Simraan reporting with another sexual thriller to make your day!

Work hard and play hard! That’s my mantra nowadays, you guys.

I work hard in the office and my lover works hard on my pussy and ass in the evening. Every day, he would pick me up from the office and drop me home. In between that, he would pick up and drop me multiple times on his bed for taboo sex.

One day, I brought my lover to my house because my husband had gone out with his friends after work. My bf fucked me in the ass, in the pussy, and shot his cumload in my mouth.

After cleaning up, I stepped outside with him in case any of my neighbours suspected me of having an affair. I decided to drop him at the society gate talking about imaginary office work (using secrets for sex).

Inside the elevator, my bf got horny when he got a whiff of my body washing liquid. I was wearing a skirt dress, so he was bound to get in a lusty mood. He grabbed my big ass cheeks and lifted me up rubbing his cock against my pussy. I too lost control and began to kiss him intensely on the lips.

When the elevator reached the ground floor, I broke our passionate kiss and pleaded with him to leave me. When he did, the end of my dress got stuck in his belt buckle. To my horror, the elevator door opened while my naked lower body was visible! I wasn’t wearing a panty because I expected my lover to grab me one more time.

An unfamiliar boy (only him!) was standing on the other side enjoying the view. His eyes were wide open when he saw my curvy booty and thick thighs.

We managed to recover my dress and stepped outside the elevator. When I stepped on the border of the elevator and the floor, the boy grabbed my ass cheek and pinched it. He knew I couldn’t make a scene because I wasn’t wearing any panties and was caught by the boy in an indecent state. Further enquiry would reveal that I am married and that man was not my husband.

The perverted boy left his hold only when the lift door closed. I was so angry I wished his hand got stuck in the lift.

After a few days, I saw that son of a bitch once again. That time, I got very angry when he made hand gestures showing off that he ejaculated his cum load me.

That day, I asked the security of the building where that boy lived in the society. I marched straight to his house and he followed me with no serious look on. His mother opened the door and welcomed me in. She introduced her husband to me and soon I found myself chatting with my new neighbours over a cup of tea.

I had forgotten about the boy when the doorbell rang. Watching that boy again, my anger popped up. I banged my fist on the desk and startled everyone.

Me: Aunty, your son is a scoundrel. Please teach him how to behave. He…

I still couldn’t tell what he had done the night before. But her mother sensed my thought process and joined her hands in front of me. She was almost crying when she spoke.

Mom: Sorry beta, please don’t judge him on his behaviour. He has a special medical condition…

Me (interrupting): What special condition? Are you trying to save this horny bastard?

Mom: No no, but I can’t stop him either. Please calm down. It’s natural and it’s in the law too…

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. But his mom and dad were looking at me as though I had done something wrong. To convince me to calm down, his mom brought the boy in front and gave me a shocking revelation.

Mom: My son rarely finds someone of his type and that’s why he gets excited. Please tell this beautiful lady here that you will not kiss or cuddle a boy again in public.

Me: What?! (totally confused).

Mom: I feel shy to use the word… it…it…

The mom ran inside the room probably crying. So the father completed her thoughts.

Father: Please excuse her. She tries her best to accept the fact. Here, I apologise on behalf of my son.

Me (inside my head): What the fuck are these clowns talking about… what kind of a nutcase family is this…

I left without saying a word and didn’t care if they thought that I was rude. Till the reached my doorstep, I was thinking about the perverted boy.

Me (inside my head): How come is he gay? The son of a bitch grabbed my ass cheeks and pinched them. If I had allowed him to do more, he would have fucked me right inside the elevator.

I made enquires with a few nosy people in the society. They informed that the boy recently identified himself as a homosexual. I knew the asshole was pretending to be gay. But I needed to know why the fuck was he…

My maid walked inside the house giving me an instant idea. For a simple woman, she had an amazing pair of breasts and a well-toned ass. She was an easy target for men because they thought she would have sex for easy money.

I told her to trap that rascal inside the house so that I could catch him red-handed. She hesitated at first but when I assured her of extra money, her tune changed.

One afternoon, my maid successfully lured the boy inside my house. The moment she closed the door, that horny pervert grabbed her ass cheeks and pressed his cock against them.

The boy: You bitch! Look at this booty here… How come you are not a full-time hooker?

My maid: Leave me saheb, my madam will be upset if she sees you with me.

The boy: Aren’t you the one who brought me here? What are you talking about? Fuck that, come here my slut, today I will make you scream in English during sex.

The boy pounced on my maid and grabbed her big boobs in the blouse. His excitement was making him wild and he was enjoying the power he had inside him. I had to stop his play because he tore open my maid’s blouse in excitement!

Me: Whoa whoa whoa Shiney! Control yourself, man. Look at you, your parents would be proud to see you back to normal. Let me show them the good news…

The boy: This was a fucking trap! I’ll teach you a lesson slut…

The boy rushed toward me and tried to pin me down on the floor. In his lustful rage, he forgot that there will be consequences.

I got him under my control and made him understand the situation he was in. He soon realized what a mistake he had committed.

The boy dropped to his knees and began to plead for his stupidity. His eyes were on my mobile phone. I thought he could snatch it and run away with the evidence, so I took charge of the situation.

Me: Will you beg for this mobile or for something else?

The boy was quick to understand what I had said. He knew that grabbing the maid was only a small problem compared to his parents thinking that he has become gay.

The boy: Please madam, please keep this between us. I swear I will do all your household chores for free…

Me: No thanks, I have a maid for that. But you can look after my body.

The boy (quick to understand again but not completely): I am at your service, madam…

Me: Call me mistress, you buttfucker!

I grabbed his hair which gave his scalp a massage. He was already horny and then he became relaxed.

Me: I don’t think you understood what I meant. I said my body, you will have to look after my body.

I sat on the chair and gestured for the boy to come and sit in front of me. He did exactly as I ordered and stuck his neck between my thigh.

Me: I want you to reach my clitoris with your tongue and massage my bean…

The boy was quick to stick his tongue inside my pussy. But I tightened my thighs against his head which made him struggle to reach the juicy spot. I laughed watching him struggle and making him beg me to allow his tongue to reach my vagina.

Finally, he stuck his sloppy tongue and hit the spot right where I wanted it. I was using him as my clit massager because it feels fucking amazing to stimulate the clit.

He had to breathe in that tight spot and get the pleasure of stimulating my pussy all at the same time.

His tongue skills were pretty good for a beginner. The boy sensed my clit beginning to taste salty and before he could escape, I squirted right on his fucking face. He coughed the pussy water that suddenly went inside his throat.

His clit massage refreshed me on a Sunday afternoon. I had got him by the balls (even literally was also possible). But there remained one question.

Me: Why are you pretending to be homosexual though?

The boy: One night, in my uncle’s house, I and my cousin sister were staying awake fooling around. In the heat of the moment, I made her grab my cock and rest her nude ass on it. Now, she’s blackmailing me…

Me: You utter creep…

Over to you guys, what do you suggest I should do next with his pervert? Write in the comments.

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