Debauchery of my wife – Part 1

Ranjeet Patil, I’m 41 years old and have been married for 18 years. My wife Sarika is 39 with beauty to be admired. She’s 5 feet 5 inches tall, slim-figured, with 32-sized boobs. Her waist is about 28, and her bums are 34 inches.

We have two kids. But as we both are professional and job-going, my parents have taken them to their place. Though my wife is 39, she looks around 30. I look older than my age.

Sarika is fair and has a spotless body. She does regular exercise to keep herself maintained. Her boobs are not saggy and can compete with a newly married woman.

It all began in mid-lockdown 2020 when she was 37 and looked younger. We both work in private firms. So 10 hours of working and 2 hours of travel time makes us quite busy. But the lockdown was boring. Without kids, we were fed up.

However, we had quite a good time together as we couldn’t give much time to each other earlier. But later, in the middle of the lockdown, we were bored of each other. I spent my time sleeping, and Sarika started to surf the net. I was relaxed as she didn’t bother me now.

After a few days, I noticed a behavioral change in Sarika. She was spending a lot of time on calls. She hates making long-duration calls, but her conversation on calls went longer than expected. I loved her a lot and trusted her a lot as well. But still, I decided to confront her about these calls.

The main reason was she behaved creepy while she was calling. She started to leave the bedroom or get away from me. Even she started to lower her voice so that I couldn’t understand. So, one fine day in the afternoon, while we were about to go for an afternoon nap, I asked her.

She said it was just a regular female friend from the office and nothing serious. I didn’t want to say that, but I asked her to show me her phone. In addition, I said I wanted to talk to the person for my surety. Her face went pale, and she started to babble. But after a few minutes, she confessed.

She told me she was talking with a guy she met on Facebook Chat. He was a 22-year-old IT guy from Coimbatore named Venkat Reddy. I thought it was just that, but she spilled the beans. She said she was chatting on Facebook initially, but later, he insisted on showing pictures.

She dropped a few, and later on, he forced her to more exposing pictures. She liked the attention she was getting from a far younger guy than her. Reddy praised her a lot, and she liked his approach. Eventually, she started to share exposing pictures with him.

I was shocked by her revelation. But she said she had even shared nudes with him. Before I could recover from this shock, she revealed that she had done nude video calls with him a few times when I was asleep. I was about to say something when she dropped the final bomb.

She confessed that Reddy wanted to get intimate with her, and she wanted it too. I was shocked that my wife, at age 37, was telling me that she wanted to have sex with someone else. I scolded her for her debauchery activities and commanded her to stop talking to that guy.

I took her phone, locked the laptop and changed the Wi-Fi passwords. She didn’t resist at all, and I relaxed. But she stopped talking to me, she stopped taking proper food, stopped smiling, stop exercising. In two days, she was looking like a person ill for 2 months.

Dark circles, faded skin complexion, and messed up hair. I was feeling so bad for her. The bonding between us was so strong that I was also disheartened. The next day I gave up on her happiness. I gave her back her mobile and resumed the laptop settings.

I said that I was OK with her fulfilling her wishes with Reddy. She gave him a call immediately and told him the good news. She even made me talk with him, and he confirmed with me. So, the bars were set. As soon as the lockdown opens, he’ll visit Pune.

To my dismay, the lockdown opened the next week itself. It was Saturday 6 in the evening when Reddy called. He told us that he was on the way and would reach us around 9 in the evening. Sarika was super excited to hear that. She rushed to the bathroom to prepare.

She waxed her body and shaved her private parts. She already had some cosmetics, and she applied them to her body. She was glowing and looking so refreshed. She wore a skirt and a blouse on top. It was evident that she wasn’t wearing any bra. I doubted whether she was wearing any panties inside or not.

She was looking at the clock and through the window outside. It was around 7:45 pm when the doorbell rang. As Reddy was expected at 9, she was frustrated that any unwelcome guest had arrived. The doorbell rang again, and she got up from the sofa. She walked towards the door and was out of sight.

I was watching TV at that time and was nervous too. In my thought, there was some neighbor at the door. So, I was not paying any attention to it. But when Sarika didn’t return for more than 5 minutes, I walked towards the door. As soon as I reached the door, I was dumbstruck.

Sarika was standing there, kissing a guy. He was a young Tamilian guy with a dark skin tone, a few inches taller than Sarika. Sarika’s blouse buttons were open completely, and her boobs were bare. Her skirt was down, lying at her ankles. She was all bare below her waist.

Reddy was kissing her and was mauling her boobs alternatively with his one hand. His other palm was busy between Sarika’s thighs. Maybe he was busy fingering her pussy. The door was wide open. They didn’t even bother to close the door. I crossed them and closed the door myself.

Then I returned and stood beside them. Reddy broke the kiss and looked at me angrily. He asked, “What? I’m here to fuck her brains out. What the hell you’re staring at?” I didn’t reply to him anything and walked inside. I came back and sat on the sofa watching TV.

Reddy entered the room after a few minutes, carrying Sarika. He sat just opposite me with Sarika on his lap. Reddy’s face faced me, whereas Sarika’s back was towards me. Her milky white ass and back were facing me. Reddy was busy sucking her nipples and mauling her boobs mercilessly.

Though she was restless after that assault, she still showed happiness in her body language. The way a young guy treats a girl did lack in our 18 years of marriage. I was done with that enthusiasm, but maybe Sarika still was craving that.

Meanwhile, he kissed all over her neck and lips. I didn’t notice when he got rid of his pants and underwear. I turned my head towards them when Sarika grasped and wept a little. Sarika announced that it was in. From my side, I could view Reddy’s dick inside her pussy.

I don’t know how long and thick it was, but it was all inside. Sarika waited a while and started to jump on his dick. She was all wet already; yes, her pussy was not so tight after two kids. She started to jump on his dick, and Reddy enjoyed every bit of pleasure.

She had too much enthusiasm for the first fuck with her new lover. But still, she was around 37, and it was not a young age. She got tired in a few minutes. She took a break, and they kissed. She resumed, but within 2 minutes, her knees and thighs started to pain.

She resigned immediately and told Reddy about it. Reddy picked her up, walked towards the dining table, and deposited her on the table. He started to fuck her pussy with slow shots. Now Reddy’s ass was on my side, and I could only view Sarika’s legs.

Reddy sped up his fucking minute by minute, and Sarika started to moan heavily. Sarika was moaning like she was a newlywed bride and was fucking in the start week of marriage. Reddy had stamina, the stamina of a young lad. There was no doubt about that.

He fucked her straight for 15 minutes and growled like a passed-away wolf. It was then I realized that he was filling her hole. He pulled his dick out and turned towards me. He had just orgasms, but his lump dick was at least 5 inches long and double thicker than mine.

He looked at me and smiled, then walked towards the bathroom. Sarika got up with red boobs. He mauled her boobs wildly, maybe. She has all teeth marks on her skin. She walked inside towards the bathroom. When they didn’t return for a while, I moved toward the bathroom to check it out.

Sarika was busy talking with him and massaging his dick in the meanwhile. Reddy looked at me and said, “Get lost, asshole. We are busy.” I returned to the drawing room, and they came to the drawing room after a few minutes. We set for dinner, and Sarika served the dinner at the dining table.

They both were still naked and didn’t mind me around. Between dinner, while serving food to Reddy, his hand roamed freely on Sarika’s private parts. They had quality time together, and I was the jealous guy around. After dinner, Sarika told me that she would show Reddy our bedroom.

I came out on the balcony for fresh air after they left. I was thinking about the mess that was created, and it took me around 20 minutes to make up my mind. I came back to the drawing room and then headed toward the bedroom. As soon as I got inside the bedroom, I was shocked to see Sarika on her fours.

Reddy was already inside her fucking her from behind. I was indeed shocked and couldn’t decide what to do next. I was nervous when Sarika asked me to recline on the bed. I reclined on the bed opposite and turned my head towards them.

Sarika’s boobs were hanging and jiggling with each thump Reddy was making. Her eyes were closed, and she was biting her lips in over excitement. In between, Reddy was slapping her bums and mauling her boobs forcefully. Instead of showing discomfort, Sarika was enjoying every bit of assault.

Around 10 minutes or so, Reddy grunted and deposited another load of sperm in her fertile pussy. He pulled out his dick and walked towards the bathroom, and Sarika followed him. They return in 10 minutes, all naked. Sarika reclined in the middle, and Reddy beside her.

We pulled the blanket and covered ourselves, and dozed off in a few minutes. It was late night or early morning when I heard hot talk. I was still drowsy but opened my eyes. I looked around and found both of them missing. I got up and followed the voice which was coming from the bathroom.

I reached the bathroom door and pushed it open. The door wasn’t bolted from the inside, and it opened wide. Sarika was standing bowed down, with her palms on the wall. Reddy was trying to enter her from behind. Sarika was telling him that it won’t go inside. She had never tried that ever before.

I understood that Reddy was trying to enter her asshole. He tapped on her bums and pushed a little. Sarika screamed and told him it was painting a lot. I tapped on Reddy’s shoulder. He turned around, and I said, “If she isn’t comfortable, why are you forcing her?”

Reddy growled at me, “Am I asking your suggestion, asshole?” Before I could speak, he slapped me hard and said, “Get out and go to the bedroom.” Before I could say anything, Sarika said, “Baby, go to the bedroom and wait there. We’ll join you in some time.”

Dejected, I come back to the bedroom. For 5 minutes, I could hear the voice of Sarika and Reddy fighting with each other so that it won’t go inside. Whereas Reddy was sure, he would manage. Finally, Reddy grunted and declared that he was inside. While the fight was on, I could hear weeps of Sarika in between.

Maybe he was pushing his dick cm by cm inside while she wept. Now the weeps were replaced with ouches and moans of Reddy. I could also hear slap sounds on bums. The moans and slaps kept coming for the next 30 minutes, and then it was complete silence.

They returned to the bedroom in 10 minutes. Sarika’s hair was wet, meaning they had a bath together. As soon as they came inside, both reclined on the bed. Reddy said to Sarika, “It’s pretty hard to find a virgin asshole at your age.”

Reddy looked at me and said, “Asshole! If you had fucked her asshole earlier, it would have been easier for her. Did you forget to fuck her asshole, or you didn’t like to fuck as you are an asshole?” I didn’t reply anything to him and turned my head to the opposite side.

15 minutes later, I turned back and found Reddy and Sarika in a deep sleep, holding each other. I wasn’t able to sleep very late and then dozed off. I woke up to Reddy’s high-pitched voice. I opened my eyes and found him sitting on the bed, spine resting on a pillow.

I, too, climbed up a little and found Sarika wasn’t in bed. Sarika came inside the bedroom. All freshen up. Her hair was nicely combed and tied up in a ponytail. She had applied fresh lip gloss, and her lips were shining. Reddy looked at her and said, “Come on the bed and give me a blowjob.”

I interrupted, “She doesn’t like sucking at all.” He turned towards me and said, “Did I ask you or her? Why don’t you keep your mouth shut? The asshole you are, I doubt the kids are yours or someone else’s.”

Sarika didn’t look at me and climbed the bed. She went between his legs and gulped his dick in her mouth. She started to suck him by licking his dick from all sides. Then she moved downwards and licked her balls. In 18 years of our marriage, she never did this with me.

I was downhearted, but still, I didn’t utter anything. After playing with her tongue, she finally took the whole dick inside her mouth and started to mouth fuck her dominant lover. Reddy started to moan loudly, and I got up to freshen up.

I moved to the toilet and freshened up. Then had a quick bath and brushed my teeth. When I returned to the bedroom, Sarika had rolled on the bed and was lying on her back. Reddy was above her, with his dick still in her mouth. He was shaking his bums and grunting loudly, depositing his load inside her mouth.

I looked closely and found waves in the throat of Sarika’s neck. That was evident that Sarika was swallowing his load inside. I immediately remembered an instance of our when Sarika was giving me a handjob. As I shot my load, it landed on her lips.

She went straight to the wash basin. She vomited and did mouthwash later on. But now she was gulping her lover’s load without hesitation. They moved to the bathroom and freshened up together when they were done. The breakfast was ready, and we had it together.

After breakfast and coffee, Reddy went for a nap. I was lying on the sofa watching TV. Sarika got busy with the house chores. Around 10:30 am, Reddy got up and moved toward the kitchen. I, too, followed him and peeped into the kitchen. Sarika and Reddy were kissing passionately, and Sarika noticed me.

She smiled like a shameless whore. Reddy also noticed me and grabbed her by her ass and lifted her upwards. Sarika encircled her arms around his neck and legs around his waist. They kept kissing for a few minutes, and then Sarika descended to the floor.

Reddy came towards the drawing room and sat on the sofa. I, too, came back, and Sarika came after a few minutes. She gave me a long list of papers. I looked at her, and she said, “It’s the monthly grocery we purchase. Would you go to market and purchase it, as grocery stores are only open on Sunday.”

I kept that list in my pocket and came out of my flat. I took my car and rushed to the market. The market and grocery store were overcrowded, so the owner was not letting everybody in. I was given a token and had to wait for my turn. My turn arrived in an hour, and I went inside.

I selected everything in the next 45 minutes and reached my building around 12:30 pm after billing. The old lady doing clearing service at my flat was rushing out of the building. She looked at me but didn’t wish me at all. She takes off on Sunday, so I was pretty sure she won’t have gone to my flat.

Sarika had made plans after calculating all prospects. I climbed the lift with the supplies. I reached the flat door and knocked. Reddy shouted that it was open. I opened the door and got inside. The scene that welcomed me was Sarika standing all naked.

She had bent forward, and Reddy was fucking her from behind. He was pulling her hair like a harness and was holding it tightly. Sarika’s forehead was sweating, and she was biting her lips in pleasure. I wasn’t sure if he was fucking her pussy or asshole, but Sarika was in deep pleasure.

Sarika opened her eyes and looked at me. I asked about the household lady. She said, “She knocked a few minutes ago, and we thought it was you. So I told her to come in.” I was astonished by their revelation. I asked, “Whether she saw you both.”

Reddy said, “Obviously, I have been fucking her for 15 minutes now.” I yelled at him, “Why don’t you try to hide?” Reddy roared back, “Even if your entire building gathers here, I won’t be stopping if I’m fucking my bitch. Consequences are your problem, not mine.”

Sarika said, “It’s OK, baby, I’ll manage. You need not worry.” I stood there staring at both of them when Reddy roared again, “Get off my eyes, you asshole, how dare you roar at me. I’m taking care of the duties of fucking your wife, and you are behaving ungratefully.”

I walked inside the kitchen and placed the stuff in their respective places. About 10 minutes later, Sarika arrived and asked me to wash my hands as she would be serving lunch. I washed my hands and came to the dining table. Reddy, too joined in a few minutes, and the food was served.

While having food, Reddy said, “My cum disposal! In the night, you couldn’t take my dick in your ass. And look now, how vigorously I fucked in your asshole and how much you enjoyed it.” I realized that he was fucking her asshole a few minutes ago.

I didn’t say anything and concentrated on finishing lunch. After lunch, we all went for an afternoon nap. Maybe an hour or two had passed when I woke up. Reddy was between Sarika’s legs, fucking her brains out. He was kissing her in between and sucking her nipples too.

I looked at Sarika and said, “Why are you both so out of patience?” Sarika turned toward me and said, “Reddy is leaving in the evening.” I was delighted to hear that, but it didn’t show on my face. Maybe they have been fucking for a long, so when Reddy grunted, I understood he was filling her inside.

I turned towards Sarika and said, “Condoms, at least.” Sarika smiled and said, “I will take pills. Need not worry.” After depositing his load, Reddy reclined on her and went for a nap. I, too, went for a nap and woke up in the evening. Reddy was shaking me up, and I looked at him blankly.

He asked me to get up and come along. I got up, yawned and followed him. We came to the drawing room, and Sarika was standing there all naked, and so was Reddy. Sarika asked me to stand in front of her. I stood there, and she bent down, holding my waist with both palms.

Reddy said, “She is tired and needed some support to stand like that.” I didn’t say anything, and Reddy started to push his dick inside. As Sarika felt uncomfortable, I was sure he was putting it in her asshole. After a minute, she gasped for air, and I understood he was all inside.

He started to fuck her slowly. It was the first time so close to Sarika. So, I grabbed her boobs in my palms and started to press them slowly. Sarika didn’t say anything, and I kept playing with her boobs and nipples. Reddy was busy fucking her asshole, holding her waist.

My dick had stiffened, so I pulled my dick out of my pants. Her lips were just in front of my dick, so I tried to put it in her mouth. She turned her face away and said, “Later, baby, let me serve our guest first.” She put my dick back in my pants.

Reddy was thumping her so vigorously that I was shaking in my place along with Sarika. Reddy was having the pleasure of a lifetime, and maybe Sarika too. He kept on fucking her for a few minutes and then reclined his chest on Sarika. I thought he was over, but his palms touched mine.

My palms were still on Sarika’s boobs. He looked at me and said, “Off your palms from her when the alpha is fucking.” I withdrew my palms, and he mauled her boobs for a few minutes before resuming his fucking. He didn’t take long and deposited his load inside her asshole in 10 minutes.

He went to the bathroom and returned in a while. Then he dressed and left our flat after kissing Sarika all over her body. Sarika had a little chit-chat before he left. I was so high that I pulled my dick out.

Sarika sat down on her knees and said, “Baby! I think you’re not comfortable when he’s around. Likewise, Reddy isn’t comfortable around you. He says you interfere a lot. So, he suggested meeting him in a hotel room instead of our home next time. You are OK with it?”

She pressed my ball hard after saying that. I meekly said yes, and she took my dick in her mouth.

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