Mom becomes son’s temporary wife – Part 2

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New readers can read my previous part to get a hold of what’s going on. Without further ado, let’s jump into the story.

After my son left the room, I bathed and went to bed. I couldn’t sleep and felt a bit of guilt, disgust, and shame. I was talking in my mind with myself like, “Today you’ve crossed one line and taken him in your mouth. Tomorrow you have to be naked in front of him and take him inside you.” Thinking about this, I was feeling very nervous.

After a long time, I took a trip down memory lane when I got married. I was naive and way too nervous about my wedding and the first night. I was scared to enquire about that to my mom or my grandma. Still, I remember awkwardly asking my friend who got married 3-4 months before me.

She said it was super scary at first, painful, and then it was good. She told me to relax and let it happen. Coming to the present, I told myself, “Relax, let it happen, you are doing the right thing”. Then I slept.

I woke up the next day and again got ready. I woke him up with a kiss. Surprisingly, he kissed my cheeks as he woke up. Then I asked him to freshen up and gave him coffee. He said, “Thanks maa”.

I asked, “Why thanks?”

He just smiled. I felt awkward and I didn’t want to continue this topic. Then I just brushed his hair and said, “Don’t think too much, go and get the condom today. Make sure you don’t buy it from a nearby pharmacy. Buy it from a far location”.

This was a problem. I didn’t want the pharmacy guys to think that my son was sleeping with someone. So I asked him to get it from far away. The day passed very fast. I could see him checking on me while I was in the kitchen and doing chores. It was awkward, but I let him do as I agreed on the deal. We had dinner and the same as before I asked him to come to my room at 10 pm as yesterday.

Then I bathed and wore a good saree and waited very nervously. He tapped the door. I said, “It’s open, come in”. I could see his face getting a bit nervous. Then I asked, “Are you feeling nervous?” He nodded. Then I continued, “ Have y6ou bought the condoms?” He said, “Yes. I don’t know what fits me, so I bought two in all sizes”.

I laughed out loud hearing this and kissed his forehead. This broke the ice. Then I said, “Okay, we can see what fits you and we can use that”.

He said, “Yes”.

Then I tapped his face and said, “See, I know this is weird. But don’t be so weird because you are getting more stressed. Relax and let it flow naturally”.

He said, “Okay maa”.

Then he asked me, “Maa, can you be a little playful and romantic with me, unlike yesterday? I want my wife to be playful and romantic and I want my first time to be memorable.”

My face turned all weird, but I understood that no one would love to have a dull first time. Then I decided to give him a wonderful first time.

I saw a raging boner in his shorts and his face was sweating. Cute fellow. I took his hand and put it in my hips (by the way, I have very wide hips, both my pregnancies are natural since I have wide ones). I pulled him closer and slowly grazed my lips on his lips. His hands on my hips grew tighter. I decided to rip the band aid (our awkwardness) by kissing. But I wanted him to take charge so that he could feel confident.

I continued to give small kisses on his lips. Finally, he got the cue and pressed his lips against mine. He bit my lips hard. I said, “Shh”, and pinched him. I asked him to be gentle while biting. He sucked my lower lip and gently bit at the end. I felt that. I was getting hot and was running my hands behind his back.

We were kissing for around 7-8 minutes standing. It was like he was stuck in this and either didn’t know what to do next or he knew but was scared. I sighed within my head and put my hand inside his shorts. His penis was steam hot with blood rushing inside it. I finally rescued my lips from his mouth and started running my hand on his penis. He jerked a bit and I asked him to remove his shorts. I still was a bit surprised to see his dick size. He stood naked. It had been many years since I saw him. He had grown into a fine man.

Then he asked with a baby face, “Can I see your breasts?” I was like, “Awww” in my mind. Then I removed my saree, turned around, and asked him, “Can you help me remove it?”

I tried as much as I could to keep the ignited flames high so that his first time would be memorable.

His eyes brightened up. I closed my eyes, waiting for the impact. I thought he would go for my breasts. But he hugged me from behind and started kissing the sides of my neck and slowly started to fondle my breasts over the blouse. I felt like a thunderbolt struck me. It was too much. After a long time, someone was cracking the walls I built around myself. And it was my own son.

I wanted to run away from this room and never come back. But I couldn’t ruin his moment. Then I clenched my fists and stood there with my eyes closed. He untied my hair and let it fall. Then he tried to turn me around. I didn’t want to face him. I just guided his hands to the hooks. He untied them and got access to my bra.

Then my son kissed my back once again. I clenched my fists once again. He unhooked my bra. My legs were slightly trembling as this would be the moment when someone other than me was gonna see and touch my breasts. He turned me around with force this time and made me lay on the bed. Thankfully, he did this. Otherwise, my knees would have given up and I would have fallen on the floor.

I covered my breasts with my arms. Then he slightly sorted aside the hairs covering my face and started kissing my lips. I think I gave him too much confidence.

I ignited the fire so much that I started to melt. My arms gave up and he removed my bra. He said, “It looks beautiful”. My eyes were closed and my arms crossed on my face.

I didn’t utter a word. I touched my nipples. I literally shook a bit. I was able to feel the fire after a long time. Then I curled my toes and I started to get wet. He asked, “Can I suck it?” I just nodded my head. Then I clenched my fists as tight as I could. He kissed my breasts and finally, he kissed my nipples. I felt a shock in my body. He started to suck it. I was shivering and biting my nipples.

Then I moaned, “Ahh”, patted his head, and said, “Gently” (I said breathing heavily).

He asked, “Then don’t close your face.”

I realized that I was getting off track, as I agreed to give him a memorable first time. I simply nodded, raised my hands, and invited him.

He came and kissed my lips. I locked his head with my arms and kissed him back. He broke the kiss and started to lick my nipples and suck them. I moaned a little and held his arms tightly. Suddenly, he sucked my nipples strongly. I gasped while my upper body rose by itself. I hugged my son tightly. I was feeling very weak in my knees. Somehow, I gathered strength and I whispered in his ears, “Let’s see what size fits you”.

Then I made him lay and somehow grabbed the condoms. I know what to use on him. But simply to let the pressure on my clit and my mind reduce a bit, I decided to play with his dick for some time. I grabbed it and started to shake it with my hands. He was about to say something like, “Maa, I don’t want…” (To be honest, I don’t remember what he said that day. I thought he was not interested in me shaking his dick. So that’s what I’m gonna tell you guys).

I immediately started kissing his dick and licking it. He jerked a bit and stayed silent. Finally, I thought and started to suck it as good as I thought to give myself time. But strangely, the pressure built in my clit was still the same if not growing. He stopped me before he could cum. He said, “Okay maa, we can talk about condoms later”.

I was kind of taken aback when he tried to untie the petticoat. I knew what was coming. Then I quickly said, “Wait a minute, you will ruin this one. I will quickly undress”. He said, “Okay”. Then I untied and pulled my panties along with my petticoat. I did this because I didn’t want him to see my wet patch in the panty. It would be so embarrassing. As soon as I removed them, he lifted me and put me in bed.

Then he lay on top of me and started kissing my lips again. He was slowly going below with his hands. He knelt and signaled, “Can I spread your legs?” I nodded yes. And he spread my legs and saw my exposed pussy. (For male readers, let me explain. Women feel the most vulnerable (at least from a sex angle) when someone spreads their legs apart and is about to do things to their vagina.)

Literally, my cheeks were all red, I felt like a newlywed girl. I could see his fingers were shaking and he was kind of tensed. I slowly pointed my finger at my clit and said, “This is the part you should lick and play with. It will make your partner feel good and prepare her to take you in”.

He said, “I can’t see it. It is so hairy”. I got even more shy. I took his hand and placed it on top of my clit and said, “Here”.

He rubbed it and said, “Is this the one?”.

I bit my lips and nodded. My son started to run his fingers on my clit. He was doing it horribly wrong, running his fingers on my bare skin and on my pubic hairs instead of the clit. I said nothing and let him explore. Then he came near my pussy and tried to spread it. He was a bit pathetic for the first time. He was rubbing random areas and pulling my pubic hairs instead.

Then I asked him to stop and said, “Let’s go with the next step. We can do this the other day”.

He was sad. Now my tension has been built up for reduced, and I definitely knew I needed to be wetter than this to take his dick inside me. Also, I wanted to cheer him up. So I pulled him and kissed his lips again. I whispered in his ear, “You can rub on top of my vagina and get the feel for today”.

His dick twitched! My son got on top of me and put his dick on top of my vagina and asked, “Is it right?” I said, ”Yes”. He started moving. He moved it gently and rubbed it while doing that.

Finally, it started to feel good. I asked him to move in a rhythm. I was guiding him by pulling him in and pushing him out. He got a rhythm and started to move. The tension started to build tension and started to feel more wetter. After some time, I stood up, licked his dick once, put on the correct condom for him, and asked him to fuck me. He rubbed his dick on the entrance and didn’t know where to push. Then I again helped him to find the correct hole and asked him to push gently. He placed his dick and pushed it slowly. I held my breath and it went inside a little and hit a roadblock. I asked him to pull out and push it in.

My son pulled out entirely. I got so irritated. Then I said softly, “Kanna (dear), don’t pull out entirely. I can’t help you find the hole every time. Pull out halfway and push it in. Don’t stop even if I ask you to stop. Don’t stop till your whole dick is inside me. Repeat the action till you get inside me entirely”. He nodded.

Then I helped him to find it again and held the bed cover tightly. He pushed inside and pulled out and pushed and pulled and pushed and pulled. Every time it was like my son was digging my pussy. As I said he is a little over 7 inches, and my pussy had been untouched for almost 2 decades. It was too much for me.

When he pushed for God knows how many times I touched the inner part and I felt like I was being split open. I told him, “Take it out. Till now it looks fine”. He didn’t listen, pulled out, and pushed it with force. I shouted, “Ahh… enough.”

He pulled out again and this time, pushed with all his might. He broke something in my brain and I finally felt his pelvis touching my base.

I screamed, “Ayyo”, and held his arms tightly. Tears were rolling from my eyes. And I cummed first time after many long years. My arms fell down like it didn’t exist. I was breathing very heavily. He was about to pull out panicked. I just signaled him, “No, don’t pull”.

He just lay on me, I hugged him tightly,  pulled him to me, raised my legs, and locked him by putting it on his back. We just lay there for a few minutes.

After that, I asked my son to move. He started moving. Still, every time he came and went, the tension kept piling up. He started to move very roughly, just fucking and doing nothing else. And then he said he was gonna cum. I said okay.

Then my son pulled out his dick, removed the condom, and cummed on me. I was totally irritated but just took it as it was his first time. He just lay on top of me and I kissed his forehead and asked him to relax. Then he stood up and was ready to go. I asked him, “Come and sleep beside me. You should always talk to your wife after sex”. He nodded.

Then he lay beside me and I asked him, “How was it?” He said, “It was great. Thank you maa”, and kissed my lips. I said, “Shh. Where do you learn this thing”? and showed him the cum mess he made on my body. He said, “In porn. They fuck the girl and shower her with cum”.

I then explained, “Sex is not just what porn shows. If you are gonna remove the condom, why use it in the first place? You don’t just fuck your wife (I still don’t know why I said ‘wife’ that day. We still laugh at this even today) and didn’t care about her pleasure. You should do it rhythmically and play with her. I will show you next time.”

He nodded yes with a scared face. Then I kissed him on the forehead and said, “Don’t be scared. Not with your wife. Not after you slept with her. And I will clean shave my pussy. Next time you can play below. Now, go and sleep in your room”. He jumped out of the bed and ran away.

‘The idiot ruined all the tension he had built all this time,’ I thought to myself. I went to the bathroom, bathed, and then slept with no guilt that day as I made my son’s first time the best he could get. What do you think?

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