Nine Nights of Navratri – Part 3

Hello everyone, this is Sundae Saturn coming back with the third part of Nine Nights of Navratri.

In the previous parts, I told you about how my marriage was arranged. How all nine of them cum heavily in haldi. And how I fucked Nandini on the honeymoon night.

In this part, I will tell you about how I fucked Priyanka, Veena, Renuka, Samuyktha, Shailaja, Malini, Aishwarya, and Rashmi. I made my honeymoon for the next nine nights in front of the villagers.

I started my journey towards my honeymoon on day 1. I fucked my primary wife, Nandini and made her cum hard and broke her virginity.

I was very excited that I was going fuck my elder sister as her husband. I never thought this day would come so early. She is 6 years older than me. I think I have never talked much about my elder sister. It’s okay, I will tell you now.

My Elder Sister Priyanka is a pretty girl with a good amount of fat in the right places. She is a virgin, and her body structure is 36-25-38. She has a milky white body with a pair of milky white boobs. A big and beautiful ass with a flat slim belly and a beautiful waist –a perfect body with fat at the right places.

She has juicy pink lips not too thick, not too thin. Whenever she walks, I love to see her jiggly ass. She was sexy and beautiful from her childhood, and almost every boy in her locality had a crush on her, including me. I had a strong lust for her. She was a crush of 90% of the students.

It was the second day of the honeymoon. As it was day 2, I was waiting and craving for my honeymoon’s night. As it was getting darker, the villagers were gathering.

A few minutes later, my second wife, i.e. my elder sister Priyanka, entered through the door. A stunning in a vibrant red saree entered wearing a hot transparent saree with a glass of milk in her hand. She came to me and gave me the glass.

I told her to sit beside me. I drank half of the milk and gave the remaining half to her. She drank the remaining. She held my hand and made the first move. We both came close. The distance was decreasing between us. I came close to her face. Her lips were shivering. I held her and started kissing her.

Slowly, I removed her saree and hugged her tightly. I was kissing her continuously. Our tongues were overlapping each other. Her movements exuded a magnetic charm that captivated my gaze. I couldn’t help but notice the deep curves of her waist, accentuated by the pleats of her saree.

The saree was loosely tied around her body, revealing the large area of her waist, flat belly and deep, sweet little navel. It was tied lower so that the area where pubic hairs began would be visible (she was clean-shaved). Such loose and irresponsible dressing was making me go wild on her.

Seeing this Apsara avatar of hers made my cock hard like a rod. Suddenly, I pulled her on pallu, tore her blouse, removed her dress, tore her blouse and bit her nipples on her bra. I freed her lemons from her bra. Her perfect white body with the big white milk pots and big ass were looking beautiful.

She looked so sexy. She was trying to hide her boobs with one hand and her pussy with another. Then I told her to remove her hands. But, she was hesitating. So I removed her hands, and her boobs with pink nipples and clean-shaven, swollen pussy came out. She looked like a sexy American pornstar!

My sister then came near me, took my dick in her hand, and tried to measure its length with her idea. She was surprised, and her mouth was opened. She pulled the foreskin, and the pink head of my dick came out and started doing it up and down.

Priyanka: Oh my goodness. It is so big. It’s bigger and thicker. It looks so juicy as well! I had never seen a big dick like this.

Me: Now, I also want something.

Priyanka: What?

Me: Lie down on the bed.

Then I started playing my game. She lay on the bed and hid her face in her palms out of shyness. I got on the bed and touched my sister’s big boobs. I started squeezing them slowly and pinched her nipples. She was moaning, but not loudly.

Her moaning made me hornier. My dick was already fully erected and ready to show its full potential. I pressed her boobs harder and took one of them in my mouth, and bit it. Her moaning increased!

Priyanka was trying to push me away. But I gave a bite on her boob, went down and started licking her navel. I licked her navel for 5–8 minutes. She was shivering and losing all her strength to protest. She was handing herself over to me, and she started liking that.

She lay there in the bed, covering her face with a pillow. I then got up and went beside her legs and spread them. She didn’t resist but covered her face with a pillow. I sat between her legs and went down on her.

For the first time, I touched her pussy with my tongue. The taste of her pussy was amazing. I kept licking it slowly. She liked it and moved her hips a bit in reaction. Then I spread her pussy lips and inserted my tongue, and started sucking and licking it. It was uncontrollable for her.

My tongue was doing magic. Priyanka wrapped her legs around my neck and pushed my head towards her pussy. Oh, the smell of her wet pussy was just aromatic. After a while of licking her pussy. Soon, Priyanka cum all over me.

She then pushed me aside and said, “I was going to tell you to get away as I was going to cum.” My sister then pulled me out of her saree and bent on my dick. She loosened the belt and dropped my pants to the ground. She pulled my underwear down and started blowing my dick now.

I started moaning, “Hmmm.” I was enjoying her blowjob now. My bitch was all hot, and her mouth was working wonders on my cock. Then she started to blow my cock. It was the best feeling for me. I was in seventh heaven. Her soft lips on my cock and the way she used her tongue were superb.

Then she gave me a blowjob in such a way that I lasted very long. Her sucking was indescribable. She licked my balls in between. She was doing it like a blowjob queen. Her tongue was moving smoothly around my cock.

Though I was enjoying it a lot, I stopped Priyanka. It was time for something more. By now, we had forgotten that we were brother and sister as lust had taken over us. I hugged her, kissed her on the forehead and said, “I am just imagining how much cum you will be filled from now on.”

Hearing this, I lifted her and made her sit on me in a cowgirl position. I took my dick and positioned it in my sister’s pussy. She started inserting it inside. Her pussy was really tight as she wasn’t sexually active. My dick went half inside, and a current passed through our bodies.

She looked at me and again said, “Make me yours.” We both started moving to make it go all in. My dick was completely inside her now, and she started moaning harder with every thrust.

She then looked at me and said, “I love you too, my husband. Aaj se me teri biwi hun, mujhe apni bana liya tune ab se me teri hun. Chod mujhe zor se.” (I am your wife from today. Make me yours, fuck me hard.)

She was moaning like hell. I started fucking again, but more passionately this time. We had both forgotten our relationships with each other. We are like a couple now. With every thrust, she was screaming my name.

I started increasing the pace. We had both passed our boundaries. She had become my wife completely. I kept fucking her, and then she told me that she was cumming. I fastened my pace further, and we both cum together.

I unloaded my ton of cum from my elder sister. Her pussy was flowing out of our juices. I was not able to believe that my elder sister would become my children’s mother.

After a few minutes, I was ready again, but this time, she was totally dead tired. I lifted her. She said, “No honey, I can’t. Please let me go.” But I did not listen to her and fucked her ruthlessly and slapped her, juicy. I turned her butt red after 1 or 2 hrs.

We completed our sessions. She was total energy. Her pussy had become red and swollen. I was also tired and saw the whole court. Some of them were masturbating there themselves and looking at Priyanka as if they would eat her.

So, guys, this is the end of the 3rd part of Nine Nights of Navratri.