Mom’s Audition Rehearsals – Part 1

My name is Asha. I am 43 years old and live in a two-bedroom apartment in Mumbai with my husband, Amit, and my son, Ashmit.

Unlike the moms in the stories, I am quite good-looking, have a fair complexion, standing only 5’2″.  I am completely out of shape now.  I have a pair of big melons size 36C and a little thick at my belly and my ass. Overall stats 36-32-40.

My husband works in a private company and earns quite handsomely.  But even though he is in his mid-40s now, he is very active in our sex life, just like a newlywed. He still screws me for at least 15-20 minutes almost every day.

I was an actress before my marriage. I have worked in many TV serials and films.  However, due to my parent’s restrictions on exposing and doing intimate scenes, I had to give up on some good lead roles and settle for small and insignificant ones.

I got married at the age of 22, and then, due to resistance from my father-in-law, I had to give up on my acting career.  After his death, my husband really wished that I would pursue my acting career. Somehow, for some reason or other, I could never follow my dreams.

My only son Ashmit has graduated, and currently, he is preparing for UPSC exams. Throughout his academic life, he has always been the class topper, and he was excellent in different sports. He stands 6’2″, has a fit athletic build, and is quite good-looking.

During his college days, he was very active in theatre activities. He used to write and direct one-act plays for the college. My life was going on in a very monotonous way. Just around that time, one of my old friends, Gauri, called me, and my whole life changed abruptly.

She used to be an assistant director in my acting days. Now, she has become an independent filmmaker. She offered me the lead role in her upcoming project.
The next day, I met her, and I went through all the details carefully. The story of the film took me aback.

I was quite apprehensive about it. So, I decided to talk with Amit and Ashmit about it. Later in the evening, at the dinner table, I started to talk.

Me: Guys, I have to say something to you.

Amit: What?

Me: Amit, do you remember Gauri, who was an assistant director of Subu sir?

Amit: Oh, Yes… I remembered…

Me: Well, she is now making a movie for an OTT platform. She has asked me if I would like to do the lead role.

Amit: Wow! That’s interesting. But how come she thought of you out of nowhere as you left acting long back?

Me: Actually, we were in touch for all these years, and she had asked me for various roles in the past as well. But I refused all of them. But now, since Ashmit has grown up and become independent, I felt I should give a thought to the offer.

Ashmit: Then go ahead. I don’t think you need my or Dad’s permission for that.

Me: Actually, the catch is that the subject of the movie is too bold. It’s a loose adaptation of a Japanese film. It’s a love story of Netra, a mature woman in her 40s, and Ameya, a teenage boy, and it will also include some intimate scenes between them.

Ashmit: Intimate? Do you mean nude sex scenes?

Me: No, there won’t be any direct nudity, but there will be implied nudity, like scenes of both being naked under a blanket or something like that. But it will include love-making scenes like hugging, kissing, squeezing, etc.

Ashmit: Oh, Okay. So what have you decided?

Me: Well, I have seen the original movie, and I loved it. But, in the first place, I want to know whether you both will be okay if I do such things on screen.

Ashmit: Of course, yes. Whatever you decide, I am there with you. What about you, Dad?

Amit: Yeah. I know it’s your dream to act in the lead role, and since you have got the opportunity, you should grab it with both hands. Like Ashmit, I’m too there with you. Just go for it, dear. Can we see the original movie?

Me: Yeah, sure.

After dinner, we saw the movie. Both Amit and Ashmit loved the movie. The movie had a lot of sex scenes between the woman and the boy. I was carefully watching Ashmit’s reaction to it. Surprisingly, he didn’t seem to be uncomfortable watching nude scenes with his parents.

After the movie, Ashmit talked for a long time with me about the movie. He was very excited to see the kind of role I was offered.

Ashmit: You know, Mom, I think you should ask the Director for some nude scenes. Especially when the woman lets the boy suckle her breasts as if she was breastfeeding her child. It was picturized so beautifully. I feel those scenes shouldn’t be compromised personally. I won’t mind even if you appear fully nude in such a beautiful movie.

I was very relieved to hear that from Ashmit. I knew Amit would support me wholeheartedly. I wasn’t sure about Ashmit’s reactions. But his words gave me a lot of confidence. Then he got up and was about to go to his room. I quickly got up and gave him a big, tight hug.

Me: Thank you so much, my love, for all your support.

After staying in the hug for a couple of minutes, he broke the hug, looked into my eyes, and said.

Ashmit: Anytime, anything for you, Mom.

And he went to his room. The next morning, I got ready for the audition. Ashmit wished me good luck, and I left. After 3-4 hours, I returned. I rang the bell, and Ashmit opened the door. I went directly into my room, and I started to cry, burying my face into my palms. Ashmit came into the room.

Ashmit: Hey, Mom, what happened? You are over-excited because you got the role, right?

I didn’t look up. Instead, I made some sobbing sounds. Ashmit sat near me and removed my hands from my face. My eyes were full of tears. I just hugged him and started to cry.

Ashmit: Please tell me what happened. I am worried now. I tried to control my crying.

Me: I failed miserably in the audition (I continued to cry)

Ashmit: Oh, that’s okay. But can you please tell me in detail?

Me (Sobbing): I did well in an emotional scene that was given to me. But then they asked me to do a few love-making scenes with a boy of almost your age. I was supposed to hug him and kiss him passionately. I could hug him, but I froze completely when it came to kissing him.

Me: Fortunately, the Director is a good friend of mine. And since she knows that I am doing this for the first time, she has given me a week to prepare for the love-making scenes’ audition. But Rohit, who is going to play the boy’s role, told me that he is going out of town for a week for some other shoot. So he won’t be available.

And I started to cry again. Ashmit was sitting next to me, completely dumbstruck.  I just asked him to leave me alone for some time, and he left the room. Rest of the day, I hardly spoke anything to Ashmit. Ashmit, too, didn’t say anything to me.

After some time, I got up and went back to work. In the rest of the day, Ashmit hardly spoke to me. Later in the evening, at the dinner table.

Ashmit: Dad, if you are okay, I can play the boy’s part for Mom’s rehearsals.

Dad: Why should I have any objection? In fact, that’s a very sweet gesture by you, my son.

Ashmit: But you know what kind of scenes that we’re going to rehearse, right? So, I guess if you two enact the scene once.

Amit: I am not getting you, beta.

Ashmit: See, Dad, Mom would be comfortable doing anything with you. So she would be at her best while performing with you. That would help me understand what Mom is supposed to do and what I am supposed to do.

Amit: But dear, you don’t know. When I start, your mom won’t let me stop, and you may likely end up witnessing a live porn film.

We all laughed. I brought 4-5 pages of the scenes from my room. Amit read it. Ashmit took over from him. While Ashmit was going through it, I went inside and changed into a saree, as it was required for the scene. I didn’t bother to wear it properly. I wore a deep-neck blouse as it was a requisition of the script.

I explained to Amit what he was supposed to do, and we started. I was getting nervous, as though I was doing it with my husband. For the first time, I was doing it in front of my son. But I had one thing very clearly in my mind. No matter what, I am going to do that.

So I took a deep breath, and we started. For future reference, Ashmit started to record the whole thing on his mobile.

I held Amit’s face in my hand. I had a long emotional dialogue expressing the woman’s love for this young boy. At the end, I kissed gently on his forehead, then on his left cheek, then on his right cheek, then on the chin in quick succession.

I looked deep into his eyes and pressed my lips against Amit’s lip. Then I started to kiss all over his face. Then Amit kissed me back, first on my lips, then on my ears. Then he moved towards my neck. I threw the saree pallu. The blouse had a deep neck, exposing a good amount of cleavage.

Now, exposing my cleavage to my son made me uncomfortable, and I froze again. Though as per the script, I was supposed to hold Amit’s head and place it right in between the boobs on the cleavage. But I was at a standstill.  Seeing no action from me, Amit started to kiss my cleavage and my boobs.

But rather than enjoying it, I was actually trying to push him away. Like a seasoned director, Ashmit yelled, “Cut.” I quickly covered my boobs with the pallu again.

Ashmit: Hey, Mom, you were awesome in the emotional scene. But romantic scenes make you conscious. So, I think you need to get over your consciousness.

Me: You are right. But after all, I am doing this for the first time. So let’s try again.

Though Ashmit didn’t look very convinced, he agreed to it. We tried a few times more. But still, my discomfort was visible on my face. Amit got an important phone call. He was on the phone. Ashmit was looking at the footage he had shot.

I was quite frustrated and upset with myself. I was lost in my thoughts. If I can’t do it with my husband, how can I do it with anyone else? I should not waste more time on this and should quit. Ashmit broke my thoughts.

Ashmit: Mom?

Me: I think I can’t do this and should quit.

Ashmit: No…Mom… I feel you can do it. See, ever since I can remember, I have seen you properly dressed and not showing an inch of your skin. So obviously, you are not used to it. I feel you need to get over this first. I suggest you wear something revealing for the rest of the evening and till tomorrow morning when our maid comes for her work. Then…

Me: No way! I can’t do that. I interrupted Ashmit in between. Ashmit: If you can’t show off your body to your son, how can you do that in front of strangers?

Amit: I think Ashmit has a point. Not just revealing. I think you should stay naked or at least semi-naked. Come on, take off your clothes.

Though Ashmit had a logical point, somehow, I was still not at all ready for all that. But since Amit supported that, I realized that there was no point in resisting. So I got up and went inside our room. I wore bicycle shorts and a sports bra. A few months ago, I purchased them when I joined a gym.

Though my gym enthusiasm didn’t last more than 2 weeks, those clothes have been lying idle in the cupboard since then. The shorts were almost up to my knees, covering my thighs, and it was high, almost up to my navel. My navel just peeped out of its elastic.

The sports bra, too, was high on the neck. It had a big zipper on the front, and it showed no cleavage. I felt I had sorted out the problem without showing too much of my skin. But as I walked out, both Amit and Ashmit, through their expressions, conveyed that they didn’t like my attire.

Amit gestured something to Ashmit through his eyes and murmured something. Before I could ask them what was cooking between them, Ashmit got up and came towards me.

Ashmit: Wow Mom! You look so beautiful and hot.

And he hugged me tightly. I felt quite relaxed to hear those words. I hugged him back. Ashmit tightened the grip of his hands around my back. While I was having a soothing feeling, out of nowhere, Amit came near me and literally peeled the shorts from my waist.

In protest, I tried to move, but Ashmit held me tightly and didn’t let me move.

Me: Amit, what the fuck you are doing. Ashmit, leave me.

To cut short my blabbering, Ashmit did something unthinkable. Suddenly, he pressed his lips against mine and closed my mouth. An electric current passed through my body. As a kid, he had kissed my lips on countless occasions.

But gradually, as he grew up, he stopped kissing my lips and kissed only on my cheeks. In the last 3-4 years, I don’t remember him kissing me even once. My resistance and protest died down in that split second. I started responding to his kiss.

It was the first time in my entire life I was kissing a man other than my husband. Though he was my son, he wasn’t kissing like he was kissing his mom. But he was kissing as if he was kissing his girlfriend, full of passion.

I was so engrossed in the kiss that I didn’t even realize when he unzipped my bra and opened it completely. I got to know about it when his fingers gently brushed on my underboobs. I could sense some hesitance from Ashmit’s side to touch the boobs.

I held his hand. I was about to put it on my breast. But Just around that time, Amit pulled off my shorts along with the thong I had worn inside. Now, they both were lying on the floor at my ankles. But while doing that, he accidentally pulled a few hairs off my thick bush around my pussy.

I instantly broke the kiss and screamed, “Ouch.” But I was still completely captivated by the beautiful feeling of kissing my son passionately. It didn’t bother me at all that my shorts were taken down. I came back to my senses.  I was completely shocked.

My mind was full of guilt for enjoying a passionate kiss with my son. I looked down at myself. The zipper of my bra was fully opened, and both boobs were popping out partially from it. My shorts were lying on the floor.  But Amit wasted no opportunity and pulled off my bra from my shoulders.

I was fully naked in front of my son. Ashmit was gazing at me from top to bottom. Trying to cover my melons with one hand and my thick bush with the other hand, I almost yelled.

Me: What the fuck you guys are doing? I felt I was not angry at my heart. I liked that feeling of being naked in front of those two guys. My cheeks become red with shyness and excitement. Both guys didn’t say anything. They were giggling. Amit started to speak.

Amit: See, darling, we asked you to be semi-naked. But you didn’t oblige. So we made you fully naked.

Now, both of them laughed loudly.

Me: Shut Up! And you, Ashmit, who the hell kisses his mom in this way, huh?

Ashmit: See, Mom, in any case, we were going to do that for your rehearsals. So think we started a little early. (And he winked his eyes)

In the meantime, Amit again became a little naughty. He slowly came to my back. I was talking with Ashmit. He pushed my hand on my boobs aside and got hold of both the boobs from the backside, and started to squeeze them. I felt I was turning on. So I just slapped on this hand.

Me (in a soft and shy tone): Stop it. What are you doing?

Amit (in a murmuring tone): Making love with my sexy wife.

Me (Again slapping his hand and in a murmuring tone): Shut up. We have our grown-up son right in front of us.

No matter how much resistance I showed, I was actually enjoying it, and it was turning me on. Especially the way Amit was pressing right on top of my nipples was making me more and more vulnerable with each passing second.

Knowing my weak points very well, Amit was almost tormenting me with the boob squeeze. Now, in spite of trying really hard, it was becoming very difficult to control my moans. Some soft moans started to escape from my mouth. I had started to feel wet in my pussy.

Now I was feeling the urge to have a dick inside my pussy desperately. I glanced at Ashmit. He was watching all this silently. As I looked at him, all of a sudden, he stood up and started to walk slowly towards me. As he got up, a big tent in his shorts was visible.

With his every step, my heart was beating faster and faster. What is he going to do now? Whether he, too, join me and Ashmit? Will Amit stop his son, or will he let him do whatever he wants to do with his mom? Will the father-son duo have a threesome with me?

But how can he do something with his mom? How can my pussy be so wet at the thought of doing something with my son? How can that thought excite me? My mind was cluttered with countless thoughts in those few seconds.

At the same time, my pussy was so oozing with fluids that they started to drip slowly through my thighs. The hand that was covering my pussy, was actually rubbing it now slowly. And just at that time, he stood barely a few inches away from the tent, almost touching his hand on the pussy.

My heart started to pound so fast that I guess he could have heard it. He stood there silently for a few seconds, making my heart beat even faster. He had eye contact with Amit, who was still gleefully kneading my boobs like roti dough. Perhaps he wanted to do something.

But he was hesitant, considering his father was right there. While I was already excited by the constant boob squeezing by Amit, I was becoming extremely anxious about Ashmit’s next move. Finally, Amit broke the silence.

Amit: What are you waiting for, my son? Feel free to do whatever you wish to do. You don’t need my permission.

After saying that, he released my boobs from his hands and exposed my milky white melons to my son. Now, my heart, which was racing like a Formula One car, abruptly stopped and skipped a bit or two.

Amit slowly removed my hand from my pussy and inserted his middle finger as deep as he could. Finally, I moaned loudly and openly.

Ashmit: Come on, Dad, are you out of your mind? I should go in my room, and you should practice the scenes which are not in the script (And he winked his eyes). Or we should get back to the rehearsals. I guess she won’t be having any problem with showing off her cleavage now.

Me: Thanks, beta. You saved me.

I quickly freed myself from Amit and rushed back to the room. I touched my pussy, and it was literally drenching wet. I went to the bathroom and started to clean myself. But the thoughts of what had happened in the drawing room just a while back still lingered in my head.

I had a guilty feeling about all that I imagined about Ashmit just a while ago. I was also worried whether I would be able to control myself while rehearsing some sex scenes with Ashmit. I wore the clothes and came back. We rehearsed the scene for one more time with Amit.

Ashmit was right. This time, pulling down my pallu and exposing my cleavage didn’t bother me much, and the scene was done quite finely. Ashmit looked very pleased.

Ashmit: Wow! You were simply phenomenal. The Director won’t consider any other name. Should we try the next part of the scene?

The next part of the scene was in the bedroom. My pallu was still down. I slowly opened all the hooks of the blouse. Now my bra-clad boobs are exposed. He took off my blouse completely and threw it on the floor. I took off his tee and started to kiss his bare chest while rolling my hands on his back.

Then I untied his pyjamas, and his pyjamas fell on the floor. Then I untied my saree petticoat. At that time, I forgot that after the earlier incident, I had not worn the panties and worn the saree petticoat directly. Now Amit was in his underwear while I was in my bra only.

I laid Amit on the bed and almost jumped on him and sat on his crotch. I started to kiss him passionately. The scene was supposed to end there. But I was done with the rehearsals. Now I desperately wanted a cock inside my pussy.