Mom’s Audition Rehearsals – Part 3

As per the script, I first unbuttoned my blouse and took it off completely. Then I moved closer to Ashmit and took off his tees. I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. But as he wore tight pants, it didn’t fall off immediately. So I sat on my knees right in front of his crotch, and I tried to pull it down with some force.

In that process, I pulled his underwear along with his pants down up to his thighs. His hard and erect cock freed itself from the cage and sprang out. Its tip touched my lips. Almost 12-14 hours back, I wanted that cock into my mouth very desperately.

Somehow, when the opportunity came, I caught up in the duel between right-wrong proper-improper. I couldn’t open my mouth and take it in. I got up.

Me: I am so sorry, dear.

Ashmit: That’s okay, Mom.

While saying so, he hurriedly pulled up his underwear. However, the major portion of his dick remained outside. Ashmit was finding it hard to put that big and erect cock back into his pants. The whole situation became pretty awkward. I took up the saree on the floor and covered my upper part.

Ashmit somehow managed to put his dick back into his underwear, and we continued. I started to kiss his chest. I could feel him shiver a little when I kissed him on his bare chest. I kissed him a few more times on his chest, and then I pushed him on the bed.

I untied my petticoat and made him lay on the bed. Then I sat on his crotch and started to kiss him. As I sat on his crotch, his dick poked on my pussy. As it was a small thong, this dick was pricking right on my vulva. I could feel wetness in my pussy. So I immediately got up.

Ashmit: We should redo the whole scene again. We had some funny incidents in between.

Me (controlling my laughter): Yeah.

Ashmit went to his room and came back wearing a pyjama as required in the scene. This time, the scene went on smoothly. But when we saw the shooting, we realized that the part on the bed wasn’t captured as the camera angle was wrong. So, after re-adjusting the camera, we did the part on the bed again.

In short, for some reason, his big cock underneath his underwear rubbed on my pussy a couple of times more. I was feeling very horny now. Finally, Ashmit was okay with that, and we moved to the next scene. This scene was never rehearsed before. It was even raunchier.

Ashmit went through the script and quite spontaneously said, “Wow,” when he read it completely. In the script, there wasn’t a precise description of sexual acts, but it was more a general type of description. So I tried to explain to him what was in my mind. But Ashmit already had some specific ideas in his mind.

Ashmit: I got it, Mom. I’ll do it perfectly. Let’s do it.

It starts where the last scene ends, i.e. me sitting on his crotch and kissing him passionately. So we again got into that position. Once again, my vulva was right on top of his erect cock, and we started. He held my arms, rolled me and pinned me to bed.

Now, it was purely up to Ashmit what to do from this position. The script mentioned he kissed all over her body. So I was a little anxious about how and what he does now. He sat on my crotch and squeezed both my boobs tightly. He started kissing my neck.

In that process, he slid my bra straps below my shoulders and then came down, kissing randomly from my shoulders, cleavage and the navel. Then he got up and went kissing downwards, i.e. on my thighs, calves and then feet. He started licking my toe. Then he kissed the soles of my feet.

With each touch of his lips on my body, my pussy was getting wetter and wetter. I was afraid it might start leaking just the way it did some time back.  Then he again moved to my upper body. Then he rolled me again. Now I was lying on my stomach.

He almost lay on me and started to kiss my neck and behind my ears. Now, that was a too-sensitive area for me. But fortunately, in a few seconds, he shifted towards my back. Now he kissed all over my bare back and slowly came close to my panties.

As my panty was a small thong, a good amount of my asscheek was out in the open.  He gently spanked on the ass. Though I felt that spanking was inconsistent with the scene, I let him continue rather than interrupt the scene in between. Fortunately, he quickly switched to the next part of the script.

Accordingly with one hand, like an expert, he swiftly unhooked my bra and spread the straps apart. Then, slowly, he slid the panties down. As per the script, he was supposed to slide the panties a little below the hips and expose a little part of my ass and asscrack.

But he slid it completely below my ass. In a rather reflexive action, I lifted my ass a little and let him take off my panties completely. Then he said, “Cut!”
Lying in the same position, I just turned my head to see what he was doing. He had my panties in his hand, and he was looking at the big wet patch on it.

Me: Hey, keep it down.

I quickly got up to take those panties from him. I forgot that he had already unhooked my bra, and the straps were below my elbows. So when I got up, my bra remained on the bed, and in less than 24 hours, for the third time, I was stark naked in front of my son.

Ironically, earlier in the morning, I was wandering naked in the house. I wanted Ashmit to see me naked. But when I was naked in front of him, I felt very shy. I turned to take the bra from the bed.

But Ashmit almost jumped on the bed and took my bra, too. So I hurriedly covered my boobs with my hands and lay on the bed again.

Me: Ashmit, give it back to me.

Ashmit: What?

Me: My bra and my panties.

Ashmit: Okay, you can come and take them.

Ashmit was standing a few feet away from me. So, to take it, I needed to get up and walk towards him.

Me: Just shut up and give it to your Mom.

But Ashmit was in a naughty mood, and he wasn’t ready to relent.

Ashmit: C’mon, Mom, I saw you fucking with Dad last night.

Me (in a little stern voice): Mind your language, young man and give them back to me.

I guess Ashmit was disappointed. He just threw them on the bed in front of me and walked out of the room. I knew he was in a playful and naughty mood, and what he said was also true. So talking to him so sternly wasn’t necessary. I felt sorry for not being sporty enough.

So I left the bra and panties on the bed and got up. I first came to the drawing room. He wasn’t there. So I went to his room. He was lying on his bed idly. When he saw me completely naked, he was shocked. But he was still angry with me. He just turned his back towards me. I sat down beside him.

Me: Ashmit…

And I patted his arm. But he didn’t respond. So I lay beside him and hugged him behind. My bare boobs were in direct touch with his back. One electric current passed through my body. I slowly kissed him on his neck behind the ear. From his reactions, I felt he had a tingling sensation. I did it again 2-3 times.

Ashmit (Angrily): Mom. Please, go. I am not in a good mood now.

Me: Well, I am trying to correct the same.

I continued to kiss him on his neck and shoulders. This time, I deliberately rubbed my melons on his back and put one leg on his legs. My one hand was on his chest. I was rolling my fingers on his bare chest. I guess it was too much for him to handle now. He turned around, and now he was lying on his back.

I quickly got up and sat on his crotch. Now my naked pussy was on his cock. Only the cloth of his underwear was in between. That made me super horny, and my pussy started to leak. I was slowly rubbing my pussy on his cock.  I bent down and planted a kiss on his lips.

My boobs were in direct touch with his chest. A few soft moans were escaping his mouth, though he was trying not to moan. Finally, he took a deep breath, controlling himself.

Ashmit: Okay, Mom. You win.

While I was about to get up from his crotch, he sat up and hugged me tightly. He planted a smooch on my lips. I wrapped my legs around his hips, and we were in a liplock. This time around, I slightly opened my lips and let his tongue inside my mouth.

Now, our tongues were also entangled like our bodies. He was freely squeezing my boobs, occasionally pinching my nipples. I knew exactly in which direction all this was going. Honestly, at that stage, I had no problems in having sex with my son. I loved every moment of being with him.

I loved the feel of his touch. I loved getting aroused by his touch or other small things that he did, like kissing behind my neck and all. My heart wanted all those things more rather than just wild sex.

I knew once we had sex, the beauty, the ecstasy of these small moments would die down. I didn’t want that to happen.

Ashmit: Mom… Mom?

I was lost in my thoughts. Then Ashmit bit on my nipple. I got back to my senses.

Me: Ouch!

I looked at my nipple where Ashmit bit. It had two teeth marks.

Ashmit: I am sorry, Mom. I guess I got carried away.

Me (In a stern voice): Just shut your fucking mouth. One more time, you say sorry to me. I’ll take that little underwear off and spank your ass hard with a cane till it becomes cherry red.

Ashmit looked a little surprised. But I gave him a naughty smile and winked.

Ashmit: Oh! In that case, Sorry… sorry… sorry….. sorry…

He just continued to say sorry non-stop. I had no choice but to close his lips with mine again. Again our lips were locked, and Ashmit took hold of my boobs. This time he was moving his crotch in such a way that my vulva was rubbed against his cock underneath the underwear.

My pussy was leaking, and it made his underwear wet. I knew I was reaching the climax, and no matter how much I wished to stop, I couldn’t stop now. Ashmit was kneading my boobs while his tongue was inside my mouth. His body was moving fast now.

My boobs were constantly grinding against his manly chest. Ashmit realized his hands were creating a kind of hindrance between my boobs and his chest. So he left the boobs and held my ass tightly. He spanked my ass gently a few times. I was in the seventh heaven.

I had numerous wild sexual encounters. Of course, all with Amit, but I never had such an ecstatic feeling. So I didn’t mind Ashmit spanking me. I started filthy blabbering.

Me: Bastard, spanking your Mom? Spank her hard like a bitch. Make her cum. Spank harder.

Ashmit obediently spanked hard. A big moan came from me. He spanked a few more times and a few more moans. I knew I was going to cum at any moment now. So I lifted my ass and pulled his underwear down. His cock sprang out like a bird freed from the cage.

In that position, with my pussy just a few inches away from his hard and erect dick, I started to rub my pussy. In a few seconds, I showered a big squirt on his dick, followed by a smaller spring. But still, I wasn’t done yet. I continued to rub my pussy.

I inserted my two fingers into the pussy and touched the G-spot. A few minutes later, I had another squirt. This time it wetted his stomach, dick, bed, everything. I was completely exhausted. My whole body was shivering. I was out of my breath, gasping. My heart was beating fast.

I just lay down on the bed in the pool of my squirt. My whole body was still shaking. Holding his wet cock in his hand, Ashmit was wanking hard now. This time, he didn’t take much time. As he was approaching his climax, he came near me.

Just when he was about to insert his cock into my mouth, he cum once again on my face. I guess he was about to say sorry one more time. But just then, I gently slapped on his cheek.

Me: Bastard!

I rushed to the bathroom. While I was cleaning my face, Ashmit came there. Surprisingly, despite releasing a big cumload, his cock was still hard as wood. He was staring at me. I felt he wanted to say something.

Me: What?

Ashmit: If you don’t mind, can I ask you something? To be precise, two things?

Me: What?

Ashmit: Promise me you won’t get mad at me. If you don’t want to, that’s fine. But please don’t get angry.

Me: Well, that depends on what you ask for.

Ashmit (Disappointedly): Then better leave it.

I was really curious to know what he was up to now. I mean, what more can one expect from his Mom, who was standing naked in front of him? His mother had already done so many things a good mother would never do. Will he ask to let him fuck me, or will he ask for a blowjob?

Me: Okay, I promise I won’t get angry.

Ashmit: God Promise?

I held his wood in my hand.

Me: Cock Promise.

And we both giggled. But his dick was still in my hand. It was the first time I was touching his rod so directly. Wow! It was so big and so hard. Even if he doesn’t ask for a blowjob, I am going to eat this sausage.

Ashmit (Hesitantly): Mom, if you don’t mind, can I kiss your pussy and…

Somehow, he wasn’t able to speak up.

Me: And…what?

Ashmit: And see you peeing?

I was surprised to know what he wanted. I could understand his desire to kiss my pussy. Because that’s the only part of my body, he hasn’t kissed today. But the desire to see me peeing? That was weird. But then, one long-standing kinky desire popped up in my mind.

Some 10-12 years ago, we had seen a porn movie in which the actress peed into the actor’s mouth while he was licking her pussy. I don’t know why, but since then, I have had this fantasy of doing something like that. I had expressed my fantasy to Amit. But he flatly refused to do something kinky like that.

I even offered to let him pee into my mouth in return. But he didn’t agree at all. Since then, it has been my fantasy. I was excited to see my fantasy can be fulfilled now. But at the same time, I was feeling ashamed to take advantage of my son for my kinky pleasures.

For the first time in the last two days, I felt that I was thinking something inappropriate. But then I had already done a lot of inappropriate things. So, finally, I took a deep breath.

Me: Okay. I agree, but on one condition.

Ashmit was elated to hear that.

Ashmit: Anything for you, Mom. You just tell me what I am supposed to do in return.

Me: Well, you can kiss my pussy while I am peeing.

I was eager to see what’s Ashmit’s reaction to this. But to my surprise, he was super excited to hear that.

Ashmit: Wow! You are the best Mom. How could you know what I wanted? Wait a minute.

Ashmit went back to his room. But I was confused by what he said. Did he really want me to pee on him? But how come such a kinky desire pops up in such a short time? Was he already having some fantasies about me which are already fulfilled?

But quickly, he came back with his shaving kit and sat down on the floor right in front of me. I had a thick bush around my pussy.

Ashmit: Just spread your legs. I obediently spread my legs. In quick time, he cleared the bush with his trimmer. Then he carefully applied foam around the pussy and shaved it properly. During that process, he touched my pussy lips a few times. Then finally, I had a smooth and bald pussy like those porn stars.

I touched myself to feel that smoothness. I realized that it was already quite wet there. Ashmit kept aside all his tools. And once again, he sat down on his knees on the bathroom floor. I stood beside the commode and put one leg on the commode, giving him a nice and full view of his birthplace.

Ashmit gently kissed on my pussy lips first and then onto my clit. While kissing on the clit, he slightly opened his mouth and touched my clit with his tongue. One more electric current passed through my body, and a soft moan escaped from my mouth. He realized that I was enjoying that.

So he further teased my clit with his tongue. I was getting excited again. He gently put his hand on my pussy. It was already drenching wet.  He started rubbing it with his index finger. With his other hand, he spread my pussy lips a little and held my clit directly into his lips. I moaned loudly.

Fuck! I didn’t wish to do anything more at that point. So I took off both his hands from my body. He was still teasing my clit with his lips. So I held my head and took it off as well.

Me: Open your mouth.

He opened his mouth, and I released a stream of golden shower right into his mouth. His head was still in my hands. I put it on my pissing pussy and started to pee on his face. I guess I accidentally peed into his nose. With a jerk, he took off his head and started to cough and sneeze. I held my pee.

Me: Oh, I’m so sorry, darling.

Ashmit: Nah, that’s okay. Continue.

I continued. But this time, I started to pee all over his body. I was done with peeing. But I was already quite excited. So I once again put his head on my pussy. Quite gleefully, he started to lick my pussy. While he was licking my clit, he put his hand on my pussy and started rubbing it.

I held his hand, and this time, I put it on my boob. He started to squeeze my boob. I started to rub my clit while he was licking my pussy opening. With his other hand, he held my butt and slowly moved his onto my asshole. His one hand was squeezing and pinching my boob.

His other hand was caressing my butthole, and with his tongue, he was licking my pussy. Then he took his hand from my butt and started to wank his cock with it. He was trying to put his tongue as deep into my pussy as he could. After 5-6 minutes in this position, I realized that I was approaching my climax.

Instead of rubbing my clit with my hand, I spread open my pussy lips and directed his head towards my clit. He quickly grabbed it into his mouth. He was sucking my clit.

Me: Lick it with your tongue.

He obediently started to lick it with his tongue rigorously. Then came the point where it became impossible to hold back. With a big scream, I released a big squirt onto his face. In less than 1 hour, I had my second orgasm and, overall, third orgasm of the day.

I loved the feeling of the shivering body and breathlessness. In my entire life, though I had reached my orgasm on innumerable occasions, I had never squirted. Today, I sat down in the pool of squirt and pee. Ashmit was still stroking his dick. He stood up and started to jerk right in front of my face.

His body was having a little stinky smell of my urine. So I stretched my hand a little and turned on the shower. The cold water of the shower had a nice soothing effect on my heated and exhausted body. Ashmit was still stroking. I clutched onto his thigh with one leg and held his ball in the other hand.

He moaned softly. I continued to play with his ball. I was squeezing them hard. His speed of stroking was increasing steadily. Then, I guess he was about to reach his climax. He quickly took off his hand and stuffed his cock into my mouth. He was fucking my mouth.

Then finally, he pushed his cock as deep as he could and released a cumload deep into my throat. Once he was done, he took off his dick and sat beside me, hugging me. We were in the shower, sitting idly without speaking a word. I was thinking about the unbelievable experience that I was having since last night.

The rest of the day was a normal day. We had no rehearsal sessions as I had plenty of household chores to complete. Ashmit was busy with his stuff. At around 7, Amit returned from the office. As usual, Amit opened the door with his keys.

As he entered, he must have seen our clothes all over the drawing room. I’m sure he must have heard my big moaning sounds as well. Out of curiosity or anxiety, he rushed to the room. With the door sound, I turned around.

Amit was completely shocked to see Ashmit and I were topless. I was sitting on his crotch. There was a blanket covering my ass and his legs. He was holding my boobs tightly. I was moving my ass up and down as if I was riding his cock.

I was eager to see Amit’s reaction. I thought he would get mad. He would yell at us. But instead, he looked excited.

Amit (To me): You horny slut! (to Ashmit) and you motherfucker, wait for me!

And he started to take off his clothes.

To be continued.