Money Has No Relations

Hello all, hope you are having a good time. To the people who don’t know me, my name is Karthik. You can read my previous encounters with twins whom I made my sluts. Now coming to this story. It is a story about me and my wife’s friend whom I had an encounter with.

Her name is Sandhya (name changed), a friend to my wife who used to call me brother. She has a cute face along with tiny assets. She is 5’3″ and has a stats of 32-28-34. Now coming to the story. I am residing in Khammam due to my construction business.

I used to travel frequently as I have some business over there as well. I have a broker who used to supply students and girls who are in need of financial support. I have a good amount of money which I am getting through my business. So I don’t mind spending money on such cases for sex.

One day I picked a girl from the Z.P. center to have fun. Even though I know that my wife and Sandhya are shopping in town I risked it as the girl I picked is too good to resist. A week after this incident happened, I came home for lunch. Sandhya was in my house and we both greeted casually.

I went into my room. After having lunch I started to leave. My wife asked to drop Sandhya as I am going to pass her house. I said ok and we both left in the car. We started to talk casually. Then I got a call from my broker that a girl is interested to have fun. I told him that I will call back and cut the call.

Soon after I hanged my call she asked me who is it. I replied as a business call to which she smiled as if she knows about it. I didn’t mind and also didn’t want to prolong or push her regarding this. That night while I was about to go to sleep I got a message from Sandhya.

S: Hi bro what are you doing?

Me: Hi, nothing just browsing some stuff. What’s up?

S: Nothing, need to talk to you.

Me: Sure tell me.

S: A few days back I saw you with a girl in the car. I am a bit curious about that matter.

I was initially shocked but later pretended as if it is casual.

Me: Ok, what day?  A lot of ladies come and visit me for the apartment purchase.

S: I didn’t say ‘ladies’. I said a girl, maybe a young college-going girl.

Me: Oh she is my friend’s daughter. I was picking her up as my friend requested to.

S: Stop acting, bro. I know about you. I heard a lot of things about you.

Me: Like what things?

S: Don’t worry I won’t tell your wife. You can be frank with me. Like you love to have fun with a lot of girls.

Me: Ok fine then, come to the point.

S: Is she your new girlfriend? Or someone else?

Me: Someone who wants my help.

S: Is it ok if you can meet me tomorrow in Chennai shopping mall?

I thought ok maybe I can try my luck on her as well. She is from a lower-middle-class family and her husband is also struggling to meet their monthly needs. So I said ok. Next day I went to the mall to meet her. She was pretending to be a customer but eagerly waiting for me.

I went to her and had a regular handshake with a fake smile. After a few minutes, we left the mall and settled in a coffee shop nearby. We ordered a coffee. After that awkward silence between us for a few minutes, I asked her the reason to meet.

S: Bro, I know you are having fun with a lot of girls. Just curious to know how you are doing it. That was not the first time I saw you with girls, I noticed a couple of times as well.

Me: ok, there is nothing to hide Sandhya. As you said that you won’t tell my wife I am revealing it. I don’t trap any girls. I only help the girls who need financial support. In return, I take their private time.

She was a bit shocked to hear that. I told her how I used my biggest weapon ‘money’ to satisfy my needs. She didn’t speak to me after that and left. I was confident that she won’t tell my wife. But I was a bit worried inside maybe she will discuss this with my wife.

In the next few days, I didn’t see her. I was happy that she didn’t tell my wife as well. After a few days, I received a message from her.

S: Hi!

Me: Hi, how are you?

S: Good. You?

Me: I am good. What’s up?

S: I need to talk to you. Hope you are alone.

Me: Yeah I am. Go ahead.

S: After our meeting, I thought a lot about that. I am also in need of money and I wish you can help me.

Me: Sure. You can ask me anytime. How much do you need?

S: I am looking for a regular amount, i.e. every month.

Me: What are you saying? Are you trying to blackmail me?

S: No I don’t do that. I am talking to you in a business prospect. I just want the money the way you give to other girls.

Me: You know what other girls will do in exchange right? Hope you know what you are talking.

S: Yes, I know that. Even I am also ready for that. I am in need of money. I don’t want to suffer every month.

Me: Good. I don’t want to treat you the way I treat other girls. Your friend is leaving for hometown tomorrow. Is it ok for you?

S: Yeah I know and I am coming to your house to help her. I am ok with it.

I am really excited to fuck her. Even though she is cute I never intended to sleep with her because of my wife. Now I got a good opportunity to have her as my bitch for a very long time. Next day she came to my house and acted as if nothing happened.

We stared at each other but didn’t say or try anything. She wore a yellow chudidar with matching inner ware. Once everything is done we three left to the railway station to drop off my wife. Once she left Sandhya came and settled in the front seat.

On the way back to the house we didn’t speak anything but smiling naughtily at each other. As soon as we entered the house I hugged her from behind and started kissing her back. She was a bit surprised by that. But she responded by turning towards me and kissed on lips.

We kissed like two hungry animals ready to eat each other. In the meantime, my hands were moving all over her back, pressing her ass cheeks and trying to remove the bra hooks. Once we broke the kiss I lifted her and took her to the bedroom.

I threw her on the bed and started kissing her from lips, neck and slowly pressing her boobs which were small. I broke the kiss again and started to remove her chudidar. She helped me in removing it. Once I removed that I again started to kiss her and pressing her boobs through the bra.

The bra hooks were already removed. I started to push the bra upwards and started sucking her boobs one by one. She was pressing me towards her more and more. I started sucking her boobs like there is no tomorrow. Once I was done with her boobs, I slowly removed her pants along with her panty.

She had a cute pussy which was fully shaven and prepared to get fucked. In the meantime, I removed my clothes and we both became naked. I started fingering her while playing and sucking her boobs. She became very wild and started to kiss me very roughly. I started to increase the pace of my fingering in and out.

She was moaning by holding her head and twisting her whole body very vigorously. In a few minutes, she had her first organism. She was very happy as her husband never does that as he is not comfortable with foreplay. I told her that it is not over and pointed towards my dick.

I stood up and pushed my dick into her mouth and started mouth fucking her. She is still in a sleeping position only. I am moving my dick into her mouth in and out while I am playing with her boobs. In a few strokes, I cummed in her mouth and she rushed into the bathroom and spat it.

She came back and I am watching her moving naked. I asked her to stand in front of me to have a good look at her whole body. She is feeling a bit shy but obeys and starts showing me all her assets. I asked her to keep a leg up on the bed and stand in front of me which she did.

I slowly went towards her and kept my hand on her pussy lips. I slowly shifted my hand on her ass cheeks and kept my mouth on her pussy lips. I started sucking and biting them in between. She started moaning and biting her lips. I slowly pushed her on to the bed and adjusted myself to 69 position.

She slowly started to take my dick into her mouth and I licked her pussy. Once I was done with it I asked her to spread her legs and inserted my dick in one go. My dick was so thick that literally, her eyes popped out. I stood in that position for a while. Once she got settled I started to fuck her slowly.

Once we both were comfortable enough I increased my pace and fucked her very hard. After 15 minutes of fucking, I ejaculated into her. Even she climaxed. I could see a satisfactory face in front of me.  We slept like that fondling each other for a couple of minutes.

In the meantime, I started playing with her body. It is already 2 o’clock in the afternoon and we are hungry. She said she will prepare the food and started to search for her clothes. I took the clothes and asked her to wear only underwear while cooking.

She obeyed and calmly wore the panty and left for the kitchen. I also went with her to the kitchen and sat on the table watching her. The sweat from her body because of the heat in the kitchen made her so sexy. The drops of sweat traveling from neck to her boobs made my dick erect again.

What happened next will be shared in the next part. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Please leave your comments at . Will reach you out with the next part.