Secret Affair With A Senior Colleague

She said, “Please don’t tempt me with your words. I am wet, anyone can figure that from my face.”

Hi guys, this is har@92i with a story of my colleague and her secret affair with me. Let us call her as Rani. I finished my engineering and joined a big organization as an engineer with a lot of enthusiasm to work. It started with the orientation of the role. I had an orientation with the heroine of the story also.

She was senior to me by 5 years. She was a professional in the first approach and explained the job role as she was a senior engineer and I couldn’t take my eyes from her cute face. As the days passed, I collected more info about Rani. I understood that she is married and has a kid of 3 years.

She was fat and her stats were 34-32-36, very fair and innocent face. I was very much attracted to her but was scared as hell to make any move. So decided to be friends at least (everything starts with friendship). She was laughing at my jokes. I used to tease her sometimes during our discussions in our lunch breaks.

Slowly she was speaking to me freely. I got her number through WhatsApp group of the company. But didn’t text her as it is not practically easy like stories. In that period, I got a call to visit native for 4 days due to personal work. During the visit, I wanted to know some status.

So I texted her and she replied to the details. Afterward, I use to send some forward messages. She used to reply emojis for some joke forwards. I started texting her about happenings in the company. She also started replying positively. Once I remember we chatted till 11:30 PM about company topics.

We were making jokes. She was getting comfortable with me. Slowly she started to share her personal details. Once she was very upset in the office due to some family issues. I recognized it.

Me: Why are you upset? What happened?
Rani: No, nothing, I am fine, just work pressure.
Me: Don’t lie, tell it’s ok.
Tears rolled out and she started crying.

Rani: I and my mother in law had a fight and without my mistake mother-in-law scolded badly.
Me: Hey don’t feel bad. Relax, didn’t your hubby stop it?
Rani: My hubby will not speak in front of his mom. He knows only to fuck me when I am alone.

I was shocked to listen to these words from her.
Me: Ok relax. Don’t worry, I will support you. Come let’s eat out and you can go home later. At least your mind will relax.

She readily accepted. We had some food outside and she left for home. Fuck word from her mouth was so nice. I couldn’t come out of it. She texted me in the night, “Thanks for spending time with me and changing my mood.” I replied, “Always welcome.”

From then on our routine changed and we use to visit out for eating. I was interested to go for a movie and simply I asked her. And, to my surprise, she agreed. We went during office hours as she needs to return home on time. It was a comedy movie but it had one romantic scene.

Both didn’t expect it. But I was in the mood after seeing the scene and look at her. She was also was shy but didn’t show it on her face. Nothing much happened that day. I was waiting for a good time to take the next steps. I didn’t expect it will come so soon.

Both were speaking something in free time. Unknowingly I asked her, “Do you remember what you told about your husband that day?” She immediately remembered and was shy. I started laughing. She was embarrassed and started to hit me. I tried to control her by catching hands.

She was not ready to stop and she tried to hit me more. I got angry and also her touch was making me horny. So I told if you hit me again, I will kiss you. She looked at me in shock. I released what I said. Before I apologize, she hit me again. This was a green signal for me.

I kissed her on cheeks. Both were feeling shy. I was actually thinking whether it’s a dream or reality. Within that time I got one more slap from her. I came to reality and lip locked her in angry. She was in shock but responded nicely. This was a turning point in our relationship.

We realized it is office and we got back to our seat and started chatting.
Me: Thanks.
Rani: Shut up and do your work.
Me: How can I do the work? I cannot come out of it.

Rani: My mistake, I should have stopped you.
Me: Then why you didn’t stop?
Rani: Don’t ask me questions.
Me: Ok I won’t ask any questions. But I need one more kiss.

Rani: No ways, I won’t give you again.
Me: Please dear, I cannot concentrate on work.
Rani: Oh god. Ok, only one. Come to the same place.
Me: Yes sure.

Again we went back to the same place and directly I kissed her for 5 minutes. I also pressed her boobs. Both were turned on and wanted to proceed. But it was the office and could not take a risk. After that day, we both started sex chatting. Every day in the office kisses and hugs was common.

But I wanted to fuck her. I expressed the same and she was shy but ok with it. So both were waiting for a suitable place and time. We got that time as a gift. She texted me that her husband and other family members are going to a function. She is not going due to workload. It was a gift for me.

I said even I will support her to finish work at earliest. If it gets over, we can take half a day. She was also ok with it. Both worked hard in the office to get time to work hard in bed. We completed the work by 1:30 PM. Both left the office at 1:30 PM and directly went to her home.

My mind was full of romantic feelings and waiting to lose my virginity. So in the next part, I will explain what all happened in her home and how she became my slut. Sorry for the long story but I wanted to put the real picture in front of you all.

This is my first story and so please ignore my mistakes. Based on the feedback, I will write the next part. Email id: .