Mother-Daughter Destruction – Part 1

Hi! I am Shivrudra from Delhi and I am 25 years old. I am an average-built guy. Thanks to Covid, I have put on some dead weight too. I am well educated and was fortunate enough to attend one of the world’s best schools and colleges.

I have been with women mostly elder to me primarily because of how I respected them and their choices. I am in touch with a few of them now and we are simply friends wherein we lend each other to survive the thing called life and act as cuddle buddies.

This incident that I am going to tell you about is totally real. Even I never thought that I would get this lucky even in my wildest dreams. It primarily involves 3 people namely Sasha, Pixel and myself. Pixel (45 years old) and Sasha (23 years old) apparently are a mother-daughter duo. They both had a figure that would simply turn you on. And I must say that Sasha inherited all the right things from her mother Pixel.

Sasha stats are 34D-31-36, very similar to Danielle Rose Russell while Pixel’s are 36EE-32-41. Pixel totally looks like Kareena Kapoor but a busty version. Pixel legit had a bootyzilla so to say. 😂

They both were Punjabis to the core and very up-society ladies. They had deep pockets. In fact, Pixel got divorced Sasha’s dad a couple of years back and she got tons of money from him.

Pixel also inherited a hell lot of money from her dad and stayed in his huge ass estate. She used to live alone and Sasha spent half her time with Pixel and the other half with her dad. They both were simply dead-drop gorgeous and they were every man’s fantasy.

The first time I met Sasha was when we were in school. We did know each other back then but we didn’t feel anything for each other. We were simply a part of the school’s cultural society.

As time passed by, I went to the college and was surprised to see Sasha there. With time, we became best of friends and by the time we came to the final year, we started dating but with no tag.

We had great fun but only explored till second base only. I was chivalrous enough not to force her in doing sex as I didn’t want her to regret any of it later in life.

One fine day, she invited me to her mom’s place (Pixel’s place) for dinner. I was surprised to get this invitation. She told me that she was very close to pixel and that she shares everything with her, meaning Pixel knew all the details. She even knew about our encounters too.

What she said next gave me the biggest shock of my life. She told me that her mom was totally okay with me fucking her but since it was her first time, she wanted us to do it at her place.

Sasha was totally cool with it but I on the other hand couldn’t digest it. But after hearing this, the devil inside me was awake. I wondered, “Yaar aga maa itni sahi hai toh kyoun na issey bhi lapatey mein lelein?!”

I was too excited for the dinner the next day. I gifted Sasha an outfit which was a see-through lingerie top and a sexy G-string. Sasha told me how impressed her mom was by this move of mine and that Pixel had become very conscious about the outfit she would wear that evening.

Time passed and I made it to Pixel’s house. As the door opened, the first thing that I saw was my girlfriend’s mom standing there. She was wearing a very elegant sexy satin suit and the best part about was that it highlighted her massive boobs way too much.

I couldn’t help but check her out. But that I reminded myself what I was there for. As I moved further in, I saw my gf Sasha standing there in the lingerie I gave her and she was signaling me to come and pounce at her. I couldn’t hold myself back so I simply started moving towards Sasha.

Suddenly, someone held my wrist and stopped me. I turned around and it was Pixel. It was a very confusing situation, to be frank. On one hand, the daughter was asking me to come and bang while on the other hand, the mother was stopping me. I didn’t know what was going on at all.

I looked at my girlfriend’s mom and that queen of MILFs kept looking into my eyes and maintained eye contact with me. It was too hot to handle.

She soon had a very sexy grin on her face which made me go crazy. The very next moment, she knelt which confused me even further. Suddenly, I felt something on my crotch; guess what, it was pixel caressing my dick.

My dick had started becoming hard. My gf’s mom started unzipping my pants and took my dick in her hand. Gosh!!! I had never felt such soft hands ever in life. They were softer than a baby’s hands.

Pixel looked at my dick and the very next second, she wrapped her juicy lips around my big dick, sucking it like a mango. That hot saliva and the tongue twisters were just awesome. I was in a state of trance. The cherry on top was that the milf maintained eye contact with me even while she was giving me a head.

With each passing second, she increased her pace. The way she was sucking my dick and massaging my balls was making me lose my patience. I knew I couldn’t hold it any longer so I grabbed her hair and thrusted my dick deep down her throat and came. She drank all of it obediently and licked my dick clean.

I stood there with my dick out. What I just experienced was out of this world and I just couldn’t stop but enjoy it. My girlfriend’s mom kissed my dick, touched my feet and stood up.

She then called her daughter Sasha and said, “Beta, this is the best dick that I have ever tasted. Your dad was nothing but an imbecile. You don’t know how lucky you are.”

She gave a peck on Sasha’s forehand and gave one on my lips. Pixel then grabbed my dick and guided me to the bedroom.


That’s all for part 1, guys. I am sorry if I bored anyone. I have become a detail freak sometimes. Feel free to share your feedback and suggestions on

Also, if any ladies need to explore things on the physical front or if you simply want someone to talk to with no judgments at all, feel free to get in touch.