Lactating Mom Pulls Me Into An Affair

Hello to all readers. This is Kumar writing from Bangalore. This one happened much before the lockdowns with a lactating mom.

Today I am sharing an affair with a neighbor who had recently moved into an apartment building. She was in her early 30’s, and her name was Ashwini (pseudo name). She had a baby who was around 10 months old.

Talking about my neighbor, she was typical south Indian looking. She had big boobs as she had been feeding the baby. Despite being a young mother, she was very attractive to me, and I wanted to take her to bed. We used to see each other often, and I used to smile at her. This went on for few weeks.

In the evening times, Ashwini would be on the terrace talking to some other neighbors. Due to a power cut, I went upstairs one evening. As usual, she was talking to other ladies, and I started playing on my mobile.

It started to rain suddenly, and she rushed to take the clothes. I went to help her and then I went to her apartment to give her the clothes. We both were a little drenched in the rain. She gave me a towel and asked to dry my head and body, and thanked me for the help.

She offered to get me tea, but I told her some other day and left her place with a smile. After that day, I used to go to the terrace more often. We then got familiar with each other over brief conversations. Whenever she bought the baby, I played with the baby and gave a kiss to the baby sometimes.

She used to smile at me for that. Once, she requested me to take her to the hospital along with the baby. Upon enquiring, I got to know that her husband was busy that day. The baby was not drinking milk, and I took her to the hospital on my bike immediately.

At the hospital, the doctor checked the baby and gave some medicine. Then the doctor asked Ashwini to check if the baby is now going to drink the milk. She opened her blouse and opened her boobs, and put the nipples in the baby’s mouth. The baby was drinking the milk now.

The doctor might have assumed that I am the husband. It was a relief to her that the baby is now drinking the milk. We then started our journey back home. During the ride, her boobs were touching my back, and I was enjoying it fully.

After few days, we started talking about our private lives. I got to know that she is sex-starved, and her husband was not paying any attention to her needs. I started to flirt with her and talked about my adventures.

She used to tell me that any woman will be lucky to have me as a partner. I gave her hints that I can satisfy her needs as well.

One fine day, I was alone at home, and I got ready to take a bath. Ashwini rang the bell. I went to open the door without realizing that I was just having the towel wrapped around me. She asked me why I was not replying to her message.

I told her sorry that I was sleeping and just getting ready to take a bath. She locked the door when I informed her that there was no one else at home that day. It was evident that she was getting aroused just like me, and I took her to the bedroom.

I held her back and kissed her all over her forehead, neck, ears, and her lips. Ashwini was totally silent and standing like a statue. I stopped and asked her if she did not like it. She hugged me tightly to give me a green signal. We started to kiss each other’s lips madly and continued for a long time.

I told her that I wanted her badly, and she asked me to do whatever I wanted. Then I undressed her completely and pressed her boobs one by one. Then I started to suck her boobs and sucked all the milk in both boobs. She took my dick into her mouth and gave me a nice blowjob.

She used to lick up to balls and drank all my juices. After which, I fingered her pussy, then sucked it as well. She gifted me her juices which I drank all. She started to scold me with abusive words and shouted at me to fuck her.

She stretched her legs. I placed my dick at the entrance of her pussy and pushed it inside. She adjusted her position to make my dick go inside her pussy smoothly. Once it went inside comfortably, I started pumping her.

Also, I was kissing her often and slowly increased the pace. She kept abusing me and also calling out my name loudly. We continued to fuck in this missionary position for fifteen minutes.

Once we both hit our climaxes, we changed to a doggy position. Then I pumped from behind and held her boobs from behind. We both collapsed at the end of this fucking session. We took a break for some time.

It was her turn to take control, and she sat over me in a cowgirl position. She was happily riding over me from above. She wanted to try all these styles as they show in porn movies. But it was not happening with her husband. He would fuck her only in missionary only and also be done within a few minutes.

I was excited to hear that she wanted to explore different styles of sex with me. I was squeezing and also sucking those boobs which were bouncing while she was riding me.

I was about to hit my climax again, and she asked me to let my juices inside her. Then I emptied all my juices in her pussy with loud moaning. We took a rest for few hours by hugging each other. Then she left for her place. Later she came back to my place in the evening after putting the baby to sleep. Her husband was drunk.

We had few more rounds of sex and tried different positions. This continued for several days whenever we got time. Sometimes, I used to fuck her at night in her place after her husband was fully drunk. That was the beginning of my , and it is a closely guarded secret.

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