Mother Son Love During The Quarantine – Part 4

Raj’s heart was pounding. He was eagerly waiting for Sarika to step out of the room. He expected her to be wearing the lingerie which he had carefully selected for their special night. The door opened, but Sarika appeared in the saree.

Raj’s heart sank. He concluded that he had overstepped his boundaries and thought all his sessions with his Mom would no longer occur. Everything was over. He expected Sarika to be fuming and geared himself up for the upcoming reprimand.

But to his surprise, Sarika didn’t look angry. In fact, she was smiling, almost blushing, as she walked towards him. “If Mom didn’t wear the lingerie, that means she has not accepted my proposal, yet she doesn’t look angry. What’s happening?” he thought to himself.

Sarika stood in front of Raj and sensed his confusion. “Mom, I am so sorry….” Sarika placed her fingers on Raj’s lips, preventing him from completing his apology. While her fingers were still covering his lips, she placed a gentle kiss on the fingers. The fingers were the only thing that separated their lips.

Raj’s eyes were closed. Some moments later, he felt Sarika’s lips on his. He thought this was one of those short pecks that he got from his Mom once in a while. But this time, Sarika pressed and held her lips onto her son’s a little longer. She paused and moved back a little.

Their eyes met and locked onto each other’s. “But I thought you didn’t want…” Just as Raj was about to finish his sentence, Sarika brought his face closer and kissed him. This was the first real kiss that the mother and son shared. Both had been waiting for an eternity for this moment. Nothing else mattered to them.

Sarika’s arms were around Raj’s neck, and Raj held her by the waist and moved his hands over her back. They kissed with full of passion, hunger and lust. “I wore this saree for you. I want YOU to remove it on our first night. That’s why I did not wear what you gifted me,” said Sarika after they broke the kiss.

Listening to this, Raj went around Sarika and stood behind her. His dick was poking into her ass. He placed his hands on her waist, moved them upwards, and said, “As you wish, Mom.” He moved her hair to the opposite side to which her saree pallu rested and kissed her neck.

He kept kissing along her back and reached her shoulder. Raj then moved the pallu out of the way and let it drop on the ground. His hands reached her breasts. He then bit her shoulder and squeezed her breasts hard at the same time.

Sarika reacted to this by letting out a huge moan and bending a little in the forward direction. This led to her ass thumping onto Raj’s cock. He then undid her sleeveless blouse. As Sarika was not wearing a bra, her breasts flung out. He then picked up the pallu, and then he spun her to remove her saree.

Once the saree was removed, the only piece of fabric on her was her netted black panty. Raj then grabbed her face and kissed her like a hungry dog. He bit her lower lip, and Sarika almost screamed. He enjoyed it. She loved it. After feasting on each other’s lips, they separated and gasped for air.

“I love you, Mom,” whispered Raj in Sarika’s ear and kissed her earlobe. “I love you, beta. But there is one more thing that you need to do for me before we proceed further.,” replied Sarika. “Stand here,” she added and ran back to her bedroom.

After a few seconds, she emerged back with her right fist closed, indicating that something was inside her fist. “After your father’s death, I promised myself that I wouldn’t have sexual relations with a man. I have kept my promise to this day. I want us to make love. But for that, you have to tie this around my neck first.”

She opened her fist, and there was a mangalsutra in her hand. Raj looked into his Mom’s eyes. Without skipping a heartbeat, he grabbed the mangalsutra and tied it around her neck. “I am now yours forever.” Saying this, Sarika got down on her knees and kissed the bulge of Raj’s pants.

She unbuckled his belt, removed his trouser and bit his cock over his boxer. She asked him to sit on the couch. With Raj now sitting on the couch and Sarika on her knees, she slowly removed his boxers, and the little monster sprang. She grabbed it with both her hands and rolled it down.

Raj felt the warmth of her Mom’s hands on his cock and threw his head backwards in pleasure. She moved her hands along his cock for a while. Their eyes met and locked. She kept looking into his eyes and gulped his balls. Later, she stuck out her tongue and licked the entire length of her son’s cock.

For Raj, this sight was mesmeric. His Mom, looking straight into his eyes, on her knees, only in her panties. She was wearing a mangalsutra of his name and licking his cock on her birthday. A month ago, a blowjob in that setting seemed impossible, but now he was living the dream.

And then, he reached cloud nine when Sarika took his cock in her mouth. Raj couldn’t control himself. He grabbed his Mom’s hair and thrust his cock deep into her mouth. Sarika almost gagged but still held on to it. Raj loosened his grip, and Sarika continued sucking.

She’d alternate between sucking his son’s dick and his balls. “I want you to cum in my mouth.” saying this, she took his dick in her mouth again and increased her pace. Obviously, he wanted to last longer, but with his Mom sucking dick so well, he had very little chance.

“Aah, Mom, I am close, I am close, don’t stop,” he moaned. A few seconds later, he flooded his Mom’s mouth with his cum. Sarika hadn’t tasted cum in years. Also, being her own son’s cum and his first orgasm with her, she drank all of it. Raj was breathing heavily and gasped for air.

Sarika then sat on his lap. “Oh, Mom, that was amazing. I love you.” He held Sarika’s face, brought it closer and kissed her. They kept kissing for a while before Raj said, “Now it’s my turn.” Sarika wrapped herself around Raj and was carried by him to her bedroom.

Raj placed her on the bed, got on top of her, and they resumed kissing. No matter how many times they had kissed earlier, they still couldn’t get over it. Raj then moved towards her neck and bit her. Sarika moaned and grabbed his hair.

He bit and sucked her multiple times on her neck and repeated on the other side of her neck. He then continued kissing downwards and grabbed her breasts. He gave them a hard squeeze. He took his right breast in his mouth and kept squeezing the other. He bit and pinched her hard nipples.

He then directed his attention to her navel area. He kissed, sucked and bit her entire naval. He got up and spread his Mom’s thighs. He gently rolled his fingers on the inner sides of her thighs. Sarika loved the tickling sensation. He then kissed and sucked the left inner thigh region.

Sarika let out a huge moan. He kept kissing and sucking this region before repeating the same on her right thigh. Raj then moved upwards and kissed her lips again. While kissing, he placed his right hand on her left neck first and then began moving his hand downwards.

He reached her left breast, squeezed it, reached naval and then glided his hand further south and placed his fingers on her wet panty. As soon as his hands reached there, Sarika let out a huge moan. Raj kept circling her panty, almost teasing her and then giving her pussy a gentle squeeze.

After a few spirals, Raj moved his hand just over her panty line and slid his hand inside. As soon as his fingers touched her shaved wet pussy, Sarika moaned. All this was happening while they were still kissing. Raj then removed his Mom’s last piece of cloth from her body.

He placed his fingers on her wet pussy and circled them. Sarika moaned. After a few moments, he inserted his middle finger into his Mom’s pussy. As it was already wet, his finger went smoothly. Sarika’s moan intensified, and took Raj’s mouth in her. He began slowly and then gradually increased his fingering speed.

After a minute, he inserted his ring finger as well. Sarika gave out a huge moan. She bit Raj’s lower lip hard and was moaning inside his mouth. This turned him on more and then increased his fingering speed. After fingering his Mom for a while, he broke the kiss and went down towards her Mom’s juicy pussy.

He licked it like a dog. Sarika threw her head back and grabbed his hair. He continued licking and then buried his face in her pussy. Using his fingers, he parted her vertical lips and kissed the meat inside with his tongue. Sarika shivered. “Ah, yes, baby. Don’t stop. Yes, son. Lick your Mom’s pussy.”

Raj increased his speed and continued licking her pussy for a few minutes. Hearing all of his Mom’s cries recharged his dick. “I want you now. Put it in. I want you to fuck me. Fuck your Mom,” uttered Sarika. Hearing this, he spread her legs and positioned his dick on his Mom’s dripping pussy.

Raj placed his hand around his Mom’s neck and glided his dick over her pussy a couple of times. Sarika was now begging him to put it inside. However, Raj was enjoying teasing her. And then, Raj slowly moved his dick inside his Mom’s pussy. He gave a few gentle strokes before thrusting it fully.

Sarika cried out of pleasure. Finally, the moment that both yearned for arrived. Raj fucked Sarika while still choking her. With each stroke, Sarika’s entire body bounced, and with her bounced the mangalsutra. The sight of a son, raw fucking his Mom while she wore his mangalsutra was captivating.

He then removed his hand, fell on her and took her mouth in his. Sarika was moaning in his mouth while they were kissing and fucking at the same time. After a few minutes, Raj got up and asked his Mom to get into doggy, to which she happily obliged.

While both were adjusting themselves, seeing his irresistible Mom’s round ass, he spanked them hard. Sarika enjoyed the pain and pleasure at the same time as she cried out. He spanked again a few times before digging his teeth and biting his Mom’s lovely ass. Sarika grabbed her son’s dick and guided it to her pussy.

With one thrust, his dick travelled smoothly inside her. Once he got into a rhythm, he grabbed his Mom’s hair with his right, twisted it and yanked it backwards. Sarika cried in pain. “Oh, I love you, Mom. I love you so much.”

Hearing being called Mom while getting fucked was music to Sarika’s ears. Sarika’s moans were getting louder and louder, indicating that she was nearing an orgasm. Raj increased his pace.

“Ah, Mom, I am close.”

“Me too, flood my pussy baby. Flood your Mom’s pussy.”

“Yes, Mom.”

As soon as Raj discharged his cum, Sarika reached her climax as well. Her first orgasm in years. Raj maintained his dick inside Sarika till he discharged everything. Both of them were soaked in sweat. Both fell on the bed, moaning and panting.

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