Priya, Sripriya And Husband – Part 2

Ajay pushing his finger inside Priya’s pussy said, “Let your Mom fuck him. He needs just a pussy to fuck. Please stay with me, Priya, and ride me.”

“What the fuck, Dad. I promised Rajesh Uncle that I would satisfy him once you get hard. You are hard enough to fuck your wife. Leave me, Daddy,” Priya said.

“OK, you can go to him after I ejaculate. That’s my word. I won’t scold you for getting fucked by him. You and your mummy can go to him anytime, and I won’t object. We all will have a good time together from now onwards,” Ajay said, pleading with his daughter.

“But Rajesh Uncle won’t fuck me after you cum in me. He won’t fuck a creamed cunt Daddy,” Priya said in despair.

“I promise that I will pull out before I ejaculate, baby. Rajesh won’t mind if I don’t cum in you,” Ajay was pleading with his daughter.

Priya, shocked, looked at her Mom, Sripriya, for her approval. She said,” It’s your body, Priya, you have to decide. Anyways your Dad has already fucked you, eaten you, and you have sucked him too. I am happy to take either man. I just want a cock inside me.”

“But mummy, Dad fucked me like a rabbit for a few minutes, and now I don’t know how long he takes to cum. I am really confused,” Priya said, looking at her Mom helplessly.

“Trust me, I have never seen your Dad so eager to fuck in our ten years of marriage. If I were in your place, I would have tried to please him by offering my pussy. You are an adult and educated. You can make better decisions for yourself,” Sripriya said.

“Please satisfy me just one time, Priya. I won’t trouble you again. Maybe I will ask to lick you or suck your tits, “Ajay Nair pleaded with his daughter.

Priya, shrugging her shoulders, said, “OK, I will take you in me this time, but you must not object to mummy coming to Rajesh Uncle’s room.”

“I agree, Priya. But you should give me your breasts and pussy to suck whenever I ask,” Ajay said, digging deep his fingers inside his daughter’s pussy.

“OK, baba, OK. I will allow you whenever I am in the mood. You shouldn’t keep asking me every time. I can’t keep my pussy open whenever you want to suck me. For that, your wife will be available anytime,” Priya said, pulling her Dad’s finger from her cunt.

“OK, come and take my cock inside you before it loses erection again,” Ajay pleaded with urgency.

Priya sat on her Dad’s thighs, holding his 4-inch cock in her right hand. She raised her ass and lowered it taking her Dad inside her effortlessly. Ajay moaned loudly as his cock disappeared into his daughter’s pussy. Priya started to move her ass up and down on her Dad’s cock, making it sticky with her cum.

Ajay caught hold of his daughter’s breasts and started to press them while she rode him. Sripriya quickly came and mounted me taking my cock in, and started riding me. Her big plump ass was hitting my thighs as she was landing down on my cock. Sripriya’s big breasts were dancing all over her chest as she rode me.

“Are you feeling bad that you didn’t get to fuck Priya today, Chetta?” Sripriya asked me, humping on my cock.

My right hand was close to her pussy. Flicking her clit, I said, “I don’t mind Sri. Your husband is happy fucking his daughter. That’s what I wanted: a truce in your family. Priya will come running to me once her Dad is satisfied with her. Moreover, I got to fuck you in front of your husband. What more do I need?”

Patting my cheek, Sripriya said, “I was worried when Ajay saw us. At least we got away with Priya’s presence of mind. She convinced her dad to seduce him and trapped him. Don’t you think so, Chetta?”

Stretching my left hand, flicking Priya’s and her Mom’s clit simultaneously. I said, “Look, what is the price she is paying for it? She is fucking her own Dad to save our skin. She has given you a new life to start with your husband.”

Priya looked at me when I played with her clit. I saw a teardrop in her right eye as she humped on her Daddy. He was busy pressing her boobs, not caring if she liked it or not. Both the Nair ladies rode us for the next 5 minutes.

“I am cumming, Priya,” Ajay shouted.

My left hand, which was on his daughter’s clit held Ajay’s cock at the base and pulled it out from his daughter. I didn’t want him to cum in his daughter. Priya quickly mounted down from her Dad and took his spewing cock in her mouth. Ajay holding his daughter’s head tried to fuck her mouth.

He started shooting his cum in his oral cavity. Priya swallowed her Dad’s cum as he came inside her mouth without any resistance. She was fondling his balls, trying to make him cum as much as possible. Priya was determined to make her Dad fully drained so that he won’t ask her again to fuck him.

Swallowing all her Dad’s cum, Priya released his cock from her mouth, which was again 2 inches. Looking at her Dad’s flaccid cock Priya said, “Are you satisfied now, Daddy?”

“Yes, very much. I enjoyed fucking you, Priya. Thank you,” Ajay said.

“It was me who fucked, not you, Daddy. Thank God you didn’t cum in me. Rajesh Uncle pulled you out from me in time, or else you would have cum in me,” Priya said sarcastically.

“Is it? Thank you, Rajesh. You are free to enjoy my wife and daughter anytime. You can come to our house too. Thank you again, Rajesh,” Ajay said.

Sripriya was looking depressed as her husband came soon. She hopped on my cock furiously, trying to make me cum ASAP. Priya saw her mummy riding me in urgency and stood behind her, embracing her.

“Tell me, how was the experience fucking your Dad,” Sripriya said, still riding me.

“Do you want to know the truth, mummy? Dad is not as bad as I thought, but when you have tasted biriyani, how can you like rice-bhat? Rajesh Uncle is a stud in bed and knows how to satisfy a lady,” Priya said, pressing her Mom’s boobs.

“I can understand Priya. When nothing is available, rice bhat will be delicious to eat, like in my case. You can ride your Uncle, but promise me that you get off him before he cums. I want his cum in me so I can have his baby,” Sripriya said, getting off me.

Priya quickly mounted me and, humping up and down on me, said, “I don’t want Uncle’s cum in my pussy. I will get down when he is about to ejaculate, and you can take him inside you again.”

“Meanwhile, I will try to suck your Dad and see if he can regain his hardness,” Sripriya said and took her husband’s flaccid cock in her mouth.

“He won’t get hard for another 24 hours if you suck him for hours. Anyways enjoy sucking your husband,” Priya said, riding my cock. Priya was lifting her ass and dropping down and was moaning a lot. “Are you happy that I am back, Uncle?” Priya said with a strained tone.

My one-hand finger was flickering her clit, and another was busy pressing her firm breast. “Yes, very much, Priya. But I am more happy that you got Sripriya off your Dad’s anger. I may go back anytime, but your mummy has to live with her husband.”

Priya fell on me but was busy lifting her ass and started fucking me. Her breasts were crushed on my chest. Her body heat was making me warm in the cold morning weather.

“How can I desert my mummy and you, Uncle? When I heard Dad shouting, I knew he had caught you both red-handed. I wanted to save my Mom at any cost. I don’t know what came to my mind when I pulled his briefs down and caught his cock, trying to show that a namard he was.”

“But I was surprised when his cock got hard and offered my pussy to save my Mom’s dignity. But I was aghast when he demanded me to fuck him. I wanted his silence so he wouldn’t object anymore when my mummy came to you again. But I was surprised when he fucked me for 5 minutes.”

“I admit he is not that bad in fucking department. I came twice when I was fucking him. I said I won’t allow him to fuck me anymore, but I don’t mind if he ask me again. He is not manly like you but a gentle lover. I have to get him hard again in the night. I might get fucked by him in front of his wife. Are you feeling jealous, Uncle?”

“No, dear, I was thinking what would have happened to Sripriya if you hadn’t come. I loved the way you tackled your Dad, Priya,” I said, wiping the sweat from her forehead.

I saw Sripriya getting off the bed and began wearing her dress. “What happened, Sri, didn’t he get hard?” I asked her while her daughter was going strong on my cock.

“It’s a lost cause, Chetta. Maybe he needs his daughter to wake his sleeping cock,” Sripriya said, wrapping the saree on the petticoat. She took the blouse from the floor and was putting on her shoulders and her husband got up.

“Wait, Sripriya, why are you wearing the blouse,” Ajay went near his wife and stopped her hooking her blouse. Sripriya had hooked the top button. She looked at her husband with question marks in her eyes. Her big breasts were hanging out from the bottom of the blouse, and she looked sexy in that half-worn blouse.

Ajay, picking her saree pallo from the floor and placing it on her shoulders, said, “I never knew you looked so sexy, darling. I was a fool to ignore you all these years. I don’t want you to wear a blouse when I am in the house. Seeing your lovely boobs, I may get moody and may drag you to our bedroom.”

Ajay lifted his wife’s saree, cupping her crotch, “I don’t want you to wear panties too.” He rubbed her pussy, and Sripriya watched her daughter riding me blankly. Ajay, too looked in our direction and came to his daughter’s back. He rubbed his crotch on Priya’s ass for a few seconds and sat down on the floor.

I couldn’t see what he was doing down. Maybe watching my cock moving in and out of his daughter’s pussy.

“Daddy, what are you doing? Aren’t you ashamed to lick me when I am fucking. You just sucked and fucked me. What more do you want from me? Do you want to suck Uncle’s cock? Here, take it,” Priya raised her buttocks. My cock came out of her wet pussy, making a PLOP sound.

“Now, what are you doing, Priya? I hate guys sucking me,” I said in anger.

“Cool, Uncle, he wants to suck me, not you. Look, he is lapping my pussy like a dog,” Priya said, smiling.

But her smile vanished as Ajay had taken my cock in his mouth. I looked helplessly at Sripriya, who quickly pulled her husband, holding his hair and said,” What a dirty man you are. If you want to suck, suck me. Leave Chetta and Priya alone.”

I was relieved. Priya took her hand back and, inserting back in her warm hole, started to fuck me again. I saw Ajay kneeling on the floor, holding his wife’s saree up, licking her pussy. Sripriya was staring at us, seeing her daughter going strong on my dick.

I saw a hint of envy in her eyes. Priya had closed her eyes and was concentrating on fucking. I knew I had to finish ASAP and send the family back. So I let out a loud grunt and began shooting in Priya’s pussy.

Priya opened her eyes in surprise and said, “You are cumming Uncle. I thought mummy would take your cum. I feel like cheating on her.”

By now, I had emptied my cum in her and said, “Don’t worry, dear, she can have me when she brings lunch here. I will come to your house tonight and fuck her till she begs me to stop.”

Sripriya made a sad face seeing my cum spilling out of her daughter’s pussy. Ajay, too, looked in our direction and came hurriedly towards our back. I sensed his tongue on my cock. The cuckold was licking my cock along with his daughter’s pussy.

What a disgusting father he was, I thought. Priya was not aware that her Dad was sucking again, or else she would have scolded him. I pushed her up, taking my cock out of her filled-up pussy, got off the bed, and she slumped on the bed. Now Priya knew that her Dad was sucking her.

She kicked his shoulder with her right leg, and Ajay fell on his back. Face flushed with anger, Priya got up and, standing before her Dad, said, “Don’t you have any decency, bastard? Can’t you leave me alone when I am having a good time with Uncle? I did what you asked me. What more do you want from me?”

“Please let me suck you again, Priya,” Ajay was literally begging his daughter.

“Oh my God. Are you nuts? Can’t you see that it’s filled with Uncle’s cum, bastard? Why can’t you suck your wife? She has a better tasty pussy than mine. Go and suck her. I need to clean up and take a bath. I am leaving,” saying. She picked her boxer shorts from the floor and wore them.

“OK, I will suck your pussy clean while you are taking a bath. Come, let’s go, dear,” Ajay picked his vesti from the floor.

“What? Are you going to come to lick me while I take a bath? No way, whatever you want to do will be done here in Uncle’s presence. I have a test next week, and I need to study. I can’t keep doing whatever you ask. You have a beautiful wife to satisfy and to take care of your needs. If you were a real man, mummy wouldn’t have come to Uncle for her physical needs,” Priya said in anger tone.

“Just this once, Priya. Please, please,” Ajay said, trying to pull his daughter’s elastic shorts down.

Priya looked at her Mom helplessly, who nodded at her in approval. Priya sighed and said, “OK, but you shouldn’t ask again.”

Ajay nodded his head, kneeling, pulled Priya’s shorts down to her feet and was about to mouth her pussy. Priya, pushing his head away, said,” Not like this. You should kneel like a dog and suck me like one.”

She was trying to humiliate her father as much as possible. Sripriya was looking proudly at her daughter, who had taken charge of the situation like a mature girl. Ajay was on his knees and hands on the floor, literally like a dog before his daughter.

“Come, Doggy, lick your honey,” Priya said and signalled her Dad like she was calling a dog. I thought she was taking it too far. But who was I to judge as I was the main person for all this hungama?

Ajay crawled towards his daughter, with his face between Priya’s thighs and looked up as she had closed her thighs. Looking down at her Dad, Priya spread her legs and said, “Doggy, lick my honey like a good dog and clean the bowl properly. Understood Doggy.”

Ajay stretching his tongue out, began to lick his daughter’s pussy like a dog, slurping my cum. He was holding Priya’s ass cheeks in both hands, trying to push her towards him. His fingers were digging deep into his daughter’s ass crack, trying to part the cheeks.

I saw Ajay taking his right hand to the front. I knew he was going to finger his daughter. As I expected, Ajay pushed his middle finger inside Priya. She gasped, surprised at the sudden invasion of her Dad’s finger in her. She was loving it as her Dad was sucking her clit and finger fucking her pussy.

She had gripped Ajay’s hair and was pushing his face to her mound.

“Yes, Daddy, suck me more. Push your finger deeper and rotate it all around inside me. See how wet your daughter is. You sucked Uncle’s cum fully, and now you are tasting mine. I never knew you could suck like this. I will take back my words. You can suck your daughter’s honey pot whenever you want to. I will open my legs whenever you ask,” Priya said with her eyes closed, enjoying her orgasm.

Ajay had pulled his finger from her pussy. His lips were latched on his daughter’s pussy, sucking her cum as she dripped. I saw Ajay’s right hand going back to Priya’s ass and saw his cum stained middle finger trying to penetrate.

I was about to get near him to pull his finger out. But with the lubrication, his finger had entered his daughter’s virgin ass hole. “Take it out, bastard,” Priya screamed as her Dad’s finger dug deep in her ass hole. His mouth was busy sucking her pussy.

Sripriya tried to pull her husband back, holding his hair. But Ajay was not in the mood to leave his daughter. Priya opened her eyes and looked down at her Dad. He was trying to chew her pussy lips now using his teeth, finger still inside her back hole.

Raising her leg, Priya raised her right leg and kicked her Dad on his left shoulder. Ajay fell on his back and looked at his daughter apologetically.

“You fucking bastard. You begged me to suck, and I gave you my pussy. What did you do, bastard, fucked my ass with your finger,” Priya hissed in anger.

Ajay crawled towards Priya and pulled her shorts up. Picking her T-shirt from the floor, inserted it over her head. After Priya was dressed, he said, “Sorry, Mole (daughter), forgive me, I got carried away. I won’t do anything without your permission from now onwards.”

Priya felt pity for her Dad. She said, “A few seconds back, I was telling Mom that what a good sucker you are, and even said that you can suck me anytime you want. You spoiled the whole fun, Daddy.”

“I too, heard it, Priya. I thought it would please you if both holes were filled. I never thought you wouldn’t like it. Sorry, dear,” Ajay said with teary eyes.

Seeing her Dad tears, Priya mellowed down and said, “I can understand that you wanted to please me. But you should have asked me if I am going to like it or not. I would have loved it if you had told me beforehand. You just inserted your finger in my ass when I was enjoying my orgasm. You don’t believe I came twice when you were sucking me Dad.”

“Is it dear?” saying Ajay hugged his daughter and kissed her cheek like a Dad. Holding her hand, he said, “Come, let’s go. Take a bath and study for your test. I will prepare breakfast for you.”

“I have to come back again as I have a Math test. Uncle is my teacher now,” Priya said. Turning to her Mom, she said, “I want my breakfast after my bath, Mom. Hope you will come down soon and don’t think of having a second round with Uncle. Anyway, you will be coming in the afternoon,” Said Priya, walking out along with her Dad.

The moment her husband and daughter went out, Sripriya came running, hugging me tightly. She began to cry, keeping her head on my shoulder. Patting her head, I tried to console saying, “It’s OK Sri. Everything ended well.”

Taking her off my shoulder, wiping the tears with the back of her hand, Sripriya said,” I can’t forget the moment my husband walked in while you were eating me. I still get shivers when I remember that moment. What would have happened to my honour if Priya hadn’t come and taken charge of her dad?”

“I was shocked when she held her Dad’s cock and more shocked when she removed her shirt to show her tits to Ajay. I knew she was a courageous girl, but like this, no, never. I am proud of my daughter, but I didn’t like when she agreed to fuck her Dad to get me off the hook.”

“Yes, I, too, was shocked when Ajay asked for his daughter to get him hard. I thought he would stop at that, but no, he wanted to fuck her. Good God, all is well now. Take a bath and prepare lunch. I will be waiting for you, Sri,” I said.

“Only lunch or…,” Sripriya dropped her saree pallo down, showing her breasts. She still had her first button hooked up, her heavy, big breasts popping out of the bottom. Lifting her saree, showing her pussy said again, “Or you want this, Chetta?”

Cupping her breasts, I said, “Don’t worry, Priya will be coming here in an hour for tuition. I will have her young pussy and firm tits for starters, and I will have you for lunch and dinner later.”

“Don’t you get tired of fucking Chetta? OK, I will come by 1, keep some energy for me and don’t spend all your energy on my daughter,” said Sripriya walked out of the door, wriggling her big ass.

I slumped on the bed, recalling the last one-hour incidents.

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