My Beautiful Sindhi Aunty

As an Italian saying goes, if love is ice cream, with all the marvellous coverings. Then Sex is the Cherry on its top, with all the blissful showerings.

As this is a narration of real incidents, identities, names, and locations have been concealed to respect people’s privacy.

As a curious guy in college, I was fascinated by things I did not understand fully. One of them was, “Why do some of my friends bend down when they see the girls?” When I followed them, I found they were trying to peek into girls’ skirts to get a glimpse of their panties.

I was 19 then. And I can’t figure out why some guys would do such bad things! Yup, that’s me! I knew nothing! I was ‘Jon Snow!’ Later I started liking a girl in my class. She was beautiful. Cute bubbly, beautiful. I did not know what was happening to me, but constantly, I was thinking about her.

One of my friends used to peek into her skirt. When I found out, I felt bad. But what could I do? So I joined him in peeking into her skirt. I felt guilty, enchanted, and curious, and my heartbeat rose all at the same time.

Until then, I had no idea how the genitalia of a female of my age or higher would look. That is how ignorant I was!

As I went home, I ate and went to play. I was good at cricket, football, basketball, chess, and athletics. No sport was available around which I hadn’t played, and I still excelled at my studies. When my exam results were out, everyone, including aunties, would wonder how he did this!

They thought I hated studying, so I was outdoors most of the time. But that was not true! I loved science! I read all the time. I wasn’t playing! So that earned me praise. People would call me to their homes as a good boy to help them and teach their children.

A family was living in my neighbourhood. The Sindhi couple just got married and had a baby in a year. They were not like a typical Sindhi family with multiple generations living together and owning a business. Uncle chose to be selected in Government Service.

So they lived in a nuclear family. Both good looking around 25 years of age. Aunty was approximately 170 cm, taller than an average Indian female and Uncle was her good match. I used to go to their home to play with the baby. And you know babies get hungry every hour.

Aunty used to breastfeed him. Initially, she would cover her breasts with her saree, but later she did not bother in my presence. Sometimes baby would cry while playing, and his mother would immediately feed him. I still used to play with him while he was getting fed and sometimes unintentionally touched aunty’s breast.

As Uncle was a class 1 officer, he used to go on training and official tours to the capital city for work. Aunty and her baby would be alone. So she would ask my mother to let me sleep in their house for some company. It was a normal practice in the nineties and 2000s.

So the sleeping arrangement used to be like, aunty and I would be at extremes, and the baby would be in the middle. When I slept, I habitually clung to anyone besides me. In the morning, it would be noticed that I would sleep clinging to the baby.

Also baby would start crying out of nowhere in the middle of the night. Aunty would then take the baby to another side and shift to my side. So when that happened, we would find that I slept clinging to Aunty in the morning. She would wake up earlier than me and then ask me to wake up and leave her.

Like a sleepy Joe, I shift to another side and sleep again. Later, when I woke up in the middle of the night, I found out that Aunty’s gown had gone up. That’s usually with the ladies. That’s when I saw her beautiful, smooth, milky, fleshy, beefy calves in zero light for the first time.

I thought it happened in sleep, so I thought of pulling the gown down. But I did not do it as I thought if Aunty woke up, she would think I was uplifting it. It happened again some nights later. This time, I pulled her gown down and slept.

Sometimes her legs and back would pain so she would press her legs herself. Later she asked me to press her legs by applying oil. I would do so as any boy would do for their elders. I started massaging the area from her ankles to her knees and down and repeated it till she asked me to stop.

This went on for some time whenever she felt body pain. Later she started asking me for a massage of her upper calf. I hated this because it was more work than before. But I would do it reluctantly. I realised her calves were soft, warm and smooth than mine.

Mine were hard, rough and hairy, as I was a sporty guy who ran fast in races. Sometimes I would feel sweat between her calves, but I ignored it and focussed on my stuff. After that, she would ask me to massage her back. Now there would be no way to massage her back without

  1. Removing her gown, which would deem her semi-naked just in her inner wear, she did not do it.
  2. Let me transversing from her ankle to the calves and then to her back. This had one problem, her panty and buttocks would come in between.
  3. Wear a saree. This would be too much of a task for her.

So initially, she used to ask me to massage her back by being careful not to touch her buttocks/underwear, which was problematic. So later, she would change her gown to a petticoat and blouse. Kind of a middle path. I would massage her at night, and then we would sleep.

As I had no sexual thoughts then, it was normal for me. But I had entered adolescence, due to which my testosterone had shot up. I would sleep clinging to her. Maybe my hard penis used to poke her ass due to hormonal changes in me. I did not know this until I woke up earlier than her one morning.

Later, whenever I touched her, my penis would get hard. I used to feel the heat. I was confused as I could not understand the reason. Now I got curious about what was inside her panty. I used to think of going up while massaging her calves. But could not do it due to fear and nervousness.

I could not sleep even after the lights were switched off when it started happening. I used to keep thinking and trying to understand the reason behind my anxiety. I wanted to touch her ‘there’ and see how and what it was. But could not dare. So, after a lot of pondering.

When I turned to her, I saw her gown up as usual, but this time, I did not pull the gown down. I was thinking of trying to feel her naked calves. For the first time, a sexual intent had arisen. I was thinking about how to do that! I got the idea of pretending to be in a deep sleep.

So I did pretend and slowly put my hand on her legs. I waited there to see her reaction, and when there was none. I moved my palm slightly higher above her knees. On being sure of no reaction from her, I moved my fingers and tried to feel her big beefy calves by grabbing them.

They were soft, warm and a bit sweaty. My palms were sweating, too, and my heartbeat was off the charts. After feeling her calves, I thought to move forward and feel her ass. I had never touched them. But I could not muster the courage at that moment to do so.

I pulled my hand back and tried to sleep but could not! This time, I made up my mind to reach her panty and thus pretended to be asleep and repeated the process. Slowly when my palm reached near her panty. It was the highest point my palms had ever encountered inside her gown. My heartbeat again went up.

I opened one eye carefully to see her reaction. When there was none, I moved it higher and touched her panty for the first time. I rested my hand there, utterly fearful and excited. It was a wow moment for me. I have done it! It was a kind of great achievement for me at that moment!

There is always a first, and this is it! I touched a woman’s vagina over her panty. Just when I thought about entering the panty and feeling the skin of her vagina, the baby started crying out of nowhere. I got utterly scared as aunty moved, and my hand was inside her gown!

There is always a first time. This is just the lust between Please provide your feedback at /cdn-cgi/l/email-protection” class=”__cf_email__” data-cfemail=”056c7176716c6860716a776d7c686045717071646b6a71642b666a68″>[email protected] for the next part!