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I was going out with a girl for about a week. We were at a friend’s party and the two of us got drunk and frisky. We started touching and she gave me a sultry look as she took my hands and placed them on her boobs. I looked at her and she nodded as I squeezed them hard under the dim lights. She breathed heavily against my neck and bit my earlobe as I buried my face in her juicy tits. She whispered in my ear.

She: Let’s get wild tonight!

I kissed the side of her neck and licked it and she melted into my arms. She made me follow her to the closest room. We snuck in and locked the door. I slammed her against the door and stuck my tongue down her tasty throat. She opened her legs as she felt my hard bulge feeling up her crotch.

I threw her on the bed and she pulled off her shorts. She was wearing a sleeveless black tank top. I pulled it off her slender frame as she kissed my stomach. She pulled my pants off and lowered my boxers to my knees. She licked my cock and moaned.

She: God! This feels so hot. I love this!

She gagged on my cock and breathed hard on it. I peeled her panties off and rubbed her clit slowly. She moaned softly as she sucked my cock with passion. I grabbed her by the neck and dropped her onto the bed and opened her legs. I licked her pussy until she began to squirm.

Her: Oh fuck, this is so good! Lick me!

I licked her pussy and her wet clit dripped onto my chin and coated my mouth as I licked her softly. She laid back and I teased her with my cock, and just as I was about to put it in, she stopped me. She turned around and let me rub her pussy once more. She backed her ass all the way into my hips and bent forward with her head hitting the pillows. She stuck her ass in the air and looked back at me.

She: Fuck my ass raw! It turns me on. Rub my pussy as you do it.

I’d never done it before. I was confused. I watched as she spit in her hand and coated her asshole with her saliva. She looked back at me and guided my cock to her ass. It was a tight fit, but it felt amazing to be in it.

She bounced against me as I grabbed onto her hips and pulled her ass into me. My cock disappeared inside her and I groaned from the pleasure. She grabbed my hand and guided it to her pussy and breathed hard as I rubbed her clit as she bounced into me.

Her: Ahhh…I’m gonna cum! Pull out and cover me in cummmm!

I pulled out as her legs opened wider. I teased her pussy with my cock and she groaned louder as I put my cock inside her and pounded her roughly.

Her: Yessss babyyyy! I’m close! Fuckkkkk meee! (moan) Ahhh…Fucccck meee! (moan) Fuckkkkkk meeeee!! (loud moan).

I felt her body shudder as she dropped to the bed. Her hips throbbing. She turned around and took off her top and rubbed her pussy softly as she looked up at me and licked her lips. She opened her mouth and I straddled her face as she stroked my cock and moaned. She stroked it as she licked the tip.

Her: Cum on my body, baby!

She stroked me hard and I came all over her tight body and she rubbed the cum into herself as she sucked the rest of it off my cock. We were about to leave, but I pulled her back into bed so I could fuck her as again. It was a fun night. She moved out of town a while after that and I missed fucking her in the ass. She was the one that hooked me onto it, but a lot of women that I met didn’t enjoy it, so I never got the chance again.

I was looking for something to spice up my sex life again when I stumbled across an online cam site called “Delhi Sex Chat”. Once I saw the extended list of all the Indian girls that were on there…I just had to sign myself up instantly!

I bought credits using my bank card in less than 2 minutes and hit the list looking for a sexy girl with juicy tits to get my rocks off. I finally found her. Her name was Nivedita. She was from Delhi.


I texted Nivedita about ass play and she loved the idea. She was very friendly.

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We then set up a time and she showed up looking sexy as fuck. Nivedita was wearing a bikini top and some shorts. Her tits were perky, and her nipples were hard. I stared at them as she teased her nipples into the cam. She saw my excitement and chuckled.

Nivedita: Take off your pants. I wanna see it.

I took off my pants and she squeezed her tits together. I started stroking and she undid the lace of Nivedita’s bikini and slowly pulled out her tits for me. She smiled as she pinched her nipples and kissed the cam.

I stroked softly because I wanted to watch her go mad. Nivedita took some oil and put it on her tits and squeezed them roughly as she exhaled sharply.

Nivedita: I love touching myself…but you know what I like more..?

Me: What?

Nivedita: Being watched as I touch myself. It’s the best!

Me: Really?

Nivedita: Yea…can’t you tell how turned on I am?

Me: Fuck yes!

Nivedita: Let me show you.

The Delhi girl took the cam and brought it down to her pussy. Her shorts were wet. She peeled them off and parted her lacey, orange panties and showed me her glistening, wet pussy! She put two fingers inside herself and I stroked harder as I watched. She moaned as she set the camera back down and fingered herself.

I stroked faster and she laid back and opened her legs.

Nivedita: You like how I fuck myself, baby?😉

Me: Fuck yessss! (stroke, stroke, stroke)

Nivedita: I know what you will like even more!

She connected a small mic to her cam and put it near her pussy. I stroked harder as I listened to the sloppy sounds of Nivedita’s fingers diving inside her. She looked into the cam and moaned as she put her other hand in her mouth and lubed it up.

Nivedita: Go harder! I want you to want me badly!

I stroked faster as I watched her put her drooled middle finger into her ass. The sloppy sounds got wetter as she moaned and fingered both holes so ferociously.

Nivedita: Ahhh…I am gonna cum! Cum with me! Cum on me! Cum all over, baby! Ahhh…

I felt my cock explode as I sat back. Fuck! This woman was like magic! I looked at the screen and Nivedita was still going. The sloppy sounds got louder as she moaned and closed her eyes tightly. Her back lifted off the bed as her body convulsed and she laid back down satisfied and spent. White, milky drops of cum 💦 dripped out of her wet cunt as she smiled and wiped herself off.

Nivedita: Wow! That was fun!

Me: Yes! Would love to do it again soon.

Nivedita: Hit me up whenever, baby! (kiss)

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