My bombshell Andhra wife’s cooking classes – Part 1

Hello everyone, my name is Uday from Andhra. I am 38 years old, 5’10” tall, and weighing 85 kg. I am not so good-looking with a bald head. This story is about my wife Radha. She is a typical south Indian woman. She was a bombshell at the age of 33, with 5’7″ height and 36″ breast. Any man would give her a second look. She has a very good physique, and the right shapes in the right places. She id not good at cooking. This story is about a chapati street seller and my wife.

Every evening, I used to have chapati, fulka, or poori as an evening snack. The street seller’s name was Parakh.

Let me describe him guys. He is a Rajasthani and not a muscleman. He was just a simple man with 6 feet height and might be weighing 95 kg with an average tummy.

His wife was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She was 5’7″, full white, and her boobs were unimaginable. They had 3 children, all girls aged 6 years, 4 years, and an infant.

As I was a regular customer for him, we used to have a general chats every day. His wife had all female children and no male child, so he was desperate to have a male child. Both of them used to work hard from 2 pm to 10 pm to make their living.

The place at which they used to do business was a small 5×6 room with an attached storeroom (later my wife told me). And daily, he used to cook different curries.

One day my wife and I had tiffin from there. And my wife liked the curry. That night, I asked my wife to learn about curry of such type. The next day, she watched YouTube and made a curry, which was nowhere near to that curry. I asked her to learn to make curries well. She argued with me that her curries were nice. We had a huge argument that night and I slept without talking to her.

The next day, there was no talking much between us. That night, my wife tarted a conversation.

Wife: So, you want me to learn how to cook?

Me: Yes, ask your mother to teach you.

Wife: She does worse than me. I tried cooking using YouTube, but you are not liking it. So, where do I go to learn cooking?

There was a silence between us for some time. All of a sudden, I got the idea.

Me: Why can’t you go to Parakh to learn how to cook curry?

Wife: How can I go to an unknown person and ask him to teach me?

Me: There is nothing wrong with learning what you don’t know.

Wife: I can’t go.

Again I got angry and stopped talking to her.

The next day:-

Wife: So, you want me to go to Parakh, is that it?

Me: Yes, go and learn cooking.

Wife: Ok, I will go against my will, as you asked. You go ask him whether he is willing to teach me at our home?

Same day, I went to Parakh for the evening snacks.

Me: Parakh bhai, you cook curries very well. Can you come to my house and teach my wife?

Parakh: Don’t joke, sir. Andhra ladies cook well.

Me: No bhai, my wife is very bad at cooking. Please teach her Parakh sir. I don’t have time for this.

Me: Please bhai, teach her and save me.

Parakh: I can’t come to your house. Ask her to come here at 2:00 pm, I will be preparing curries at that time.

Me: Thank you, bhai. She will be here tomorrow.

That night, I went home and asked her to go and learn. She unwillingly agreed. The next day, she got ready in a saree, looking like a goddess. That night –

Me: How is your first day?

Wife: Good, learned some curry preparation. But there was no fan.

My wife had been soaked in sweat completely during the cooking time. Then I asked her to wear a Punjabi dress.

Wife: Sorry, I can’t wear a Punjabi dress in front of them. My breast will be visible, so I can’t wear it.

Parakh and his wife were good at teaching my wife. She returned at 4 pm.

On the third day:-

Me: Bhai, is my wife learning anything? Will she be good at cooking?

Parakh: She is a good learner. Quickly learning, sir.

Me: I don’t see your wife is here today. Is she sick?

Parakh: No sir, she went to her mother’s house for some days. All these days, there was no one to help me. So it was difficult for her to leave me. Now I have madam to help me, so she left and will be back after 10 or 15 days.

I didn’t sense anything wrong then. So I took it casually.

I and my wife used to have sex every 15 days, because of my workload and tiredness. Now, every day when I returned, my wife would be sleeping. I thought she might be tired in that airless room during learning to cook.

Days passed for nearly 10 days. One day, I asked my wife to show me what she learned. That night, she made a curry, which was much better than before.

We had no sex for the past 15 days, but I was horny that night. She was in deep sleep. I started touching my wife’s boobs. I expected soft moans from her, but she cried in pain. I was shocked and didn’t know what happened and switched on the light.

Me: What happened?! Why did you cry so loud?

Wife: It hurts.

Me: It’s a tender touch, why would it be painful?

Then I asked her to show me.

Wife: Never mind, leave it and go to sleep.

Me: I want to see your boobs right now. Show me.

Wife: No Uday, not now, later.

Me: Show me or I will see it myself.

My wife hesitatingly and slowly lifted her nighty. I saw two bite marks on each of her boobs! I was in great anger and asked her what happened.

She said: I am tired, and let’s talk in the morning.

The next morning, I was very angry. During breakfast, she started slowly telling me what happened.

Day 1 –

My wife went to that place, and within 15 minutes, she was completely drenched in sweat.

Parakh’s wife: Didi, you can’t work here wearing a saree.

Wife: I don’t know about this place and there’s no fan.

Parakh’s wife: Change to my kurta which is there in the store room.

Wife: I will try to work in the saree, no problem.

After 15 more minutes, she was completely exhausted.

Parakh’s wife: Didi, try my kurta as we both are of the same size. It will fit you.

Hesitatingly, she took the kurta and went inside the store room to change. Then she removed her saree and blouse. She noticed there was no bottom for the kurta.

Wife: Didi, there is no bottom for this dress.

Parakh’s wife: Come on didi, here in this place it is comfortable to work in this dress. Haven’t you noticed, I am not wearing any bottoms.

My wife didn’t notice until then. With no other option, she wore a kurta with only a bra and panties. When she came out, Parakh’s eyes widened seeing my wife’s hairless legs.

What happened next, you’ll get to know in the next part.