Swapna Aunty – My Tuition Teacher

Hello ISS Readers, I’m back after a long, long time with a new and exciting story about Swapna Aunty, who was my childhood tuition teacher. I was a lazy guy when it came to studying. I used to change tuition every semester either due to my lack of interest or lack of marks.

I had changed almost 7 tuition classes/teachers. I then finally landed with Swapna Aunty. Swapna Aunty was unique when it came to teaching. She was also a young MILF back then with 2 small kids.

Talking about the current stats of Swapna Aunty, she is 51 years old, a nice, mature MILF. She has an amazing curvy figure due to her enormous stomach and hips. The bra size was 36C. Overall, Swapna Aunty was a very fuckable woman and has raised my cock always since the very beginning.

I studied there for the next 5 years until I finished my 10th grade. Due to all the hard work of Swapna Aunty, I scored 84 in 10th, and everyone was extremely happy. Swapna Aunty was very proud of me, and she mentioned she would remember me for the rest of her life.

I went ahead and completed junior college, my graduation and my master’s in Education Administration with flying colours. I am a certified administrator now. I was looking for jobs around now.  I saw a posting on LinkedIn for the School Administrator for a new school. I applied and scheduled an interview.

I went to give the interview, and it shocked me to see Swapna Aunty as the school principal. Even she was shocked to see me. We were both so happy to see each other. Swapna Aunty was so overjoyed that she got up, shook hands and proceeded to hug me.

We hugged each other, especially me. I squeezed her a little too hard because this was the first time I actually got to touch and feel her. Then she mentioned how she had pivoted from tuition classes to her dream of starting a school.

School was a small one, newly started, but I was happy to see her dream come true. Without any interviews, she approved and appointed me as the school administrator. We were all set to start within the next 3 months, as a lot of schoolwork was still pending.

I told her, “Swapna Aunty, I will come every day and will help you with everything until we start. I’ll be your support system.” Swapna Aunty started tearing up. I went ahead, kept my hands on her shoulders and started consoling her. Simultaneously, I was rubbing my hands over her shoulder.

This time, Swapna Aunty didn’t hesitate and hugged me right away, and that too tightly. While hugging me, she mentioned how she had no support. She was glad that I came in, a person she could trust and confide in. Swapna Aunty was so relieved now. She let go of the hug after 10 minutes.

In the next 3 months, we both handled everything within the school. Classroom setup, staff selection, teachers’ interviews, uniforms, anything and everything the school needs were completed. We were set to start the academic year on time in June.

I was like a partner, the right hand of Swapna Aunty. It felt amazing standing next to her, helping her with everything. We opened up admission, and we had students pouring in. Swapna Aunty was so happy and tearing up with the response.

She ran towards her cabin without saying anything. I ran behind her and entered the cabin. She was still on the sofa. I sat beside her and caressed her. I started talking about how we did it together without any external support, and we are seeing the results now.

Swapna Aunty said, “I would have never done it alone. I never imagined that I would get you as my administrator. I moulded you those 5 years, and here we are. You gave me back everything that I made you ready for. You are the reason I could do it. Thank you for everything. Really, thank you.”

After saying this, Swapna Aunty looked into my eyes and started proceeding further. I didn’t think of anything. I closed my eyes and proceeded. Our lips touched together. Within no time, we were kissing. I locked my hands to Swapna Aunty’s love handles, and her hands were on my shoulders.

We didn’t want this to end. We continued to kiss each other passionately. Swapna Aunty pushed her tongue out. I started sucking her tongue. I thought today was the day I would fuck her brains out, and I was ready for it. I slowly started moving my right hand towards her boobs to caress it over her blouse.

But just then, someone knocked on her door. We opened our eyes and came back to reality. We looked at each other. Swapna Aunty looked regretful and confused. She handled herself and opened up the door. It was none other than her husband. He saw me inside.

He was the last person I would’ve wanted to see after engaging in the act with Swapna Aunty. He came in to congratulate Swapna Aunty on her success. But Swapna Aunty seemed out of the present scenario and still stuck in the past what happened between me and her.

To control everything, I asked her husband to sit. Offered him water, and we started talking. Swapna Aunty took some time to get back into the present. After she was back in her senses, she straightaway rejected the congratulations from her husband and asked him to leave.

She also mentioned that he shouldn’t be around the school campus. I understood it was all because of his attitude towards her dream of this school. Her husband left in embarrassment. After that, we both looked each other in our eyes. She wasn’t talking about anything.

I asked Swapna Aunty, “Do you regret what happened between us?” She nodded ‘No’. I had a sigh of relief. She stood up and said, “Let’s see the status of admissions,” and gave me a peck on my lips.

The admissions were all done. Within a day, we got the maximum number of students required. I came in today at 7 in the morning. It took us evening 9 pm to wind up everything, and all the staff went home. Swapna Aunty asked me to lock the front gate and come to her cabin.

I entered her cabin, and she was sitting down dead. Swapna Aunty was so exhausted now. I went to her and kept my hands on her shoulders. She looked and me, and I said, “We did it. We did the most tough part. I’m always there with you no matter what.”

Swapna Aunty was thrilled and excited to hear it. It was like she immediately got the energy from some dark dimension. She stood up, and we continued where we had stopped. She locked her fingers behind my head, pulled me towards her face, and our lips touched again.

We started kissing in full swing without stopping. I grabbed her saree and pulled it up towards her knees. I paused for a moment and asked Swapna Aunty to jump on me. She jumped and crossed her legs behind me, and we continued to kiss passionately.

The 51-year-old MILF was feeling young again and was ready to give herself in. I was caressing her ass as I was carrying her. Swapna Aunty was fully engrossed in smooching. I stopped the smooching and went down towards her neck. I was licking and biting her neck.

Swapna Aunty was moaning in a low voice and biting her lips. Just then, her phone started ringing. Swapna Aunty didn’t want to stop, so she asked me to continue, and she started moaning again. Her phone started ringing again. I had to keep her down so that she could attend it because it was getting too irritating.

It was her husband calling. She picked up the phone and told him that she was busy and would be late. She needed to wind up some documentation before leaving, and she kept the phone.

In the meantime, I had stripped off my shirt and was waiting for her. As soon as Swapna Aunty saw this, she dropped her pallu and stripped off her saree, only to be in her blouse and petticoat. Swapna Aunty ran towards me and jumped over me, and I caught her. We looked each other in the eyes.

I told her, “Your boobs looked good bouncing when you were running towards me.” Swapna Aunty said, “Oh really? Do you wanna see it again?” I said, “Yes.” Swapna Aunty dropped down off of my arms.

Bent a little, showing off her cleavage between the blouse, and started shaking her boobs. It looked so sexy, and the slutty face Swapna Aunty made was making me horny. I didn’t think of anything. I dropped my pants. Although I was wearing my underwear, my manhood was popping out of my underwear.

Swapna Aunty’s eyes got glued to my tools, and she was drooling. I cleared her principal’s table and made her lie down. I asked her, “What do you want me to do now?” Swapna Aunty said, “It’s not fair that only you are in your innerwear. Strip me!”

I climbed over her and started unhooking her blouse, hook by hook. Swapna Aunty couldn’t control her eagerness and kept her hand over my dick to feel it. She started pressing it and told, ‘What the actual fuck, how hard is it? It’s been ages since I ever felt such a hard dick’.

I had unhooked her blouse completely now. I removed and threw away her blouse. Below it was a sexy sky blue coloured padded bra. I told Swapna Aunty, “I never knew you had such good taste in bras.” She mentioned, ‘Even though I’m 51 doesn’t mean I cannot be sexy.”

I said, “Of course, you are right. You should be proud that at 51, you will be getting fucked by a young cock from a 25-year-old guy.” She blushed at that part. Without wasting any time, I stripped her petticoat as well and below it was a sexy sky-blue matching panty with a cute flower right where her clit was.

The panty was all wet by now, and Swapna Aunty was all horny. She started playing with my dick using her leg and was getting all naughty. Swapna Aunty opened up her hair, which was tied, making her look sexier and bold. Seeing her this way, no one would guess that she is 51 and a mother of 3.

I literally pounced on the table, moving towards her. I approached her lips and kissed her. While kissing, I was massaging her right boob over her sexy padded bra. Swapna Aunty didn’t want to hold at all. She wanted to see my manhood.

While I was playing with her boob, she pulled down my underwear, exposing my 6.5-inch dick, long and hard for her. Swapna Aunty requested, “Please fuck my mouth with that monster.” I always had a plan for that. I asked her to lie down and drop her head towards the ground by the edge of the table.

Her head was upside down. I stood right in front of her and asked her to open her mouth. Slowly and steadily, I started sliding my cock into her mouth, reaching her throat. At first, Swapna Aunty had issues as she was gagging. But she handled it and was taking my dick nicely and tightly.

I choked her completely. Swapna Aunty tapped out after a while, and she couldn’t take it anymore. I released her throat, pushed her head back on the table, and went on top of her. I sat on her stomach. She was flat on the table. I started massaging both her boobs with my hands.

Swapna Aunty was feeling so good. I unhooked her bra and removed it. I told Swapna Aunty that this bra belonged to me now as I would be taking it as a souvenir of our lovemaking. I looked at the sexy pair of boobs she had. Although 36C, it was a handful and nicely shaped.

She was gifted, considering her boobs. It wasn’t sagging. Her areolas were light brown, coloured with nice, large and tight nipples. I couldn’t wait to get a taste of those amazing racks. I pounced on her boobs, licking, caressing, and biting those lovely ladies.

Swapna Aunty had no limits in her moaning, probably after a long time that she was experiencing a man’s touch. She couldn’t resist anything either and was constantly squirting over the table. Her pussy was just leaking all the juice. Playing with those amazing pairs of tits made me even more horny.

Not only me, it made Swapna Aunty horny as well. Swapna Aunty said, “Dude, I cannot wait anymore. I need that thing inside me right away. Fill my glorious pussy with your manhood. It’s been waiting for this for a long time.” I didn’t do anything.

I got down from the table. Slowly stripped off her panty. Her pussy was slightly hairy but perfect for me. I planted a kiss on her clit and started to play with her pussy, using my tongue. This was the peak of Swapna Aunty’s moaning. She was enjoying it so much that she couldn’t control her moaning.

I told her to get up. I laid down and asked her to sit on my mouth with her open pussy. This was the first time she was doing something like this. As told, she sat over me. Moreover, like she squatted on my face. I pushed my tongue out, directly entering her pussy.

I explored her pussy with my tongue. This went on for a while. Without saying anything, Swapna Aunty got up, moved a little behind, adjusted my cock to enter her and sat over it. Now, this was actually something else, to be honest.

Swapna Aunty was so tight even after having 3 kids, all normal deliveries. I’m not sure how long it had been since she had sex, but she was good and tight for a 51-year-old MILF. She was tired but still was dominating the cowgirl position.

Swapna Aunty was hopping on my cock. Her boobs were also bouncing with her. I was about to cum, so I told her, and she stopped. She waited for a while and then started again. She was completely covered in sweat with all the hard work.

Now, without telling her, I directly cum inside of her. She could feel my warm cum inside of her, and she was smiling and blushing. It wasn’t the end. I asked Swapna Aunty to rest of the table now.

She lay down, and I told her, “You are looking like a goddess now. Let me be your cleaner, and let me clean your body.” She didn’t understand exactly, but as soon as I approached her underarms, she understood.

Swapna Aunty’s underarms were clean, shaved and smooth. I actually couldn’t resist it and started sucking her underarms. Swapna Aunty said, “This is the first time I’m feeling this, and it’s so amazing. This feels much better than someone licking my boobs.”

Finally, I was back in the mood again. I started fucking Swapna Aunty in missionary style. Before cumming again, I also switched to doggy style. I wanted to see her jugs moving with the movement of fucking her. It was like a dream come true for me.

I fucked my tuition teacher Swapna Aunty. It wouldn’t have been ever possible without her actual dream. Even to date, I have had frequent sessions with her. In her office or mine. Sometimes at her home or mine. We are very professional when it comes to school and school matters.

I’m happy to have found her again, and we have a healthy relationship without any issues. This one is for you, Swapna Aunty.

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