My Experiments With Sex – Part 1 (Uncle)

I am Nafisa. People who see me say that I am beautiful. I was the third child of my parents. I have two older sisters and two younger brothers.

When my youngest brother was born, everyone considered me a fortunate girl.  For the next seven years after my birth, whoever in the family delivered a baby all delivered a baby boy.

And when I grew, I became fortunate in the matter of sex. I enjoyed it with many men, guests, and cocks, but I never got defamed. No one ever pointed the finger at me that this beautiful lady was a slut, a two-legged bitch.

As I grew older, I had to say goodbye to frocks, skirts and blouses. I was ordered to wear only a salwar kurta. I was barred from going out without a dupatta and veil.

My period started at the right age. I heard family members and neighbours talking that Nafisa is growing very fast. And one fine evening, we had guests. That day was the first day when a beautician did my makeup. She helped me to wear ‘Chania choli’ for the first time.

My elder sister informed me that the guests had come to see me. I was presented to them. I served a glass of sharbat to everyone. While doing so, I looked at the man supposed to be my groom. But at first sight, I rejected him. After some time, guests left.

Later on, I was informed that the groom had rejected me, saying he would never marry anyone so beautiful. My sister commented that the man was scared. If he marries a beautiful girl, then more than him, his friends will fuck his wife.

“Bastard, I think he is a man of weak cock. That’s why he is scared of beautiful girls like us. Whether my husband likes it or not, I will get fucked by the man I like.”

I did not counter my sister, but I knew that the same thing would happen to me. More than with husbands, I would be getting fucked by others. I felt very relaxed, but all the other family members were upset. I did not tell anyone, but I did not want to marry for a few years more.

But you know, ‘Man proposes, God disposes.’ Not even three months passed. I got married to a man of my choice, a lecturer of Physics in a university college.

About a month after my rejection, I visited a fair on Eid day. I was with a few of my family members, including mamu (my mother’s youngest brother). I knew very well that Asif mamu had had a crush on me since my childhood. He was about 15 years older than me.

I also liked him a lot. He was the first man whom I thought of marrying. But he got married when I was only 13 years of age. His wife and other females in the family were with me. While we were roaming around in the fair, I saw Asif mamu talking with a ‘tall, dark (not so fair) and a very handsome man.

He was almost 6 ft tall and looked very strong. At first sight, I liked the man and thought of taking mamu’s help to get married to him. The next day evening itself, I visited mamu’s house. He was at home. When mami was busy in the kitchen, we talked.

Me – Mamu, who was that tall man with whom you were talking in the fair yesterday?

He looked around, held my hand, and said, “His sweet Nafisa wants cock of that handsome, strong man in her vagina!” I did not get angry on hearing fucking words. I nodded smilingly.

Mamu told me everything about him. I became very pleased to know that the man of my desire was still a bachelor. He asked what he would get in return if he married me to him. For the first time, he addressed me as his queen.

“My dear sweet queen, what I will get in return if I get you to marry him.”

I was aware that though he was married to a charming lady, his crush for me was still intact. I looked and saw that his wife was busy cooking. We both were seated at a place where she could see us. She might have seen that mamu was holding my hand, but she did not scold him.

I also teasingly inquired what he expected from his queen. “My dear uncle, what do you expect in return from his childhood queen?”

Without hesitation, he stated the words I had waited to hear from him. Without any hesitation or shame, he said that he wanted to fuck me. He told me to have sex with him. Within a month of our first sex, he will get me married to whom I want.

This was not the first time I heard and spoke of sex. For over two years or so, I was inquiring about the sex life of my sisters. Initially, they hesitated, but after I took many vows, both opened up to me. Though their husbands fucks them nicely, they also had a few extramarital affairs.

Both had said that people from all corners of society are mad to have sex with beautiful ladies like us. Their offers are so tempting that it becomes impossible to resist. Besides good consideration, every new man, new cocks gives a different type of pleasure.

“Sister, besides getting good consideration in return for sex with them, you get different pleasure from fucking with new men, new cock.”

So I was having sex talks with my sisters quite often. Asif was the first male who talked sex with me. He was the first man who desired to fuck me. Until then, I was a virgin, untouched girl. I did not get angry to hear that he wanted to fuck me.

The reason was obvious. Asif was the first man with whom I wanted sex. But his desire made me think otherwise. Though I was hesitant to have sex with him, I had apprehension. There was no guarantee that even after fuck with him, he would be able to convince Imran to marry me.

I told him that he knew very well that I also liked him. I told him that I wanted to have sex with him for quite some time. I still want him, but now as I am going to get married soon, I can’t give him my virginity. I promised that immediately after my husband took my virginity, I would fuck with him.

Me – Asif uncle, you also know how much I love you very well. I wanted to marry you. I wanted to have sex with you for quite some time, but you never looked at me. You remain inside cunt of your wife. Now also, I want your cock inside my cunt.

Me – But, as I am going to get married soon, I can’t give my virginity to anyone else. But I promise you, immediately after your friend Imran takes my virginity on our bridal bed, I will fuck with you at the first available opportunity.

I talked so freely that Asif uncle agreed. He said that he would not fuck me before my husband fucks me. He wanted some real assurances, not only my words. He wanted physical assurance from me. He said he could still wait for a few more months.

He had waited for me for quite along. But he wanted to see and caress my nudity. He promised that once I showed and let him fondle my nudity, he would make it certain that Imran would marry me at the earliest possible time.

Asif uncle – Ok, I will not fuck you now, but I want to cherish and fondle your nudity.

I believed him. I thought a bit and invited him home the next day at 2.00 pm.

After having a good time, my uncle dropped me home in the evening. On the way, whenever he got a chance, he caressed my thighs and hips.

While sleeping, I recalled our chat. Many times thoughts came to mind that why not let my first choice, my Asif uncle, take my virginity. After all, he was the first male whom I liked. But after a lot of thinking, I decided against getting fucked by him.

As per our plan, he arrived at 2 noon the next day. Mother was at home. Both my brothers were in school. Mother told me to take care of my uncle and make him some sharbat. She went out saying that she would be back in an hour.

Since I knew my mother’s routine, I only called him at that time. I bolted the door behind mother.

Me – Asif uncle, we have only one hour.

He took me in his arms and tightened them over me. I could feel his strength. That was the first time I felt the power of a male’s embrace. It was certainly very exciting as well as pleasing. He kissed my cheeks. He kissed and sucked my lips again and again.

Uncle – Your lip’s juice gives a taste of pure honey. You are very tasty, darling. I am a real fool. I knew that you also liked me. But I could not dare approach you. You are so so lovely, my dear.

Me – Since I came to understand between man-woman relationship, I wanted to marry you. But you had no control over your dick. It wanted to enter the tight, hot and juicy tunnel of Niloffer (his wife, my Aunty ). Be honest to me, dear uncle, was she a virgin on the bridal bed?

He lifted me in his arms. He certainly was a strong man. He moved like that for a few minutes. He came to my room and laid me on the bed. He laid over me. He grabbed both breasts and looked into my eyes. He inquired why I was getting mad about marrying Imran.

I replied that I didn’t know the exact reason. But I certainly liked him at first sight. I repeated my question. Instead of giving a reply, he inquired whether I was a virgin. I smilingly replied get me married to his friend Imran and asked him whether I was a virgin or not.

“You daughter fucker, get me married to your friend Imran and convince him to allow you to watch my first sex with him. Then, you can see whether I was a virgin or not. I am a virgin!”

I asked for confirmation that his wife was not a virgin, but he didn’t reply. He released my breasts. I watched. He stood up and undressed fully. I saw the first adult cock of my life. I can’t say that I did not like that. It was about 6 inches long, very tight and of normal thickness.

But my heart wished to see something more. I lifted my leg and pressed cock with my foot. I winked and smilingly enquired about the number of cunts it has explored. I promised that I would not say anything to his wife or anyone else.

He held his cock tightly in his hands. Showing me, he pulled the skin up and down many times. What he told me did not shock me but amused me a lot. He said that my mother was the first female who saw his cock like this. Though she fisted cock many times but did not let him undress her.

She allowed boobs pressing but only above clothes. He said that he would take tuition from a maulvi staying near a mosque after school time. Once he went for tuition, he was welcomed by the third begum of that maulvi. She was 20-21 years of age.

Within ten minutes, she took his cock inside her cunt. It became a regular affair. Maulvi and his other two wives came to know about this. Maulvi wanted to get him punished for these illicit affairs. But both his wives warned him against this.

They warned maulvi that if he stopped Asif’s visits, all his three wives would tell everyone that since maulvi is impotent. He had invited Asif to fuck his wives. I asked him whether maulvi was impotent. Asif replied that neither he was impotent nor could he satisfy them.

Maulvi permitted Asif to fuck all three wives with the condition that whenever he would say, Asif would have to marry a girl referred by the maulvi. Asif’s wife Niloffer was the daughter of maulvi’s brother in law. Niloffer was not a virgin.

Asif said that his wife is aware that besides the three wives of the maulvi, Asif has fucked the other three young girls in maulvi’s family.  Asif said that even after knowing that his wife Niloffer was a used woman, he stopped fucking others after marriage.

He took a vow. After 6 years, he is standing nude in front of some girl other than Niloffer. He said he had not been able to fuck any virgin girl so far. I felt pity for him. I thought of telling him to undress and fuck me for a moment. But I wanted him to beg me.

After telling his story, he sat beside me and hurriedly undressed me. I wanted him to move. I wanted him to ride over me and penetrate cock inside me. I was mentally and physically ready to take a cock inside my virgin cunt.

But he pulled me to face him. He pushed his one hand under me. He pulled my head on one of his upper arms. I crossed my one thighs on his thighs. He pushed one of his legs between my thighs. His cock knocked at my pubic area.

I just kept looking into his eyes. He talked and talked. Suddenly, he took my one hand and put it on his cock. I felt bad. Cock has limped.

I felt very bad that my nudity has failed to keep his cock tight. But after a few days, I understood that my nudity was more than adequate to keep any man excited for hours. There was a problem with Asif. He was not thinking about me. His mind was occupied with the thought of his wife, Niloffer.

It was the first feel of cock for me. I recalled what my sisters told me about their fun with lovers and sex partners other than their husbands. My fingers turned into a fist over the clock. Of its own, my fist began moving up and down on the length of the cock.

I might have fisted for 5-6 minutes, and it started spraying cum. I did not release cock. But after spraying cum cock again began to limp. I jumped down from the bed. While putting on my dress, I told him that the sooner he got me married to Imran earlier, he would be able to fuck me.

Me – Uncle, now it is up to you. If you want your cock to explore my cunt, get me married to your friend soon.

I told him to wait. I went to the kitchen and returned with tea and some snacks. Neither he commented, nor I enquired whether he enjoyed my nudity or not. While we were having tea, mother knocked on the door. I opened the door. My both younger brothers came inside. Soon mother also returned.

Though Asif told me that he had not fucked my mother, I wanted to ask her. But good sense prevailed over me. I did not raise that old short term sexual intimacy between my mother with her younger brother Asif.

Next evening Niloffer came. She took permission from my parents to let me have dinner with them. I went with her. It was not a normal dinner. I was chatting with them, and two people entered the house. Seeing the man, my heartbeat became very fast. He was Imran. His younger sister accompanied him.

I never expected him to see me so soon. Last evening, I undressed for my uncle, and he brought his friend Imran home so early. I watched that Niloffer was very free with both brother and sister.

Uncle introduced me to them. Soon after the introduction, that girl Pinaz took my hand in both of her hands. She asked whether I would like to become his bhabhi. She said that her brother is very shy of girls.

Pinaz – Nafisa, will you become my sister in law? Though I see you for the first time, I know my brother can not get any girl better than you. Please agree to marry this shy brother.

My beauty must have impressed that girl. I had no word to say. I shyly looked at the girl and then at her brother. After a lot of difficulties, I could compose myself. Before accepting me as her bhabhi, I said she should ask her brother whether he would marry me.

I could not believe my ears. He said that he liked me at first sight when he had seen me at the fair with Niloffer. He said he would be extremely pleased if I consented to marry him. Without looking at them, I told him to talk with my parents.

Me – Pinaz, please tell the elders of your family to talk with my parents.

Pinaz hugged me tightly and shouted that she was very happy. I looked at Asif. He has a shrewd and winning smile on his face. It has to be. He was the first man who saw my nudity and fondled that.

Within a few days, their family members visited us. In two sittings, only our marriage got fixed. Marriage was scheduled to be held on the 21st day from the date it was fixed. I was very happy.

Though I bribed my nudity to Asif, I was very pleased that my sacrifice did not go in vain. It did not take time to spread this news. I started getting congratulatory letters from my friends and relatives. Girls and ladies from the neighbourhood visited me often.

A few days after the finalisation of our marriage, my sleep broke at midnight. I saw my younger brothers sleeping peacefully on the bed, spread on the floor. I felt like going to the bathroom.

While I was returning from the bathroom, some males and females were whispering. I focused and moved towards the direction I guessed the sound was coming. It was our storeroom adjacent to the kitchen. Now, I could hear clearly.

Male voice –  No one is as beautiful as your daughter Nafisa. Just say, I would give anything, let me love her.

When he said, ‘your daughter,’ it was clear that the female with him was my mother. I tiptoed to the door. I looked here and there. I could get a slit between two panes. I eyed and kept on looking in amazement.

The man was Lala Pramod, owner of the biggest clothes shop in the area. He was in his mid-30s. He must have been at least 8-10 years younger than my mother. He was seated with legs stretched forward. Mother was seated between his legs in a frog position.

I was able to see her ass hole and cunt clearly but could not see his cock. She has pushed her head down between his upper thighs. I was unable to guess what she was doing in that pose. I stood like a statue. I did not move. After a few minutes, she lifted her head.

The man kissed her passionately, and both stood up. He pushed her back and simultaneously said that no other female could suck cock as she does. No one else has given him a blowjob for more than ten minutes, and she never sucked it for less than half an hour.

She held wooden planks of a storage rack and positioned herself in a doggy pose. Pramod came closer to me. I liked his cock instantly. Quite long and thicker than the cock of uncle I had seen so far. Pramod’s cock entered my mother’s cunt.

He banged and said that when the mother is giving tremendous pleasure even at the age of 50, the pleasure her daughter can give is beyond imagination.

Pramod – Tabbasum rani, when at the age of 50 you can give so much pleasure, imagine how much pleasure your daughter Nafisa cab gives me. Make her my queen. I will make you a queen. I am sure your daughter Nafisa would give me tremendous sexual pleasure.

On hearing him, my mother did not get angry. Instead, she is fully aware that he doesn’t like virgins. She said to wait for 2-3 months. My mother assured her that she would bring her to him soon after she (Nafisa) returned from her sasural.

Mother – Pramod, I know well that you don’t like any virgins. So wait for a few more days. When my daughter Nafisa returns from her sasural, I will bring her to you. You can fuck both mother and daughter on the same bed.

I remained there. I watched full sex. He fucked my mother for 20-22 minutes. He pulled his cock out, and then my mother laid over him in a 69 position. Mother’s cunt was towards the door. I watched Pramod exploring my mother’s cunt with fingers and tongue.

I wanted a cock like that of Pramod in my cunt and mouth.

Neither my husband nor Asif or this Pramod took my virginity. I gave my virginity to another person just a few days before my marriage.

Wait for the next part. You can read in the meantime.