My Friend’s Mom Banged By My Roommate – Part 1

Hi friends, I am Raj. My age is 20, and I am from Mumbai. I used to live with my hostelmates and I studied engineering.

One of my hostel mates and close friends was Zakir. He was senior to me, must be 23-year old same college pass-out and into the job now. And he was a real pervert guy.

Zakir used to spy and peek at almost every woman he met and he used to often go to prostitutes. I somehow started gelling up with him more and we used to often discuss our fantasies and other stuff.

Once we were sitting in the hostel when we saw our other friend Kartik who was my classmate coming to his room with a mature lady who must be in her mid to late 40s. Kartik saw us and invited us to his room.

When we reached his room, he introduced us to that lady as his mom Deepa. She was a 47-year-old lady with a fair complexion, a nice figure, and looked like actress Tisca Chopra.

We met her and started spending time with them that day. My friend’s mom Deepa aunty used to come to the hostel to meet Kartik quite often and she was quite a sweet lady. But one day when I and Zakir were partying in the room, I was swiping through his phone. Then I saw Deepa aunty’s pics on his phone. I was a bit shocked, as I didn’t know why was Zakir having her pics. Her pics were in a saree, gym suit, and shorts too.

I asked Zakir why he had Archana auntie’s pics on his phone. That’s when he confessed to me.

Zakir: Raj, don’t you feel Deepa aunty is a milf?

Raj: Milf?

Zakir: Arre yaar, milf yaar, she is hot.

Raj: Zakir, I have never seen her that way. She is our friend’s mom.

Zakir: Raj, I have never told you, but I always had this fantasy about a friend’s hot mom.

Raj: What are you saying, Zakir?!

Zakir: Yes, and you know what I have noticed? She likes young men too.

Raj: I don’t understand.

Zakir: Arre Raj, you just chill.

Raj: Zakir, you are so horny.

Zakir: Hehe.

Soon I noticed Deepa aunty had become friends with Zakir on Facebook and he used to chat with her quite often. She used to chat with him till late at night too.

One day, Kartik’s mom had come to meet Kartik before our exam. She met him and he asked her to wait in his room till he comes back from the exam. That day, Zakir was on leave too.

After two hours when we returned, Kartik could not find his mom in his room. So he went out to check where she might be. I decided to go to my room and keep my bag. When I tried to open the door, I found it was locked from the Inside. After I knocked on the door, I heard a few sounds from inside and it took Zakir 2 minutes to open the door.

As soon as the door opened, I saw Deepa aunty inside sitting on his bed, adjusting the pallu of her saree trying to cover her assets. Then Zakir said –

Zakir: Arre Raj, aunty was bored waiting for Kartik, so I invited her to my room.

Before I could say anything, Kartik came back and aunty went to Kartik’s room. Aunty was staying that night in Kartik’s room. At night around 11 pm, I slept on my bed. Zakir was still up. He went out somewhere and returned to the room after 5 minutes with Deepa aunty. I was feeling shocked and the way he was holding her from her waist my heart was pumping badly, as I thought I had to watch my friend’s mom banging. They both were standing near the door and Zakir was kissing her on the neck.

Zakir: Ohh Deepa aunty, I have a big crush on you.

Deepa: That’s fine Zakir, but Raj is there.

Zakir: He is sleeping. He won’t get up and Kartik is also sleeping in his room.

Deepa: Let’s do it some other day.

Zakir: No, I want it now.

He inserted his hand inside her petticoat and was rubbing her private area. She was moaning slowly. He was kissing her on the lips. She was groping his cock over his shorts. He kept unhooking the buttons of her blouse till it was out.

She was wearing a black color bra, which must be 36DD. Then she opened her petticoat for him. She was wearing a sexy pink color panty and she had a perfect mature ass that was looking nice in her panty. That was the first time my cock got hard watching Deepa aunty like this.

Zakir was lifting her ass with his hands. Then Deepa aunty dropped his shorts and was stroking his cock to get it hard. Slowly aunty opened her bra and dropped her panty too. Then they both were completely nude. Her boobs were big and her pussy was thick and partially shaved like any mature woman. She was enjoying a lot hugging him like her boyfriend.

While hugging her, every time his cock touched her pussy lips. My cock also got extremely hard. They kept kissing each other. He was fondling her boobs and sucking her nipples.

Ohh gosh! She looked so sexy. I was jealous of Zakir.

He licked her navel and gave her oral pleasure by licking her pussy in a standing position. Her juices were flowing out of her hole.

After a few minutes, Deepa aunty got down on her knees to give him a blowjob. She was sucking his cock so nicely. No young girl can do it that way. Then he blew his cum inside her mouth while she was sucking. She threw his cum in the washroom.

Then they both again started cuddling. Kissing and foreplay got him hard again. Now he asked Deepa aunty to bend in standing doggy and guided his cock inside her pussy. He was fucking her nicely and she too was enjoying it. She was having pleasure and very less pain as her pussy was mature and if it would have been a young girl she would have screamed in pain. She was enjoying it a lot.

He now turned her and pushed her towards the wall with her back against the wall. This time, he was trying to enter her asshole while standing, but it was a bit tight. Aunty was trying to open it more and she asked Zakir to apply some oil.

After efforts from both, his cock slid inside her tight ass. Ohh gosh! I was wishing to fuck her mature ass when I saw Zakir enjoying her tight ass. He kept fucking her like that in standing anal.

He then lifted her in standing cowgirl in his arms and his cock was still inside her ass. After almost 15-20 minutes of intense fucking, aunty moaned –

Aunty: Ohh Zakir, I have reached orgasm.

Zakir said: Deepa aunty, I am also cumming, wait.

Then he shot his load inside her butthole. She cleaned it with a tissue and they both took some breaths to get normal. Then Deepa aunty started wearing her undergarments. She had just worn her petticoat when suddenly Zakir got cozy again.

Aunty said: Zakir, enough for today.

He said: Just one quick round, Deepa.

And he placed her in missionary on the floor and lowered her petticoat and panty to her thighs. This time, he was fucking her hard in her pussy.

I could hear thumping sounds and gosh, I had cummed too watching them. After a few minutes, he cummed on her tummy. She cleaned it and she wore her clothes and she left for her room.

I didn’t say anything to Zakir and thought I will try and convince Deepa aunty for me too.

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