My Hot Maid’s Hotter Daughter

First, a little about myself. I am a 5’5″ man who has a great sex appetite. I have a bigger-than-normal dick, not the sort of crazy rods you see in negroes. But big enough to have a great sex life.

Being an Indian guy, I did not have sex until I got married. My wife and I used to have hot sex every day and night. We loved each others’ bodies and kept fucking each other. One day, we got carried away and that was how I became a father.

I currently live in a 3 BHK with my wife and newborn. In some time, she went with her baby to the in-laws and I was all alone.

My maid cum cook would prepare the meals and do the cleaning. She was a 5’3″ woman with a great figure and a beautiful face. 36-26-38 would be her figure.

Often, my mornings would be spent secretly watching her, as her boobs bounced and ass jiggled as she went about her daily work. She would tie her pallu in such a way, that her cleavage could be seen and as she worked it would get all sweaty. I knew it for a fact that my maid had ongoing affair with some men to make some quick bucks.

She used to have good respect for my knowledge of English and science. The COVID 19 pandemic was at its peak and many colleges were closed. She came one day after work (all hot and sweaty).

“Sir, it is a small request. During your weekends, can you please teach my daughter science?” I agreed.

The next Saturday, her daughter came. If I thought that my maid was beautiful, her daughter was of another level! Fate is cruel indeed, creating beauty in the most impoverished places.

This was a girl in her late teens, just 19. Her face was that of her mother’s. My maid’s daughter had ample cleavage for her young age. Surprisingly, she had bigger boobs than her mother. She also had a thin waist and a healthy butt.

My maid’s daughter came wearing hand-me-down tops and jeans, which further accentuated her figure. I started teaching her in the hall, while my maid worked. But a naughty thought had sprung up and I decided that it was too noisy in the hall as my maid was working there and brought the girl to my bedroom.

I sat on the bed and she joined me after some encouragement. She kept looking a little apprehensively and I decided to tone down a little. I taught her earnestly and spent a few minutes asking about her life, likes and dislikes. She got comfortable.

After 2 hours of chatting and teaching, my maid’s teen daughter had a good smile on her face as she left with her mother.

She came the next day, and the same stuff repeated. She got increasingly comfortable with me. In the next few weeks, she would joke and tease and I reciprocated.

One day, I tried to show her a part of a diagram and she coolly kept her hand on my lap and knelt forward. Her plentiful and silky hair brushed against my lips and my dick went hard. A little surprised by her act, I paused. She looked at me but did not remove her hand. I knew I could make the move soon.

One day, finally she came with a topic that was easily understood by all. Human reproduction. I began explaining and showed her a diagram of the dick. It was in a side profile and I told her it has 2 balls. She did not agree as the side profile had only one. I sighed as I found her very adamant.

I told her that I have it and will show it only if she would not tell anyone. She looked at the door, went and locked the door. She came and sat nearby and nodded. I unzipped and showed her my balls and dick. My maid’s naughty daughter inched towards it and her hand slowly caressed the balls to feel them. My dick reacted and began to stand.

She pulled her hand away and asked what happened. I told her that she had excited me and hence the dick stood. I told her that I can teach her more in a practical way and she nodded again.

I asked her to stroke my dick up and down. My maid’s innocent daughter kept doing and finally I came all over her hand and a bit on her face. She went to the joint bathroom to wash her hands and face and came back.

She kept scratching near her pussy and adjusted her panties. When I enquired, she said that some discharge seemed to be coming out. (She did not know that she was getting wet.)

I asked her if she wanted to learn more about her body. She agreed and I asked her to stand and turn with her butt facing me.

I got up, put my hands around her waist and unbuttoned her jeans. Slowly, I lowered it to reveal ordinary black panties tightly holding her bubble butt. I made her kneel and slowly slowly, I lowered it to reveal a wet pussy with small pubic hair.

I gently used a finger and touched near the maid’s daughter’s pussy. She quivered out of excitement. Speaking to her reassuringly, I inserted a finger in her virgin pussy. She was soaking wet. I started stroking her and she rhythmically began to move her hips.

As I went faster and faster, she climaxed all over my hand and fell on my bed. Her head became light and her eyes were groggy from her first orgasm. As the maid’s daughter was lay panting, I kissed her on the lips and hugged her. She loved it that when I broke apart, she came forward to continue it.

As I kissed her on her juicy lips, I removed her top and unclipped bra. She did not seem to mind as she tightly hugged me and caressed my hair as she kissed passionately. I did not ask, and she did not tell.

In the heat of the moment, I plunged my dick in the maid’s daughter’s pussy! I inserted and played with the tip alone at first. Slowly, her pussy seemed to expand as more and more of my dick went in.

We both were sitting. I pushed her on my bed and I plunged my dick again, forcing her legs apart to go deep inside here. The feel of the tight and wet pussy grinding with my dick was heavenly. I lay on top of her so that the small standing nipples of her fat boobs were getting rubbed by my chest. She got turned on even more.

My maid’s daughter hugged me tight as I made good use of her pussy. I kept moving back and forth moving my dick in and out of her pleasure hole. Soon, she and I both came.

We lay next to each other, caressing and slowly looked at the clock. It would take her mother another 45 minutes to finish her work. We both got into the shower and came back. She wore her underwear and clothes. When there were few minutes left, she sat on my lap and gave me a hot and wet kiss on my lips before walking out of the door.

The next day, the maid’s daughter walked in with me and latched the door and jumped straight to have sex without speaking a word! I taught her doggy pose, as I hugged her tightly from the back with both of my hands squeezing her boobs and fondling her nipples.

I also taught her the cowgirl pose, and she moved her hips and experimented with which speed gave her the maximum satisfaction.

I gave her money as a reward for getting good grades in college. She went and bought some sexy lingerie that she would keep at my home. She bought a black shiny bikini and we had a lot of hot sex. Soon I bought sex toys, lubes and we experimented with all of them including anal sex.

She also began coming for extra “classes” in the evenings. Her growing grades only encouraged her mother to send her over even often. Our honeymoon soon ended though, when her mother caught us in the act, but I managed to turn into a threesome.

That story will also be told soon. Until then, bye folks.