Surprise Lunch Turns To Surprise Sex – Part 4

Tara moaned, “Oh, it feels so good,” as she enjoyed the sensuous body massage.

She exclaimed in a breathless tone with a touch of sensuality in it. I moved my fingers on her lovely hot boobs. The lotion was dripping down her shoulders to her boobs, my fingers rolling on her nipples. I moved my fingers smoothly on her boobs and nipples.

She closed her eyes as I rolled my fingers, squeezing her nipples. My one hand began to tweak her nipple softly, raising her head. My other hand gently squeezed her other boob.

Tara moaned, “Yes baby, oh god, don’t stop Vinay, this is so good.”

I kept rolling my fingers on her nipples as I squeezed them using my thumb and middle fingers. I squeezed both the nipples one after the other smoothly as she enjoyed the arousing sensations. Tara relaxed her head back, indulging in the pleasure as I kissed her neck and licked her ears.

She tried to stroke my dick and felt my meatballs. But she was going crazy in her intense arousal. Tara moaned, “Vinay, oh god, fuck man, keep doing it.” Her moaning made me mad. I straight away grabbed her boobs and squeezed them.

Tara relaxed her head on the sofa as I kept squeezing her slippery boobs. I moved my hands from her shoulders down to her boobs, squeezing and pushing them down. She was the kind of woman I wanted – wild, hot, horny, and losing control.

She pulled her head back further. I could hear her ragged breathing as my mouth came close to her ear, sounding so desperate for me. I continued kissing and licking her neck and ears sensually. My hands were fondling her soft, supple boobs.

They were holding her erect hardened nipples between my fingers to squeeze and twist them. Tara closed her eyes and moaned loudly, “Ahh, Vinay, slowly, please.” The air felt thick with the feeling between us like it was filling the room – a room full of our carnal desires.

I bent to kiss her gently on her lips once. She moved her face up again to a kiss. I kissed her again. Tara opened her lips as we indulged in a delicious liplock.
Tara pushed her hands back to feel my hard dick. I stood beside Tara. My dick was near her chin now.

Tara rubbed her hands on her body to coat her fingers with the lotion. She moved her hand back to coat my dick with the lotion. I stood beside her as she looked at my dick with her thirsty eyes. Tara took the bottle of lotion and squeezed it on my dick.

She used her smooth fingers to coat my dick and meatballs with the lotion. She pushed back the skin of my dick knob and rolled her fingers on my dick knob, spreading the lotion there. She looked into my eyes as she kept circling my dick, making me mad, triggering all my sensual desires.

Tara held my dick firmly in her hands and brushed her lips on the tip. She moved her lips on the full size of my dick as she licked it sensually. Without wasting a second, I thrust my dick in her mouth. She opened her mouth to swallow the entire length of my dick in her hot mouth.

She firmed her lips on my dick, feeling my entire length with her lovely warm mouth. She stopped, looked at me, and licked bent down to lick my meatballs.
Tara moved up and twirled her lips around my cock head. I felt the sensations run in my dick, and she sensed the swelling of my dick in her mouth.

I held her head to thrust my cock more forcefully in her mouth, mouth fucking her. She was breathing with difficulty as the size of my massive dick chocker her and made her breathing difficult. She tried to look at my face as she tried to engulf my dick deep in her mouth.

But she could not get the whole thing down her throat. She pulled out and looked at me, and took a deep breath. Her hands gently moved to caress the shaft of my dick as she moved to lick the pre-cum at the tip. She moved her tongue, sliding it up and down and around my dick.

I started to moan, holding her head. She could anticipate my build-up. She could sense my pleasure and pressure build and instantly began to suck and stroke my dick at a gentle speed. She kept moving down, licking and massaging my meatballs.

I was exploding with sensations as she licked and sucked me faster. As my pleasure built, I started to moan louder. I gripped her head to moan, “Oh, yes Tara, yes oh god, suck it faster bitch. I can’t hold it, oh god.”

I begged her. She loved my moans. She stopped and looked at me with a wicked smile. I could not bear it and moved my hands to the back of her head. I started to push my dick deeper into her throat.

Tara was gagging and choking on my dick as her soft hands played with my meatballs. She pushed my dick out of her mouth, and her warm tongue moved furiously on my throbbing dick, increasing the intensity of her sucking.

My breathing increased. My blood turned hot, and my body firmed. Tara increased her speed. In no time, I felt my body ache in pleasure as she took my dick almost down her throat. My huge dick released a huge load of cum with incredible force.

My cock still stuffed in her warm mouth, my juices overflowed from her mouth down to her chin. She kept sucking my dick, squeezing every single drop of my hot juice in her mouth. She pushed me aside and cleaned her chin looked at me with immense satisfaction.

Tara was crazy, full of energy and life. I could not get a better partner to satisfy my deepest desires. I stepped back and pulled her down to the floor. She slept on the carpet as I jumped on her. I kissed her like a mad man, kissing her neck, lips, ears moving down to her boobs, stomach, and her navel.

Her radiating body itching and twitching from her pussy to the tip of her toes and her head. She left her every shame, every compulsion behind as her sexual senses awakened. She screamed out in pure ecstasy. Every pore of her body felt aroused by the waves of warmth and lust washing her.

There is no world, land, god, heaven, or earth outside of their two hot, burning naked souls and trembling in the act of love. Sex is not just about going in or letting in. It is about welcoming your dearly beloved into the deepest regions of your psyche, which are inaccessible to anybody else.

Tara moaned in ecstasy as I was on top of her body. Her body was hot with excitement. She moved her ass on my dick, feeling it more closely, more tightly. Sleeping on her hot body, I held her cheeks in my strong, warm hand and met her gaze with a searing look.

She was shaking her head as though she could not quite understand what had come over her. Tara kissed me again, growling low in the back of her throat. Her hands found their way into my hair. She caught my bottom lip in her teeth, nibbling and licking at it.

She thought she might perish from the intensity of the feeling. She stopped moving her ass, and her hands played with my hair. Looking in her eyes, I said, “Tara, I want your pussy. I want to lick and eat your hot chocolate pie.”

She said, “Yes, it’s waiting for you only. Lick it, suck it, fuck it, it is all yours, my fucker.” My throbbing dick was on her hot pussy. I exerted pressure on her fucking hot pussy. She whimpered at the pressure and sensation. She rewarded me by deepening the kiss, giving me everything that I desired.

Tara lifted her boobs in her hands, offering them in my mouth. She was beautiful, restless. She was destroying all my expectations and taking me into a new world of hers. She spoke in my ears as I looked at her,“ Vinay, come on, love me, yes, Vinay, take them Vinay, suck them.”

Her seductive actions, her lovely voice, sexual moves, oh god. She stroked her hair back to look in my eyes, caressed my dick with her fingers, making it irresistible not to fuck her. When my hands touched her boobs and clutched them in my hands, her body shook in excitement.

She gripped my head and gripped it in her hands to guide it between her swollen breasts, hardened nipples down to her flat belly. My eyes were open, watching her flushed face, her ragged breathing. She tried to stop herself from making embarrassing noises.

I sucked on her left nipple, allowing both my hands to fondle and knead her boobs. I pulled them close ever so lightly for my tongue to effortlessly touch, circle, suck her hardened nipples. Tara moaned in utter delight as she exploded with her sexual arousal.

Tara was on fire. I could feel her heart pound. The joy to be able to quench our desires was magical. I touched her aching pussy. It is more intimate than the way I was touching her, the way I was looking at her like that.

I wanted to take every pleasure, suck her every drop, devour her, play, and lick till she raised her legs and scream for more. Make my Tara happy. I moved down to kiss her pussy, lightly on her thighs at first. But Tara moved her legs apart a little.

I could see the pink inside and kissed that madly. I loved the taste of her pussy as I started to feast on it. Her legs were long, smooth, and well-muscled. The color at the juncture of her pussy was brighter than that on her face. I kissed her pussy softly, my tongue so eager to please Tara.

Her lips down so warm and soft, my tongue glided slowly up and down in her super-hot pussy. I spread her legs wide. Before she could realize anything, she felt the warmth of my mouth on her pussy. Loving her pussy, feeling it with my lips. I started moving my tongue on her outer lips.

She rose and sat with support of her elbow, relishing in the pleasure. She tried to move a little back. But I gripped her legs firmly, not allowing her to move. Gently I slipped it in her pussy crack, her gentle moaning aching my desires. I moved my mouth deeper into her pussy.

My lips and tongue started to lick and suck Tara’s pussy intensely, her moaning making me mad like never. I kept feasting, licking, teasing, and tantalizing her pussy in small slurping licks. Her whole body shook in tremors. The pleasure of my intense licking was ticking every pore of her hot body.

Tara was uncontrollable as she moaned. That was probably the best moment that I had had with her till now. She could only moan as she was lost in her newfound sexual world. I start to tongue fuck her hot dripping pussy. Her thirsty eyes were demanding more.

She closed her eyes, lying back, and unknowingly started to raise her hips. Following my tongue as it moved all around, her wet hot pussy getting tugged by my sensual licking. She held her boobs to play and squeeze them as my tongue feathered over her lovely pussy.

As my tongue invaded her wet space, she was enjoying my warm treasure. Tara started to grind her pussy on my face. It was thrilling, all this sexual pleasure. Tracing a path between her wet lips, feeling her tender pussy, so soft, so hot, dripping with juices. I was slipping inside then slowly back up.

Suddenly Tara held my head firmly. I pushed my hands on her hot, firm boobs, squeezing them, deep licking all over her pussy lips. Tara let out some very loud moans. She was grinding her pussy and moving my hips quicker, belting out some curses and abuses.

She lost all her shame and indulged only in what she wanted from me. I kept teasing her pussy using my wicked tongue. Her body unraveled as I slowly set her pussy on fire. Every part of her body was burning, and the fire engulfed my body too.

She lost herself as her breathing got heavier and faster. I slipped my two fingers deep inside her throbbing pussy. Her pussy lips gripping my fingers. She moaned and screamed my name as she pushed herself towards me. Tara moaned.

They say happiness can be found in small things in life. I found my happiness in the small hole of her lovely body. Tara could not control her horny desires anymore. All she wanted was my big, firm, and hot dick deep inside her to quench her sexual desires.

I pulled out my fingers and licked her. Deeper and faster her pussy started to leak, and she moaned and started to breathe heavier. Her body raised as she held my head tightly on her fiery pussy. I started sucking her pussy with renewed vigor. It swirled it with my tongue.

She was already dripping down there. I drove my tongue deep in her pussy. I moved my tongue to-and-fro in her pussy, pushing it all the way deep. I was clasping her soft pussy lips between my lips and teeth. Tara started to moan. Her body firmed up.

Tara moved her body up, held my head in her hands to caress my hair, caressing my head. She was enjoying the sheer ecstasy of my tongue play with her closed eyes. She was relishing in the pleasure as I sent wave after wave of pleasure through her.

I ferociously sucked, tickled, flicked, and rolled her love hole with my mouth. That drove her crazy, and she screamed and bucked her hips towards me. Tara screamed in delight. Tara could not hold back. She kept moaning. She lost control as she spewed a huge load of juices on my face.

She moaned. I could hear her crying out and felt an enormous release race through her body as her legs were trembling. Tara arched her back, trying to pull away from the intensity. But I held her legs firmly and licked her vigorously.

She splashed fountains of juices on my face in a forceful ejaculation. She pushed me on her side as the huge flow of juices drenched her thighs and dripped on the floor. Tara pulled me up beside her to relaxed in my arms.

They say more than the joy of feeling a hot, aroused woman is to hear her. Tara was as her moaning best. I just loved her.

To be continued.

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