My Longing To Bhabhi’s Wanting – Part 2

Soft licking to all the chut (pussies) out there. Apologies for the delay in writing the second part. I expect you all would appreciate the second part of this series.

After getting a tight slap on my ass, my lund (cock) began to lose its erectness. Her slap on my ass told me that she was going to eat me like a lioness eating the raw-meat. I just stood like a statue before her and she began her play with my body.

Starting from my right thigh, taking a smile bite, she began knifing from her tongue, moving all the way up to the shaven part of my pubic area (not even touching my lund), kissed and licked there and began to come down to the left thigh.

I couldn’t control it all and my lund (cock) began to salute her again. Seeing this, a broad smile spread on her juicy lips. When my lund came to its full erectness, she just took a small yet dominant bite of my balls. I skipped my breath for a second and tried to reach them. She held my hands in the middle and kissed the tip of the lund (cock).

With her soft lips, she began to unwrap the foreskin. OMG! You have to hold your breath of life when you get such a chance. I mean, it was normal for me to pull back my foreskin. But when a female does this, that too, with her soft and wet lips, and it is all the way your first time, it is just heaven on earth between her lips.

After peeling out my lund (cock), she held its base with her left hand and began smooching the down-side (at the joint of the foreskin) and the nails of her right hand were smoothly scratching my pubic area. The tip of my lund (cock) was close to her nose and she opened out her tongue and began smooching and licking from the foreskin joint to the base.

She started to suck my mushroom to drive me insane. Spitting out a quality amount of saliva, she was loving it with all her affection. Here I was losing consciousness to her heavenly act and my hip involuntarily started to fuck her mouth. Then I placed both of my hands on her head and began my thrusts. Taking the dominance of the act, she left my lund (cock) and gulped the balls to suck them dry. I literally begged for her mercy and said, “Please bhabhi, please.”

In return, she said, “This is how I would feel whenever I am desperate for you and your attention for me.”

Then she softly bit off both the balls again and paid all her mighty attention to the mushroom. Within seconds, I lost my control and spurted spray after spray into her mouth. She broadly welcomed my juice and I could see the sparking in her eyes that spoke the amount of her joy. Then she, herself, began to fuck her mouth to give me the utmost pleasure of my life.

After drying out my balls, she opened her mouth and I could see my seeds. They were swimming in the thickness of whitish semen. She gulped it all with pleasure. I lost my energy and fell on the cold tiles for a while. She was looking into my eyes with a broad smile, feeling proud of her feminine side.

After gaining my strength and senses back to life, I got up and looked into her eyes. I could see the pleasure in her eyes, that innocent smile on her worked-out lips. Then I held her shoulders to kiss her with so much thankfulness and affection that tears were rolling out of my eyes.

These were the tears of me, thanking her a billion times, for her femininity. She also submitted herself to me and responded back to my smooch. All her dominance was dying to my thankful smooch. We kissed, smooched, bit off our lips and tongues, and tasted our saliva. I opened my tongue all the way out and she licked it like an ice-cream. She opened her tongue and I licked it the same way.

When she was out of her act and came to all her senses, she was blushing and trying to hide herself under my chest. Then she hugged me for a while and tenderly kissed my chest, biting the nipple. We got up and she tried to run away. I held her hand and embraced her. “This is not fair, bhabhi. Where are you going now? The act has just begun”, I whispered in her ear.

She again slapped my ass, but this time it was on the softer side. “Leave me… I got to go… ”, she said in a typical NO MEANS NO kinda way. But her hugging and emotions were otherwise. She started to scratch and pinch my nipples. “Here I’m standing all naked before you and you’re fully dressed. I also want to see you naked like a newborn baby, my dear bhabhi”, I said in her ears.

“Chhee, don’t you get ashamed to talk to your bhabhi like this?”, saying this, she bit me off on my chest.

Then I lifted her face up and saw in her eyes. She was all in the mood today. She was asking me to love her, ride her, and satisfy her to the core. Then I kissed her forehead and began, took a bite of her cheeks, and played with her earlobe with my lips. Her breath began to respond and I could feel her boobs crushing into my chest.

We started to kiss again, but this time, it was so relaxed and calm. Her hands went to my back and started scratching, giving me the pain of her satisfaction. My hands were on her ass caressing and kneading like a dough. In the heat, she literally scratched me hard and in response to this, I slapped her ass real hard. It was all an involuntary action.

When I slapped her ass hard, she let a moan, “Ummah” and said, “Your brother is so soft and pampering in bed with me”. Her eyes were closed yet the lips were close to my mouth. Then I slapped her other ass and said, “Don’t take his name at this moment”. “You punish me if I take his name”, was her groan.

I slapped her again and asked, “Do you like to be punished?”

I could see the tears in her eyes due to my slap. She groaned, “No don’t… What if he would drill me tonight. Your marks on his wife’s ass would drive him insane”. I slapped her ass real tight and said, “Tonight you are going to sleep in my bed. He is, anyway, would be swimming in the ocean of bhaang and being an obedient younger brother I’d take care of his tender wife, to tear her chut apart.”

She was actually enjoying my slap on her ass. To ignite me, she said, “No! I will have to serve my husband at any cost and sleep in his bed only.” When she said it, I bit her lips and squeezed her both the ass. “Fine! Serve him your chut and I’ll fuck you in the ass.”

She began to smooch me like a mad and lost herself into my arms. Her hand went to my lund to pump it and I started to play with her boobs in the middle of our kisses. Neither I was leaving her nor she wanted to free herself.

To be continued.

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