Navaratri ke Navarasa – Part 5 (Veera)

Prakash and Ilyas were very hands-on with me throughout our walk in the mall. Though Suniana had left slightly worried for me, I felt a sense of nervous comfort being a slut for these men. They took me around more clothes shops.

They even took me to an expensive lingerie shop to get for the next round of fun in the hotel room. They wanted me to get different types of lingerie of their choice. I would model for them in the room today as a model show. To the shock of the shop staff, they were very fast in getting lingerie for me in my size.

“You do realize some of these will require a different kind of footwear,” I chimed into their excitement.

“Then we’ll get you some shoes as well,” said Ilyas in the most fairy godmother way possible. My two horny fairy godmothers, or rather my Sugar Daddies, were drooling. Thinking about a sexy girl doing a private lingerie show for them.

It was embarrassing to think about, yet making me wet thinking of it. The wetness could also be the cum from Prakash after our recent mall bathroom session.

Once done with the shoe shopping, they dropped all the baggage into their car. Prakash suggested, “Movie dekhne chale? Weekday hai aur jyada log bhi nahi honge hall mein. Aisa mauka hot larki ke sath corner seat mein bethke maza lene ka kab milega.”

(Want to go for a movie? It’s a weekday so the theatre halls won’t be as crowded. An opportunity to sit in the corner seats with a hot girl like her won’t present itself every time.)

“You’re like a teenage boy in a balding, ageing body, Prakash.” Ilyas looked at Prakash with a laugh

“Areh, I can fuck like a teenager too! She can attest,” Prakash said with a wink, pointing at me. I was going red with embarrassment and just said, “I don’t know. The theatre may be full.”

“Acha! You’re feeling shy to show off that lovely body to someone in the theatre?” stated Prakash. He came close and grabbed holding my hips with both his hands. He then started rubbing my back and going down to squeeze my butt cheeks with his hands.

“With such a hot body, I wish the theatre was showing porn movies so I could enjoy you.” Prakash was lustfully stating.

Ilyas pulled me away from Prakash, saying, “You do realize there are night vision cameras nowadays in multiplexes and even in parking?” He pointed to a camera in the side, making Prakash realize it might get us into trouble.

“Maza kirkiraa kar diya sab. (This is bittering my pleasure).” Prakash said, literally throwing a teenager-like tantrum.

“Older theatres didn’t have cameras before. You want to live in a different era, Prakash,” smiled Ilyas. He looked at him with amusement and held me by my side with one hand.

“There’s no old theatre, or what, without the camera?” Prakash probed Ilyas.

“The only old theatres which might not have cameras are the ones Talkies or older cinemas near Budhwar Peth,” Ilyas said.

The conversation was getting pretty excessive. For anyone who doesn’t know, Budhwar Peth is a red-light district in the area. For even my slut experience, it was getting excessive and scary.

“I’m not sure about this,” I chimed in. Both Ilyas and Prakash looked at me and each other, realizing the situation.

“See, we’re not into anything dangerous. We’re here to have fun. I wouldn’t want to go there, but let’s explore this fun we’re having. You’re no saint, considering how you enjoyed our company since last night. All we want is to have some fun, and we’ll make sure you’re safe and well taken care of,” Prakash said as he nodded to Ilyas.

The words he said were true and made me think how far I was going to take this slut transformation. The wrestling match between my sanity and my insatiable desire for sexual experiences. My mental logic versus the wetness of my pussy and the thought of being a mindless slut.

I decided to go with my slutty side. I shared my live location with Sunaina. I told her to call me in the night without giving much details. I also sent her the car number and the pictures of Prakash and Ilyas. We had clicked a few the previous night at the Navratri event.

Prakash and Ilyas got in. I sat in the back of the Harrier, contemplating what was about to happen and what I needed to do. Looking around a few cinemas, we decided to go to Prabhat theatre. It was the older one and took an afternoon show.

They booked the dress circle seats at the very top corner, away from. They booked not just 3 seats but 5 seats in our booked row and 5 in the front. It was weird to walk into the theatre. Many people were looking at me and you could see couples also going in.

The thoughts they must be having made me feel shy. Yet it was wetting my pussy under my dress. We walked up the stairs to the dress circle. Prakash walked behind me and clicked pictures under my dress. He knew I wasn’t wearing any panties.

Thankfully, no one was behind us and we entered the dark hall to an empty theatre. From the top, I could see very few people. Mainly couples, sat in the rows very distant from each other. It was evident that this was a lover’s hideout.

As I walked to our row, a few couples stared at us. It was evident that I, being a young girl, dressed like how I was and with two middle-aged guys was not here to watch the movie. The way their gears turned to my situation made me feel slutty and hot.

I was enjoying this attention, and slut label people might have for me suddenly. Many would think I was some high-end escort with these men hired for fun. No different from the prostitutes you get in the nearby red-light district, only I’m more premium. I was becoming something I was unsure of, yet enjoying it.

Ilyas sat in the corner while I sat next, followed by Prakash. He was excited, like he was coming to the cinema for the first time in his life. The movie had already started. For some reason, I don’t even remember what we went for. The hall was dark enough and empty enough to prevent us from getting into trouble.

Prakash pointed to a couple on the next row ahead, saying how they were kissing. As my eyes adjusted, I realized 3-4 couples were sitting at a distance from each other and weren’t watching the movie. I believe I also saw a head bobbing in front where potentially someone was getting a blowjob.

That was enough queue for Prakash to fondle my breasts over my dress and slide one hand on my thigh. We had lifted our seat armrests backwards to be able to get closer. Ilyas also had his hand on my upper thigh, sliding under my dress while he pulled my head to him for a kiss.

Our tongues exchanged saliva as we kissed. His finger below found my wet pussy to start fingering me. Prakash popped one of my breasts out from the dress to start sucking my nipples. He was rubbing my inner thigh, also.

“You like being a public slut, don’t you? Hmm, ready to ride and suck any dick if given a chance,” whispered Ilyas on my face. We broke our kiss. He held my face closer to him, and he fingered me. I was hot and losing my senses to this experience. The fear of being seen was adding to the pleasure senses.

All I could do was whimper in agreement with the statement. Ilyas started to finger me more by using two fingers. Prakash pulled my face away from Ilyas and brought it to his lap with his exposed cock. It was my queue to grab it with my hand and start giving him a handjob.

Ilyas was fingering me vigorously. I could feel myself cum. I held my mouth to avoid making sounds. Before we could even understand, the hall lights started coming on. The movie had an intermission. You could sense the shuffling as people were getting back into normal positions from the lustful escapades.

I hurried to get my dress strap up to hide my exposed right breast. I was straightening up my dress. Prakash was putting his cock away. You could see almost similar movements of people adjusting clothing. Some decided to go down to get snacks or drinks. The scent of lust was all around.

There was a guy in the back who must have come after us. The guy was staring at us and was aware of what was happening. I tried to sit and hide behind Prakash’s side frame as we waited for the lights to go out.

“Don’t feel shy. He can’t do anything. I would say I would feel sorry for him coming here alone. I dare you to put on a show for him as the lights go out.” Prakash said as he noticed the boy earlier.

Ilyas looked over and said, “If you’re comfortable, otherwise we can get him to go.”

I looked over again to see. The boy looking ahead, avoiding eye contact with our group and juggling thoughts. With the death of my logical mind and the birth of my mindless slutty self, I agreed. “You guys will owe me big time for this dare,” I said/ I waited and planned to do something as the lights turned off.

Prakash pulled out his cock and waited. I reached for his cock with one hand. With the other, I reached for Ilyas’ cock, as I sat upright on my seat. Prakash’s hands automatically went to remove my dress strap. He popped both my breasts out and turned to me, kissing my neck and fondling them.

Ilyas also scooted closer and was sucking on my breasts. I looked over at Prakash to see the boy gawking at us while his cock was out masturbating. I pushed aside. I asked Ilyas to come to my seat. I turned around, tied my hair into a ponytail and kneeled in front of them. I started giving them blowjobs.

I started blowing Ilyas while stroking Prakash. Then, moving my mouth to Prakash while stroking Ilyas. I set a rhythm with them. I could see from my side eye the boy was literally facing us as he shagged his love shaft vigorously. I sucked Prakash’s cock while keeping eye contact with this boy and winked.

He started spouting semen strings in the dark as he grabbed his bag to cover his cock. I finished my job for both of them. I swallow their salty popcorn-flavored pleasure juices. I sat back in the corner seat, adjusting my hair, dress and makeup.

I then got up and went out of our row to the washroom. I was telling Prakash and Ilyas we should leave. As they got things together, I started to walk towards the exit of the row where the boy was. He was trying not to look at me as he looked intently at the screen.

As I got closer, he didn’t get up, which was a sign he wanted me to brush past him. So, I did. I turned around to face the screen as I hurried past his leg with my butt near his face. While I was doing that, I paused in front of him and looked back.

I met his eyes while slowly bending over in front of him. I lifted my dress. I revealed my butt and pussy to him in the dark movie hall. I paused only for 3 seconds and then slid out to the middle path. I turned back to him as he gawked at me and said, “I hope you enjoyed the show.”

I walked away before he could recover. I went out the exit to the light outside the theatre, enjoying the sudden freedom I felt. I embraced my inner slut with courage (Veera).