My Mistress Wife – Part 1

Hello Friends, I am Sud, 31 years old from Pune, Software Engineer. I am married to Sakshi, a 29-year-old, hot and beautiful wife.

I am 5″10′ with a 5-inch dick size, whereas my wife is 5″5′ with a slim body and a white and milky complexion. She has a round face, and black hair with a brown highlighted strip to her shoulder, which makes her look damn sexy. We both are gym freaks.

She has maintained herself. Her body stats are 34C-28-36. Her ass is the best part of her body which is rounded and milky soft. Sakshi is also a Software Engineer. But she earns double that of me as she has switched companies multiple times in a short span and is talented.

Thanks to her communication skills and nice body, which makes her job easy regarding appraisal discussion. We had arranged marriage 2 years before. Her family is rich, whereas my family is lower middle class. After marriage, her father gifted us a 3 BHK flat in Amanora, which was in my wife’s name.

I am greedy in nature and love money, so I was happy. Thanks to her father and our salaries, we have been living an elite-standard life. We also have a nice sex life. We party a lot,  travel a lot and have sex a lot.

Sakshi is also dominant in bed and the house, and I like to be submissive.  Sometimes, she becomes submissive for a change, depending on her mood.

Coming back to the story, after a year of our marriage, Sakshi started to be more dominant. She started to control me in every sense. As a result, I started to lose contact with family,  relatives and friends. I was happy as I had money to spend on a lavish lifestyle, plus sex.

I started spending more time with my wife, her family, who also lives in Pune, and her friends. I started to be more open-minded in our relationship. Whenever we hit the club with her friends, her friend could ask to join the dance, and I was like ok.

I enjoyed her moves with his friend and was open to discussing it after the party. She also started changing and stopped asking for my consent on whether she should hit someone. She is a chain smoker and hard drinker. She started going out with her colleagues and friends without taking me there.

I was becoming more cuckold in nature. She used to come late at night to home, and I used to have a drink at home myself. We used to talk about how she enjoyed the night, and I used to enjoy that conversation. We were open to discussing if she had any hits at the party.

She asked me if I would be fine if she found a good hit. Could she invite him home after the party? I was surprised and told her I would be fine if she promised me that there would be no strings attached. If she will still love me and not leave me.

Actually, I did not want to lose such a sexy lady, plus the money and lifestyle I had. She promised me the same.

Here came the next Friday. That week was a busy week for both of us in the office. Sakshi pinged me in the afternoon that she would go out to the club with her colleague after the office. She has kept her party dress and all the other stuff with her.

I put on a nice web series with drinks and hukka and enjoyed the evening. Around 12:30 in the night, Sakshi came. I was surprised as she got one muscular guy named Atul with her. I welcomed both of them and offered a drink.

Sakshi went to the kitchen and called me there. I followed her and what she said left me surprised. She got attracted to this stranger at the party, and both had a good time there. She wants to fulfill her wish, so she got him at home. He is fine to have me around.

She requested me if I could sleep in the guest room and give them the room for the night. I said I will, but she needed to set the mobile in the bedroom. So I can have a live feed of their romance. She was fine with it.

By the way, she wore a very sexy black one-piece that barely covered her ass. The dress has a string to hold her boobs. More than half of the boobs were out of the cup of that dress. She had heavy makeup, which made her look like slut.

We both went to the living room and had a chit-chat with Atul. He was 5″9′ with triceps and 6 abs. He has a clean and white body. I wished them good night and went to the guest room. They were still having a drink in the living room. I could not sleep, so I peeped into the living room.

What I saw turned me on. Sakshi was sitting on his lap and kissing each other. The sound of kissing was loud that I could listen. She was rubbing her dick over her pant, and she got in between her leg on the floor in no time. She unzipped his pant and dragged them down.

He has a massive dick. It might be 9 inches long. It was a monster. She took his whole dick in her mouth and started choking herself with his dick. She was spitting on it and again taking the whole dick. She was a real slut. I was rubbing my dick while looking at the entire scene.

She increased her speed, resulting in Atul coming into her mouth. She drank every drop of her cum. Now both went to the room and locked it. I believe Atul went to the washroom to pee. That is when Sakshi put on a mobile camera and pinged me. ‘Enjoy your slutty wife’s fucking show.’

I saw him come out of the bathroom, remove his t-shirt and was wholly naked. He came to her and removed her dress and removed her thong too. She came in the doggy style.  He returned to her and started licking her asshole while slapping her buttock.

His tongue was strong to go inside her ass, which made her crazy. Now he bent down more to lick her pussy and ass together. He put on two of his fingers in her pussy while licking her asshole. She was moaning loudly. Her pussy was leaking juice while he was tasting it.

Now he applied oil on his dick and kept it on her pussy while she was in a doggy position. It easily went in might be due to his strength. She screamed, and tears rolled in her eyes. She was enjoying his dick, and he started stroking it hard.

He pulled her hair to pull her toward him and started fucking hard. The sound of fuck was very loud. He increased his speed, and that is when both came. Atul removed his dick, slept on the bed, and asked Sakshi to come in the 69 position. Both were in the 69 position licking each other’s pee area.

He was moving his palm over her ass and squeezing it. Then she came on top of him and started riding him in cowgirl position. Both were so high that they were fucking like a wild animals. She might have come twice in that position. Later they fucked in a missionary position and slept hugging each other.

In the next part, I will tell you how it became routine and how I became a slave to my wife. Hope you enjoyed the narration. If you like the story, please share your feedback on .